Transformers Ep.9 – Procrastination

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My dear brothers and sisters in Islam Welcome to Transformers episode number nine. I pray that you are feeling transformed in some way, shape or form. As we traverse through the different episodes, we are

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releasing these episodes in a timely manner to allow you to do the necessary homework between episodes and also to allow you to catch up on past episodes in the event of yourself finding yourself slightly delayed and on that topic of delayed I want to talk about procrastination in today's episode, pro Cresta nation, delaying doing what you need to do, simple definition, but nonetheless insha Allah effective. You know Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about the danger of procrastination in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions to us in Surah towheaded

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the hypocrites and a discussion that happens between them and the Muslims on the day of the AMA Allah subhanho wa Taala says yo Mei up una una una de la Vina

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una parte

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de la Giroux Otto or consult me soon.

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for glory babina de su de la

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Bellino. houfy Hiroshima wha wha hoo min P. Bonnie

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Yuna do lm

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Full circle

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to what

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you had

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well on Roku,

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Bill Hill

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sapan Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala makers from the family of Allah Quran makes us from amongst those who take heed. When they read the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says this is a rough translation, that on the same day, the hypocrites the males and females from them will say to those who believed, wait for us wait for us, that we may acquire some of your light because Allah will give the believers light on the day of the AMA. It will be said go back behind you and seek light.

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And Allah says that a wall will be placed between them with a door its interior containing Merci, but on the outside, they will be torment. Okay. So obviously we know the hypocrites, they are people who show outside that they are believers, but inside they are.

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They are disbelievers, right so they are deceptive people. So unless they will be put in a deceptive situation, they will be placed in a situation where they think it's a situation of mercy, but it's a situation of torment, and they will not catch up with the believers they will not receive the light that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives to the believers. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala goes on to say, the hypocrites will call to the believers, and they will say, But will we not with you? So the believers will say yes,

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you are with us, but you afflicted yourselves, and you procrastinate it

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and you doubt it.

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And you exercise wishful thinking in delusion, until they came to command of Allah. So here we see Allah subhanho wa Taala teaching us brothers and sisters in Islam about procrastination, and how it can be a means of great torment on the day of the M. Now hamdulillah and insha Allah 100% of the people listening to this meaning 100% from the Muslims listening to this are not Muslims outwardly, and something else into it. But what does it mean for us then if we listening to this topic of procrastination, and this particular idea that I'm sharing with you, we are loss of Hannah who attalla teaches us about the ills of procrastination for someone who is a believer, but brothers and

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sisters in a snap. Right? No matter how good we are, there's always room for improvement. Right And Allah subhanho wa Taala It doesn't just want us to go to gender but the highest gender and

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no matter how much good we do, there's more good that we

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Should we do that we're not doing. And no matter how good we are, we will never be perfect. So there has to be some bad in our life that we're not supposed to be doing, that we are doing. So the question is, when are we going to change?

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When are we going to change? Are we going to say, I'm going to change next Ramadan? Are we going to say I'm going to change? Next hedge? Or we're going to say, I'm going to change when I get married? Right? I'm going to change when I have children. Right? I'm going to change When, when, when, when, when? When are we going to change? Because the one thing that is constant in life, but the only thing really, that is constant in life, is death.

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Right? That's the only constant in life. And the reality about this constant is that no one knows when it's going to when it's going to come to you. Right. So why wait? Why wait till when, when that when is not guaranteed. Next number one is not guaranteed. Next, hedge is not guaranteed. Right? Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Tonight, not guaranteed today is not guaranteed. In fact, our next breath is not guaranteed brothers and sisters in Islam. So procrastination has to be something that we have to work on getting out of our lives. And

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you know, bringing the point to a more

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closest setting. Perhaps if you want to understand whether you procrastinate, start with, you know, daily tasks that you're supposed to do a weekly tasks monthly tasks. Do you delay in getting them done? Do you delay in getting them done? Do you wait till the last minute? Do you wait till it becomes urgent? before you act? Right? Because you might be someone who says no. Well, you know what, no matter what I get it done when he needs to? Well, okay. How do you get it done? Do you allow important matters in your life to become agent, whereby you do eventually get it done? But it's done in a poor way? Why? Because you had to do it with a lot of stress. Why? Because it was

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time bound now. And there wasn't enough time. Do I procrastinate delay in praying, my, my father until the sun's about to rise? My answer until the sun's about to set? Do I procrastinate, right? Because if you pray fudger, at the beginning of its time, then Alhamdulillah, you prayed in an amazing way. But if you delayed till the sun's about, right, you're rushing through it. It's a high stress operation. And its quality is poor. So, you know, analyze yourself. The first episode was about cave days, perhaps using this episode, in your next cave day to analyze yourself and your application in terms of how you approach things. You've listened to many talks, you've listened to

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the message in Transformers, the homework that is given? When are you going to get it done? Right? You're probably listening a few things that you got to change. When is that change going to happen? Yes, change doesn't happen overnight. But have you put the process of change into play? While you're waiting? Till

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next month, or next year? Or next event? procrastination

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darbus Do not delay. Right. Do not delay. Today has 24 hours. Tomorrow has 24 hours. Don't be deceived by tomorrow. You will only have 24 hours again tomorrow. What you need to do today do today, brothers and sisters in Islam sometimes we procrastinate because we we have in our mind that you know the time is not right want to give our to our neighbors? Yes, we must do it with wisdom and the time has to be right. But the time has the time being right for example, to invite your neighbor to Islam to invite your friend to Islam. It can be right in so many different ways. But we look for this absolutely perfect way that panela maybe doesn't even exist so we never act, right. We want to

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go for hedge before we changed we in our mind that is the absolutely perfect way that will change. And sometimes it's not viable. You know, brothers and sisters in Islam. Sometimes imperfection for some people has to be perfection. What I'm saying is

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if you have to do something, start now, even if it's in a small imperfect way, at least you've started it will get you going read on procrastination.

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Understand the macro values that I've shared in this particular broadcast and then read up on it in terms of dealing with some of the micro matters in pertaining to your daily life. I love you all for the sake of Allah. May Allah bless these words and bless you all. I mean, remember me and my family are Dora. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.