Taimiyyah Zubair – Aqeedah 04

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of forgive oneself and not giving up on hardship is discussed in Islam's culture. The use of humidity and humility in speech is emphasized, as it is natural for individuals to grow in their Islam culture. The negative impact of email growth is discussed, including false accusations and false accusations of fraud. The importance of accepting and embracing God's word and not becoming jealous is emphasized, along with the importance of healthy deeds and reciting the Quran for optimal results. The segment also discusses the effects of Islam on a person, including positive changes and guidance for life.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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soggiornato Sudha Hill Karim, I'm about Pharaoh to betray him in a shape on the regime. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, rubbish slightly acidity were silly angry

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melissani of Coco Lee probenecid nerima. Man.

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So we were studying about a man.

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What is the relationship between arcada and a man?

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The manifestation or key that is the foundation. And a man is the manifestation of that belief of that creed. And how is that manifestation through the words, the actions and also what a person feels in his heart. So Eman includes three things, it got coal, and jewelry, as well as actions. So it shows that if the foundation is strong, then what will happen? The actions and the speech they will naturally follow. We also learned about the components of a man. What does it mean by the components of a man? Or you could say the pillars of a man? What are they?

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Think about it if there is a building, and one pillar is missing?

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If there's food, a particular kind of food and one major ingredient is missing, if there's meat curry, and there's no meat, would you call that meat curry? No. Why? Because a major component is missing. All right. So what does it mean that that for a man to be complete, then there are certain things that should be found within a person.

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This is why Allah subhanaw taala, affirms and appreciates and praises the man of those people who have these components. And he negates the amount of those people who do not have these components who lack these components. What are those components, first of all, are things that we'll call the belief were in the heart. Secondly, our model called the action of the heart. Thirdly, our Listen, the statements, the utterances of the tongue And fourthly fairly joetta, the actions of the body.

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Now, when it comes to the actions of the heart, we discussed this quite a lot when it comes to acleda, to call that the belief in the heart that has to be there that has to be strong, free of doubt, free of any hypocrisy. Then when it comes to the Armando jawara, the actions of the heart, we discussed that there are many actions, which are a result of a man, when that right faith is there, then the heart also experiences and fields certain things. For instance, the ability to forgive, where's that in the heart? When is the person able to forgive someone, when they're a PETA, when their belief in Allah is strong, when that belief is there, that if I forgive someone, hopefully

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inshallah, Allah will forgive me tomorrow, think about avocado or new people had slandered his daughter, the wife of the Prophet sallallahu has accused her of fornication imagined. And these were people who were not only his relatives, but they were people whom he had sponsored in the past financially supported in the past. And these people now accused his daughter of a Boko Haram, who was not able to forgive them. But when he learned when the last panel data revealed, that those who have been given follow from alarming wealth, they should not stop the good that they were doing previously. And they should forgive and forget and overlook the mistakes of others. Do you not like

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that Allah should forgive your sins, so buckle down, immediately forgive them. This Amarillo call this was a result of what accreta of the heart right? The ability to forgive the ability to be patient at times of difficulty at times of hardship, that sincerity for Allah, that courage, where does it come from? From earthly that we'll call, it translates into our model? So you see, is the what is it? It's the foundation, then the heart will perform certain actions, then, our lesson will come. And I'm a local, I mentioned to you that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that a higher will Are you sure but then immediately, man, modesty and humility are both branches of faith. This

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humanity, the word that is used for that ally? This is not humility of the body or of behavior. This is actually humidity of the tongue.

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Humility of the tongue, and what does it mean by humidity of the tongue that a person talks less than a person doesn't talk much? Or they might have interpreted that as a little column? So this polar Lisa and also how does it come from a man? How does a person's speech change from the Arpita from that man, then fairly divided the actions of the limbs they're also a result

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What? The correct Arpita in the heart, but these actions are a proof that a person's a man is there.

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My advice to everybody, those people who are students of the Quran,

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who read the Quran, it does not benefit them to have music in their lives.

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So please eliminate music even from your cell phones, even from your ringtone.

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Recently, I've come across many people whose phones have been ringing with musical tones, whether it is the tone of a particular song, or something else, please, for the sake of Allah, remove such stones.

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It's not good for you, and it's not good for others. You know, we're talking about al Qaeda and a man over here. How can we experience a man in the heart if our ears are being fed by music? Think about it music has been called the speech of the devil.

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The speech of the devil Think about it.

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And our ears, our eyes, what are they the windows to the heart, whatever you feed into your eyes, into your ears that will go into your heart that will settle into your heart.

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So if we want a man to be strong, then it's necessary that we eliminate everything that will that will harm that.

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If you want your plant to grow, then you will not put it outside in the cold. If you put it outside in the cold, what will happen, no matter how much sunlight it gets, no matter how much water and fertilizer it gets. It won't survive because the cold will kill it. So just like that, what we see with our eyes what we hear with our ears that will affect our email. So be careful about what you listen to.

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So the actions of the limbs, they are also part of a man meaning there are certain actions which are necessary to perform because if they're missing that that means that a man is weak amongst them is Sunnah, and amongst them is also fasting. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said whoever fasted the month of Ramadan, imagine what are the seven with faith in Allah and hoping for reward from Allah soprano Darla, then what will happen is best sins will be forgiven. And whoever stood for the prayers in the night of others, out of sincere faith and hoping for reward from Allah, then the same thing is past sins will be forgiven.

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So what are the components of a man?

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I pray that will help everybody say it please.

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A man once asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is a man?

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A man asked what is a man? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, when your good deed pleases you, and your evil deed grieves you, then you are a believer.

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Muslim when your good deed pleases you, when you perform a good deed and you experience that happiness, you feel that joy in your heart, then that is a sign of a man.

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And when you're saying it grieves you, when you act of disobedience, it makes you sad and worried, filled you with guilt in your heart, then that is a sign off. Amen. Because that shows that there is a man in the heart The heart is alive.

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And then we discussed about the increase and decrease of demand the fact that a man will grow, and it will also decrease.

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There are certain factors that will cause the man to grow. And there are other factors that will cause a man to decrease.

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So this teaches us that a man has many levels. And all people are not at the same level of faith, just so that you are clear. Everything that I mentioned to you is not written in your notes. But I will follow the order. So if I've mentioned these, or I am discussing a particular topic, and immediately after that I mentioned something else which is not in your notes, please realize that it's not in your notes. So don't start flipping pages and begin looking for them. That is the time when you start writing. So increase and decrease of email, email as many levels. So what does that mean that all people are not at the same level of faith.

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And within each person also what will happen? A man will vary. At one point, a man will be high. at another point a man will be low. What does that teach us that demand is not something that is stagnant. It will never remain the same. It may happen with you that you're sitting in a gathering of knowledge and you feel as though you can literally

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See how far because of the description of the Hellfire that has mentioned, you feel as if you can see it and you are full of fear. But what happens? Once you step out of that gathering? Your feeling is different, right? So you feel this up and down, you feel this increase and decrease. This is something natural. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, while I was asleep, in a dream, I saw some people who were shown to me wearing shirts, some of which reached down to their chests, and some of which were even shorter than that. So he saw people wearing shirts, some people, their shirts were just up to their chests, and other people, their shirts were so long, and some of them

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their shorts were even shorter than that. So imagine just barely covering the shoulders. And he said, Bob was shown to me wearing a shirt that was trailing all the way down to the ground, meaning his dress was so long. So the people asked how do you interpret that well, messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he said the meaning

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that some people their Eman is very little. And other people their Eman is very high. Very great. And this is based upon what their actions, their statements, their ibadah there's a hadith of Bokhari.

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And there are many verses in the Quran that prove to us that email increases and decreases first of all the verses a little unfair. I had to do to four that were either totally utterly him I add to that on the manner there Emad increases in total that I have for Allah says who are lady Angela Sakina Trafigura will move me Nina Lee as dadoo Eminem, Mara iminium, it is here who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the believers that they would increase in faith along with their present faith, in certain with death it is 31 a las panatela says ways there the ladina Amano II manner. And there are many other verses and many a Hadith of the prophets of autism. So there are

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many textual proofs that tell us that Eman will increase and decrease which is why the companions were so concerned about constantly increasing and improving their email. But generally speaking, what is it that increases a man and what is it that decreases a man? What increases a man?

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bar total human right obedience to Allah soprano down and what is it that decreases a man bar the shape on obedience to shape on so what factors increase email what are the causes for the increase of email? First of all, the modifier of Allah Subhana horadada. What is modifier,

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recognition knowledge.

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So the more a person knows Allah, the more a person has knowledge of Allah's names, his attributes, his actions, then what will happen is a man will increase. Every time a person grows in his knowledge of Allah, then what will happen is a man will naturally increase. This is why fire Alam Allahu Allah Allah in the know that there is no god worthy of worship of Allah, because when you have this knowledge, then you will have a man

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and how is it that a person increases in their knowledge of Allah soprano tada? How?

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How do you grow in your knowledge of Allah, in your recognition of Allah, when you go through life

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and you realize what Allah Subhana Allah is deciding for you. What good he has in store for you, what he is saving you from. So this is what will grow you in your knowledge of Allah.

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In a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever is pleased with Allah as his Lord, and Islam as his religion, and with Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as His Messenger, then he has tasted a man who he who is pleased with Allah as his Lord, happy with Allah as his Lord, happy with Allah as his Lord.

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I need to know and what did he say?

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That I have recognized my Lord, how, by the failing of my plans, that I have planned something, I want to do something, I tend to do something and it doesn't work out. And then I realized, Oh,

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this is what a lot wanted for me.

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A lot wanted something else for me. But typically what happens? We complain and we get upset at these times. But to realize that no, there is something that Allah has decided for me there's some good that he has in store for me that will

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draw you closer to Allah.

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In surah, Allah in one eye 173. We learned about the Sahaba when they returned from the Battle of boyhood, and remember that most of them were wounded, and every one of them was hurt. To some extent or the other they had some feeling of guilt inside their hearts. What happened when they were told that the people have gathered up for you, Alina, Carla munez in the NASA or the jamala construction home so fear them? What happened for Zed home?

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So it increased them in their Eman. Why? Because we'll call you husband Allah when near Milwaukee they said sufficient for us as Allah and he is the best Disposer of affairs. So when a person is going through some difficulty, realizing at that time that Allah will not abandon me, this will grow him in his recognition of Allah. And this will grow him in his Eman. Naturally this will go him in his email. And many times it happens that people who become weakened their faith or who lose their faith, this is a result of what not knowing,

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not knowing that Allah forgives sins, not knowing that he is Al Hakim, right, not knowing that he is eligible, not knowing his attributes, makes a person weak in his face. Then secondly, what else increases a man reflecting on a loss.

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Now remember that there are two kinds of ads gonia as well as shed are you.

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So whether it is that you are reflecting on snow, on what falls from the sky, or it is a verse in the Quran, when you will reflect on it. Definitely your Eman will grow. That think about it, the water that falls down from the sky, sometimes it's in the form of water, liquid. Other times it is frozen, how that when it hits you, it actually hurts you like hail. And sometimes it's soft, like snow. So just reflecting on this, just reflecting on the sun, and the warmth that it brings just reflecting on you know, creatures that Allah subhanaw taala has created reflecting on your own body. It will amaze you reflect on your heart that will increase you in your faith. Because that will

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inevitably lead you to realizing how powerful and kind of last minute RNAs so that will grow your email. And also, I assure you when a person reflects on them, whether it is the verses of the Quran, or the miracles that are less prevalent are to give to his prophets, just reflecting on the fact that restarted his center. With the ability that Allah gave him he performed the miracle of curing those people who had never seen before born blind. Can you imagine?

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If you just reflect on it, reflect on the assault of musasa just reflect on that. It will grow you in your email

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intro to Toba io 124 what either Matt wanted to atone for men who mania kulu au causada to Heidi imana that when a verse has revealed the hypocrite some of them they say which of you has increased in their email? Allah says for me Latina Elena was added to Eman and Bohemia stop Sharon. But as for those who believe it increases them in their faith. Every time they learn an ayah their Eman will grow. So check yourself now. Every time we study a new lesson a new Sula is a man growing

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is it growing because those who believe their Eman goals, their actions increase their fear of a lot their love of Allah, it increases their speech, it improves because these are the visible signs of Eman.

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Then thirdly increase in righteousness meaning in Acts of obedience when a person will grow will increase in his act of obedience, then what will happen is a man will also grow. Remember that when it comes to Torah when it comes to acts of obedience, there are two kinds of acts of obedience those which are calling and those which are fairly Polya. Meaning certain statements that you utter with your tongue. Like for example, remembering Allah, for example, saying that in the law, for example, reciting the Quran, when a person will say such statements, then what will happen is a man will go

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do it da da is what? Only Reba right when you will make da take time out to meet da

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Tell me what do you

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Why is it that many times when we start making the law? We just start crying and we don't know what to ask for. Or we just feel like there's a heavy load that has been removed from our heart. You feel that event strengthen and grow. Why? Because of Cali

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act of worship, when you will recite the Quran that will also increase your faith. Then other thoughts are fairly physical actions. So for instance, helping someone likewise fasting we discussed this earlier as well. So many different actions what happens they increase in Eman the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said you will never enter Jannah until you believe until you have a man and you will not have Eman until you love each other. Shall I show you something which if you put into practice your love for each other will grow spread salon amongst yourselves up should salon obey nickel because when you will say salon and when you will respond to the salon and you will say this

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frequently to every Muslim that you come across what will happen your Eman will grow your love will grow. And as a result your Eman will grow. Is that so? Do we experiences have you experienced this? The prophets have lots of them said some other actions which grow man, they're not mentioned in your notes. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said is well we'll do a shot through a man perfecting Babu is a branch of faith. So when a person performs Voodoo, realizing that inshallah every time he's washing his arm, his face sins are being washed off. This will be a source of brightness for him glow for him, radiance for him on the Day of Judgment. Right and perfecting will do. perfecting, so making

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sure that every part is dry, making sure that it's close to the Sumner then this will be a part of the mind meaning this will increases

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the profit or loss and I'm set up to shadow him and cleanliness is half a faith in Alberta that Amina Eman simplicity is from a man in a hostile abdominal Eman. Remembering good times is also from a man, a sub ruinous for a man. Patience is half of faith. So all of these actions, whether they are the tongue or the heart or the body, what are they part of a man, meaning when a person will perform them naturally is a man will grow, it will strengthen it will increase. And you can also call all of these actions as branches of faith in a heartbeat. What do we know that there are 70 plus branches of a man. So all of these actions, when a person performs them, his Eman will go. The Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever loves for the sake of Allah and hates for the sake of Allah, and whoever gives for his pleasure and withholds for his pleasure, that he has completed his email in another version, what an Kahala and he also gets married for the sake of Allah. And this isn't Muslim uncannily meaning of a person gets made for the right reason in the right way. It seems like a worldly action, but it's done for the sake of Allah, in obedience to Allah, all how long all his Roth has been avoided, then this will be a source of increase in faith, it will draw him closer to Allah. Now, on the other side, what is it that decreases email? What is it that decreases email?

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Meaning what factors cause a man to become weak? To become low? Is it necessary to notice? Yes, because we all experienced that law. So it's necessary to identify what is it that is causing that law, so that we can eliminate that from our lives? First of all, ignorance of Allah, Allah will be smart, he was like it. When a person does not know Allah, when a person knew Allah, but now he forgot Allah, when he remembered his attributes, but now he forgot them, what will happen? It will decrease his faith, it will lower his email. For instance, a person knows that Allah is the one who decides everyone's provision, and he is the one who has distributed provision amongst people based

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on his knowledge and wisdom.

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This is what knowing Allah, but when a person does not know this, or he forgets this, then what will happen, he will become jealous about this. He will become envious of others, that Why does she have this and why does he have this and he should not have that and she should not have that. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, no one can have a man and jealousy in their heart at the same time. So this means that if jealousy is in the heart, then what will happen is a man will become less.

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A man will decrease it will become weak. So if you want your Eman to be strong, then what do you need to do? Remove jealousy and How will you do that? By knowing your rub bye

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Having a clean in Europe, that if Allah gave someone else something, and he didn't give that to me, there's some wisdom. I accept a love decision when you will accept a love decision. It will help you get rid of that jealousy. It will make your heart bigger. So you'll be able to accept and tolerate others and the blessings that they have been given. Secondly, turning away from a loss if error log on it difficult, VIII delay and konia watershed Are you turning away from a loss is whether they are Kony, or they're shudder when a person sees something amazing, but he doesn't reflect on it. That is the man will not grow what will happen that if it will not grow, it will decrease.

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You see a miracle happening before you but if you don't reflect on it, like for example, in Michigan, they saw the moon splitting, but they didn't reflect on it. They said it's magic, whatever. So what happened? Did they have email? No, they didn't even develop email.

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If you are feeling sick, and you don't reflect on your body, that why is it that this is happening to me? Then what will happen your email will not grow rather it will decrease a lot parotitis hasn't said that yet. I have 2021 Wolfie and fuzzy comb FLR tips I don't mean there's so many signs in yourself do not reflect do not see what will only add a little more pinning will be unphysical a fella too soon, then committing sins. When a person commit sins fairly Masia. That also decreases a man in the Quran, what do we learn colourable erwan or Nakuru, Bhima can we exceed

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that their hearts they're rested? There's a stain on their hearts. Why? Because of the sins that they commit. So, when that stain is there when that rust is there, that a man will naturally decrease. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No adultery while committing adultery is a believer, nor a thief is a believer while he is stealing. An alcoholic is not a believer when he drinks alcohol

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and the eyes of people are watching. Meaning that at the time when a person is committing Zina, at the time when a person is committing theft at the time when a person is drinking something hot on then at that time he man leaves. A man leaves the heart meaning it is so low, that it's not there. Because if that man was there, and the person would not drink alcohol, he would not put something in his mouth. Right? He would not do something haram with his body with his hand he would stay away from that. They remember that there's two kinds of sins. There's two kinds of Mercia, first of all ciliata and secondly, Kabila minor sins and major things. Remember that both sins decrease a man

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they will affect you.

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Think about it. If a person at his ally, a small white lie as we say it.

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Then will that increase the EMA? Will that draw them closer to him? Will that increase them in their love and fear of Allah? No. Rather what will happen? They will feel distant from Allah. They will feel shy of making the wrong when they're trying to praise Allah, they won't be able to enjoy it. They will feel guilty picking up the Quran

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isn't it so every time we commit a sin, we go farther from Allah. This going farther away from Allah what does that mean decrease in Eman? Eman has become weak. Fourthly, abandoning obedience dacotah. Even this causes a man to become weak. When a person leaves act of obedience. Notice one is to commit sins and the other is to not obey, not obeying Allah also causes a man to become weak. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, no one can have belief and miserliness in their heart at the same time, an act of obedience is what spending in the way of saying something good to someone. Right? This is an act of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. But if a person is too stingy, and he doesn't

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give, if a person is too stingy, and he doesn't offer any words of praise or encouragement,

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then that will weaken his

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Why? Because with every act of obedience you draw closer to Allah. And if you are leaving, if you are not taking advantage of that opportunity, then what will happen you will stay where you are. But you know that demand is not stagnant. So if it's not growing, it will decrease it will decrease. Now there's two kinds of leaving obedience two kinds of Kotara one is leaving

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That kind of obedience, which is where job, that Act, which is where that is mandatory on you to perform. So for example,

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if a person doesn't offer sauna, let's say they miss their fudger they sleep through it, somebody is trying to wake them up for 15 minutes for half an hour, but they don't wake up. They deliberately decide to sleep. Now when they will miss their Salah when they will eventually wake up. How will they feel close to them or far from them? By will they want to say their morning?

00:30:37 --> 00:30:56

Will they want to be nice to someone? No, there'll be grouchy, they'll be cranky, they'll be upset, there'll be Moody, a lot production won't be there for them. So leaving an act of obedience that is mandatory on you, it will definitely impact your faith, how that it will decrease your pain,

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then you will find it difficult to breathe, you'll find difficult to pay us you'll find it difficult to pay my home because you started bad, right? It will have a domino effect. Then there is another act of obedience, which is legit. Meaning it's not mandatory on you. Like for example, giving giving the cat is mandatory but giving sadaqa isn't mandatory, no. But even sadaqa when a person will not give it for a long time, then what will happen is a man will decrease

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it will decrease fasting in the month of Ramadan. That is mandatory. But fasting the rest of the year whether it is Monday, Thursday, three days of the month. If a person doesn't fast at all throughout the year, that will also decrease his Eman. It will also weaken his Eman because what do we learn? fasting, it grows you in your taco, it develops the power in you the fear of Allah in you. So if you don't fast for 11 months, not even a single fast, what will be the level of your taco it will decrease

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it will become low. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said about women that they are deficient in their religion.

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So they asked that how is a woman deficient in your religion? Is that Do you not see that she does not pray for half her life meaning that for a long time, she doesn't pray Why? Because of her menstruation because of her hail. Now remember, it's not mandatory on the woman to pray during her time of hail. In fact, if she prays Allah, she'll be disobeying Allah. But not praying a single Salah for five days for six days for seven days. And many women, they don't even do their garden. They don't wake up in the morning. So the morning of God gone after. So they're not saying their evening of God. Right? Then what will happen? What happens? We feel a decrease in a man even though

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it's not wired up to pray, but still you experienced that law. So this is why voluntary good deeds, though they're not mandatory, but they're healthy for your inner.

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They're healthy for your email. So for instance, piano

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or praying that

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it's not mandatory on you. However, if you will do it, it will increase your amount and if you abandon it completely, it will decrease your faith definitely it will decrease your faith. Likewise, recitation of the Quran, okay? in the Salah, it's mandatory outside of Salah for the sake of argument, you can say it's not fun to recite the Quran. It's better, but it's not fun. But if you leave it, it will decrease your faith.

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And you will experience this once you will end the course. You're not studying the Quran daily, you will experience a law. Now it's not practical to study the Quran every day. But then you have to come up with something else. Whether it is reciting the Quran daily, one page, two pages, three pages, how much ever you're able to, but doing acts of worship outside of Allah. Right? They're very important for your Amen. Because right now Your time is being occupied by what, by your studies. When these studies will end, something else will replace it. Then what will improve your email? What will keep your faith strong? You have to develop certain habits. What are those habits, acts of

00:34:25 --> 00:34:54

worship, whether it is remembering a lot throughout the day, reciting the Quran, fasting regularly, whatever it is that you will do, it will increase your amount if you leave it, it will decrease your faith. It will lower your faith and May Allah protect us all from that. Now remember that the decrease of Eman And it's weakness does not mean that a person becomes a non Muslim, that a person becomes a Catholic.

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

Because we're we learned for example, that there are certain components of Eman

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

For instance, there are certain actions that you have to perform for your demand to be valid for your demand to be strong. If a person leaves them, or for instance, he's not regular with them, then it doesn't mean that he has become a catfish.

00:35:16 --> 00:35:30

Because many times it happens that if we come across a person and they're let's say, skipping a prayer, we say, Oh, look, they're covered. They're not Muslim, or they have committed a major sin. they've committed a major sin. It doesn't mean that they have become a Catholic.

00:35:31 --> 00:36:19

When it comes to the issue of the fees, when it comes to the issue of canceling out someone's email, remember, this is a very serious topic. And we should refrain from passing judgmental comments about other people. When a man increases and decreases when we're talking about high level of Eman, low level of Eman, then this means that a man has levels. So where a man has decreased, it has the potential to increase as well. And remember that if a person fulfilled even the bare minimum level of a man bare minimum level, then he should be considered a Muslim. What's the bare minimum level of a man the prophets are the loudest and upset when the people of Paradise enter it and the people of

00:36:19 --> 00:36:28

fire enter it? Allah will say, removed from the fire anyone who has the weight of a mustard seed of belief in their heart,

00:36:30 --> 00:36:59

even the word of how much mustard seed of faith, if they have that, take them out of hellfire. They will be brought out after having been blackened by it. And they will be dropped into the river of life. And they will grow like a seed would grow near a water bank. Don't you think that would come out yellow and twisting the Saudis on party. So what do we learn that if a person fulfills even the bare minimum level of Eman, they should still be called a Muslim?

00:37:00 --> 00:37:35

There are factors that are no alcohol Eman that negate the Eman there are certain beliefs there are certain statements there are certain actions that cancel out a person's Amen. But we with our limited knowledge or no one's to say that so and so. They're not a Muslim anymore. So until they have become a disbeliever. Right, we have no authority to say that once without knowing who he went to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he was sleeping the prophets of Allah and and woke up and he said that whoever says La ilaha illa Allah and dies on that faith, then he will enter Paradise.

00:37:36 --> 00:37:49

I will not ask even if he has indicated and committed theft. The prophets of Allah wa sallam said yes, a Buddha said even he has fornicated and commit theft he will enter Paradise. The prophet SAW the loss and said yes.

00:37:50 --> 00:38:36

He asked again, the prophet said yes. fourth time the prophets of Allah Islam said yes, even if a bluebell doesn't want it. Even if a Buddha doesn't want it, this hadith of Muslim so what does it show that a person's level of Eman may be very low. They may be committing sins, even major sins. But if they have belief in Allah, La ilaha illa Allah the bare minimum level of demand is there, then we are no one's to say that they have become Catholic. Pray for them, advise them, encourage them. But don't say that you are a non Muslim sister because you didn't pray. Or my father is not a Muslim because he earns her money. Or my mother is not a Muslim because she doesn't pray regularly.

00:38:36 --> 00:39:18

No, we're no one's to say that. There are evidences that show that if a person abandons a prayer then you know their Eman is questionable. But that is for a person who completely abandons a Salah. So you're talking about someone who doesn't even pray eats Allah who doesn't even pray eats Allah but 100 Allah, there are Muslims who will not pray five times with at least they will pray celestial Juma. At least they will pray. So that will read. So yes, their level of Eman is not high. Their Eman is very, very low. It may just be outward appearance of Islam. But we're no one's to say that they have committed cowfish. And remember that there are levels of gopher, there's minor gopher

00:39:18 --> 00:39:51

there's major gopher, there are different kinds of gopher, that's a completely different topic. And if I go into that, it might be too advanced for all of us over here, and hamdulillah it's not that relevant for us. And those of you who wish to study this in detail. There are resources available on that. So with this, we move to our next chapter, which is the effects of a man. What does it mean? that a man when it's in the heart of a person, it will definitely affect him, it will definitely create a change in his life.

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tamakoshi long

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curly metal boy

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kashia Jamal

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de una cola Haney

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Have you not reflected on how Allah presents an example? of word of a good word? What is this good word? The good word of amen Kalamata Yabba La Ilaha Illa. Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, what is the description of that, like a good tree whose root is firmly fixed, or clida. And its branches are high in the sky, actions words, it produces its fruit all the time, no matter what the season, it's busy in obeying of law, by permission of its Lord with the field of Allah. And Allah presents examples for the people so that perhaps they will be reminded. So what does it show to us that a man is like a tree that its root is in the heart. Eman takes a dwelling place in the heart of a

00:41:24 --> 00:42:13

believer. It lives it resides in the heart. In the Quran, Allah says we're Latina, tabo data well, email man in total hash i&i that those who have inhabited the home and man where do they inhabit a man in their hearts. They have made room for a man in their hearts. Eman has occupied their hearts. It has a deep place in their heart. So then what will happen, the tree will grow, the plant will grow. And the branches out of that are what the actions the words the result of a man. So imagine it creates a change in a person. It cannot happen that a man has entered the heart of a person and his life remains the same. No, it will definitely experience a change. Look at the example of Ibrahim

00:42:13 --> 00:42:19

Ellison when he had a man and his people threw him in the fire. But he had

00:42:20 --> 00:42:29

reliance on Allah. He didn't give up. His father threatened him, I'll kill you. I'll stone you to that leave me go away. But he didn't give up on his face.

00:42:30 --> 00:43:16

Look at the example of the magicians of his own. When they believed how they changed, that they became completely fearless. Before they were asking for their own for reward. And then what happened when they accepted Eamon farlands threatened them I will crucify all of you. What did they say? Go do whatever you want. What can you do? You can only harm us in this world. It made them so strong as the wife of her own. She also was so strong because of her Eman the tribes of Olson has what was their state before Islam, constantly fighting after a man that fighting turned into brotherhood, that hatred turned into love and unity. The example of Najafi when he heard the Quran, he wept the

00:43:16 --> 00:44:07

delegation of Christians who embraced Islam. Those were mentioned at the beginning of the seventh Jews that when they hear the Quran were either semi or when they hear that what happens their hearts they just melt they begin crying immediately. So Eman it definitely has an effect on a person's life, his personality, his speech, the person does not remain the same. He undergoes a huge change because then his purpose it shifts his life it changes then it becomes insularity one Uzuki one Maria Amati lillahi Rabbil aalameen when it's for Allah, then it won't remain the same into the new Ayah 35. Allah subhanaw taala gives the example of Eman as what new light and that light inshallah,

00:44:07 --> 00:44:36

when you study that the seer of this ayah What is it it spreads, it is so bright. So think about a place that was dark. That was dark, dull, cold, scary, gloomy. What happened when light came there. What happened? That same place, it felt much more warm, much more welcoming. The place that was dark now it's full of color.

00:44:38 --> 00:45:00

Before you could only see black. Now you see blue, pink, orange, yellow, so many colors. So we see that when a man enters the heart of a person. When the light of a man is kindled in the heart than the entire personality will change. The person who was tough and harsh and mean and unforgiving. Now he's able to forgive the person who couldn't

00:45:00 --> 00:45:14

Ever overcome certain things. Now they move on very quickly. The person who would get annoyed at every little thing, now they have bigger things to worry about. The person who was boring. Now they have become full of life.

00:45:15 --> 00:45:59

The person who was just selfish, self centered, now what happens? That they're concerned about others? You know in darkness you see only black and when it's light, you see so many colors, that a person is busy in doing so many things. This is why in total and am I a 122? Allah says a woman can have Matan. farheena who would you're another who neuron emtb fineness command method with automatic laser the hydrogen minha that a person who was dead, we gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people. Can he be like the one who is in darkness, who's not going to come out of it? No one is in darkness, the other is in light. So the one who is in light, his actions

00:45:59 --> 00:46:40

will be different from the one who is in darkness. So here, let's start checking ourselves. following are some positive changes that a man brings to a person's life. Firstly, a loved love. What does it mean? That he loves Allah, and Allah loves him? Before he didn't know Allah. But when that Eman came when the demand grew, it became stronger. Then a person loves Allah when Medina Ave a shed dorabella before he just knew Allah, now he loves Allah in certainiy that I have 54 you have boom where you have buena. He loves them, and they love him.

00:46:41 --> 00:47:28

And the best thing that a person also receives a lot of love into the universe is 6263 Allah in the Olia Allah, Allah How can I lay him whenever Amir has a known Alina Eleanor can we act upon Who are they? Unless friends, no fear, no grief? Who are they those who believe and who have the poor. Alia Allah Allah called them his friends. So the Baccarat Ayah 257. Allah who will lead you Latina, Allah is the friend of those people who believe meaning he loves them, they love him, and he loves them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Indeed, Allah has divided amongst you your good manners, like he has divided amongst you, you will provision meaning that like people vary in the money that they

00:47:28 --> 00:47:53

have. They vary in the good manners that they have. And indeed, Allah gives this world to those whom he loves. And to those whom he does not love. He gives money he gives wealth, he gives property, food, different kinds of the blessings of this dunya to those whom he loves, and also those whom he does not love, while Europe, amen, in.

00:47:55 --> 00:48:42

But he does not give a man except to those whom he loves. So if a person has been given the best blessing, the blessing the gift of a man, then what does it mean that Allah loves him? When a person has a man that Allah loves him, and this is not a small thing, my dear sisters, think about it. Because of your Eman. Allah loves you, blah blah. Lamine loves you. This is why in total hydrolat is 17 a lot elddis Yemen una Liga and Islam. They show it as a favor to you that they have become Muslim pole, meaning the hypocrites tell them, let them know Allah Islam will come don't show it to me as a favor, that you have become Muslim. Why? Because Billy lair who Yama Aleikum and had our

00:48:42 --> 00:49:29

community man, it is Allah who has shown blessing to you, who has shown a huge favorite view that he guided you to a man he gave a man to you. So the person who has been given a man and what does it mean? He has been given the best blessing. Why? Because now Allah loves him. And it's not just a love love. It's also Allah approval. Insert the Toba 72 what are the la mina will move minette Jeanette daydreamin tactile and how Allah has promised the believing men and women gardens beneath which rivers will flow. Holly Dena Fie her abiding eternally. They're in one of the second of the year birth and feature nathie good homes in the gardens of bliss. World learn them in Allahu Akbar

00:49:30 --> 00:49:59

and the approval from Allah. That is the best, the greatest blessing vatika who will follows it early. That is a greatest achievement. So another blessing of Eman, another effect. Another benefit of Eman is what allows approval. Then guidance to the right way that Allah guides a person to the right way in this life that when he is not sure Should I go this way? Or should I go that way? Should I ask them

00:50:00 --> 00:50:44

Should I ignore them? Should I discuss this? Or should I let it go? Then what happens when a person will have a man and the stronger the man he has a last panel data will guide him into the harben 11. Woman, human belaire eukanuba whoever believes in Allah, Allah will guide his heart. Allah will show him what to do. Because sometimes you're confused. Should I travel? Should I not travel? Should I take this offer? Should I refuse this offer? You're lost? You're confused. So when a person increases in his email, he has strong email, then Allah guides him in sort of magenta is 22 we learned with a cut of a few Ruby movie Man, what a year, the Roman Allah has written a man in their

00:50:44 --> 00:51:27

hearts, and he has strengthened them, help them withdraw from him, meaning a lot sense help their way, in the form of what guidance that he's not lost. And he's not unsure, then he's not uncertain. You know, if we're ever experiencing indecisive mess, what should I do? Should I go? Should I not go? Should I speed up? Should I slow down? write this in decisiveness. Then what's necessary that we strengthen our email? How can you strengthen your email by performing an act of worship? A friend of mine once she came over to help me with something and she had to go somewhere to pick something up? And she wasn't sure should she go or not? She said, let me just pay my two level, and then I'll

00:51:27 --> 00:52:08

figure it out. So she prayed her to level before she ended her novel, someone else brought what she was going to go to get. So when you remember the politics out of in decisiveness, many, many more positive changes and effects which inshallah we will discuss in our next lesson. So practical law will be handed to a la ilaha illa Anta Mr. Governor to really please my dear sisters take care of your notes. I want to see binders in front of you and your folders, not just loose sheets, because if you keep them you know, in one book and another book in one bag in one file, then you will lose them. Okay, keep them in order inshallah. Assalamu alaikum label

04 The Increase And Decrease Of Iman

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