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enough Hamdulillah I don't wanna start you know who want to sell fetal when are older Billa Himanshu Rudy on fusina woman say at Yama Alina but yeah de la who Fela medulla will may yield little fella her the Allah. Why should you Allah? Allah who the hola Cherie Cara wash I do Ana Mohammed Abu Hora sudo yeah you will.

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Yeah you will Latina and we'll talk more hahaha to party. While Atomo tuna Illa one two Muslim one. Yeah, you're Latina, mono topple LA. While Tango enough sama condemnatory avoid What's up Allah in Allah for Buderim be matado

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All praise is due to Allah we praise Him we seek His help his guidance and his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils within ourselves and the evils of our sins. Whomsoever Allah guides because they are sincere and looking for guidance, none can misguide. And whomever he rightfully causes to be led astray, because they are prideful or arrogant or refuse to be guided, none can guide now bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except the law alone. Now bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace Be Upon Him as His servant and final messenger for our own success, our own salvation, our own happiness eternally. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala reminds us and commands us in the Quran. Old Believers are you who believe, be mindful conscious of Allah, meaning internally and externally, in private and in public, with Muslims, with non Muslims, with friends and with strangers be mindful of Allah. Be conscious of Allah. Be prepared to meet Allah.

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Be mindful of Allah as he deserves, as his his right and do not die except in a state of worship. And if you desire to die in a state of worship, then it is required for us to live upon it as well. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live consistently and sincerely upon Islam and to die upon it as well. Along that I mean,

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I want you to imagine a scenario in which you had a dream that you saw the hellfire. May Allah protect us all in our loved ones, Allama Amin, and you saw in the Hellfire a position, a spot that had your name on it.

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And then your dream shifted over to Jana, may Allah grant us Jana.

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And within it, you saw a position that had your name on it.

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And then you woke up?

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How would you feel? What would you think? I remember almost 15 years ago, in doing research on Paradise and hellfire, all the ayat and all the authentic hadith that I could find, I ran into a particular Hadith that caused me to think twice.

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And it doesn't mean the other Hadith don't do this. But the effect of this hadith was very memorable for me.

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In which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, There is no one amongst you, except that you have two positions meaning all of you all human beings have two positions,

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one in the hellfire and one in paradise.

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And when the believer enters paradise, a house will be built for the meaning of palace of Jannah will be established for them in that place that had their name on it. And their position in the Hellfire will be destroyed. And another narration when the disbelief or enters the hellfire, their position, the place that had their name on it in Jannah, is destroyed.

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And the narration ends there. And I want us to think for a moment about our receptiveness of this hadith, what's the first thought that comes to mind? The very obvious one, that there is a very real possibility for all human beings due to our freewill, the purpose of our creation, the fact that we have the ability to decide the fact that we were created to decide to choose the path of good or the path of evil, the blue icon or you know, I'm Allah, Allah created us to test us that our actions in this world have consequences, and that for each human being there is a possibility of either entering Jannah or entering the Hellfire May Allah protect us all their loved ones from the

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hellfire. This hadith is a reminder that your actions have consequences, and that you were created for these actions and for the consequences that you were created for this test. And so it causes us from a psychological perspective to take a step back and ask ourselves about our perspective on decisions decision making, as well as destination

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destination that you seek. So if it is that position in general that you seek the one that had your name on it that you saw in that dream or heard in that hadith.

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If that's the destination that you want, then you start your life mission, your entire identity in terms of where you want to end up your destination. You start by setting the destination first. The my destination is the pleasure of Allah and Paradise. That's very clear cut. It's very simple, it's very straightforward.

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But in order to reach that destination, I have to make certain decisions.

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And it's not any decision that leads to that destination for there are decisions that lead to the other possibility, the possibility of the Hellfire May Allah subhana wa Tada protect us all alone, I mean, so the step back here is what link your decisions to your destination. Link your daily decisions, your life, your mission, your goals, your habits, your aspirations. Everything you do in this world, everything you do in this world is linked to your daily decisions to the destination that you seek. And oftentimes, as we all know, we become distracted, we start making decisions subconsciously. In fact, according to one researcher, we make up to 35,000 decisions on a daily

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basis, without realizing most of these decisions are automated. For example, you made a decision today to pray Fudger on time, you made that decision to get out of bed, you made a decision to come to the masjid for the obligatory Juma prayer, you made a decision when you walked into the masjid where you are going to sit.

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And as you're listening to the hotbar, and every Friday hotwire annual reminder, you're making a constant decision after decision to keep listening. These are decisions that we make some major and some minor, and they all have different ramifications, different consequences. For example, we don't think that someone who goes to a restaurant and tries to order his or her favorite meal, and they find out it's unavailable. And now they're indecisive. They don't know what to decide. And they're so confused and they're stricken with a fear what's going to happen to me it's not that serious of a decision, the meal that you choose the overwhelming majority of cases, it's not going to really

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affect your long term life that much.

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And I want us to think about these decisions that we make consciously and subconsciously. Our habits are all decisions and we become what we do. We become the culmination of our actions, and our position in the afterlife to seek Janna and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is based on how many of our decisions in this world we're looking for that mercy or seeking that mercy in Naramata Allah Karim Amina mercy and in the Mercy of Allah is closer to its close to meaning it's more encompassed with those who do good. And we have many examples like this in the Quran. But before we do that, when you're thinking about school, when you're thinking about work, now many people have

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gone back to schools, may Allah subhanaw taala grant all of our children all around the world success in their studies, and the proper intention, the purpose for a while they are studying that they are linking their studies to the purpose of life, they're linking their studies to the athlete or to Allah subhana wa Tada. And as a result, they're thinking that my education is for a purpose, which motivates people which motivates students, whether or not they enjoy the subject, they're more motivated because their perspective and their goal, their destination is much greater than just one class. So they're working hard for a reason. They're working hard for the sake of Allah for the sake

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of the owner for the sake of their family. And also you have more bedrock in your actions when you link them to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And as many people go back to schools, and universities and a lot of fall semester classes have started and many people are still working from home, others have gone back to workplaces. And many mothers are focusing and many fathers as well raising their children depending on their situations.

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And as we get back into this groove, if you will, this routine of another semester.

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It's important for us to take a step back and realize that the easiest way for us as believers to feel like we are not separating a dunya and an Astra in a way that is not healthy in a way that separates all worldly things, including your studies your job, the reading of that book, The socializing with your family, the time you spend eating, the time you spend sleeping, rather than completely separating them all together. We want to link them together. And in order to link them together, we must first understand the destination that we seek that has the name on it's already the destination of Jannah and the true criteria of success. Because if you're trying to answer the

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question that all human beings asked how how can I be successful? First you need to define success. And if you miss define success or miss apply it success in a game of chess or in a basketball league or in anything else is limited to that scope. You would not say you are a successful Muslim because you're successful, let's say in one specific realm of life, know the criteria of such

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Success is very clear to us.

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What is success? Allah subhanaw taala says Femen Zuzia, Harun in it, what will the lead gen.

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Does, and the one who is saved from the hellfire and entered into Paradise has one has succeeded. true success is to live for that purpose for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for his pleasure, knowing that you're looking for a destination, you're working for it, and all of your decisions are linked to it. After establishing the criteria of success of pleasing Allah and making it to Jana, then you start looking at everything of a dunya that you do, including your career, including your studies, whether they are required or your personal pursuit of knowledge and education, your intellectual growth and development, the time that you spend on may be beneficial hobbies, the time

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you spend volunteering for important causes, for many of our brothers and sisters all around the world, for anybody who's oppressed. The time that you spend raising children, the time that you spend socializing with family, and so on and so forth, all of these worldly things when we come to the field of goal setting. And when we come to that moment of thinking about our goals, it is crucial that now that you have a clearer idea of what success is that these goals are linked to that success, what ends up happening is you're working for the sake of Allah. And therefore you cannot possibly intend that your work your income is for the sake of Allah and then you're earning haram

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income from interest or selling alcohol, you cannot possibly have this conflict. You cannot then come to the point where you're doing something of a habit that is haram or prohibited in your day to day life and thinking, well, this is for the sake of Allah. Well, no, clearly, you know, it's not clearly you know, this is wrong. So this is a decision that does not leave closer to your name in Jannah, at least to the other place, may Allah protect us, May Allah guide us, may Allah forgive us.

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When we think about decision making, ultimately, we want to look at our habits be a little more conscious, if all we can take from this whole world is to be a little more mindful with our decisions morning and nights that when you're about to do something, think twice about even if it's something good, be a little more mindful, in the moment conscious with your intention, that what I'm doing right now. And everything that I do, is affecting the home that I ended up in today. And tomorrow and until the day that we die, every decision that you make. And so for example, we might use this to remind our sons and our daughters going back to schools, and all college students and

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university students in general,

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that when you're on campus, we're in your school. And you're in a situation where there's peer pressure or something that you know to be conflicting with your beliefs, then make that conscious decision to choose the path that will bring you closer to Jannah. Because ultimately, none of these people will be standing on the day of judgment and saying it's my fault. I led you astray.

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When you're at work, make that conscious decision whether you're working from home and you're not seen by your employer, and you're still charging them for the 40 hours a week, or you're working at the corporate office, and you're doing something you're not supposed to be doing. Make that decision consciously that what you're doing is to bring you closer to the pleasure of Allah agenda. When you're at home, whether you're alone or with family or friends. This is for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala when you're about to sleep, you say off cuddle gnome supplications of sleep so that you are remembering why you are sleeping in the first place why you exist to begin with? Why do you

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work? Why do you put in all this effort in your life? What is it for it has meaning and the meaning is that you have a destination in mind the ultimate factual criteria of success that you seek. So everything in your life, from education, to family, to relationships, to work to health, even while you're working on exercising your body. All of these things become linked to a destination and not a dunya and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to keep our hearts attached to the official Allama Amin

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when Allah subhanaw taala describes in the Quran and in hundreds of the afterlife that after he could have mentioned Jana and hellfire wants to us in terms of information, it could have been mentioned just a once in the Quran. Why are they mentioned the afterlife paradise and hellfire and everything between hundreds of verses almost 1000 verses in the Quran? It's because we're in need of a reminder for multiple perspectives that in some sewer you will find many is about Jana and only one is about the hellfire. And in some areas and some passage you'll find an emphasis on how far and a few is about paradise. And in some places you will find the juxtaposition or the contrast between

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paradise and hellfire. And all of this is because we're in need of that balance that reminder. Why are you living your life? Why do you exist all mankind? Where are you headed? Where's your destination? And are your actions today linked to the destinations of tomorrow? When you study paradise and hellfire you find the gates of Jannah

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are eight gates mentioned in one of the authentic hadith recorded by Tim at the gates of Jannah have names that are linked to actions in this world, like by Buddha yeah and is for those who fasts and nobody else by the salon Baba sada for the prayer and the charity gates. So all the gates of Jannah are for specific types of characteristics, actions and decisions that you made in this world. And the gates of the Hellfire, Allah subhanaw taala says Lucha blob it has seven gates, the Hellfire liquid lever, women who use Zoom for every gate, there is an assigned type of sinner, an action that they chose in this world may Allah protect us all. Lama Amin, what are the main the main decisions

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that led some people to paradise to that name that they saw in their dream or heard in the Hadith, and led to others to the hellfire. The first and most important thing is the contrast between humility and arrogance. And everything comes down to this humility and arrogance. The people of Jannah had to have humility to submit to Allah. And the people of the Hellfire are and it's filled with the people of arrogance and pride.

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So a bit semeth Well, Moto can be routine. It's filled with the people of arrogance. Why arrogance is to reject the truth when it comes to you. To reject the sign of God when it comes to you to twist it and make it seem like it's something else or reject it as a sign altogether. Because there's an internal spiritual problem. There is no evidence that's missing when you're trying to explain to an atheist colleague or classmate that God exists no, there is no evidence that's missing from our end. The evidences are countless in science and physics and all fields and branches of epistemology and philosophy. There is no lack of evidences in science. The problem is not an intellectual or even an

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empirical one. The problem is an internal spiritual, psychological one.

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And the reality is arrogance destroys your life, not just in terms of faith, not just in terms of religion, arrogance can prevent some people Yes, from seeing as many atheists have said that they would not believe in God, even if he appeared to them. They would think that they were hallucinating, look at the arrogance. And people said this 1400 years ago as well.

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But arrogance also is a reminder for the Muslims. Number one not to reject the truth when it comes to you, meaning the reminder that you're doing something wrong, it's time to change. The time to change is always today. And also arrogance kibble is to look down on other people to think you're better than other people, whether that's in worldly terms or even in your faith, that if you are guided by Allah Subhana Allah and blessed attribute that success to Allah, and the fact that Allah concealed your wrongdoings and if you see something bad in someone else, your brother or your sister assume that they are better than you. But in that moment, maybe you saw one thing that they're doing

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that was wrong and it is wrong and we do not justify it. But perhaps behind the scenes, they are repenting or doing much more than you are between them and Allah subhana wa Tada. And of course give them no say, in the wisest, most prophetic manner possible in the right time and right place. Humility leads to agenda. If you want that position agenda that has your name on it. It cannot be achieved except through humility. And if you want to avoid that position in the how far that has your name on it, it cannot be avoided except with an avoidance of arrogance and Kibet May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. The second contrast you find in gender and how far in terms of the

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people inhabitants is that the people of gender were people of obedience to Allah, and the people of the How far were people of rebellion? That they said Lemna comingle mousseline we were not amongst those who prayed what I'm not gonna call Mr. miskeen we did not use to feed those who are in need those who are poor. Well Could Nana hold on Alhaji Alina Mr. waste time with the people of vanities? What could not do the will be only dita. We used to reject belief and preparation for the Day of Resurrection had to atone in your clean until we died until certainty came to us meaning in the moment of death whereas the people of Jana obeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala and we find in the Quran a

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very interesting very important point.

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People in this world view the concept of being intelligent in different ways. Are you an intellectual? Are you smart? Are you wise? And the people of the Hellfire say and this is a pseudo we should be reciting every night and if not, this is a good time to start with salted milk. While cannula couldn't smell Elena Nafi us hobbyzone The people of the Hellfire say if only we used to listen more fully we used to listen and also not only use our minds our intellects properly, then we will not be amongst the people of the fire fighter off will be them being they confess to their sins they admit in this world, sometimes yes, even Muslims may be deceived and think that certain people

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or certain groups or certain ideologies are true intellectuals. But the true intellectual is the one who knows the purpose for which they were created. And they prepare for the guaranteed life after death. That's true wisdom and foolishness. The

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opposite of that is to ignore that, to ignore your mind to use your reasoning, you're often in the wrong way, as some people use their eyes in the wrong way and their ears in the wrong way they're listening,

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to use your mind in the wrong way will lead you to the wrong conclusion. So true intelligence and true reasoning leads to Revelation leads to salvation, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all and guide us and forgive us alone that mean

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a group of young teenagers, one time we're playing with fire messing around,

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as sometimes teenagers do. It's not excused. But we all know how it is. One of them was burned, as they were playing with fire and I believe fireworks, one of them was burned, went to the hospital, I think first and second degree burns, multiple areas of his body. And he learned a lesson.

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And the lesson was simply put, don't play with fire. Don't play with fire. Now when we say don't play with fire, we usually mean it literally. And we also mean it figuratively. Don't play with things that can harm you don't mess with situations that can lead to a risk that you do not want to take. Because not every risk is the same. And when you assess different areas of risk in your life, you'll find that oftentimes people do play with fire in different ways.

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Look at the measures people take to avoid being burned every year, even though there are maybe 1.1 million burned accidents every year just in United States of America alone. But we take measures. What does that mean? A lot of parents when their children start to finally walk will start to lock some doors, the doorknobs cannot be turned the drawers cannot be opened. Why? Why is it so important? Because there is a risk to your child and for your child. A lot of people have fire extinguishers in their homes, and I believe everyone should and if you do not it is important for us to teach our children or families what to do in the case of an emergency. May Allah subhanaw taala

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protect us all in our homes. And in all of our blessings alone. I mean, people have fireproof safes, people have waterproof phones. So when we think about and even fire, fire drills in schools, and so on and so forth, when we think about the the measurements we take when it comes to certain perceived risks. And this is just one example of many. When we take measures, it's because we know that if we don't take that measure, the potential harm is so severe. It's so bad, it's so destructive in some way. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all.

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When we perceive danger, and we take measures and we care, we find it saddening from an Islamic perspective then, and therefore, that if you do not play with the fire of this world, and you don't play with fire in general, and you can't even not come near a fire in general, as you're kindling a fire, or a bonfire or a candle in your home. You can't even come near that fire. So if you cannot play with the fire of this world, how can you play with the fire of the afterlife?

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We're living in a times in which we've become desensitized to it. Or people think you can only talk about Jana, and the good feelings that come with that. And you should never talk about the Hellfire but who is the wisest of the wise, come on how come in Allah subhanaw taala, who talks about both paradise and hellfire and the Prophet slice Adam who explained to us about paradise and hellfire so that we know both are a possibility link to our actions in this world today. Don't play with the doors of temptation. Don't play with those relationships, and the risks in your home, online at school at work. Don't open the door for the devil

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to start messing with your faith, to put you at risk in your relationship to your risk with your athlete or if you don't want to mess with the fire of this world. Don't mess with the fire that's 70 times hotter than that. I ask Allah subhana wa Tada to guide us to protect us and to forgive us. Allah subhanaw taala commanded us and on this note we end here Allah subhanaw taala commanded us wala Terracon who Isla de la mu Fatima circle Moon do not inclined to the people who oppress oppressed themselves in terms of faith and oppress other people in terms of Rites. Otherwise, you might be burned by the fire Don't come near don't inclined to out of love and companionship, the

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kind of people that are pulling you towards the hellfire. In other words, treat them in a certain way with respect with dignity in a religious or pluralistic society. But don't inclined to those types of lifestyles don't look up to those kinds of people. That's not the right measurement of success. lets you be burned by the fire. And Allah subhanaw taala the one who forbade us from interest and usury because of its harms. Its immorality, its destructiveness, taking advantage of people in their situations. Facilitating interest in society as we know as destructive as it is and it is one of the most difficult things for Muslims to avoid in the modern world in most places

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around the world. But when ALLAH SubhanA commands is to stay away from it, sort of Daniel Emraan what tequila and then Allah subhanaw taala says what takuna whatsapp on neurolytic are indebted caffeine. Be mindful of Allah when it comes to interest and stay away from it and all

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So be mindful, be aware and have some fear yes of the fire that was not prepared for the believers. It was prepared for people who reject the commands of Allah. So don't reject the commands of Allah don't mess with the afterlife May Allah subhana wa Tada protect us and guide us and forgive us. Ask Allah for forgiveness. He is the oft forgiving the Most Merciful. Of course you probably heard that was stuck for a while Leola confessed Pharaoh in who who will have a photo

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of hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was offering a one on one.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there was no one amongst you who does not have two positions,

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one in paradise and one in the hellfire. And the believer when they enter Jannah will have a palace built for them in paradise and their position in the Hellfire will be destroyed.

00:25:57--> 00:26:02

The disbeliever when they enter the Hellfire will have their position in paradise destroyed.

00:26:03--> 00:26:39

Our actions have consequences and we make 1000s of decisions every day. So, let us decide wisely, let us decide with the end in sight. Let us decide who are thinking about these two very real possibilities of the afterlife, let us decide while recognizing why we exist to begin with it is to decide it is to make decisions to make the right decisions. With every situation you don't control what happens to you don't control where you are born or who you're born to. But you control the life that you have in terms of the decisions that you make. And you will only be held accountable for those decisions for how you react to certain scenarios and situations, to the things that you

00:26:39--> 00:27:13

pursued of education and the time that you spent with different habits, to the socializing to the school to the raising of children. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us to what's best. But I want to end here with a disclaimer as well. And a reminder, when it comes to the topic of the Hellfire. There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings perhaps beyond the scope of this hello for another time. But just in short, notice that Allah subhanaw taala says what tough will not allottee or undertake caffeine, be mindful and be aware of and fear Yes, the fire that was prepared for those who reject the truth. It was not prepared for the Muslim it was not prepared for the one who felt

00:27:13--> 00:27:20

bad so they repented to Allah. Hellfire was not prepared only for the perfect or for the most destructive and wicked of people.

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Hellfire was prepared for the Muslim who also are a paradise was prepared for the Muslim who also struggle. They repented to Allah subhanaw taala. And they worked hard and hellfire was prepared for the wicked, those who kept rejecting and rejecting and rejecting and oftentimes many Muslims when they hear about Jana and the description of agenda, they think, Well, I'm not perfect. None of us are perfect. When we think about perfection, we think about a certain thing in our minds. We are created with the ability to decide does this justify being lacks and sinning? No, of course not. We should learn from our mistakes, we should repent to a loss of data consistently and never give up on

00:27:56--> 00:28:33

becoming better. But ultimately, those are the decisions that we have to make. But you cannot possibly lose hope when you know that Jana or that little motor plane was prepared for the God conscious paradise was not prepared for angels that have no free will. It was prepared for believers, human beings and the jinn who choose today to do what's right and they earned the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and Jana eternally in the next life. May Allah subhana wa Tada grant us that the decisions that you choose and pursue in this world determine the destination that you end up in. So choose very wisely. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us in every decision that we

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make and all of the goals that we set and all of the objectives and aspirations we have in this world in May Allah put Baraka in everything that we do in our education, our studies, the raising of our children, our health, and our relationships and so on and so forth. And may Allah subhanaw taala keep us guided upon this path until the day that we meet him Allahumma Amin in Allahu wa mela eco Soluna Allah Nabhi yah even Edina terminal Salah Allah He was selling motors Lima, Allah wa Salatu was Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad infinito William Warfield, erfaring Warfield mela in other Yomi Deen Allama filling in what we need now what Mina 20 Muslim you know, only Muslim at Eman

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humble and what Allah humble fiddly while Idina while he while he while he Deena Allahumma yarmulke liberal pulumi will absorb the bit Cubana Allah Denecke Allah Medina what have they been? Suburban Imani Tada along those open alHuda what Toka will alfalfa when Lena Allah monsoon in Islam or isn't Muslimeen Allah one sorrel Islam or is any Muslim Ian Allahu Minh Sorrell Islam or Arizona Muslim in Allah monsoon in Muslim in Al Mustafa fina frequently makan Allahumma federal cutterbar anti Muslim enough he couldn't Lima con fi couldn't Lima occur and P couldn't Lima con Yarden Giuliani when he kromm along with his opener Arsenal hotma wa Jalla Yamuna Yeoman el parque Ullman and Alfredo Sal

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Allah behavior Hassan mana been also directly in our Shahada. It was solid clean. Well, Husqvarna eco raffia Rob bene Tina fit dunya Hasina? Well Phil Filati Hassan walk in Durban now welcome to Salah.