Saad Tasleem – Do We Need Religion

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that many people, including humans, do not know what is right and what is wrong. They may try to ignore people's beliefs and ignore advice, but ultimately God is perfect in every way. The speaker uses examples such as prophets and messengers to show that people do not know what is right and wrong, and that everyone is subject to guidance and direction from God.
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are human beings in need of religion. You may have come across cities without buildings, malls and theaters, cities that are rundown even cities without governance. But have you ever seen a city without a place of worship? Is that just by chance? The answer is no, of course not. Studies have shown that many children innately believe in God and the inevitability of a creator, even if their parents are atheist. In fact, we as human beings feel a deep sense that there is a Creator. But many choose to numb that feeling. We simply drown ourselves and work, leisure and life and choose to ignore that innate call the call of faith which can be heard as we begin to turn off the outside

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noises. Human beings always try to discover a criteria for being able to tell the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. But we are affected by our environment and our upbringing. The reality is that we as human beings don't always act good. Even though we may be good people. God is the rational basis of morality, it may seem surprising or even controversial Assam. But what gives anyone the authority to determine right from wrong? God didn't leave us without purpose and didn't create us in vain. He didn't leave us to our own whims and desires. Rather, he determined for us what is right and what is morally wrong. Many people don't like being told what is right and what is

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wrong. But unfortunately, they ignore the fact that we are human beings and we are imperfect. God, however, is perfect in every way. His knowledge is absolute, his power is infinite, and he is merciful to us as human beings. That is why he said to us prophets and messengers, for guidance and direction, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The last in this long line of prophets and messengers, has guided us to a comprehensive moral code, whether you're an individual or a community, he has given us standards that guarantee peace and happiness for all.

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