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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah le wasabi Omen wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome everyone to episode number 13 Ramadan reminders 1440 after hegira May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and accept our bed. I mean, today I take you back to social causes and this time I am number 26 in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Romania geratol po he will mean, in this particular Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions one of the daughters of a person from a place called median telling her father, that indeed the best person you can hire to work for you is someone who is able and strong and someone who is trustworthy. Now,

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let's add some context here. Why did she tell her father this? Well, basically we need to go back a little bit to Musa alayhis salam and

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for those who are familiar with the story of Musa then he, Allah subhanho wa Taala caused him to be brought up in the home of their own even though he was out

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seeking the death penalty on every male child that was born

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at every second year, right. But when Allah subhanho wa Taala saved Musa and not only saved him he ended up being brought up in the home of your own but later on as he was older he entered the city and he found this fight happening between a Coptic person and someone from his background. And this person called out for help and Moosa was always someone who loved to do good and help people. So he jumped into this situation and his hand struck the face of

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the Coptic man in the Coptic mandate, it wasn't Bruce's intention to kill him, his intention was to avert his hump. However, Subhana Allah Allah granted him the strength and this person passed away and he sought forgiveness from Allah, okay. So what happens after this,

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another incident happens the next day and in that incident, the same fellow person from musasa tribe is in another

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problem in another sort of fight with someone else, and as Moosa steps forward to assist again, this person somehow thinks that Moosa is about to attack him. So he ends up shouting out and saying, Do you want to kill me like you killed the person yesterday, when this happened? The Coptic person who, who was now in this particular battle, heard that it was Musa alayhis salaam, who was responsible for the person's death yesterday, so he quickly escaped and went to the generals of your own and informed them and your own them commanded his generals to go and catch Moosa use comes to Musa that this is what is happening in Moosa leaves, Egypt, afraid, looking over his shoulder trying to escape

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this torment and this calamity, he knows who he is and his reality, and he ends up at a place called median, and in particular, the water wells of Midian. And Allah tells us the same sort of apostles write the same surah

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about these events. When he gets there, he sees the men of madeon in the hustle and bustle around the world with the animals trying to get water to feed the animals and undecide he sees these two girls with their animals as well and they're waiting to have the attend.

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But obviously, they're staying back they're staying away from the men. So Moosa goes up to them and ask them a hot bakoma you know, what's your situation what's your, you know, your your your presidency about the explainer or father's old so we helping him we brought these animals to get them to get a sheet of water. So Moosa again, his nature is to do good, he loves to do good. He takes the matter into his own hands, and he gets the animals he gets the share of water, and the girls returned home when the girls return home. What happens? they find out that, or the Father, the father is surprised to see that Hannah Lau come home so early because he knew the situation that

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first the men have to finish then my daughters will get their turn. I expect them a bit later. So they've come much sooner. So they he asks them what happens. So obviously, the two girls explained that there was this kind hearted man and this is what he did. So this person, the father from madeon, he tells his daughter, or one of his daughters to go and find him and call him back so he can be recompensed for his kindness. So she hamdulillah finds him and tells him what the Father instructed and Moosa then walks back with her but Moosa walks in front of her, he told her you walk behind me, and this is a protection of, of chastity and this is the modesty of Musa alayhis salam,

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and how he protects his email. He says, You walk. Obviously, Moosa was at the peak of his youth and he wasn't married. He says, You walk behind me, I'll walk in front of you. If I take around 10 I want you to throw a stone to guide me Don't speak to me throw a stone Subhanallah This is what is mentioned by even Kathy

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with regards to this matter, and we'll talk about this another day because of Hana law. Some people today when they hear this, they say you suparna law. Well, you know why? This is extreme and well, this is backwards. lahoma Stan will leave that discussion for another day.

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So Musa gets to the father of the two girls and the father of the two girls says that look, I want you to marry one of my two daughters. And obviously, before this

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Moosa explains what happened in Egypt. So the father says Allah saved you from the evil people and the father not understands that Musa is homeless and moneyless and penniless. And remember, Moosa grew up in a palace, all of a sudden he has to fend for himself SubhanAllah. So here the father says, Look, I want you to marry one of my two daughters and the price or the Mahara the dowry will be in the form of you serving me for seven years. But if you end up Oh, sorry, eight years, eight years, the money a hedge ETS, but if you make it 10, then this is from yourself. And I will not be a person who will, you know, cause great difficulty to before, too before, I was kind enough to say

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Moosa, obviously, here, he had two options either to work for eight years. And sure, I would say that you're almost I would complete 10. And that would be from accidents and so on. And they say Musa was a man of excellence, he completed 10.

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However, when this discussion was happening, about the marriage, and so on, and so forth, the the one of the daughters, she says, is to hire him in the hiring minister, Jokowi amine. Indeed, the best person you can hire is someone who's strong, and someone who is trustworthy. So the Father astir, as even Kathy mentioned, then what do you mean by by by your statement, she goes, Well, I saw him lifting up a rock, which only which 10 men can lift, he lifted it himself. So he's strong. And I mean, obviously, based on, you know, how he walked back with her leaving her behind, and how he helped them. At the first instance, you know, sometimes the man helps a woman and then he wants

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something in return, he didn't want anything in return. So this is what she mentioned. And this call is, and this is the point of today's episode I had to bring about this introduction. The point is, rather than sisters, the scholars, they did use from this ayah, the two qualities that we should look at when we want to hire someone, someone who is able and strong, they trained a belay ability means they have training as well. And they just work. Now, abilities strength,

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that is a physical matter. But trustworthiness is a source of a sort of, it's an unphysical. It's a sort of metaphysical, a sort of spiritual matter why, because it's based on somebody's fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And understanding that Allah subhanho wa Taala is watching over what they do, right, the people who are filled with the concept of Morocco, understanding that they are being watched. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is upon them evil. So these are two qualities, because sometimes you hire someone who's able, and what happens is not trustworthy, he can get the job done, but he's going to bring harm to your business, harm to your process harm to your project, right,

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there's going to be harm that's going to, you know, drip into your project as well. And sometimes you get someone who is trustworthy, but he's not.

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The best is to get a person who is trustworthy and evil, or evil and trustworthy. But if you get someone trustworthy,

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and they're not able, then there is not a train Smash. Why because you can train them. So definitely, the first point of call should be to look at hiring someone who's trustworthy, right. And if you see the they're not able, but they have a passion to lend. And that's no problem. We can train them, we can enable them we can make them able. Now you might be thinking this is something we get in the 21st century book on leadership and organizational management, and so on and so forth. This is from the Quran, brothers and sisters in Islam. And there's other parts, you know, in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that stress this fact that I'm sharing with you, such as in the

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story of Sulaiman when the fruit, the strong Jin said to a man, he said that I can.

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I can bring this throne to you, the throne of bilities. Right. That's another story that we don't have time to get into. But the point is that he ends his statement by saying that I am upon this. Luckily, I'm strong, what I mean and trust with someone tasked with, I'll get the job done, and I'm able to get the job done. And in the story of use of very quickly, when use of told the king, Yusuf Alayhi Salam put me in charge of

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the storage houses of the land during the seven years of rainfall, I will manage it well, so that there's food during the seven years of drought. He says, I am happy, right? I am trustworthy. And I believe I'm knowledgeable in terms of how to get this is done. So heavy, sort of this false and this this, we can compare this to I mean to trustworthiness, right, I'm trustworthy, and the Aleem. I'm knowledgeable. We can compare this to the concept of copy of having ability and being able to calorific everyone sadly Our time has come to an end. I'll speak to you tomorrow. Insha Allah me Alexa from us all. I pray the message is clear and beneficial. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi

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