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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The host of a radio show discusses the upcoming month of year one, which is a busy month for Islam. The host shares information about a pathway to a presentation on the importance of sex and gender in Islam, and mentions a woman who may not give her man to her the next day. The segment also includes a brief advertisement for a new series on sex and gender.
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Smith Neville Henry Nelson Mandela so less than mid to late

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Riyadh was as he welcoming you into another new episode of rock your Ramadan 2013. Day one

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thought about Muslims in China who had died or had had him

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well, they have been I mean led to adore lotsa let me be neat had to him unless he and Mr. Lavoie had any network, certainly on the other side of the mobile shuttle in Oman, shuttle cm shuttle the shuttle I'd say a lot shut up on shuttle levels of planet or asymmetrical and harder as the main part in sheharbano my band and they're the ones that have been here forever, but cool aliquoted semiya Bannister if you had a shot of noodles every once in God was he what was what have you brought him wonderful and so poorly had he acquitted that is that you have a shotgun mobarak but first of all levels of Shannon was the Anna the N zacchara. Who B is needful for Allah subhanho wa

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Taala Hannah

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has in fact with this verse of the month, he has revealed the all the scriptures and all the divine scriptures in this business model and it knows not only the most of Allah subhana wa Jalla mentions this month by name in the Quran, and he says Shahada, Mama and daddy It was definitely the month went by and has been revealed. But it is not only the end of the device, scriptures have been revealed in this breath in the month of Ramadan of Ramadan. So this is how important this month is in the life of every Muslim 100 in less than a hippo has a sharp lambda who shadows getting shot on Kamala Harris salatu salam ala for free he avoidable and not worse to have definitely he out of it

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the whole freely available agenda now this is a month where the by the doors or the gates of Hellfire are locked and the gates of the agenda are open only in this special month of Ramadan. So the the purpose of fasting really you know what we're trying to get after on the pleasure of Allah engine the pleasure of our last panel agenda and this is why I'd like to start a series in this vessel in the month of Ramadan on how to achieve or what are the gateways or the pathways of agenda so every day inshallah in this in this throughout this month of Ramadan I'm going to share with you one pathway to agenda so eventually what you don't want to get into gelato this fasting, but how do

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we get to Jenna the Prophet Mohammed is up to 70 so merciful Allah Subhana Allah God has shown us to the the Prophet Mohammed is a synonym of ways ways many keys in many ways on how to intrusion so this is why I'd like to start a series in shallow data just this month of pathways to function we have a sovereign mobile fee tree he can kathira when we mainly have been taken you know monaca Cammalleri soco center that will join us again, but yet they are in a slightly more mature prohaska as bad for misbehaving and hiccup rather than being headed out and

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settle somewhere.

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Yeah, and inshallah inshallah Tada. Deepika Illa genre? Sure, yet, either gender between f and e dedica. We do an app the app is the Mac Yeah. And he Silsila we're here for it, Elijah. We have Sharon mobile. So my brothers and sisters I'd like to share with you with the very first law or the very first way to gender. The very first practitioner my brothers and sisters is not

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our buddy of ours, everything agenda, an email will be left kulula illa Illa schema, Luna in

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the Prophet Mohammed Alistar to send us to go around knocking on people's doors you know, and telling them to say that you know, you shouldn't be saved now.

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Men kind of African me healer.

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Who's whosoever is last word in this from his life, who's over last word is now in a in the halogen. And the Prophet Muhammad Allah Sufism says also in Hydra Buddha's by Bukhari, by Allah you will not become a believer. You will not have to gender entity become a believer. Yeah. And you wouldn't want to be able to enter gender. Let me know. Let

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me know. woman who emailed

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me Oh, was he now.

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Then Buddha would see he hadn't come in a while.

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Savannah, who was the head is nobody worthy of worship but en la ilaha illAllah. I will tell you what I would say be in agenda. There is a llama Toluca. Now a woman who also was a painter. And you can let me let me know Do you know ilaha illa axioo Akito kinda sorta gently do email account recorded in a hit on the Prophet Mohammed is also nice to see if he knew you're a man by singing now you keep saying that in a handle on life now either hit Allah for everyday like that you see a lot with breath a tree for you in general. So at least you guarantee some trees for you engine. So something something to wait for you are waiting for you out there is

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you could either

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shut up and finish at 900 today, la Roma, the mood if you haven't gone in the muscle level, we're gonna increase gently to accommodate new york email by saying now.

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Now Now

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firstly, Yara and the audio only fragments in film. Now either good or bad now Illa Illa La Ilaha Illa. You know, as the Prophet Mohammed is a sinner, you know, when you're saying, let's say you're walking, you're driving, you're in the kitchen, anywhere that you are trying to moisten your tongue with the same of La Ilaha Illa. And remember the meaning of it, the meaning you just look to simply say because if you really live in accordance with that in a law, you should be able to say it at the time of death, no matter what color you

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will look into the matter code

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and country code.

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Your linby don't hate him that

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woman, semi white woman, she bad woman on

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the way and so kind of keep that

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XML what what do you buy? What are your what could you sell?

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in this universe is declaring the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. from trees from mountains from from from oceans, from from skies and heavens. Everything that Allah has created, worships Allah. So one of the first backwards to gem Allah, Allah and my brothers and sisters is is your man did not and that was about it for our 17 agenda who I will never give you left. He may not give you the man who could be left.

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The last panel

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that I asked the last panelist to make our last word in this life is not

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until tomorrow for another episode of Raja Ramadan 2013 I say

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