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Alhamdulillah in Alhamdulillah in Africa Do you want to start with

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Mr. de la

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fusina woman say Dr. Medina, may Allah

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah wa the hula shreeka when I said when NASA Donna, Donna Mohammed Abu hora pseudo

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gone along with the Baraka Allah

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Hamid rubella ministry Ponyo de mi Bismillah your Walkman you Rodney. Yeah, you have a super

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big wild

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one love we are coming in Allah Allah and dinoco Malika green one isotropy Allahu taala

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yo Jason tion Alka vida cannubi bayda I mean a lot of the yolk sac will be avoiding him feeding him garlic will Dr. Sol Allah k for yourself will be avoiding him, killing him whooping him as well. La sama one, call yourself will be avoiding him getting him to mega Hakuna alania to him. oka masala Alinea. Salatu was salam, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. You and I are living in a time era and period where absolute focus is on upgrading, innovating and modifying.

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The natural result of which is we tend to distance ourselves from culture from faith from divine teachings whether wittingly or unwittingly. The old super would conveys this very beautifully and very eloquently in his couplets. He's saying is Neela hair in a row, Nirenberg Manziel. We are living in a time. There's new roads, there's new maps, there's new guides, there's new journeys, new there are new destinations. It's a different world altogether. He says let's use a different metaphor. Now. You don't ask your man for your physical address. What's your email address? I was now in Canada. As soon as I completed my talk, a lot of youngsters came across share. Can we have

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your website details? Sir, can we have your website details? It's a new world. Ultimately, he says let's use a different phrase. Neha Daria Nika Steena mo jenaya. Sahil? It's a new ocean was a wonderful cause with brilliant waves and a beautiful ship. And he goes on coaching and everything of life we've upgraded and innovated, but in the climax of the couplets, he says mcgurrin macaroni cheese prk kabini milty. Despite your advancement and innovation, I'm sorry to tell you nothing of it is truly enviable. Despite your innovation and your advancement, I'm sorry to tell you nothing of it is enviable. The price you paid in innovating and the legacy you lost on the way? What does he

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say pooran era choti attackmen zeleni multi sense yoga bent in your ancient roots, and you have forsaken your divine teachings. Till today you haven't found your destination till today with the recent Asian quake, which perhaps made the planet wobble on its axis. But sad to say it hasn't made the hearts of men wobble, which causes a tremor on this earth. But what law hasn't caught the gem into the hearts of men.

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And it is when calamities and catastrophes of this magnitude that takes place. Once again it prompts the question of faith. And a host of questions are asked if you read the Tuesday stop. There was a lengthy article where many questions are asked among them is how can such a kind, loving look at look at the approach kind, loving, caring, compassionate God Lord or Allah cause such a calamity and catastrophe to happen to men? I always give the example parents a very simplistic one but let me share it with you. A father wishes to explain something to his small son. He says you know what, my boy? Okay, leave it man. I don't think you'll understand. When you grow up, you'll understand

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a small child both the human it's just the difference of age. But the junior cannot comprehend the wisdom of the senior. When two are humans and it is only the difference of age. Yet the junior cannot comprehend the wisdom of the senior. They don't mean you are creation and Allah is creator. How can you ever comprehend the wisdom of Allah? And how foolish of you and how childish of you? And how naive of you that every time you fail to comprehend the wisdom of Allah you call it unkind and brutal and aggressive. Then under your definition every father is unkind because never did any child comprehend the wisdom of his father.

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Whenever you fail to comprehend which is 99 time, then it is unkind and it is

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brutal. And if I may add the pinnacle of audacity, I was flying back from Amsterdam last week, on my way back. So I picked up the newspaper and I read an article where one woman said, What did she say? The pinnacle of vorticity we will never become judgmental on the tragedy of any human, we have to start understanding whatever is happening is because of myself. It's I every man attributes it to himself. But nonetheless, the the caption of that particular article that I wish to share with you, she said, this was all reflected by the media. I don't know how true but this is what was reflected in that paper. This was in inverted commas. God Why have you done this to us when we've done nothing

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to you?

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God Why have you done this to us? When we've done nothing to you? Have we done nothing against Allah? My Allah says, while you are you the lug nuts epi marketable mataranka Allah.

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Allah save if I must stop punishing you proportionate to you're wrong. You will not find one survival from my calamities in in the challenges I put on this oma then you won't find a living creature and the revite of even Mr. de lo anila sama what he what he loves who who was a robot him if Allah decree comes now to destroy every human on the face of this earth. The Hadith says this decision will be nothing but justice from a law, nothing but justice from Allah. So understand, never mind to speak about our past evil, never mind to go back into the evil of mankind in the past, during the midst of this catastrophe. If you were hurt, the sentiments been echoed on the eve of New

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York that celebrate before celebrate after observe a moment of silence to respect the victims of the tragedy. Have we stoop so low is that the definition of solidarity I ask is that is how you share your sentiments. Party before party after drink and woman I have a moment of silence you enjoyed yourself and console yourself you have complied with the standards of human compassion interest in J. As far as the world is concerned, you are still a human, you've observed a moment of silence.

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The Hadith that I quoted before you I said it'll be a long one. He says the Navy of Allah says an army will advance towards the Kaaba prior to qiyamah. And as they get close, Allah will cause the earth to split in solo them all. So I say don't be over love. But I want to ask you a question on that Hadith in Bukhari, there will be a lot of innocent people also walking Why will they swallow them? You see, our answers are all in Quran and Hadith But have we read it? We get it wrong inputs, nebulae Salaam, set up a wedding in LA Pira him. I said okay, in this world, the system of Allah is different. Allah will not differentiate between the religious Indian villages, the guilty and the

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innocent. In this world, the earth will swallow them all. Some mega tsunami Yachty him put on the danger of Tiamat Allah will then differentiate, hence those that were innocent and die. That is the choice of Allah to decide who was however the nappy of Allah says if you drown your Amata now who's drowning is martyrdom dead Allah will decide and who's drowning? His Azov is not my job, not your job, not the job of any human. That is the exclusive prerogative of Allah. The question is brothers I can continue speaking about this year but I don't want to go around and you know, elaborating what is the way forwards what what guidance Can I advocate from this platform today? What message Can I

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throw out to this congregation? I thought it opportune given the time we pass in that I walk you through the final Hajj of Nabi sallallahu sallam, and not speak on the virtues on the rules of heart, but rather just give you a glimpse of what was your Libby's last word before he left this world? You know, even a disobedient child wishes to honor the words of his dying father. You know, I disobeyed my father but tell me my father's last word. Let me let you on to something Let me hold on to something. I swear if I allowed the fortune of the summit will be different, even if it only embraces the final sermon of Libya is Salatu was Salam. You walk into our house you see the last

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sermon hope you deeply engraved only if that can come into my life. You walk into a Muslim surgery the oath of a Muslim physician, how striking what selective The words are only that can be transmitted into our lives. Scholars writes that when Philippi over law, you know, Words cannot describe the jubilation and the joy that gripped the hearts of Sahaba. When the news spread when the news spread that the Navy of Allah will be embarking on had a lot of work, but can you imagine the atmosphere in Medina, this is his final hatch. At this stage. It is not known to the Sahaba it is the Cenci of his rock, and hence it enjoys the privilege of being referred to as hatchet will allow

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and have genuine Islam. The final Hodge the farewell

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had with Dean was completed the final revelation came down. Then a viola performed Godzilla in Madina munawwara with the Sahaba. And after that he embarked. I don't have the adequate vocabulary to emotionally create that atmosphere, but then to be able to mount it onto his camel, the only human who enjoyed the privilege of making hard on that camel so that everybody could observe practically what needs to be done. Understand how critical it is. During the course I will mention he indicated to his Sahaba Listen to me properly this might be my last with you. This might be my last I will stone it can only take to that.

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So what does he leave he leaves on his gamma bar that are the three different names of the same camera. What do you might use as a Moto, Herat? He comes to the alpha you know we could detail a detail explore the journey there's so many things to discuss. When it comes to the felipa. Here the ROM is one and abubaker of Yolanda his wife is worth a smart woman's she goes into labor in this journey of she delivers a child and the great soldier Mohammed Abu Bakar is born. She becomes nervous of her onward journey whenever you have a loved one soldier. These are the things you can do. These are things you will have to avoid because of your condition. But nonetheless, they resumed

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the journey. Again they come to another location a place called Surrey I sharabi Alanna experiences her menstrual cycle, she becomes nervous whenever you have a lock on soldier so beautifully covered by the scholars every aspect. This happens at a location called Surrey just for your knowledge in case you don't know the speciality of this location is that the nopee of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was making his ombre ombre Toluca. That was the second hombre when he went up with a BIA and they were not given access to make ombre the following year when they made the hombre at that time when he came to this location, sir it that is the place where he met me moon Arabi Allahu

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taala Anna and after performing the Amara while returning he consumated the marriage at this location and believe it or not, she passed away day and she's also very dead. This is the speciality of this location. Nonetheless therapy of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this condition. What is Sahaba? He comes to mocha mocha Rama, can we imagine the joy, the excitement, the anticipation around Sahaba Islam

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just to highlight few things when it comes to arafah. At that night, he cries immensely for his own mud. He cries and he is told that everyone has been forgiven with the exception of the oppressor. So he says Oh Allah insha

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Allah Dayton mobile Amina agenda waka Taliban in our life you so wish you can grant the oppressed one gentleman and forgive the oppressor. This was it was a lot he was tell him and he puts it on the back of his Chairman after after after Salah on Friday, which was the Juma with 1000s of Sahaba stayin around him trying to migrate which we know is the moment of acceptance, the final revelation of Quran, Yama was revealed and the document will contain a one word meme to come near imitate what are the Tula Kumari Islam Medina today this is the culmination the completion the perfection of Islam, it will now not be interfered by any human till the Day of Yama. First the message on what

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are the two documents Islam Medina I am happy with Islam is my religion. The next day when the interview of Allah moves on at Missouri fine he cries again to Allah and he makes dua to Allah that Allah did one opera so of my own mistake you haven't forgiven my twice forgive him also. Then suddenly there's a broad smile. Sava see what's the smile whenever you have Allah let me Sawsan said Allah confirm the acceptance of all my god. And the devil became so despondent when you seen my prayers were accepted. He took send Lama Halima to Allah and Allah pledges to IE that Allah is accepted by the devil to send and he started just throwing it on his head in humiliation and

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disgrace. He continues, and then he puts further evening a bus when he is back moving from me now onwards. While he was writing a beautiful young woman came from the UK I'm trying to add some muscle. You know, there's so many things we can learn on the journey of chasing the level of medical exam, you must understand his final level his final advisor, and my only plea to this congregation in the moment is if we can only start embracing his last words, the destiny of the summit will be different. The destiny of this world will be different. As this woman approaches his cousin for the litany of passes behind him, the Libyan law takes his neck la aronow capital and turns it in the

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opposite direction. So arbitrary alone, it is going to be over lonetree over la Lolita Wanaka economic Why did you turn the neck of your cousin in the opposite direction? Maybe I should have said ye to sharpen worship button phenomenally misshapen. I seen a young boy and a young girl I did not consider them to be immune from the influence of the devil. Look at the precautions that Islam advocates they cannot be a combination of more greatness, brightness and spirituality than this. The final has makkasan to be open now what more can they be as far as precautions are concerned? yet? What was their attitude

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Measure taken by the number of unlucky turns his head and he said I do not consider them to be immune from the influence of the devil. And with reference to control on Mars, he said Malacca has a human disease at a McAfee bussaco whoever can take care of his gaze Genet is his brother's Legion gathers the Saba which is contains few advisors otherwise the books of hairy elaborate. He said, Listen to me. Oh my Sahaba in Nila, Ronnie yaku legitime olfi has allegedly seen Avada I doubt myself and you will ever congregate on the plains of arafat again. I doubt myself and you will ever congregate. So do me a favor listen to what I have to tell you and from you. onwards, listen tell us

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only be overlock he says interrupter Kumar Hi my first message is remember your Lord is one way Napa khumba hate your father is one law particularly Allah P and Allah azza wa jal, me and Allah Arabi, there's no virtue to the Arab over the Nam Arab and there's no virtue to the non Arab over the Arab. Remember in the eyes of Allah you will be graded with piety with taqwa in Accra, McComb, de la he taught him he then spoke about certain personal advances of life. He said many da da da da da he listened to me you will find nothing of this deals with HUD itself. These are general parts in permanent person an advisor. He said whoever will direct his name to someone other than his

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biological father, for the

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ILA young will Yama then in this plane of arafa. I curse him by saying May the curse of Allah descend upon the individuals of the day of Tiamat Furthermore, lesson Oh my Sahaba la 25th in Brighton min Beatty ha in LA v the nice oh gee Ha. Let not any woman spent from the wealth of a husband or the belongings of that house, but through the consent of her husband Sahaba said well, Tanya rasulillah, only Viola What about a woman giving food without the consent of her husband? Is this also classified as well? Or would you excuse this delivery of Allah says that

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food is the best of our well, food is the best of our Well, I wish we can appreciate the advisors of the Navy minus in the influence of the West, then we will see beauty in what he says otherwise my sister every time you are told not to do and you will say it's been bias against your mind. Abby also told me the hopper will hurry early enough to method that tells the females they can wake gold and so and tell the males it is haram for them. Now when I was in Canada at this conference, one of the scholars that spoke something that caught my attention, he spoke about gender equality, he said something very beautiful. He said, equality is the right of choice. The right of choice imposing is

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not equality. A woman by her choice wishes to stay at home you impose upon her to work and you say it's gender equality, the right to choose if she chooses by herself. It is her own choice to stay at home that is the pain is that Islam has given up and that will define equality. Furthermore, to get your wonderful advises he says alaria tomorrow. Oh my Saba I'm moving on with lesson Let every borrowed item be returned promptly. Let everybody these o'clock can come into the oma Let every borrowed item be returned one min high tomorrow to the tune. And if somebody gives you his camel or sheep, or goat to use the Merc, as soon as you've benefited from that animal or you've given you his

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kind, presentation terminology, then return it promptly. That's not all what they normally do and and let every death of yours be settled before you close your eyes. You certainly shake them then Allah will forgive every sin of a martyr but his deaths. I often say if Martin which is the most supreme sacrifice will not earn the forgiveness of the settling of death, then I doubt my brother Johann Brian had was secure that for you. I doubt your numbers in your first one was secure. the nephew of Allah said let the debts be settled. Then he gathered them again. And he said let me ask you a question to the entire congregation. Yeah. Can you imagine the joy the anxiety in Sahaba after

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this verse was revealed and Yamamoto he only lived for 81 days. These were his last words and your mark meltwater isn't available only lived on for 81 days. He said he is suffering and don't worry, I mean unknown. Do you people have any idea of what month this is? What day the season? What land it is? Sapa said yes, we understand only be over la Sharon haraam palette in haraam yameen haraam. It's a sacred day. It's a sacred month. It's a sacred land. He said, Well, I'm glad to know you understand that this is sacred. Let me also add by saying the pledge and the honor of your brother in the eyes of Allah is equally sacred like this day is the blood of your brother, the honor of your

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brother, the value of your father in law. What do you Malcolm

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alikhan harmonica.

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Burma to me kumada just as you understood the sanctity of this day, I hope you leave with this message that the honor of your brother is equally sacred has been not prophesized the coming of an era where people will kill one another in this oma and hence he said lots of jihad eco Faraj don't leave after me that you become thirsty for the neck of your brother. Then Allah said his time will come where men will kill his brother, the murder of own no one is murdered in the murdered won't know why I'm being murdered. However, my Sahaba boat will be just dying to Jana Sahaba said we appreciate the crime of the murderer. We understand he's perpetrated the crime from our Bible.

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mcdole Why was the murdered go to Johanna levy Ali Salam said in No. Hurry sanaulla Katana sahibi the murdered has the equal aspiration to murder that the prevail in the bullet hit him first. Otherwise the gun was also in his hand. Oh my Sahaba don't return in this way that you kill one another. That is the first message. Then he said it's my mini issue. I was reading through this and I cried. He said oh my Sahaba Listen to me properly and I promise you you will live peacefully. Oh my Sahaba you know you if you have to sit by a dying father and his children around what feels crappy what anxiety haunts him. What what is bothering him? What fear clouds his mind? He said oh my

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Sahaba Kamiya Listen to me properly and I promise you you will live peacefully Listen, Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala NEEMO Allah Allah who don't ever operate any sermon, don't ever oppress any human don't ever become the victim of a place in any individual t time. Every day when he exited from his house. His daughter was Allahumma inni arrow to become one of the Lima was the llama. Oh Allah. Allah Allah Allah, Allah let me not mislead anyone nor let anyone mislead me. Allah let me not oppress anyone nor let me become the victim of someone else's operation. Allah let me not display ignorance. No, let me suffer the ignorance of someone else. Allah Allah lemo Oh my Sahaba don't

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oppress. Furthermore, Elijah Hello ma lubri Muslim in Illa BTV nuptse Minho. Remember it is not correct to take the wealth of any individual but with the inner joy of his heart. Remember, it is not correct. Now Vla ceram has mentioned this in many of our deals. I particularly focus this study too many of us who might be going out for collections. It's a wonderful task, may Allah reward you, but this message needs to be understood in its broadest context. Take from a man what he willingly give, Allah will give Berkut in that well, Furthermore, he said Allah in nicoleta mean among women in one my authority cannot feel joy helia just Academy hace la Yamuna, Yama, every form of unjust

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killing, and every form of murder and any snatching of wealth. And any discrimination that took place in the era of darkness has been canceled today by me and has been overlooked and forgiven, in part and by me, in the words of Marianne Salaam, I have put it beneath my feet and I have tempered it, nobody can claim and I don't want any individual to dwell over the past. And let me start off by forgiving the atrocities that was caused to my family. What what he's worth, that's the difference between Prophethood and kingdom, a king will secure his interest at the cost of enslaving the masses. And Africa is a typical explanation. And what is the condition of a prophet? He will bring

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colleges adversity upon himself. He said the first unjust killing that I'm putting in today

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and our in our German yoga dumb opened up exceptional hardship now.

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You know how much have we studied his life my heart cries when you understand how ignorant he is on the life of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Libya, a Salaam grandfather,

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his son Hari, that was assassins uncle his father's brother. He passed away way before the birth of nearly Salaam Hari to his son was Robbie. Robbie, I embraced Islam in the latter part. Robbie has one son, who was the nephew of Nebula instead of Navy assassins cousin's son, that this giant cannon Mr. vnp when he laid when he was a little infant, he was sent to Bernoulli to be circled by the by the woman of the tribe. And in the interim, a war broke out between Bernoulli and who they are, and this child has been circled. And when these stones were being showered in a crossfire, or rock came and hit this child and this child passed away. Hence the courage that he is the family of nearly

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Salaam had justified grounds to avenge the death of the child. But he said I Advocate General amnesty and let me forgive by saying I forgive the murder of my nephew, we that is the Quraysh will never claim the blood of the child and hence Let there be value in what I say. Furthermore, allow I can explore this further.

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hours How much time do I have? Allow weigh in Nicola ribbon can appeal Jaya hilarya moto on Tata Jamia, listen to this, my brother, Allah be my witness who knows if you take this to heart, maybe Allah will cause I will forgiveness through this action. every form of interest in usually that took place in the era of darkness, I have canceled and fabricated and I put between beneath my feet and less than the first form of interest that my ally has commanded me to overlook is the interest of my uncle, my uncle our bus prior to Islam and prior to the prohibition, our bus used to give a lot of money and needs to receive exorbitant amounts of interest. Whenever you have an asset. I declare

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that all the interest aliens have my uncle is canceled. Nobody owes my uncle a cent and my uncle has no rights to claim anything. Everything has been canceled today. Luckily,

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he can claim your capital investment, lots of honeymoon, weather to the lagoon, don't exploit and don't suffer exploitation. Then he said industry ponnappa you better be Bella decom Let me tell you today the devil has become despondent and he knows Angel worship won't take place on this land again. Well, I can know who yerba Maha karate Lama he has become despondent to re ignite idol worship, but he hasn't become despondent in misleading you. Hence he will Institute two different measures and let me tell you about two of them. One is he will make you commit sins and then give you the notion These are my innocence. He's a happy to indulge you incense, so be careful. Oh my

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Sahaba I'm only new This is new methodology. That is the latest bait don't become a victim to this year. He told his beloved wife Ayesha, Yaki, Omaha karate dono for in La la homina la parte de la I shall save yourself from every sun, but be extra cautious of sin which people have realized. And the second crime is he will just unite you he will cause this unity amongst you. Then he went on to say remember fear Allah with regards to your woman law I'm looking at the unforeseen. They are they are nothing they have given everything to you. Why in numbers furusawa Bakery Mattila and you have made legal your conjugal relations with them through the word of Allah and it is their obligation to you

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they don't they do not allow anyone to enter your house but with whom you are happy. He then said let me some of my advisors and tell you listen to me. Back home worship yo Allah solo hunter calm perform your five daily Salah Sumo Shara come first in Ramadan as to honor those that are in authority and take it from me to the pollution authority comes in it will be yours. He then concluded by saying in name McCarthy rhombic, Oman, Oman, I was staying on the day of the Ahmed and I will meet you at my phone. And believe me, I will develop a sense of pride when I see your numbers. I have one request for that too. So we do what less than Oh my Sahaba don't disgrace me

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before other prophets don't disgrace me before other prophets. I don't have

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my lines by your knee Firstly, a mother just a child. My sister is coming to your secret that will embarrass my sister see my child is smoking your uncle's or come in keep the honor of our family. My intervene has asked you one word or my brother. When I stand up there don't just the words of my newbies don't blacken my face before the other prophets. And then he said when a Muslim Christian owners, I will go and save some people almost 10 Kazumi Manasa and some people will be distant from me, I will run towards them, the angels will say No, leave them. I would say it was a hobby, but these are my followers. The angels will say, well, you thought they were yours. But believe me, they

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they also deal and they innovated and they abandon your teachings. Hence they will be separated. We may go to the Almighty Allah that in this in this critical moment upon the oma May Allah once again restore the glory of the Summa May Allah give us the ability that we imbibe these golden advisors, we inculcate it in our lives, and May Allah make us a means of those who will not who will enjoy the privilege of the thirst being quench at the point of nebulous along with his water in his less than the hands walking down on him.