Suleiman Hani – The Blessing of Time #07 – Increase Your Rank in Paradise

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The Day of Jana is a significant event that will have an impact on people's lives and the future. It's crucial for individuals to use their regret and hindsight to motivate them to pursue their long term goals and to use their hindsight and foresight to achieve their goals. It's important for individuals to remember the impact of the Day of Jana on people's lives and how it will affect their future. The speakers emphasize the importance of having a long term deeds and using one's time for passionate activities, as well as the need for people to have a long term deduction of good deeds and use their time for value-creation.
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When people look back at their lives in this world from the hereafter, they're going to look back and think about how much time was wasted. Some people will regret how they live their lives and how much time was wasted in this world. Now, interestingly, in terms of an eternal life, on the Day of Judgment, how will people perceive how much time they had here in this world? Some people, according to a number of acts in the Quran, will feel as though the time in this world was like a morning or an afternoon meaning a very short span of time. Other people and this is mentioned in the Quran as well. May Allah be through late Assad, they'll feel like they lived in this world for an hour, an

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hour in this world. That's all that it will feel like in the next life. Was the hour used wisely. Therefore, we ask, Is it reasonable for any human being to give up and eternal life and eternity in paradise for an hour in this world that was wasted on heedlessness?

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I want you to think about a quick activity to reflect on the last 10 years of your life. What were you doing in those last 10 years? What did you accomplish in those 10 years? Were those last 10 years to this day? Where are they benefiting your long term goals? Was it benefiting your final destination? Is it something that you feel in 20 3040 years you look back and say, of hamdulillah the last 10 years, were actually 10 years in which I was very productive for the sake of Allah there was very meaningful there were a lot of very good changes based on the efforts that consistency that I put in, it was worth it how I lived my life, or do you feel like there are some regrets some time

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that was wasted that shouldn't have been wasted?

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When you reflect on the last 10 years, if you find any amount of regret, use that regret to motivate you so that the next 10 years inshallah Tada are more productive? The question is, how often do we reflect? Are we reflecting enough and how much time was wasted? Do we think about hindsight and foresight, and these are very interesting concepts. Because time in hindsight, on the Day of Judgment will look like nothing in this world. It'll be very quick, like a quick flash before your eyes. I was only there for an hour. I was only there for a few days. I was only there for an evening or an afternoon. And yet I wasted it or I wasted 50% of it an excessive amount may Allah subhanaw

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taala protect us. When we talk about hindsight as well. We asked Is it worth it to give up a level in Jana single level and Jenna, because of a day or two in this world in which something was wasted? Because of time that was spent on something useless? Maybe it wasn't prohibited? Maybe it wasn't haram? But did it build up another level? And Jana? Don't we know that for example, the one who memorizes the Quran or any amount of the Quran, on the Day of Judgment, Prophet sallallahu wasallam informs us that Allah subhanaw taala will tell that person is what a totally recite and ascend for every area you will recite, you will ascend a rank in Jannah. And where you recite the last ayah

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that you know is where you will be that will be your final residence, your final abode. In a way as many scholars have said, in their commentary on this hadith, in a way, you have some control over where you want to end up, what level of agenda Do you desire. And so you might this is one act of worship, you might spend more time in this world memorizing and reviewing, understanding, implementing the verses that you're memorizing, so that your ranks in general are higher. But how about an hour that was wasted every single day on something useless rather than an eye of the Quran you could have memorized? In one year you could have memorized if you haven't yet at all. You could

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have memorized 365 at 365 ranks increased in paradise wasted on maybe a TV show, we sit on some video game, we sit on socializing, we sit on excessive sleep, and that was taken away that that was an opportunity cost taking you away from something much better in the next life. In addition to that, that's one year in addition to that is the long term accumulation of good deeds, the long term accumulation of good habits, memorizing the Quran is just one example. It doesn't have to be that it could have been you reciting the Quran, it could have been you learning something you could have been you just doing a general act of worship. The ranks in general are worth it. The Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam informs us many authentic hadith. The difference between these rocks is like the difference between the Earth that you're on and a star that you see meaning Well, it's far away. And you don't know the difference in terms of the rewards as well. What if someone keeps living that lifestyle pushing themselves more and more and more so that their ranks are increased to the highest levels of Jana? May Allah subhanaw taala grant us that llama me?

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To those who are heedless, and they think they're living their lives aimlessly that their lives are just pure entertainment, and they're not thinking about long term goals. Allah subhanaw taala is reminding them for hirsutum and Nana Holika Komaba wanna call me Lena alert on Geralyn Geron Do you think we created you without purpose and that to Allah you would not return? Do you think you have no aim in this world you were created for game you were created for sport you were created aimlessly.

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Do you have a purpose? And that purpose is to use your time this world for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa taala there will be people on the Day of Judgment who say you have voodoo yeah late any condemned to the hayati person will say I wish I prepared more for my life. hayati, my life, this person is referring to the afterlife. Now they realize this is the real life. This is the life I should have been preparing for. This is where my attachment should have been. But it wasn't, I was deceived by the deception and the illusion of a dunya by the distractions that were there, pursuing wealth left and right pursuing certain things in terms of status or glory, or fame or people

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relationships, temptations desires, pursuing what is temporary over that which is eternal. So the person will say, you have to do yada Itani, cut them to the hierarchy, I wish I prepared more for my life. May Allah subhanaw taala, guide us, forgive us and make us from amongst those who are preparing more for the eternal life through our daily habits. If you think to yourself that you're generally doing enough, because let's say you pray the five prayers, let's say you do the basic obligations of Hamdulillah. But ask yourself the following question. Would you rather in this world would you rather take a mansion that you had to live in for the rest of your life, or a broken down

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cabin free, no charges, no, no fees, no taxes, nothing at all, you'd likely take the thing that you see to eat better, because you're going to be in it for a number of decades. If you were given one car to drive for the rest of your life. And every year they give you the same car brand new as you desire. Are you going to choose a car that you really like? Of course you are. But that's just a dunya that's just here that's temporary, doesn't even follow you to your grave. When you're resurrected, and you see your position in the afterlife, you're going to want the highest levels of Jana, you're going to want to be neighbors with Rasulullah sallallahu in unison. But once you're

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there, you can't change that. This is the chance for for for actions. This is your opportunity to do without any accountability without any high SAP you're going to get reminders but there's no accountability here. But in the next life, there's nothing there's accountability and there's no opportunity. So take every opportunity that comes your way and may Allah subhanaw taala accept from you

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