Tahir Wyatt – Self Accountability

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Subhan conversions to Islam and the need for constant self-awareness in Islam. They also mention the struggles of self auditing and the need for people to email and do more hassle. The speaker emphasizes the need for constant self-awareness and daily reflection in order to achieve Islam.
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support anything that you want to meet Allah subhanaw taala which should be directly connected to tuck in the life of even be my time and Allah azza wa jal is all aware of what you do this i Aslan Phillimore. Hacer is a foundational text from the Quran dealing with Maha Sabha to Neff self auditing, taking account of yourself thinking about what it is that you do thinking about what it is that you would like to do. Thinking about what you have done, Allah azza wa jal is not leaving it up to us to determine whether we want to do that or not. He's saying you have to you have to people have email, you have to do more hassle, but this is one of those topics that is difficult, because

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it requires a lot of work. As you will see, this is not one of those fluffy topics where you leave and you feel like yes, that's it. I'm gonna say Subhan Allah, you have a handy Subhanallah allow them 100 times and I'm going to gender doesn't matter what else I do. I'm the lead. Those type of tools have their place, but we is Muslims who are trying in this society to be different from the majority of the people of society who have neglected their duty to Allah subhanaw taala. We're trying to be people of Eman we have a different path that we have to take. And that path requires constant Maha Sabha self awareness and taking account of ourselves on a daily basis if not more

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