The Spiritual Ladder – Has The Angel Of Death Passed Away

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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. I came across a very unique, strange, amazing, hilarious or thought provoking incident. Depends how you choose to define it in the writings of Chef azali Rahim Allah in His famous book nafpaktos. Arab under the heading Toodle ml which basically translates as

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great ambitions when a person becomes over ambitious in this world. It speaks about a person back in the time by the name of pastor Kean amuro Minh O'Meara a Baba he was one of the governors of Baghdad. So at the age of 90, he decides to obtain a land on the banks of the famous Tigris River, Nigella ne obtains this land and he wants to develop it and make it into a palatial palace. He's 90 years of age. This is his dream. This is his vision. This is his ambition. What can I feel healthy mohabbatein Johan daytonas Usama Fatiha and at that same time, there was a person by the name of Fatiha who was a public speaker motivational speaker. So one day during his address, he addressed

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his attendees in that congregation and he said, Oh, honey, oh, come today. I have good news for you. Mathematical mode, the angel of death has died for tabaka Sabu. They had a chuckle and they said, Are you kidding us? You are You know, there's no truth to this? He said, No, no, this is the truth. So they said, well, what's the proof that the angel of death has died? Now listen to this, it might be hilarious, but it has a deep meaning. He said this man is 90 years of age. And at this point, he is developing ln fellow lamea alum and American mount Padma de masala Harada. You can only develop and be so ambitious at this point in your life. If you have forgotten death, or you believe that the

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angel of death has died, my brother let that sink down. My sister absorbed that there was a time where one person's one action was a reflection that there is no death. Today, the average humans every action is a reflection that there is no death. In fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about those that are fraudsters, those that deceive in their dealings. And I don't know, it can also lead to me having yo maya Pomona salera behind me, have they forgotten that they have an interview with me? So one was the person who lived the life oblivious of death. And contrast that with a man by the name of Abdul Rahman, who was a great muhaddith where a person says I had gathered some pious

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people. And I asked him the following question, that if you were given the grace and the respect of one day, and you were told in advance 24 hours before your death, you will be dying tomorrow at this time, what would you do? So someone said I would love to be reciting Quran. A second person said I would love to be by the Kaaba to be performing a circuit around the ancient house, while the third person said I would love to help a poor person. And this Mohamed Abdul Rahman, he said, I will do nothing different, simply because I live every day, as though it is my last day