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Saad Tasleem
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All right, everyone.

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So, welcome to my motorcycle, vlog motorcycle video. I don't know what to call it.

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moto vlog some people call it a moto vlog. This is the first time I'm ever doing this. So let's see how it works out.

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If you're seeing this, then that means that it worked out well. Sound, video, everything ended up working out under NDA.

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But let's see how it goes shall have data. Just to give you a little bit of idea about what I'm trying to do here.

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There's, there's actually a lot of moto vlogs on YouTube and stuff. So I wanted to do a modal vlog, but I didn't want to do a vlog. What I mean by that is

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vlogs like me personally, I, I don't really care for blogs, blogs.

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I don't care for vlogs because I'm like,

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nobody really cares about just random stuff that you're doing in your life.

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A lot of blogs like, hey, look at me, I just, I woke up and now I'm doing this. And now I'm doing down. It's just like random stuff. It's like, Hey, man.

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Nobody cares, nobody cares what you do. So for me, if I'm going to do a vlog, whether it be a moto vlog, or any other type of vlog, there has to be some benefit in it.

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And what I mean by benefit is something that is

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Maybe inspirational in shall lucked out, hopefully. But at the same time, I don't want it to be just like a straight up lesson. So we're gonna try and keep it kind of light.

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So along with that, yeah, like to keep some of the vlog characteristics.

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You can share

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some of the scenery with me, inshallah, tada, you can share with me my ride.

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And it will be fun.

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So, so yeah, that's the idea here in July data. So as a first motovlog, or motorcycle reminder motorcycle lesson I don't I don't know, I don't know how I'm gonna call this yet.

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By the way, if you if you guys have any ideas, if y'all have any ideas about what this should be called,

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then I'd love to hear from you. Leave it in the comments, and y'all want data.

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And this is, like I said, this is a first time doing this. It's it's a trial. But I'm very excited about it, because hopefully, I'll get some more riding time.

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Because honestly,

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I barely get to ride

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you know, because of teaching and traveling and all this kind of stuff. And so I'm hoping that this will help get me some more writing time, inshallah, because there's some some benefit that can come out of this inshallah data.

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So yeah, maydel inspire me or encouraged me to ride more than I normally do.

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So, so yeah. So for today, what I wanted to do is,

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you know, talking about making this beneficial thing to make it beneficial.

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I'll share with you one of my favorite dogs, the dog that I that I frequently say

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supplication of the process, send them

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in which you would say a llama in the car is

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you would say, I ask you for

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Sorry, if I'm a little choppy in my thoughts. The first time actually talking while writing I actually usually don't talk obviously, just by myself, so it's a little bit weird for me. So if my thoughts are a little bit choppy, or disconnected, please excuse that.

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And obviously first priority goes to the road to writing and making sure

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I'm being safe gela data.

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Oh, I forgot to say for those of you who are around the world, welcome to Maryland.

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This is Maryland. This is my local, my local area.

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But uh

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yeah, so Maryland as you can see, and sorry to go off to the dog and we'll get back to the Angela I promise in trauma data.

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But Maryland's actually

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quite, quite, quite green.

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It's quite nice. I don't know if you guys saw the motorcycle. So usually motorcycle culture is

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when you see another biker, another person on your motorcycle, usually wave or nod your head. And most people will stick to that. The only exception is sometimes you'll find like a Harley rider who like well, won't do it won't, like acknowledge a sport bike or something like that. But it's rare actually. Even even Harley riders, actually.

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they're pretty good. It's a it's a nice culture.

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Yes, I was saying Maryland pretty green. This is actually not a good representation of Maryland. But this is still Maryland.

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Yeah, pretty green. So here's another issue.

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And I promise you we'll get we'll get back to the damage. Because I do want to cover that. lane splitting. lane splitting is when a motorcycle goes

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in between the lanes.

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This is something which is actually legal only in one state and that is California.

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Rest of the states, it's not exactly illegal.

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For a bike to go in between, I mean, bikers do it all the time. I mean, I have

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more I'm not gonna say. But sometimes when you're, you know, it's like 100 degrees outside. And you're standing in traffic, like when you're in a car, like you got AC

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You know, you're fine. You can like sit for an hour underneath the sun and you'll be fine when you're in a bike when you're on a bike. And you're wearing leather

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sitting under the sun not moving especially like the engine and the bike and get hot underneath you.

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It's not fun, and you basically end up baking

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inside. So So yeah, so it's actually I wish they would make it legal in all states. two lanes play and actually studies have found that it actually makes

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it helps topic it cuts down on on traffic, when bikers can go go in between lanes and actually is safe, but it only becomes unsafe. When

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we when people in cars make it unsafe. Like when they get upset that a bike is coming passing by and they try to like cut you off or whatever that that's how it becomes unsafe or not. It's it's actually safe, and it helps with traffic as well.

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Because it cuts down traffic as all the bikers that, you know, normally outlook on a bike, I'm taking up a whole car space right now. But you know, and that congestion, obviously causes more congestion. But if I was in between, that would be less less spaces on the road being taken up. Anyway, that's my little spiel about lane splitting.

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The other thing I got to be careful here is I know everyone's gonna become a critic of my writing, people gonna be

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judging my writing now, cuz y'all can see how I'm writing. I'm a pretty safe writer. Obviously, everything is in the hands of the last panel, yada and we ask a lot to protect us and ask a lot to protect all the writers.

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But everything is in the hands of lost friends out abroad, I try to be as safe as possible doesn't mean I don't like to have fun.

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Every once in a while, but yeah, so I think this is a good chance to get back to the show.

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So the draw a lot of money in the

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So the dollar is all I ask you for good sustenance

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and accepted deeds or actions

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and beneficial knowledge.

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So, this, I love this job for a few different reasons. Number one, so just give you a brief explanation of the Dow we asked a lot for sustenance at a split Yep, that is good.

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Because there is good sustenance and bad sustenance. There's good wealth and bad wealth, good wealth, wealth that is play you would be that type of wealth,

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which covers a few things. Number one is the display is that is

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is an earning that is.

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So we don't want to be making money that is made in a prohibited way in a wrong way.

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So we asked about, you know, whatever wealth is granted, it's headed well.

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So that's number one. Number two, is that is wealth at a slave in the sense that it brings us satisfaction and contentment.

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In our hearts,

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because you can, I mean, let's face it, you can make as much money as you want, you can make a lot of money, and that money may not always bring you contentment.

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As a matter of fact, money can sometimes ruin your life.

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All right.

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So yeah, though saying money can sometimes like lead to your destruction, right? Sometimes the more money we make, the more we want more we crave and we just end up end up spending our whole lives

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just trying to get more and more and more and more and we just were never happy. So that is that as a visitor is there is sustenance. Well, that makes us content makes us satisfied. I said upset Oh man, look at this dude. Or dudette not cool not cool. So he pulled that move on a car. Okay, maybe the car might get hit you put them on a bike and a bike gets hit like it's game over. You know bikers are not surrounded by metal cages.

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I mean, anyhow, so yeah, as much as Adam said in the Medina that true richness is richness of the heart of the self meaning true richness true

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riches is contentment of the heart because a person can have little but if they're content with it, then it can be better than much well also display you display your means that is that

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has Baraka in it blessings blessings. Mini it goes it does a lot more for us and you may have witnessed this before as well.

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Well does not equal it in its benefit. Sometimes you can have a lot of money but it won't benefit you

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a lot of money can go to waste, but you can sometimes you can have a little bit of money you can go a long way. A lot of goodness can come from it.

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Oh man road rage.

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So that is why we asked a lot for it is that is a you sustenance earning that is good.

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Number one, number two where I'm at and Buddha butter

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beads that are accepted by last Gala. You know what cantata says in the Maya para la comida that Allah accepts only from those who have Taqwa. So when we asked for accepted deeds, we're asking to be amongst those people who have tough one. That's number one. Right? So you know our deeds are accepted when we have debt plus, we have to protect what that is consciousness of a law piety.

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So that's speeding camera right here. Gotta slow down to even get bikes.

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Okay. All right. So while I took from those who have a template, that's, that's the first thing. Second of all, is the issue of art. Not all of our deeds are accepted. Like our acts of worship, for example. There are reasons why acts of worship may not be accepted for two main reasons. Number one, they're not done for the sake of it was not done with sincerity. So a person may, for example, person praise, but they're not praying for the sake of a lot. They're praying because I don't know they've been told to pray, or to show off or this or that or whatever. A person seeks knowledge, religious knowledge, but they haven't they're not doing it for the sake of law. They're not doing it

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wanted me to read my engine not happening, bro.

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So yeah, so they seek knowledge, but it's not for the sake of a law, maybe it's for attention, maybe it's for popularity, blah, blah, blah, you know, maybe become a celebrity share or whatever it may be not done for the sake of it was printed out. And these are

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the wrong intentions, obviously. And these actions these deeds

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are not accepted by law. So when we say we want accepted deeds, we're taught we're saying Oh, law grants and sincerity and our deeds and everything that we do.

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The right intention. Number two, sometimes our deeds are not done properly.

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Meaning, for example, a person

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worships Allah in a way that the prophets that will send them did not worship Allah. And that may not be accepted by 100 to Allah.

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That's why we asked about that you know, that our deeds don't go to waste. We want to worship the law and want to make sure that the acts of acts of worship are accepted by a loss penalty Allah. So that's number two accepted deeds. Number three, is

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we asked a lot for beneficial knowledge. So not not not all knowledge is beneficial, not all knowledge is is

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Good for our dunya and araca.

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Like we said knowledge that is that is gained without sincerity. Without the right reasons can actually be the cause for us entering the hellfire.

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It's the wrong intention, Adam told us that there are three types of people who seek knowledge, but it leads them to the hellfire.

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Number one, so, yeah, see that not I was talking about this right there.

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Yeah. So

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yeah, so a person told us that there are three types of people 333 types of people who seek knowledge, but that knowledge leads them to the health bar. Number one, the person who seeks knowledge

00:15:45 --> 00:16:02

to argue with the foolish, wrong intention. Number two, a person who seeks knowledge to boast amongst the scholars right to be to sit amongst the scholars to consider themselves one of the scholars just for that status, to be known as a scholar. And he that's why they they seek that knowledge, right.

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Thanks for the wave. That that's why they seek that knowledge number three is a person who seeks knowledge to turn the faces of people towards themselves and yesterday, if I will, do not delay any fruit, the intent for the attention to become popular to be known to be this via you know, become a celebrity this up. So precedent that these are three people who seek knowledge, but this knowledge, but this seeking of knowledge leads into the Hellfire we ask the law to protect us. So number one, if knowledge is not saw with sincerity, then it may lead us to the hellfire. Right. So when we say beneficial knowledge, we're saying knowledge that is sought with sincerity, number two, knowledge

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that we act upon, that we implement into our lives. And this is a real danger in our panela in our times, where, you know, we have so much access to knowledge. We have

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videos and YouTube videos and online stuff and this and that. And Michelle law amazing speakers that are eloquent that are funny that are interesting to listen to. And this not so handy, like people are seeking knowledge, but how much of that knowledge is actually being implemented?

00:17:16 --> 00:17:39

You know, the tools of gaining knowledge are so many now, Hunter Hunter, that's great. But how many people are actually implementing that knowledge? And I did a I did a raw vlog on the issue of becoming knowledge junkies, right? Where we just want more and more and more and more and more. But we don't want to implement that. So when we say oh, well grant is beneficial knowledge, we're saying, Oh, well grant is now that we gain and it benefits us because knowledge

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can be a proof for us, or proof against us.

00:17:46 --> 00:18:01

Meaning we can come on the day of judgment in the knowledge that we sought the hours, the time we spent seeking knowledge can testify for us and say and, and and and and intercede for us in the sense that it helps us attain paradise, but also can be a proof against this

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beautiful form right here, martial law.

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knowledge can be a proof against us. In the sense that, you know, we gained the knowledge and we didn't implement it and do anything for us. It didn't bring us closer to almost pantalla. So that is why we say we ask that's why we ask a lot for beneficial knowledge. That's why you know, there's one of my one of my favorite dollars a dog that I say frequently. Because what's the point of gaining? Well, if it's not good for us, what's the point of worshipping Allah and doing good deeds if it's not going to be accepted by law? And what's the point of gaining knowledge if it's not beneficial if they're not going to lead us to paradise? Not that we stopped doing any any of those deeds, but we

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asked a lot to make those deeds all three of them, make those actions, actions that are good for us in the end of the day. So yeah, that's my brief explanation of this hadith. Hopefully, you found this to be beneficial. And I'm almost at my destination. So yeah, we're gonna call it a day right there hopefully benefitted. Like I said in the comments below. Love to hear your reaction. love to know if you'd like to see more

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