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It regardless of how much effort as long as you do something for La ilaha illa Allah, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam always used to, you know, value the people who, who who left the legacy people who do something, as long as you do something, don't stand still. You do something you move, make some efforts. You know, the prophet one time he noticed a woman, an old woman, the only thing she used to do is clean the mosque.

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An old woman. She's like poor old woman. What does she used to do? She used to clean the mosque One day, he noticed that she was not there. So the Prophet asked, Where is that old woman?

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They said, Oh prophet of Allah. She died last night.

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She died last night. Why didn't you wake me up?

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So I can pray on her. The Prophet says you were sleeping. We did not want to disturb you. As if they're telling him. Oh, that's why she's like, She's like, she's nobody.

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Why should we wake you up to pray? She's like, nobody, you know, poor old woman, poor you know, cleaning the mosque. We will wait until tomorrow when you wake up. The Prophet says, No, you should have woke me up. Show me where her grave is the loony Allah tells me what her grave is.

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And they showed him where her grave is. This is the title of the lecture. Show me where her grave is. You know what her grave is that Luna and accompany her. And they showed him her grave. And he went and he performed the Sala on her. It's a woman, an old woman Myskina poor yet she left a legacy. She did something as you know my daughter. She used to tell me that the SS

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say what's the SS? This is some new

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One Direction thinking.

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You don't always want to be in one direction is

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one direction. I don't know what the assessments are. I don't know what the answer is. What's the SS? She's the SS DSS. You know? I said what's the SS? Don't stand still.

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So that's Salaam Alaikum mutilate Allah cattle

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La la la de to get here some noise that I might take on what law

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are they in the Moroccans in the house?

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Not enough. How about the Somalis? There you go.

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What's calling you sir? Are there any Pakistanis in town? There you go. Any Norwegians?

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You're dead man.

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Any Danish

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Nope. Any Muslims in the house?

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Mashallah tequila shots of tequila

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you all may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you old doses. Me?

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I've been traveling around asking Where's her grave?

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Where is her grave.

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You know my brothers and sisters.

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That the Prophet

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Mohammed Ali Salatu was Salam was sent out to all mankind.

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Yeah yohannes in Nero su la comme Jamia? Oh, you people are yohannes I am the messenger of God being sent to you all. So the Prophet Mohammed Ali said to Sam was sent to all mankind, Arabs and non Arabs.

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And let me give you an idea as to what type of people the Prophet Muhammad had to deal with.

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So I can connect it with the topic that we're going to be talking about today.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to people who used to worship stones, rocks, animals, Sun, Moon trees.

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It's been rated by a man known as avasarala. Authority.

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Authority, he said,

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we were traveling.

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And we used to take our gods with us. Listen to this, we were traveling, and we used to take our gods with us, and the gods would made of rocks, you know, idols.

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And then, we were cooking our food in this big pot. And, and we were looking for a rock because we needed to put this pot into and we had to put like a, you know, some rocks as a base, and then put the pot on top of a rock. So we needed we were missing one rock, and we were looking for some rocks, we could not find a good one. So he says, that we brought our gods

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that they were carrying with them. So we brought our God and we put it under the pot to hold the part where they were cooking their food.

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They cook their food, they ate their food. And then when they were done, you know they left

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on the way one of them says, Are you her nurse? La Casa de la buena. Oh, you people, we have forgotten our God.

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We have forgotten our God, let's go back and look for it.

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They went back looking for their god meaning that rock that they took with them, they were looking for some rock that God they could not find

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that particular rock that they had put in under the pot. So they they they looked for some other rocks, they've picked one they they poured some milk in it, they cleaned it and they said okay, this is our new God.

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This is the type of people that the Prophet was sent to this kind of people people who you know this is what it's called the day of ignorance.

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The Prophet had to deal with this type of mentality people worshipping rocks, people worshipping stones, people worshipping galaxies, people worshipping stars people worshipping sun and the moon and trees and monkeys and donkeys and drink and an worshipping de and drinking the urine of monkeys and donkeys

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yet his time was on the move

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instead was on the move despite all of the oppression that the campaign is we're going to do is that was on the move is there was growing

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the the Sahaba the companions they went through a lot of oppression they went through a lot of a lot of hardship he see his time came to us so easy how many new Muslims or how many revert Muslims do we have in the house?

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revert Muslims

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Mashallah, they're quite few. Did anybody you know once he embraced Islam anybody put a I'm talking to you okay, you know, did anybody put a gun says you know revert go back to whatever you were before? Oh, we can went to slaughter you we go into heat you were going? Did anybody do that to you? You know, there's a man by the name of a kebab. kebab is a companion. So they're sitting with some companions, and with Omar talking about you know, who was really punished, the more who was tortured the more or the most be that says me, of course, be that said me. You know, they used to put in all rocks on on on my chest, and they were torturing me to leave my religion and I did not leave my

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religion. And sebab says, No, it is not you. And he showed him his back. And and when Omar saw the back of a kebab No,

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almost fainted.

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Hubbard had holes in his back.

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They used to bring charcoal my brothers and sisters, they used to bring hot charcoal and they would put his back on the back of the hot chocolate, they would press his back against it. So just he would you know, leave his religion yet he did not leave his religion.

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People they suffered to c'est la ilaha illa. And to stay with that in a halal LA.

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was torturing Somalia and her husband and her and her son. Omar was also torturing, you know, before it's them, he used to torture his maid. They went to love of torture my brothers and sisters.

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They went to a lot of suffering, just to keep their faith just to hold on their faith.

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Yes, so Pamela, once they enter into the fold, they miss them, they would understand their role and they would understand that obligation.

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They understood their mission as soon as they say that anybody who comes in say that they understood right away their commitment.

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It is reported listen to this amazing story.

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The Prophet said the man

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as a messenger you know to convey

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Islam he sent him to a town

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near between afar and Makkah,

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from Medina is about 700 kilometres.

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So he went for about 700 kilometers from Medina Tameka there was no planes. There were no cars, there were no No, no, no, no motorcycles, they were it was only they were either on foot or using camels. This guy walked and rode for 700 kilometers, just so that he can convey the message to this little town.

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It's called where do you know, man, the value of man.

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yet nobody believed in him.

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And then he made the U turn. And he went back to Medina.

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The leader of that town wedding man.

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He thought to himself, he says, You know what? I'm going to travel to Medina myself to hear it from Mohammed himself. I want to talk to Mohammed maybe he is right. So let me go back and travel and he reads from him. So he traveled 700 kilometers, all the way to Medina. And listen to this amazing story. He entered Medina, you know the Arabs for the Arabs here. Hey, Arabs, nobody. I can hardly see you man. Arabs.

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Not only if you

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have xeno the bad ones that cannot rush. Harsh, you know, but when? So this guy goes into Medina. And he goes

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where is the son of

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the people? Take it easy, man. I mean, they didn't say Take it easy, man. You know?

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You don't think it's funny, huh? Okay, fine.

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They said he's in the masjid.

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So he goes inside the machine.

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Why is asking about Mohammed? Hey, where's the southern?

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They said he's there by the post. And the Prophet says

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I'm here.

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So he goes to

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the premises? I am.

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The messages in Iraq

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didn't allow

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for the digit fear. He says, I'm going to ask you some questions. And I'm going to be very harsh.

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So do not take it personal. Yeah. And he he's saying, I don't know, please. I don't know. Thank you. I don't know. No, no, I am just going to be very rude asking you straight questions. So don't take it personally. The premises ask. So the man says

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yeah, Mohammed, Mohammed MANOVA.

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Who created it? They haven't. The Prophet said, Allah.

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Muhammad. woman knows about gbl and who created the mountains, the prophet said, Allah,

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O Muhammad,

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and who created the earth? The prophets is Allah.

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The man says, I asked you by the one who created the heavens, the mountains and the earth. How

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Allah sent you to us as a messenger. The Prophet says Allahumma and yes,

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I asked you by the one who created the heavens, the earth and the mountains has Allah asked you to ask us to pray five times a day. The Prophet says, Yes, aluminum has by I'm asking you by the one who created the heavens, the earth and the mountains has God. Allah asked you to tell us to

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pay zakat, and to first Ramadan, and to do the Hajj. The Prophet says, aloha mana and yes, then the man says, the man says,

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I am the leader.

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There are My name is the law. I am the leader of my tribe. And I'm here to witness there there is no god worthy of worship but Allah and you are the Messenger of Allah. If I believe in you, and I believe in Allah, would I enter Shanna? The Prophet says, aluminum? Yes. Aluminum. If you believe in me and you believe in, in Allah, you believe in me? And you do these five things I've asked you to do. Yes, you shut intrusion. And the guy as soon as the Prophet Mohammed told him, yes, he ran out the masjid. You know, they used to have this long hair. They called an old braids, you know, sisters that, you know, they know I'm talking about, they used to have in the day of ignorance to use, the

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men used to have these long hair. So when he was walking, he was walking like this, you know, and the hair was what? You know.

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You know what, let me tell you why. Why this, because the men rushed out of the machine, and he's here was moving like he was so walking so fast. And he was doing like this. Right? So the Prophet says, sadaqa sadaqa sadaqa. You know, he says, He spoke the truth. He spoke the truth. He forgot his name. He says, the guy with the two brains. He spoke the truth. sadoc he spoke the truth. If he does exactly as he, as he, as he said he will do, he shall enter Jannah this guy went back straight to his family. 700 kilometers. It may have taken him a month or two or whatnot. He went back listen to what happened. As soon as he comes in. His father was coming to him. And he said to his father, I'll

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be in a candy that stay back.

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Stay back. Why son? lets them in you want us to make? I am not from you. You're not from me. Why oh, son. Why this? He said, Hi, you have to Dini whatever to do. Mohammed, I have changed my religion. And I'm following the religion of Mohammed.

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The father said, I would follow you my son and follow you. Then he says, Go take a bath. Come back. I shall teach Islam.

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And then the mom comes to him. And it is his mom, mom in a candy monster back. Why? I not from you. You're not from me. I changed my religion. And I'm following the religion of Mohammed. And then the mom says, I'm with you, son. He says, Go take a shower. Come back. Let me teach you Islam. And the wife comes in.

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I understand if the hi know the father and the mother in law. Yes. But this guy has not seen his wife for maybe two or three months. And then she's coming in your honor.

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You know?

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What does he say?

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Does he break the rules? No. Stay back.

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Stay back.

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Let's demand you want us to make you not from here not from you. Why? What did I do honey Manny jam.

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She wasn't Pakistani, which is a militia.

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Or DIY. Stay back. I'm not from you. Not for me. Why honey? Why not? Honey didn't say she's your honey but I'm saying

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I am not from you're not from me. I changed my religion. I follow the religion of Mohammed. She says I would follow the religion of Mohammed. He says go back take a shower come here. I chef teacher Islam, the narrator of the story, he says, by sunset, the entire town embraced Islam.

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Then you that responsibility.

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As soon as they said that commitment,

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that I have to leave according to some rules.

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Obey Allah obey the prophet and conveyed the message of La Ilaha Illa they don't have to follow me.

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And I don't have to follow them. But I have a mission. I have a legacy that I have to leave behind me. I have to convey the message.

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And my brothers and sisters it regardless of how much effort as long as you do something for La ilaha illa Allah, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam always used to you know value the people who who who left a legacy people who do something as long as you do something or he don't

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standstill, you do something you move, make some efforts. You know the Prophet one time he noticed a woman, an old woman, the only thing she used to do is clean the mosque.

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An old woman. She's like poor old woman. What does she used to do? She used to clean the mosque one day he noticed that she was not there. So the Prophet asked, Where is that old woman?

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They said, Oh prophet of Allah. She died last night.

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She died last night. Why didn't you wake me up?

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So I can pray on air. The Prophet says you are sleeping. We did not want to disturb you. As if he they're telling him or that's why she's like, she's like an old man. She's nobody. Why should we wake you up to pray? She's like nobody, you know, a poor old woman. Poor you know, you're cleaning the mosque. We would wait until tomorrow when you wake up. The Prophet says, No, you should have woke me up. Show me what her grave is the lunia

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tells me what her grave is.

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And they showed him where her grave is. This is the title of the lecture. Show me where her grave is you know what her grave is the loonie, I'll accompany her and they showed him her grave. And he went and he performed the Salah on her. It's a woman an old woman Myskina poor yet she left a legacy. She did something as you know my daughter. She used to tell me that the SS

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so what's the SS? This is some new

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One Direction thinking.

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You know all this one day in one direction is already talking about. One uric acid. I don't know what the assessments are. I don't know what the SS what's the SS? She's the SS DSS. You know? I said what's the SS? Don't stand still.

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Don't stand still. Don't know, move. Do something for Allah do something for Allah. You cannot just go and pray. And then you know, there's a lot of people, your neighbors, your friends, people dying without die either. heilala when I was in San Francisco, one guy came to the mosque, a Caucasian white guy blue eye, he came to the mosque. And he told us my father, he says to the machine, you know, my father died yesterday, you people none of you has ever come to our house. Oh, came and knocked at us and and we're the neighbor of your mosque. Nobody has ever come to tell us about Islam. Yesterday, my father died. I will hold you responsible for people Allah for not coming and

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telling us about Islam.

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We live in the mystery. We stay in the mission. Yes. Our neighbors also, you know, we never thought of going around and telling people about this amazing, beautiful religion. And that hamdulillah This is the purpose of the peace conference, not only to bring people together but to go out to the mission. We live in the West, there are certain rules that we have to abide by. Yes. But also people they have to know that you know, what is Islam? Islam is not what you hear from the TV. It

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is time and most times, you know, extremism and whatnot. That is not Islam. We need to tell them what Islam is all about. Do you know my brothers and sisters, that the majority of the mosques in North America, Canada and the US, the majority of the mosques, they used to be churches.

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The majority of the mosques in North America, they used to be churches, churches are going out of business. A

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lot of churches are going out of business and they turn into Masjid. Have you ever seen a Masjid shut down?

00:23:57--> 00:24:06

Anybody? a mosque shut down. Because we know what nobody comes out with a muscle. You know, we're running out of it. We just know we shut it down. Have you ever heard that?

00:24:07--> 00:24:17

What happens when you build a machine? We buy some building and we call it the mission. Right? And then six months later, a year later? What do we do?

00:24:18--> 00:24:21

Tell me. What do we do?

00:24:22--> 00:24:24

raise funds. Why?

00:24:25--> 00:24:27

Why do we need to raise funds.

00:24:28--> 00:24:47

We need to expand? We need to expand we don't close down we expand Subhan Allah, you know this this guy, he saw dream. He built the masjid. He built the mosque and he put some rules. He says he says I don't want nobody to help me build this mosque.

00:24:50--> 00:24:53

So he wants to build the mosque with his own wealth with his own money.

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

So he saw dream. He saw dream that this monster is built because he put

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The name of the mosque, you know, he put his name, he put a big sign his name as this is the name. This is the name, you know, the machine after my name. And then he saw in his dream, an angel coming down, taking that sign out and putting another sign of some woman, you know the name of a woman.

00:25:20--> 00:25:58

The guy wakes up in the morning, hey, go check. You know what name is there? They came back and they said no exterior name. He says no, no, I saw that the name has been changed. They came in he told him no, no, no, it's still your name. He goes back to stay the same, you know, the second night. And then he says the same dream and Angel coming down, taking that that sign, you know, taking his name out, racing it and put in the name of some woman. The guy wakes up again, very, very annoyed. Has anybody changed my name, go back and check. They went they changed. They came back says no, your name is still there. It has not been changed. The third day, he has the same dream. The same dream

00:25:58--> 00:26:01

by now he has memorized the name of this woman.

00:26:02--> 00:26:19

The third day says called God bring me the name of this woman. I want to see this woman. This Angel coming down changing my name and put in her name. Go get me this woman. It was an old woman. They looked for her. They found her an old woman Myskina luck, poor. She comes in. He says What did you do? She said,

00:26:21--> 00:27:03

What did you do? No, no, you must have done something. She says I'm a poor woman. What would I do? I asked nobody to pitch in. I wouldn't want nobody to contribute to build this mosque. What did you do? I know you said that I didn't do I'm a poor woman anyways. I cannot pay I cannot do anything. He says no, you must have done something. Because this name has changed. My name has changed angels coming down to put your name as the name of this method. You must have done something she says I'm a poor woman. The only thing I have done. Look, the SS. The only thing she has done was she was walking by and she sold these camels. You know this mules, the mules that they used to do to carry

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scent and to carry water to help build the method to help build the mosque. And they and this camp and the mules. They were you know, leached, you know, there was a leech and they were standing by outside of the masjid. And one of them was thirsty. She was trying to get some water because there was a bucket of water next to it, you know, and he looked mute. And this and this mule was trying to move her head and get close to the water. She was trying to drink and she couldn't. And this old woman she saw her trying to get close to that to that bucket. And then what did she do? She says I only took that bucket of water. And I gave it put it close to her. So that mule drank from it.

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That's all she did. She says, You did that for the sake of Allah. I wanted to build this mosque, not for the sake of Allah, but you did it for the sake of Allah. And he changed the name of the measure after her name because of this little, you know, trivial thing that she has done for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. My brothers and sisters Would you believe? Would you believe that a prostitute?

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a prostitute with all due respect. A woman from the children of Israel is the children of Israel. She was forgiven an anti agenda because she wanted a dog. She wanted for the dog, a dog, a woman, an old woman, she comes in, you know, she goes into this well, she drinks from the well she comes out from the well. And then she found because her clothes were wet. And then she was walking and her clothes were dripping water and this dog was thirsty was going and try to drink from that water because he was really thirsty. So he was eating the dust. She saw the dog being thirsty, she went down into that well, and then she took her shoes, she took her shoes, she filled them with water.

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And then she went up the well and she watered the dog. Our Prophet says Allah forgive her and made her antigen, she watered a dog she did not want a human being there are people today who are opposing you know this, this the people today who are dying of thirst in hersa in fall of Spain because they could not get clean water clean water water clean water because the Muslims were living next door they put

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you know they did not let the water go through. They put some some restrictions and whatnot. There are people only they want water this woman a lot for gave her the major antigen because she wanted a dog

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trying to say is what have you done for Islam lately?

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What have you done for your religion lately? By Allah, Allah will

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ask you.

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What have you done? Should you say well, I prayed, the prayer is for you, but what have you done for this lamp