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The upcoming night of the 23rd is a day after the operation, and the operator discusses the importance of being a good steward of one's appearance. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and remaining humble, while also discussing the blessed timing of the night and a video about a woman who lost her life due to a fire. The segment also touches on the importance of forgiveness and avoiding exaggeration. The segment ends with a discussion of a 2012 episode on rockier Mafism.

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Smell lavender hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The other words, as you were coming in to another episode of rock, your Ramadan 2012, day 22.

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So today is the, you know, today's day 22, which means the night of the 23rd. So tonight is an odd night, which could be the night of the decree, which could be laid at will.

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Could you imagine, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, could you imagine the number of pebbles in the entire world?

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How many pebbles? How many rocks? How many stones? Do you think they are in the world? Can you imagine?

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billion trillion, more than a trillion, the number of stones, rocks pebbles all over the world.

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The angels that descend tonight are more than the number of pebbles all over the world.

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I mean, either they'll hustle as the Prophet Mohammed Alice Addison says, The angels that descend in the night of the decree in the night of the power which can be tonight, it's an odd night, the night of the 23rd it's an odd night. So the night of the power the night of the decree could be tonight.

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So the number of the angels that descend tonight could be more than the number of pebbles all over the world.

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So, what do they do? They come down to greet you, they come down to make the out for you,

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Xen, the master also comes down tonight to greet you and make that for you.

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As the Prophet Mohammed is essentially the Allah so Allah, what should I say, in this day, what should I say in the final 10 days of Ramadan, then the Prophet as a son taught her this beautiful, that she should, you know, constantly triplicate a lot with she says, oh, he says, I should say Allahumma in the car for one to help with alpha fat for me, or Allah He

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asked for giving you love to forgive to help with alpha fat for me, no, forgive me. I teach a course called the value of the seekers and how to live with the names of Allah.

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And in that course I explained the difference between the names and the web, the one who accepts still about a four a fart and afford a fall the forgiver the up forgiving you know, and then I feel all have pretty much the same meaning but there is a very subtle difference between these names. Here the Prophet Mohammed is of a stem picks the name and fo

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the one who loves to forgive the one who terminates and and faces the sense of Hannah who died a llama in the gutter for one to headwind for fat for Andy

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you keep repeating this data out to date throughout the night in your sujood

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before you break your fast Allahumma in the car for one for head to head whatever for any keep unsubstantiated with it in all the Sahaba they used to say before Ramadan, we used to prepare specific

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months before Ramadan, we would prepare specific to be mentioned in Ramadan and some specific deserve to be mentioned in the last 10 days of Ramadan. And then they swear by Allah they said by Allah after Hama ban we find that other the other two have made a lot more than Allah has answered.

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There are specific dat specials that either they prepare any of the answers

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in remember brothers and sisters, remember the story that I mentioned by Eminem when he says about that boy, you know Christ, His mother, you know, kicks him out, and then he stays but by the door crying and knocking on the door crying crying until the mother opens the door. So you have that kid,

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especially in this final, you know, odd nights you have that kid keep on crying asking, asking, asking asking until you get what you want from Allah Subhana Allah data do not despair.

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And regardless of what you're suffering from, or what you need from Allah subhanho wa tada Allah subhana wa tada is at Kadena Allah

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subhanho wa Taala he's got treasures of all things. He's got treasures of all things. Don't you know? Or do you think that Allah does not know what you need? Do you think that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not know what you're suffering from?

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Of course, you know, subhana wa Tada.

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He wants you to keep invoking him some Hana. Ask him ask him he knows. But he loves you to keep on asking him. The day when you despair, you loses its Carlos, you lose it.

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The day only this when you say, No, especially in these nights, make specific special to us and keep on asking like that kid, keep on crying and knocking on the door, enter the door gets open.

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And then what would happen tonight, if it's the night of the 23rd

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you sold your you know, be saved from hellfire. Because the Prophet Mohammed as I said, when he says that most people will be saved from Hellfire they get saved in this day of the night of the decree. There's only one more day that more people get saved other than that these days is the other.

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But other than that you have the little more people are saved from her fire lots of people are saved from hellfire. And if you are saved from Hellfire,

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you may ask How about if I sin, you could send in fact you will say because you were human beings,

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you may send you will sin but what would happen is a lot would forgive your sin and will pave the road for you and he and make it easy to do good deeds, it becomes easier for you to do good deeds, so that that good deed that you did, will erase the bad thing that you did.

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Why? Because you have been saved on the day of the 23rd or the night of the 20 delay that

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that happened in year 2012

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because you've been saved you've been chosen to be saved from Hellfire in 2012 Nina to cover because you have been saved, you may sin but again, Allah would make it easy for you to do good deeds, what you do a good deed that would erase that bad deed. So what would happen your good deeds would outweigh the bad deeds

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that is the power of Laila.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us all to practice or to convey So ladies and gentlemen, please tonight could be the night so inshallah tada you know, be amongst the member the among the amongst the you know, the the first to be on the front liners and increase from your a bag that making lots of never despair from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala hoping for his mercy, feeling his his rush and asking him some kind of hautala not only to forgive you to forgive, you have to forgive your parents that are forgiven and and and guide them and to forgive your kids and and guide them and your sisters and brothers and people all over the world. Especially my brothers and sisters in

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Syria. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to practice and to convey a protocol Yeah, that was tough. Looking for stuff you're gonna love her and to another episode of rockier Ramadan. 2012 I say Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh