99 Names – EP 28 – Attawwab

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Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 28th episode he talks about the name of Allah – Attawwab

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Welcome to a discussion on the 99 Names of Allah we have here with us our motto sugery and yours truly Bilal Han. And in this video we will be talking about at the web, the web Rahim or just a thought well, we already covered Rahim so but you're right how they just flow off your tongue together. Yeah, they come out they come together a lot. at top is actually mentioned 11 times in the Koran. of them is the daughter of Abraham is married, where they famously say a little burner that

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come into reality now Mr. Mehta, Muslim Alico arena monastic, and oh by Dana in Atlanta to

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save him and it's my dealer building the harbor and they are asking a lot as it as they're building the cabin, they say make us Muslim those who submit to you and from our progeny those who How do we know that you're still building it as opposed to having already built it? With your furry Brahim acquire them in a day to a smile? A lot of bernetta have been minute, entire, it's a continuation of their Yeah, as Ibrahim it said, Pamela says, What is your flat as Ibrahim and his pro? It's my age are are laying the foundation laying the foundation. Okay, so allied means specifically foundation? Yeah. So when they say oh, why don't why don't you study that first, instead of the principles, the

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foundations and the principles? Okay. No, but like people say, That's why there's advanced subject, it is an advanced subject. So why is it It depends on your, your,

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your mehtab with regards to learning fit, fit, okay. Do you do you do you do?

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Because by the way, part of it is practical, right? Okay. So the idea is you learn stuff for immediate implementation. Okay. Are you Are you someone who's gonna be it's like, it's like strategy versus tactics? Do you want to? Yeah, so you learn the basic fifth level, to learn how to purify yourself. Right, right. Right. So living living process first and then let's go into the thought process. Yeah, learn practice, and then later on, you can learn the theory. Right. Got it. Okay. So I thought has a number of meanings of them. The first is definitely say make Toba? Yes. Okay. Because a lot. A lot of readers just throw up. So the first thing is the fact that Toby exists,

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Allah is the one who legislated Toba. Okay, that in and of itself, right is a manifestation of him being a tow up that he provided us with this tool to have our sins forgiven. So the first is that a lot has been legislated Toba. The and that is from his

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that's from his benevolence. That's from his mercy. That's from his grace. On the day of judgment, how do you deal with all of the prophets of the lighters and tells us that a man will be brought forth on the day of judgment and allies who will say conceal this person's major sins and just show the minor ones? Okay? And then what does it take to get the minor ones? Because they'll do? All right. So what's gonna happen is that a lot as it is going to present them and he's gonna say, do you remember this? Do you remember this? This person is gonna say, Yeah, I did. And then allows you to say, transform his sense into good deeds. So just like, moving across the scale, it all gets

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transferred into good deeds. Okay, so that person will does a yard up. I have sins that I don't see here.

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As not every day, right? So he first by the way, the entire time while his sins are being recounted to him. He's worried about all the other real, real stuff that's hidden. Yeah, they were like, how is this not here? Yes.

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The small stuff. Yeah. But then all of a sudden, when he sees that it's being transferred into good deeds are transformed into good deeds. Yeah, he's gonna say out up there. I have some stuff that you know, I don't shoot yourself in the foot. Yeah.

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So that's the first that allows legislated Toba that allows the guy what happens? I don't know that.

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It just ends there and you're left at a cliffhanger. I mean, it's expected that he's a human, he goes to paradise and a larger jet isn't going to transform his sins into good like, okay, by the way.

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That doesn't happen. Okay. So,

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number the second meaning of Toba is that Ally's agenda is the one who

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he facilitates. So the first meaning is that a lot of budget he legislature, legislature, legislature gave us a twofer. Tony gave us this tool. Call Toba? Yeah, right. The second is that Allah did it after legislating Toba. So this is the tool. The second is is that he made Toba. He's the one who gives you the tofield for Toba. He's the one who inspires you to make Toba. A lot of it is the one who facilitates though before you Is there a difference between the understanding of is still fifth an inspiration the same thing?

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No. Inspiration is enhanced. So a lot as yet inspires you. You get the idea.

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idea, okay, that doesn't mean that you're going to do it. Right. Right. So tofik is the ability to actually know tofield to success, execution, to fear the success when you're able to do something. Oh, that still feel. Okay. You know. So when you're able to actually, you know, accomplish something, I still feel

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because the fact that you make an alibi is an accomplishment. Of course it is. Okay. It's a great accomplishment.

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So granting you the ability to make Toba. Right? That's the third, the third level of that the second sorry, the third level, is that a lot as we get grants use steadfastness on your Toba because we know that since it's not going to stop nag, sins nag and you relapse and you you fall back. And you know, we're so obviously I think that's understanding this third point is, would be a lot of gives a lot of hope to people who have addictions. Very much so. Yep. You know, the idea is sincerity. Yeah. If a person is sincere, and they repent to Allah azza wa jal, Allah will accept their repentance, even if it's the 100th time they've relapsed.

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They're quite the question is, are you sincere? And that you don't put yourself in a position where you are playing games with a lot? Okay? Like, oh, I'm really sorry. Okay, so what's the difference between somebody who is sincere, but relapses continuously until death, but is still considering their job and continues to do so till death? versus somebody who's playing games commitment?

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But taking serious steps, oh, like trying to correct oneself? Obviously, okay. It's not just a person who stays in the same environment, same friends, same everything and they're like, oh, bomb, so no, that's not how it works. The man who killed 99 killed 100 he started moving. Yeah, he started relocating himself. Those are serious steps that a person actually takes gotcha. So that commitment is what

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defines a person sincerity, you know, are you going to actually change yourself? Or work towards change? got, you know,

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and it could even just be the actual, like, emotion in the heart. You know, hating it hating this about yourself really wanting it to be to be distanced from you wanting to change. Yeah, as a person or someone who's like, I've heard so many people who have somebody alcoholic, right? They might be a recovering alcoholic or whatever. But like, people say that that desire doesn't go away.

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Right, just but

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like, so you can still hate it. Yeah, exactly. Right. But people still hate that you have the desire for it. Yeah. But then how do you balance the fact that you still hate it, but you hate it for the fact that you love it? I don't think that's hard to balance at all. Okay, I think I think it works perfectly well in the person's psyche and in the person's heart. Okay, you know, you have,

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you know, we're inclined to lots of things, right, we're inclined to lots of things that are bad to us, right? And we can still hate ourselves for doing it and we can hate

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falling into it. Okay. All right. So that's the third level that allows you that He grants you to field and the fourth is that allows you to get accepts tober. Okay, like stepstool but you make a mistake and you turn around and you ask Allah for forgiveness, and Allah forgives you. He accepts a lottery it says, Well, we let the Aqua tow baton anybody Allah says he is the one who accepts Toba from his slaves. How many people on this earth? If you wronged them, they're not going to accept your

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apology? Okay, right. Yeah, Allah says he accepts tau. But not only that, but the most vivid description of a loss happiness that's been presented that I've come across is in relation to Toko Toba. Okay. The fact that he's so happy about the fact that the person is coming back to like, I'm so glad you came into

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the example is given is the guy who was on a journey on his camel, yeah, loses his camel. Right? And you're the filmmaker, you know better than me. This guy's going through all of these emotions, right? Probably sadness, probably grief, probably panic, probably all of these things. Yeah. And the movie is about to end this guy has finally come to the conclusion that he's about to die, all is lost, all is lost. And then he seizes Cameron from and that euphoria, right, that bliss in that moment, where he looks up towards the sky, and he says, oh, LA, you are my slave and I'm your Lord. And the Prophet clsm says he made a mistake because of how jubilant he was. Yeah, that example of

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happiness is a lie. So when one of us repents them, right so Allah, as I said, is a tow up, he forgives, and he loves to forgive.

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jubilation. Yes, that's another word. That's not an English word. It is a very good English word.

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the only the only time that Jubilee Jubilee is an x men so you know, I'm saying out

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The outside of the fact that if it wasn't for an excellent character, never know what the heck dribble jubilation Jubilee. And all of that means, yes, I should say with a British accent, or jubilation. Very quickly, I just want to go over what are the conditions of Toba? Okay, like, how does a person repent? The first is that a person

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regrets, a person regrets doing that sin, they don't feel good about it, they're not proud of it, they feel regret that they they committed that sin. And the second is that a person then commits to not committing that sin again. So you have this drive where you have this commitment. I'm not going to do this again. And again, like we mentioned, commitment requires serious steps that you put yourself in a position as best as you can, to not fall into that. Okay, right. The third is to actually not committed again. So you are in a state of being someone who has repented from a sin as long as you have not fallen back and relapsed. What happens when the person when a person relapsed

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and you need a new Toba? You just restart it. Okay, got it. Okay. Then the fourth is, what if that thing that they've done has to do with the rights of somebody else. So if it is between you and Allah than those first to be covered it, you commit, you regret, you don't relapse? But what if I've stolen $10,000 from somebody, I can just regret it and feel really bad about it is just like that thief who drive my car that I bought with that $10,000 I remember an article where some guy stole like, some some amount of money. And they're saying that there's a reward for somebody who brings brings it in. And so the guy who stole that brings it in and gets arrested. He's like, your standard

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That's funny.

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what do you do, then? You return there, right? And then you mentioned Well, what if returning that right? Say, for example, you back by to somebody, and you're going to come up to that person and say, by the way, I totally destroyed your reputation amongst this group of people, yeah. And, you know, please forgive me. And what if in doing that, you're going to cause even more harm, right? Or this person is you're going to cause incredible tension between you two, or it's gonna have some catastrophic results worse than even before you might take it as a breach of trust. And it might be family's involved, who knows, right? So they said, If that's the case, if you know that you,

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for example, with backbiting, it's going to cause even more harm for you to bring it up, then you seek forgiveness for that person. You try to mention that person

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in good in a good way, in the same gatherings where you were mentioning them in a bad way from before Yeah, and you try to fix it like that. But if it's something like that, or right it's money, it's something that you've taken away from a person then you have to return it as part of your total. Yeah, and so these are some of the meanings with regards to a toe up and we ask a lot as we get to accept our repentance and this is I think, is an easy takeaway when you believe that Eliza toe up you should frequently repent to Eliza right and never lose hope and allies, forgiving you and accepting your repentance cool.

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So light is in a coma died it was I was sentenced him