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Tafseer of Selected Verses of Surah Al Baqarah by Shaykh Sulaiman Moola

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim you know I really get emotional when I endeavor. And I cautious to use the word endeavor to present a synopsis of any portion of the Quran simply because the Quran is wha wha what is what Allah it is beyond our scope of comprehension the Quran is beyond our scope of comprehension has an adversary Rahim Allah used to say in the mankind a tabula

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rasa in an era be him for gonorrhea Tada, Bruna belaid, Luna have been that the pious predecessors they considered the Quran to be a letter from Allah a message from Allah. For Colonel yetta de Barona ha they would reflect they would intro spec, Allah has not only impressed upon us to read the Quran, but Allah has impressed upon us to reflect over the Quran of Allah de Barun Al Quran Allah Allah khudobin a konforlu How will they not reflect over the Quran? Will they not introspect? Or is it that they are reflecting but their hearts have been sealed in the terminology of mandate they refer to this as men or Lulu Manalo basically means that it cannot be free of either of the

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situations. So it's possible that both merge that means they don't reflect on the Quran and the hearts are sealed. But it cannot be that both do not take place. This is what we call manarola Hulu dono. Say Holly Juana Manohar and that's what hagaman oma makes mention in biannual Quran and really speaking that is the sad reality is that we don't make an effort to ponder and reflect over the Quran. So with the hope and and with the with the desire that inshallah we're going to present to our listeners, a synopsis a synopsis of what Allah subhanho wa Taala has discussed in the Jews, which we heard today probably over the airwaves, or in salata, Tara we handle nocturnal prayer,

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those returning from the masjid etc Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem is of course, this is going to be very brief because we can you you cannot even cover one page adequately, in an hour leave alone and intelligence of the Quran. Now we know Storify is not the first chapter that is to be revealed. So Cora, and the first five verses was the first form of Revelation, or those who refer to how was the first complete chapter to be revealed, and surah Nasir been the last complete chapter to be revealed. And what who mentor Jonah Fie Lala being the final verse to be revealed. So refer to her in many ways and opening chapter of the Quran, a mitten and the remaining part of the Quran expounds

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and elaborates on the theme that has been captured in this chapter of the Quran, la sala de la vida de la Kitab. The messenger sallallahu Sallam has told us there is no Salah without the recitation of Surah Fatiha

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen is an introduction to Allah and is the praises of Allah so Allah is introducing himself. Now this is the general notion in the Quran. Quran and Sunnah wa there's a chapter we have revealed, Tenzin amin Allahu Allah Aziz al Hakim, this is the revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Again linguistically if we analyze Tenzin and insol in zone means at one time Walton z means gradually in Angelina who feel a little awkward. So in zaal, took place with the entire Quran was revealed to from the lower fools to the first guy, and from there onwards Tenzin Amina Rahmani Raheem a gradual revelation. So Allah introduces himself by saying Rob Bell Allah mean

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the Lord of the all the worlds. Now we know there's the lord of there's the words of the human kind the gene guide, those that are into zoology and study animals, you will be baffled, you'll be amazed, you will, your mind will not able to comprehend how nature operates in its greatest and best form. When you analyze and you explore the wildlife, those into marine world and study the fish and the oceans. I was in Barbados just about a month ago. And one of the highlights of going there is is a trip in the submarine. So anybody who goes there, that's a typical thing that will take you to a cave and they'll take you in the submarine. Again, it just gives you the real feeling going to a zoo

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and going to the wildlife. Seeing the animals cage and seeing the animals in the open is a different feeling. Going to an aquarium and going in the ocean what the submarine deep down and seeing the marine world Rob Bell al amin, amin unsharp, Nemanja husana, La Jolla Marina Hamelin tuna Valley, amongst the Janata those who dive into the oceans and they respond they take out birds and rubies and the rest of it for Sulaiman Allah His salat wa salam, Hakuna Mahaffey lien and it is us that keep them under control and keep them in indiscipline. So Allah is the Lord of all the words are Rahmani Raheem the Moleskine the Most Merciful linguistically the scholars

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and explore the difference between Rahman and Rahim. But suffice to say that when Allah commences his blessing, sacred, glorious book, he commences with the introduction of those attributes which highlight His mercy and His kindness nabbit my buddy a nice anila for him. So the rhythm of the Quran is paradise and hell noble and evil frequency jannetty will frequency celyad near Misawa network alpha beta Shara wasa at North Africa that's the rhythm of the Quran. Sunnah Mola

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Mola whenever Manasa that aligns the best of Guardians, Paradise is the best of places. Hell is the most wicked of places. There is a group in paradise there's a group in hell. So Allah whenever he speaks about his attributes by and large in the Quran, Allah commences with his benevolence, his kindness, his clemency, His grace, not be inform everybody My servants, a knee and elbow for Rahim, I am the one who perpetually forgives. Once when I was doing it in America, there was a scholar visiting there and he showed me something or he alerted me to something and that's the beauty of the Quran. You keep on exploring. The other day, somebody posted something on one of the AMA groups and

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it really was something that resonated with me, and it really got me thinking, so Allah uses the word 13 in the Quran twice. So 13 loosely translated as colossal, as mammoth as heavy. So Allah says that,

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that they forget the day behind them, which is Yeoman tequila, Yeoman tequila. That is a great day, a heavy day for either nuclear off in Nepal when the Trumpet will be blown for that economy. The owner said, that's a difficult day lol caffeine, as I said, is not an easy day. It's not a simple day, right? Wash, the light will will emerge what GLB Nabina was Shahada, the prophets will be brought, and and and and and would have been nubby and the witnesses will be brought, while melodica to soften Safa and the angels will stand in the rows. So Allah says that these people forsake and they forget the day which is yo Mr. keel, this heavy day this real day. Sometimes Allah refers to it

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as tomorrow. Allah says say Allah Muna damn manilkara

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tomorrow you'll know who's the real liar. You say you know what prepare for tomorrow. Weather is real tomorrow that reminds us of and in some verses of the Quran, Allah brings the Ahmed so close that Allah the first treatise today folio Medina amanu minako, Faria, Hakuna, Allah, Guru, today the believers will be laughing, sometimes Allah refers to it is tomorrow sometimes Allah refers to it as today. So Allah uses the word 13 referring to a Yama and in another place Allah says in a Snoopy olika tolon satilla and we know after after the first five verses of Accra will reveal then there was fatra there was there was a gap and after that, the completion of the surah and the next chapter

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to be revealed was Surah modesitt. So after the next chapter is modality that is why in some of seals you will find the first revelation was modified, which means both the interval so Allah says and this is what the scholars say that either errata nyjah mina Leo Misaki Lee Fatima Sackville, holy tequila, either. Ratan Tata, Mina Leo Mythili. Fatima sick will totally feel that if you want salvation from that challenging day, that complex day, that difficult day then hold on to hold on to the revelation, which is the deal. And again, my brothers, my sisters, the listeners out there, if we reflect over the verses of the Quran, when Allah impresses upon us to hold on to the Quran, Allah

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uses expressions of firmness of strength of might YAH YAH YAH Hotel kitabi Cova Oh yeah, the book with firmness. I like to say that our Moosa for holds the hobbit hold on to the book with firmness in the levena You must seek una bella kitabi those who grip onto the Kitab with firmness for STEM sick bility Oh heya LA. So if you see the common thread between all these words to hold on to it with firmness, the messenger sallallahu wasallam said I've

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been give all this so just holding the Quran is not adequate. When I'm not I'm not saying literally I'm saying figuratively. That means we need to do it. Sometimes we're doing it. Are you taking your medication? Yeah, I'm taking it but not religiously. I'm not taking it diligently. I'm not taking it promptly. are we holding on to the Quran? Yes, but is there a stem cell is there for STEM sick are we hold on it firmly? And I often go these words allama Shapira, Madoff money. And he's mentioned it in the third episode of serious money. He says a lucky resi chew to suck the head to dinner he sacd you can lose grip of the rope of Allah but the rope of Allah can never be

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And in the narration of philomela Province lrsm said Allah Hill Mateen so you know that this is put on you just get into it and and it just takes you away and carries you away. So Allah whenever he speaks of his attributes, never tell my servants anybody My servants My servants. Again this is a passionate expression. When Allah speaks of his beloved servants, Allah says the ibrd My servants, Palais arriba de la Vina Amano UK masala, tell my servants and when Allah speaks of his disobedient servants, linguistically those that are into Arabic grammar can appreciate it. Allah says bad snarling him. Den Lana. Allah didn't say Allah Donna, your allies referencing his disobedient

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servants. When Allah speaks of his own servants, his beloved servants his obedient servants, I buddy My servants the Nisbett refer to Allah when Allah speaks of his disobedient servants are you but then Lana, this is highlighted in module Quran? So Allah says never tell my servants any animal food or Rahim I am the most guy and then Allah reminds us will another be who Allah double Elohim and surely My Torment is very severe. Again in the 13 juice and soda to rod we're in Arabic Allah.

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Allah, Allah him And verily your Lord is one who forgives despite they're wrong and they oppression. What are you after the aloneness epi maka? Sabu La Jolla, la Houma la de la la casa boo, matara Kala humming Dabba if I were to hasten in punishing men proportionate to his wrong, they wouldn't be a creature on earth, they wouldn't be a creature on earth, right and in the narration of a Buddha would allow us to punish every servant who who was involved in that would be absolute justice and fairness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So whenever Allah speaks about his attributes, Allah speaks about his mercy, his kindness first, Allah is speaking about the fast of Ramadan and Allah says you

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got to complete it and in that Allah interjects and says you read the law who become a lawyer So when are you ready to become a law sir? Well, it took me like it took a barrel ah ha Allah intense goodness for you Allah intense ease for you ally intense is for you. When Allah says

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Allah insha Allah as Eden just to get the difference of expression. What if than a boom when your Lord announced that in Shackleton, if you will be grateful, like in Shackleton,

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let us see the nakum we don't want to go into too much detail if you are grateful. And again,

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you know the best form of seed is the Quran bill Quran way you unpack the ambiguity of one verse, through the clarity of another verse, which which Allah expounds and explains in another verse of the Quran. So what is sugar? Again we learn from the Quran in surah two Saba in the 22nd Jews Allah says

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that the Buddha chakra, the Allah say Allah didn't tell the family of the wood, who spoony Allah said Emmylou Emmylou, practice gratitude, deliver gratitude, exhibit gratitude, walk it deliver it, you know, one is just to just verbally express it, it's part of it, it's part of it. I often say to students, straightening your teachers shoes is part of heidemann is not the highlight of edma is not the ultimate, if you consider elementary to be graduation, then that's that that's there's no two opinions on the foolish nature of such a person. So verbally being grateful to Allah is surely one way but what did Allah say to say the nada would Emmylou Allah would and we need to ask ourselves

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and we will fill in for table later Miranda has mentioned that that minimum gratitude is that the organs Allah has given us we don't abuse the organs of Allah and Allah is disobedience. So anyway, Allah says that in Shackleton, if you're grateful, how must we be grateful? We must use every bounty in the manner and in the place and the position in which Allah wants us to to use it and use it in the correct way. Recently I was in, in Mombasa, and then we went further down into some of the rural areas. And then we got back to Mombasa and we're catching a flight to Nairobi. And often travel keeps on teaching me these type of lessons. And so when we got to the airport in Mombasa, it was

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early morning and then we had an internal hop. And so I told the brothers in the group, let's just have some breakfast on the run at the airport. So we got there unfortunately due to the alcoholic beverages, etc, which are the challenges a Muslim traveler has to contend with, you become uneasy to really buy anything other than that which is sealed and closed and you wouldn't want anything because of fear of cross contamination. So it was just a dry breakfast, nothing more than probably hot water and tapping your own tea bag and that was about it. And I just sat down, not disillusion or disheartened, but you anticipate in a good practice.

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Breakfast and it's dry, so you feel a bit uneasy. And lo and behold, as I just turned my gaze I seen a strange form of abnormality in a human, which I've never seen before, is this particular system and May Allah grantee is an alpha male, I grant every person that her foot was to the rear of her body. So she would be walking forward, but her toes would be pointed behind her. And and obviously, this just jolted me and it just gave me a wake up call to say that, you know, I say this often, that everyday life exposes us to people who have more than us and less than us, the choice is ours, where we fix our gaze, the choice is ours. So when you come at, at Pelican crossing, or at a traffic

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light, or the robot, as we would call it, there might be a person on the right with a car that is much more exclusive than you. And there might be a person or a woman on that side trying to cross over with a toddler, or probably the child on her back. The choice is yours. Either you turn to the right and your gaze is riveted and you mesmerised and you envy or you look there, reflect and use and you be grateful, but the rhythm of life is the pattern of life is they will every single day you will be exposed to both sides. The choice is yours now we haven't even moved from Surah Fatiha. Anyway. Allah says Maliki Yomi Deen the scholars tell us Malik Allah didn't say cavi Ahmed Al. Allah

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didn't say he is the judge, although he is the judge, but He's the owner. So a judge in a jury in a court, he definitely passes his verdict and pronounces his ruling. But he's not above the law. He's not above the legislation is also governed by a clause is also governed by a document. He's also not above that legislation. Allah is what Allah Allah is. There's no law that governs Allah. Allah is not bound to any system. So Allah can burden someone who doesn't deserve burden. And we ask Allah to pardon us, we ask Allah to pardon us. Allah is not answerable to Allah Hafiz. Ha ha. Allah doesn't fear the outcome. If a king or a ruler or a monarch or a democratic republic, or whatever it is, he

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wants to pass, it's got to go through the cabinet, the Senate and then he plays out. And then you go to see the feedback and the response and the journalists and, and and international media responding. Allah says I can do what I want what I have for Al Qaeda, I don't feel how people interpret what I do. When La Jolla con la Machiavelli helped me and I decide and nobody overrides my authority. So so many times a person passes a decree. And then the senior comes in and he says, what this is no, no, just cancel this and tell them I said no, and it's done and tell him I said, and he's done. And so you executed your muscle tone your limit, and that was your cutoff point. But

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Allah is above that one La Jolla, cumin Allah deaconess. namaki. Believe me, there's nobody that can override it. Like you said, My father was alone. And this idea just gives us the absolute magnanimity of Allah. Allow yourself to fall. He will never be challenged or questioned or interrogated regarding what he does, or whom you're alone and everybody else will be asked regarding everything. We're in Canada Miss Carla Hubbard, the main hurdle and if it is equivalent to a mustard seed at a Nabina will produce it. Yeah, Bonnie Oh my son in law al hustla. To say, Jolene says if you commit a sin Allah has led to further confusion Sahara, let it be in the mountains of his summer

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while you think there's no network that you think there's no reception that you think there's no cameras the office somato in the sky is right. You fly in and you airborne and you write the crews in and 40,000 feet and you think okay, well now What's it do as I please for the Configure Sahara office somewhat overlord? Yeah TB Allah, Allah will produce it in Allah Allah to even be istikhara Harada hubby Ron makani ha, Allah is a way of way it happens. So Allah is Malik Allah is Malik. Allah is the owner is not answerable. He can do as he pleases when he pleases.

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Anyway, I don't want to go into more detail on sort of what they have because we're not going to move here. Alif Lam? Meem. So just a little basic introduction for those probably who have never heard this year. We refer to this as Haruka maka Tod. They are selected chapters of the Quran that commence with this year, the amorphous city and by and large will give you the meaning of Allahu Allah Moby Marathi, he then the meaning of this is known to Allah Himself. People then asked the question, if the meaning of these verses were not revealed, what's the wisdom of its revelation? So, we have in a broad brush, we have the most common in the Quran, and they are the basis of the Quran

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those are the clear verses, the translation is understood the meaning is understood. Who will levy and de la la calle Kitab minha

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Imagine oh no Makita Allah has revealed the verses they are clear who normally Kitab they are the mother of the book. They are the foundation of the book they are the foundation of the Quran.

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And other verses Muta Shabbat they are vague they are ambiguous. Now amongst them with a Shabbat they are those verses that are Muta shabby, Phil, Phil Magna will fill in the form, the translation is also unknown to us. And the meaning is also unknown. When you don't know the translation, how would you know the commentary of it? And then there are those verses the translation is known but the meaning is unknown. Yet Allahu phoca ad him the hand of Allah is above them. So Allah has told us laser commitment, there is absolutely nothing like Allah. Allah who Khufu and there is no equal to Allah there is no rival to Allah and even in laser commissioning he academically in the harsh of

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Jolene it is mentioned it the calf is it the calf is I don't want to go into too much linguistics here because if it's gonna get too complicated and intricate, but the ordermark can understand it. It's laser chemistry the calf is it in terms of of nakoa and grammar. So nothing is like Allah. Right, well, Ahuja Danny Kama yaku ella hoonah yummy no gelatin ill emani qilta yada yada be amin was for half

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moon fit patani. So we say your doula the hand of Allah we can translate it but what is meant by the hand of Allah that is only known to him that is only known to him. Some of the scholars say it means the help of Allah the aid of ally excetera etc. So

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these are words of the Quran, the meaning is known to Allah but he's not free from Benefit we read it we will get reward. And one of the many wisdoms of scholars say that in the revelation of this is that the Arabs during the reign in the period of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were at the pinnacle of poetry and they excellence. And then they had the skill in adverb of Arabic, right? And there's so many poetry examples that one can cite to substantiate how profound they were in the Arabic and it's irrefutable, but it all falls pale in front of the Beloved of the Quran. So yeah, there was ignorant mocha if I recall correctly, he picks up his pen and better Are you an evil

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Quran? He starts challenging the Quran was sent me a Serbian chakra, and he's listening to a child reading. What Elijah Rosa Bella Maki

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was the Bulma

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Maru Westover diallel jeu de de la barra de Lille COVID Valley mean for Casa La calama masaka Soph. So, just just to put this into context again, he's trying to challenge the Quran and why he picks up his pen and he wants to challenge and prove naroda Villa, prove a blemish in the Quran, but there is no blemishes blemish list. It's flawless. It's it's the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he over years of child reading and alone coins and the facade and the Bulava that has been captured in this is just beyond words. When I'm at sakata I'm musala Babu the Allah say the beloved in this ayah is just beyond description pages have been written, what can you learn? So that this is this is the

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scenario regarding the incident of new holla his salon and yet again I read something so profound. So normally salatu salam, the floods that come in

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his son he wants his son his son doesn't heed the warning. So the son tells the father sir we illegibly Simoni, Melba that I'll take shelter on this depth of the mountain and it will rescue me. So the order magazine had a clue.

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Had a clue. This is logic. This is logic. So what did you say? I'll take shelter and descendent of the mountain. The father said law simile amin amarilla Hill, Mr. Rahim. There is none to rescue you today from the torment of Allah but the one whom Allah has mercy on you. This is revelation wahala, Bina Hamamoto, phenomenal Marathi, and then comes the wave and separates father from son and the son drowns hyena digital. This is the consequences for men dama ocular who Allah kitabi was so not

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the one who challenges Quran and Sunnah through his logic he will drown Fie brutal, Hawaii will be die in the oceans of deviation in in the oceans of innovation. May Allah protect us. So Allah after the floods had come down what ILA and it was said, Yeah, oh land. Now in Arabic, it's used as oneness ASMR. Right? oneness. aasimar is something that doesn't have a distinct feminine trait, but it's referred to as feminine in English, we refer to a car, there's nothing feminine about it, but she goes like a dream. She gives me a good drive she runs well, right. These are just terms and expressions that you use in particular languages. So the land is referred to in Arabic is referred

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to as as as more or less what Kayla and it was said yeah,

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Rhoda Bella

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Earth drink up your water? Well, yes, actually, and oh, skies settled subside was evil mo wakamiya and the water dried up and the matter was decreed was the word of God. And the ark halted on Mount Judy, which many geographically argue is in present day, Jordan, what can you elaborate a little call me volley mean and it was said we will be to the evildoers. When he heard this he said this is divine you cannot challenge this year. So Allah silenced the Arabs and beyond them through the beginning of the Quran, that

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the beginning letters of the Quran the opening words of the Quran is above your greatest level of of Arabic facade and beloved, that if you have ability, muscle clout and understanding, then translate Alif laam Meem until today, nobody can take on this challenge. That legal case avinashi of gela lane is written by Dr. Danica comes Fatah V, although it comes with a sharp need to denote something in a distance but at times it comes to denote something close for the ultimate for, you know, to express how great how profound how amazing, this book is amazing. There's no doubt in it.

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It's a guide for those that fear Allah. And then sometimes Allah says who deadliness it is a guide for mankind. And sometimes Allah says it's hidden meaning it is a guide for the believers. So some scholars say that actually, you know what? It is who deadliness it is a guide for mankind. But it is only the multitude who will benefit and others say 13 are the only people who deserve to be referred to as NASA as well.

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Those that fear Allah they are the true NASA they are the true humans they are the true mortals because otherwise, Allah referred to in the 23rd Jews Allah referred to the ambia that lil ad will a bizarre Boolean ad they will people with hands and vision. If you unpack this and see what the professor in Everton Allah said that Ibrahim is happy Apple ad will absorb to people with hands and eyes. But then we all have hands and eyes Why did Allah profile them with people with vision and hands is they constructively use their limbs and organs their hands and eyes we use objectively hence they will privileged and referred to this year which releases a subtle hint that if your

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organs are not used objectively than having it and not having it is the same having it and not having it is the same. So the real nasty real people and levena Yamuna belhaj that's the fundamental aspect of our faith right to bring a man on the unseen I just want to touch on what up Muna Salah briefly prayer Salah establishing Salah, so you know Salah again linguistically in grammar a common means to offer prayer with devotion with dedication, and May Allah forgive us Allah Masha Commodores money right into them our own. Again we read the chapter so often my own means trivial kindness, small kindness. Some have even interpreted it as Zakat, because the God is so trivial, that these

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people they don't mind about serious amounts they even minds about small amounts. Right now, human nature Allah has spoken but it is our duty to fight these things.

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And for so short, that to withhold and two minds is intrinsic to our nature, who little insane man by nature is impatient. Cannon insano katutura. He has a very narrowed heart diseases nature, but when he fights it and he comes out of it and he rises beyond this is where he becomes amazing lol mousseline Allah separates them into the marriage that these are the privileged ones. So you see Muna Salah, so in Surah, my own Allah says, For way Lily mursaleen who won't be to those who pray, those who perform Salah, a Latina woman on salata him sanghoon Sahaja, Susa, when to make mistake, we say such that to Sahaba, those who are heedless, negligent or, or careless regarding this Allah,

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Allah Muhammad osmani right, so amazing that this is the mercy of Allah. He said Allah Vina, whom and salata him and he didn't say Allah Vina whom Fie salata himself who, because if I like to say Fie Salah to him, then we all are guilty of it. So these are people who are negligent that they won't come to the masjid, they are negligent with regards to whoodle they are negligent with regards to congregational prayer. And if Allah had to say Fie Salah to him, those who are negligent in their Salah, then nobody would be spared, but really use some reflection sometimes Allah forbid you must book and you late and you stand up to offer the records that were must, right. And again if you look

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in the in the books of Flipkart, when a person misses his Salah, the fuqaha they use such an amazing expression. They say Baba, Baba, il four

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It, they don't say bah bah bah el MetroCard. And as mentioned in the harsher of neural EDA, that thinking good about a believer, a believer, you know circumstances made it such that he is prayer was left out. He never omitted prayer. He never left out prayer for you to vote and it slipped out it it overlapped him something happened but he didn't consciously or matted. May Allah grant us the ability to think positive of people. So

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for window nimasa lien a Latina woman salata himself moon, so you stand up to offer your prayer, and you read in Santa and Subhanallah, the person adjacent to us in ruku, and you're wondering, but I haven't yet completed thunar How can a man offer prayer so quickly, so swiftly so haphazardly? A person was playing with his beard veneration of the media, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said lo hace la bajada la jawara who, if there would have been sukoon and calmness in his heart and in his entire body, then he would not be indulging in in futile actions. Then Allah speaks about spending Ramadan is a month of spending and we all spend and May Allah make us amongst those and save us from

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those who might is in nama yabuki in nama Yabba Levy, yet the hub the poet said, you crying over the well that went but actually what goes remains in Amaya Batalla de la boo in Amaya Batalla de la boo, that which you donated and is gone is actually secured for you in your bank of Africa. But one thing to reflect

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throughout the Quran, you would see that wherever Allah tells you spend Allah says he has spent for my money that gives some of mines Yeah, give me give mines give mines give mines, it would be the height of miserliness. If a Father gives a son, let me be a reasonable give a contemporary figure because you can use this lousy, a 1020, you know, so it's 200 bill or a $50? Whatever it is, and he says, okay, yes, he takes the boys and just eat out. Now, the money was given to a particular child. And he almost assumes authority over this as it's his money, and he's withholding and he's missing. That would be the height of miserliness, that you are withholding something that doesn't belong to

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you. You know, there's a brother in Sri Lanka, who's very generous. He says, we have the caches of Allah, we collect and we pass it on what does the cashier he has to catch up and give it to the manager or the boss? That's it. There's so much money moving through his hands, but it's not easy. He says, We are the cashiers of Allah it comes in and we got to pass it on. So study the Quran everywhere. By and large, you will see when we madrasa now whom, from what we gave them what we gave them they spend, and I must say one of the greatest proofs that Allah wants us to earn in this world is the Quran is replete with exhortation to spend. So how are you going to spend if you don't earn

00:32:52--> 00:33:32

so that's a subtle hint that the Quran wants us to earn because the Quran so many of the amount of Jannah are based on spending. Anyway, we move on a lot and speaks about the kuffaar and then the MonaVie team, but just just quickly, because page two and like I told you, I'm just trying to select verses here. So look at the beautiful explanation of the Quran and the holistic approach of the Quran and the 1000 people that today and beyond I just use 1000 as they would say in Arabic as taxied and not the deed to denote abundance and not a fixed amount like you know in English we would say he's got 1001 questions in Arabic they would say submarine submarine is used many times in the

00:33:32--> 00:34:18

context of duck feet and not that deed that means abundance and not to fix a limit. So Allah says regarding the disbelievers and there's a whole context Yep, what is it like to see to fill out when it is told to them? Do not cause havoc on the earth do not cause mischief on the earth they retort by saying in Amman no mostly Hoon, we alone now if you know in his denotes emphasis, mine is my gaffer which we call in grammar. It stops it from making hammer have given the NASA and Obama etc. but it creates the meaning of hustle and hustle means exclusive we alone nobody else in nama anonymously home. There's nobody else on the earth who reforms and stabilizes and rehabilitates

00:34:18--> 00:34:36

things other than us. So what an irony and today there are so many people beat on their throne speech in the Empires causing havoc on the earth. When you say to them stop your arrogance in your shenanigans. They like wait, we are the one stabilizing the earth reading the earth of corruption.

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

How many people today can fit the scenario without dealing Oh listen you causing corruption in the organization in mnemonic no Muslim brother I am I am. I am rescuing the organization. What did what did Pharaoh say? after claiming divinity Mount leikam illa Allah oma decom illa Sabina, Rashad

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

recoome illa Ma. I'm only showing you what I see on my ID Camilla Sabina, Rashad, and I show you nothing but the path of guidance and what did Allah say? Well, Abdullah Rocco mahama, your own deviated his nation and he was not guided. He was not guided. So that's the sad scenario. And then Allah responds by saying Allah in the home home of Cebu and behold, behold, they themselves are the evil doers. Well, I can ruin but they don't realize it. And then Allah speaks about them when I fit in. And Allah says that you heard the rune Allah Wa La Vina, Armando, you have your own a lot of they deceive Allah. So in biannual Quran in masala Sulu, calama tonry allama hakima Rahim Allah

00:35:45--> 00:36:28

right so beautifully. That year, you had your own Allah, the Morpheus masovian you had your own Allah, Allah, they deceive the friends of Allah. And he says from this we understand the lofty rank and station of the friends of Allah that they mentioned has been paid up as you have your own Allah deceiving them has been referred to as deceiving Allah, deceiving the pious, the noble the righteous, the Allah conscious people, Allah his ally has elevated that crime to such an extent that Allah referred to it as your own Allah. Baba masala has Gianni been from both sides but not in all extent, right in general. And it's mentioned like you say to Lisa, I punished defeat. Yeah, it would

00:36:28--> 00:37:08

be from one sided those who understand Arabic will appreciate that. Anyway, we move on. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the elements of gentle Viola makers amongst those fortunate people by Shireen, Medina. amanu was and this is the beauty you read in Salah. Right? And you stand in in prayer and the party is reciting along and you getting carried away into the gardens of Jenna. And you moving around. There's the next generation of NASA usually where the profits are some said I went into such that and I seen Jana and I actually seen a bunch of grapes and I wanted to pluck it off. And if I had to pluck it off in salah and give it to a girl to me in Houma, Baka dunya you

00:37:08--> 00:37:48

would have eaten from that grave for the rest of time. So that was the level of Salah of the messenger sallallahu wasallam but be there as it may when you appreciate the meaning it allows you in your Salah to travel from that location of yours to move into the gardens of Genoa Bashir and give glad tidings alladhina amanu amilo Sally hi to those who bring him on and do righteous deeds. And Allah whom Jana for them will be gardens that remain tactical and hard, right which beneath which rivers will flow, you affect JIRA, JIRA, you find your own out of JIRA in the footnotes of the theater Othmani under this is written that these levels of generosity you can divert them in

00:37:48--> 00:38:24

whichever way you want to divert it. Sometimes you got a house but it's not positioned right you're not getting the sunlight properly you're not getting the eastern rays or the western rays or you're not getting a good breeze and the window is positioned wrong and the master bedroom is in the wrong place and the view is not right. And you know what? It does doesn't overlook that way you you want to move it if you could, but unfortunately you could you simply cannot you find your own JIRA they were able to divert it they were able to move it and why will Allah reveal give them this honor, you will not be necessary? They honor their pledges and the scholars right if they honor what they made

00:38:24--> 00:38:31

obligatory upon themselves, then how much more Didn't they honor what Allah made obligatory upon that you found happiness

00:38:33--> 00:38:43

Wow, give me like two hours a day there's one hour is not real my brother Lily it's I don't know man one hour you serious? You kidding man? You phone I've been every anyway. So

00:38:45--> 00:39:26

genetica llama Rosa cuckoo llama whenever they would be sustained with fruit from there in they will say hi the levy Rosita Nam in Assam have taken this in the context of this world are the same in general they will say that we have been given this fruit before again the scholars say when they will be presented with the fruit in general they will see the shape of this world so they will assume this to be the apple of this world the orange of this world and there's also look in that also there's also attraction in that because if somebody presents something to you, which is totally peculiar and strange, you go somewhere you say this is custard apple or I'm just giving an example

00:39:26--> 00:39:59

something you're not familiar with you a bit apprehensive to indulge, but when you familiar with it you go forward to eat quite easily and when you bite it you find it to be way more sweeter than anticipated. So in the in the description of Jenna and of this world is only masala to loves. Right? It's it's a similarity in words or some shape, but when when they will taste this they will realize that this is completely different, right? Allow me to attain vilamoura not limited to a season and not short of supply syndrome.

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

Whoa dude, the thorns will be taken out of the lotus three the thorns will be taken out so many times you say I like this but I don't like to shell it. I like this but I don't like the burps I like this. Yeah, but I don't like the dust in it. No, no, this will be shelled. This will be clean Lamacq to it.

00:40:17--> 00:40:24

And then remember is the moon the birds of your choice, the fruit of your choice. We have

00:40:25--> 00:41:09

a man FACA fruit nakulan day through man pomegranates and if you look at those two pages in Surah Rahman most of them have a city and have argued the first page speaks of the macabre been the second page speaks of the US herbal yameen so the difference is their fee hi Nana Adrian fee ha Nava Hutton they create the whole difference. I'm just giving you know a tip on it and moving whether one fee has worked on Mata hora and in general will be spouses that are pure, pure in every regard, there will be no form of impurity, imagined as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that it would be the height of Adam alayhi salatu was Salam. It would be the age of reciting his Salah Mila Elisa, it

00:41:09--> 00:41:25

would be it would be the beauty of use of alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, it would be the lack of the messenger sallallahu sallam, Georgia The more the maka Holly in jihad, there would be no facial hair, no hair on the body, the hair on the head would be straight with a slight curl and that is how the hair of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was

00:41:26--> 00:42:08

and that would be the beauty there would be no law your balloon balaia Tahoma tone there will be no passing urine no passing stool, no release in flatulence, the only thing that will be a burp and that would be also with a pleasant fragrance and not a stench odor or unpleasant smell. So the spouses of gender will be pure. And the best thing is what Humphrey Holly doing this is repeated in the Quran, that it is there forever. You know, somebody in biomedical plant has mentioned somewhere you would prefer having something inferior in quality, but having it permanently then having something superior and have any temporarily. Someone say I give you the scar. It's like a jalopy

00:42:08--> 00:42:48

right the simple car. But listen, it's your car. Versus you know what i got fleshy wheels for you. It's a good to see car. It's flamboyant. It's colorful. It's got all the extras but you can keep it for the weekend. Any logical person would go for that simple car and take it because it's permanent. Now can you imagine if somebody gives you that flashy car, that exclusive car and gives it to you permanently. So Allah is not giving you an inferior paradise and say you know what, enjoy it because it's eternal. Allah is giving you the most superior of products that your mind can ever imagine. And Allah is giving it to you that permanently the real thrill the real excitement is that eternity That

00:42:48--> 00:43:02

is why when the dwellers of general will go into Jannah they will know they in general and they know they will not die but they will have a re awakening of that jubilation after my nanopi meeting in LA Mota tunnel Ola woman

00:43:03--> 00:43:12

a bro You mean we won't die Is this real? Gonna be made et we won't die in LA Mota Tina Lola but the old one the one widow woman

00:43:13--> 00:43:31

and we won't be punished in the house Allah who will leave this is amazing. You You come out of an exam room you know it's your final paper. You get you meet up with your friends. you hug one another exam is over. It's not like you don't know you relive in the excitement you relive in the euphoria you relive in this year, when they will enter into where you

00:43:33--> 00:43:33


00:43:34--> 00:43:43

Listen to this my hubby This is mentioned so amazing. And so the Mohammed 26 Jews in the second quarter along with enter them into Jana, Rafa, holla, whom

00:43:44--> 00:44:28

Allah will familiarize them with it. The scholars, right this is an amazing feature of gender. You can enter the best of hotels, but day one, there is a degree of reservation you find in your feet. Where's the dining area? Where's the washroom? Where's the laundry? Where's the spa? Where's the gym? So it's new. It's amazing, but you're not familiar that dwellers of gender will enter into Jannah it will be the first entry but allow will miraculously familiarize them so there's no degree of discomfort at the first entry of being uncertain of the location. So it will be unique in its first entry, but amazing that there will be a sense of belonging towards it as if they knew it.

00:44:28--> 00:44:38

Well, you're the halo hormonal Janata Rafa, Rafa home, how do we comprehend this year? So in general a balloon? Well,

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

there's no urien there's no stool. Everything won't fit her Holly dude and it's eternal. It's eternal. It is permanent, it's ever lasting. It's it's permanent. It's inexhaustible and ending. And then Allah says in Allahu Allah is a masala maba roboton from Africa. So Allah has given different examples in the Quran.

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

He's given examples of,

00:45:02--> 00:45:44

of the spider allies label one chapter and carboot. Allah has given an example of the end Alliance label one chapter surah number, Allah has given an example of the be a novel. Allah has given example of the fly. Yeah, you're not alone. The Quran is replete with examples, right? We need to know this. And I often when I do workshops for teachers and tutors, they must be examples in my lectures in my talks in my lessons, because the greatest message is the Quran and the Quran is full of examples. What am thurlow nabriva holiness and these are the examples we present to people under this ayah in Ebony Kathy Abraham Solanas Paul is mentioned there are two main Rasulullah sallallahu

00:45:44--> 00:46:25

olufemi. He said, I personally from Neville Sessoms lessons and advises Island 1000 examples. So Allah gives these different examples. So the infidels found a room to argue and they said no, such a great powerful, mighty Allah. And then he's given examples of insignificant creatures, and hakimullah online. bionic Quran writes so beautifully, he said, the example has to have a link with the analogy and not the person giving the example. If I'm giving an example, and I'm speaking of a dog, that doesn't have to be a comparison between me and the dog, to whom I'm comparing the dog to, to whom I'm comparing the animal to, there has to be a B between the two. There's no correlation or

00:46:25--> 00:47:06

tie between me. So how naive foolish of you to find this against the magnanimity of Allah subhanho wa Taala because no logic calls for a tie between the example and the person giving the example it has to be between whom the Mashaba be to whom the example has been given and the example there must be a tie between that so Allah said Allah is not ashamed, Allah is not shy. Allah will give an example of a mosquito fisherman FOCA, ha, now Yeah, again in the harsh of Jelani, this is mentioned and this is Quran and you know, you can just, you can just be taken away by this and forget about it. And honestly, if we begin to try to understand the Quran, I will fatigue and Salah will

00:47:06--> 00:47:47

disappear. We will look for the prayer where Salah is performed with the most amount of protein, and what the greatest amount of pleasure because we enjoyed what we listening to. This, again is the beauty of the Arabic language, it's probably the only language you can enjoy without understanding. There's nothing else if somebody is talking in a language you don't understand, you know, please translate me You cannot run away for 15 minutes and don't tell me what's happening. But this is foreign you can enjoy it even when you don't understand. But of course it's its beauty is way beyond So from our photo hog greater than a mosquito can mean greater in in size and stature or greater in

00:47:47--> 00:47:49

insignificance, meaning smaller than a mosquito.

00:47:51--> 00:47:53

So from Africa, half will have parity.

00:47:54--> 00:47:56

from Africa half is

00:47:57--> 00:48:11

greater in size. So a mosquito or or or then a spider or some other creature or even a law paralyzed Pharaoh with a Lucas with a frog. Allah paralyzed and how Allah.

00:48:15--> 00:48:19

Allah Allah writes the law he law Murphy has seen

00:48:20--> 00:48:59

what you know the lie law Tom Murphy has said that when there's a battalion and there's an army, you take your positions, you strategize, you arm yourself to the teeth, and you're ready to you equip yourself, but then Allah unleashes frogs, how do you equip yourself right? frogs are coming, okay? Take your positions, take your military, with, you know, Maya Angelou, Rebecca Illa, who and only Allah knows what he's his army, he can deploy anything at any time. And that becomes his army. It can be rain, it can be frogs, it can be it can be Lucas as a London for Salah tufan. I will Java will come and so Allah says Allah will give you an example of a mosquito, something more greater

00:48:59--> 00:49:23

than a mosquito, something more insignificant than a mosquito. Now I know my time is up. So I'm going to we for the benefit of the listeners, we didn't get through three pages. And that's also selectively and I'm telling you, this is nothing of mine. This is Ron, this is put on what law he urged you and I wish in these few days because I have traveled beyond. I can stimulate and arouse within you the anxiety to study Quran.

00:49:25--> 00:49:38

So Allah says family Lavina Amano Viola Muna anahola Hakuna Allah be him. mela Vina cafaro una vida de la masala

00:49:39--> 00:50:00

de Cassini la de Cassini La MaMa you bring up at the example is one the simile is one. The parable is one that's similar to this one. But the hearts are different. The hearts are different. The human right the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a mammoth method Daniella.

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

who became in a Rama? The example of the revelation which Allah has sent me. It's like rain. And then human hearts are like the earth. Some are a god. They don't accept water. Some are fertile. They accept water, and then it gets irrigated and it grows. So the revelation is one some became Abubakar some became Abuja Hall. Some responded and the Quran reformed and rehabilitated and revolutionized them. And others did not reform and tragically, they deviated for a melody Anika for those whose hearts are in conferring disbelief for your poodle and they say Mother Allahu beha masala so what does Allah intend with examples like this? You don't know because zero db cathedra

00:50:43--> 00:51:17

Allah guides me through it and mislead me through it. Oh my god, Louis, Atlanta city. And the truth be told, Nana deviated through this parables of the Quran, but the centers, the open centers and those that transgress We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to open our hearts Allahu Akbar Allah lubaina May Allah unblock And may Allah open up our hearts and our vessels that it can the Quran can penetrate our heart permeate our heart companion came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he asked for advice. And the visa Some said from a normal misspell era.

00:51:18--> 00:51:59

In Sharia law, whoever will do an iota of good will see whoever will do an iota of evil will see and he said you're cleaning the rotten. You're cleaning the baton. Okay, those two advices are enough to keep me stimulated towards every virtue and keep me away from every vise. So honestly, inshallah if our hearts become more clean and pure and May Allah make it such low and Upolu binotto hora, Masha b&m in Colombia rabina said North Monrovia Lana said if only our vessels were more clean and pure, we would never tell you reading the Quran. There were so many other verses, but we barely got to three pages. But anyway, like we always say multisurface approximately lollies words are very

00:51:59--> 00:52:30

profound. Or angkatan karna Massoud nahi Quran apne Zindagi katakana Matsuda The aim was never to end the Quran. But the aim is rather to end your life in Quran and that is the spirit we got to be at it and it may Allah bless us all with a great Ramadan, may we take our time and try to read the Quran with passion. May we endeavor to understand verses of the Quran so that when we practice on it, it has a different meaning to it. When you practice with basura it's a different thing way that de la la

00:52:31--> 00:52:50

la Valentina, Valentina. Ooh, La La da da under the commentary of the site. The same thing is mentioned that people who have knowledge, when they practice on an injunction, the level of deceit and conviction is much greater. Allah grant us all the understanding or sallallahu wasallam Allah anabaena Muhammad, while early he was happy here, well hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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