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Are you who is concerned about your children's future,

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or you who is concerned about your income in your job, if you will be laid off or not, or you who is a student and concerned whether you will pass the MCAT or P Katz or medical school, or you who's about to get married and you are worried whether that spouse is a good sign, right, your spouse or not, or you who is worried about the overall future. Listen very carefully. We are all human beings, and we all have concerns. But I would like to tell you here brothers and sisters, that go as far as you possibly can to bring calmness to your life, as much as you can go. As much research you can do do as much studying you can do go for it, go to the office hours, go ask people about the prospect

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that spouse, go and learn as much as you possibly can. But know deep in your heart, that Allah subhanaw taala got your back, has to be Allahu wa Nirmal Joaquin, Allah is sufficient for me. And what a great entity he is to trust. A student will go to the teacher and says to the teacher helped me in this question he had invested and helped me. The teacher will say, Did you try? Did you try? Did you work hard? Did you read the book? The student says, No, the teacher says I cannot help you. I can not help you until you try until you read until you make mistakes until you stand up. You fall you stand up and you keep trying and trying and you pay attention in class. Then you come to me and

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I'll help you I promise. I promise I'll help you. But don't you ever come to me when you've never tried before?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. When he tells us about Prophet Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, Prophet Ibrahim spoke to his people. nicely, kindly, respectfully. Yeah, but yeah, Betty. Oh my dear beloved father, all my people. This is a lot metaball doing us numb and tamila hockey phone. What are you doing every way? logic, science, faith. fitrah. He used everything, everything. He went as far as breaking your snam as far as breaking your snam and when he did everything he can and now the whole world is against him. And all odds are also against him. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he taught us. Can you call me Abraham? The last thing Abraham said after he did everything, literally everything.

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And he is being thrown into the fire which that people prepare to burn him burn him alive. That is involved. The whole city is involved. Ibrahim is in the air. He did everything now you're allowed me now has Viola when they were killed? Yeah, Allah. You promised to take care of me. I did everything I can. That's tawakkol Allah subhanaw taala. That is true to our Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you take the means, and you leave no door, except that you knocked on no door except that you knocked on and one line, one line. Never do you go back to Allah except that he will never ever, ever disappoint you. Allah will never disappoint you. I was in the presence of a person. I will

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never forget this scene in my life. And then comes front of a judge. Officers mother loom oppressed. And I was there seeing that was my eyes heard that with my ears. He gave him the evidence. He did everything he can. It's not me. I got nothing to do with this. And he is innocent. So the judge looked at the case, the officers they were there. And they said, You know what, we're sorry. You are wrong. How this was done. Oh, this is oppression. And I was watching was a king will lie that brings tears to the eyes. He did everything he can. They stripped his identity from his identification. He became stateless. They took him away from his family law he as if I'm hearing it now. He's sitting

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in a dark place. He's told he told the officers has to be a law when I'm at work he has to be Allahu

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Allah got my back. If the whole government and the whole world is on one side, and almost on my side, one line, no one can touch me. Well, I am innocent, if not in dunya you will see it. He was in Africa. And I was there. I will not tell you the next day. I will not tell you the next month. It took some time. And he came back was just mukarram he came back and they're the ones who called them said we're sorry. And they brought him back to his family. And they gave him his identity back and everything went as amazing as possible. Well, I when I heard that he looked at the offer, he perhaps Allah Allah Allah knows Allah

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knows he said it from his heart has to be a loner I'm gonna kill the way Ibrahim Allison said it and with Allah do banana fire. Cooney Bogdan wa sallam and best Allah Brahim, only Allah Yeah. Nora Cooney, Bertha, Solomon, and Abraham. And look how this happened. People ask the brother, how did you get your identification back? How did you come back after you were banned? How did you go back with your family? Yes, we've called the lawyers. Yes, we called the mayor behind the ASVAB. That means But above all, is Allah Jalla Jalla? No, he's the one who opened the doors. May Allah grant us wisdom.

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And we are learning from Allah Allah and started with Salam say you do mentor can Allah the greatest man to ever trust? Allah is Rasul Allah SLM. He went to the Battle of God, Allah already we all know no one will kill us Allah, we all know that. Allah will never let a Kaffir killer so Allah we know that. But when he went to HUD, did he wear an armor heavy saturon law? No, he did not. He wore to die in his name. Because I can be as bad and take the means. And he went off it and he fought and he fought. This is what also Assam teaches us and that's what we need to learn from him. And then when the Sahaba dia Lancome, they broke one rule. They did not take one sub one sub one means in the hub

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What happened? The Muslims lost the battle. One command one means they did not take they took everything armor, swords, arrows, training instructions demand perfect one command don't come down from the mountain Latin zero algebra. Even if you saw the birds eating our bodies when you're claiming as sad in less than zero had

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that one roll they broke and they lost the entire battle. The believers they learned that level does Don't you ever not take the means Whoa, double as bad

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as bad and they took the means and what happened? A Sahaba they were bleeding. Hamza died Musab passed away tofu

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kisara as Nan was teeth broke, he was bleeding I Li and thought about trying to stop the blood they couldn't that's how bad it was. Some Sahaba would have to be carried they cannot walk guess what happened. You know what happened? They people called out loud in a NASA Jama COMM The enemy is doing a U turn coming to fight you again.

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Coming to fight you How can we fight

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if we can't even stand? We can't even stand but the Sahaba they learned a lesson. We here we obey now has been as bad we will win. What did they say has Spooner law one in Milwaukee. That's what he said from Colorado. I met him in a fog lamium says home madness while I must Sue. They were not touched. They were not touched and they won the battle without her without fighting. Abu sufian got scared he got freaked out. How was the marina home? his language is unbelievable how that Allah has blessed Babylon netwrix ever been wider. Now one means we have left behind and what happened? They won the battle right after that. And this was also a lesson teaches us day and night day and night

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day and night. What does Allah say Allah showing you how strong he is how powerful love Kogi mashreq

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de la ilaha illa. Who how big womens kitec kleemann. The Philistine was your problem Argentina, Asia waiting for oppa and the cousin they're struggling. Allah says I'm the Lord of the east and the west no matter where your problem is. poquito Akina trust me I got you. I got you unless I take care of you. Allah Allah hydrocone say Allah says another idea. I created everything.

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I created everything. And then we're going to have a doctor do you trust the doctor with your car? You do not? Do you trust the mechanic with your stomach? You do not go low. No believe everybody has an expertise has skills. Allah says I did everything. Well, who I couldn't really say in will kill anything. What's your problem the car Trust me. Your stomach. Trust me your Children's Trust me future Trust me. Jana.

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Jana. Trust me. I got you who's been asked Bob take the means. And once you take the means, you see you follow gelato. Do

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you see the hermit opening showering upon all of us? roswaal lies the last element that Anthony hyah he says oh the Dalai Lama, Yom Okayama. On the day of judgment. I saw the oma after Omar coming. And some people come with two people. Some people come with 10 and I saw an on a huge, huge Oh

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Who is this? Is this Ahmed Mohammed law? This is the amount of Musa alayhis salam Shiva Mohammed look at the other direction for younger Mohammed Salim Pharaoh Saba

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even bigger group, the biggest group who is this this is your own May Allah make us of them. May Allah make us of them you're up. So then the Prophet says and from that oma 70,007 una elfen minha llama yet Haruna ginetta de la sub they enter agenda without question without punishment

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for the follicle Gemma Ross was a lamp finished speaking he left. So how about they're talking? Who's the 70,000? Who are they? So we can be one of them? Go to Jenna know ASAP. Nada Allah May Allah make you all of them? nuts Elijah lemon O'Meara color Akasha so then they were talking, you know what, it's not us listen to us. Why? Because we didn't. We were born non Muslims. We grew non Muslims. Then we became Muslim. Islam now, for Allah dinner. Yes, it's our children who were born Muslim, raised Muslim and inshallah die as Muslims. That's them, not us. The Prophet comes. He's talking about this a drone fly solo. So you want to be of them. Human Latina. He says give four

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qualities. They are the ones, legless tarpon. They do not tell other people to do raffia on them. They do it to themselves, or it's Haram. It's not to ask people, but that group, don't ask others. It's not how long but this group does not ask others. Whether you act alone, they don't use the colorization a type of medication or solution to burns and cuts by voila, yada yada number three, they don't seek bad omens in shiny metal, Islam. So how do you tell when someone wants to get married? He sees the train came and blocked the road the car train comes that means this marriage is bad. So we'll cancel What are you doing? You just showed up late that's all right at the top of the

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hall of measure and people have cultures cool theoretically. It should be sasada a black cat Friday the 13th bad omens are always a villa layer to tie your tie we got one easy inshallah we got to inshallah Rokia is in Sharma Dr. Juan Nevada inshallah no problem. So Tyrone bad omens were done I think we got all three inshallah we got it was four will be him yet our Cologne and they're the ones who put 100% of their heart the trust Allah after they do everything they can, every door was knocked if not even broken. They tried everything will either be metal cannon.

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So rasulillah says, strange

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little 7000 too much too little.

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There's a lot of Muslims the 1.8 billion minimum 1.8 million 70,000 the Prophet says first visit or be I asked Allah for more know I want more than 70,000 spots. I want more than 70,000 spots. Yeah, Allah says that tore up the ask for more vasectomy because he was in Salinas.

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So we increased for everyone, another 70,000. So what's the total 4.9 billion spots available for the ones who are working on a

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four point No, I didn't make a mistake. Not million. It's 1,000,000,004 point 9 billion May Allah make us of them.