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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the Spanish army and how the prophetial system has been used to convince people of the arrival of the Mexican army. The speaker also talks about the actions of the Spanish army and how they reacted to the arrival of the Mexican army. The conversation also touches on the history of the Spanish army and how they reacted to the arrival of the Mexican army.
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There is another way that the prophet SAW Selim has taught us to react, you know, Abu sufian before he was a Muslim, he was the leader of the Mexicans, the Mexican army. And prior to him being a leader, he was one of the top leaders. But after the death of Abu Jamal, etc, he became the leader.

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He prepared an army

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to come back to attack Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the Mexicans had sent a huge army

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to come and attack and the meaning was small in number 313 small number, they will not even prepared with their own weapons. And what happened the army had come forth and they were coming, someone got to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and told him that Abu sufian and them are coming

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and this is the condition upon which they are coming which means they heavily armed. You know what Allah mentions this in the Quran.

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Allah vena cava Allah hormone in cerca de Jana Ola,

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facade and whom he man walk on who has gone a long one man working, Allah says, you remember the time when the people came to the messenger sallallahu Sallam and told him that those people are coming? Those people are coming you need to be scared of them. You need to fear them, you need to watch out for them. And what did the prophet SAW Selim do? What happened to the true believers Allah says it increased their conviction. It made them firm in their faith. And they said husband Allah, when Allah kill Allah is sufficient for us. And he is the best disposal of our affairs, my brothers, my sisters, when Allah closes a door for you, and a second door and the third door and the fourth

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door, it is because the fifth door will lead you to a place way beyond the first four doors, you have to be convinced you tried something a lot, close the door, you came out again, you tried something a lot close the second door. And the third, whether it was a marriage, and you ended up divorced, once, twice, thrice. Some of some of the brothers and sisters, especially the sisters who've been divorced more than twice, they will tell you, I've given up. Now I'm not gonna marry why perhaps the next man or the one after the next man will be such a lovely person that you will forget about the other five characters that you are married to? Yes. But if you stop, that's where

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everything stops, you gave up. That's where your hope stops, you lost the job a second one a third, you applied one, they didn't accept it. They rejected it. 12345 I applied for 10 jobs. No one's giving me a job because Allah says you know what? The 12th one is actually a mega mega deal. SubhanAllah. That's why we don't want you to get these 10. But after five, you giving up what's happening, you are doing something wrong. Don't react in that way. reaction of giving up hope is not part of the dictionary of a moment a believer does not give up hope.

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When something happens, you suffered a loss today and lost tomorrow, one year business is not going right two years, something's going wrong. For as long as you did not give up hope. And you keep thanking Allah and you keep trying trust me five years later, that multi million dollar deal that people were waiting notice I said dollars not random that people were waiting for Subhana Allah

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came to you. But what happened five years you struggle suddenly you shut up to the top. That was a law, why you reacted with hope in the face of that, which would have brought about hopelessness to those who don't believe love has been Allah.

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Allah is sufficient for me, for us, and He is the best disposal of our affairs.

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Allah says, The verse after that, what a beautiful verse.

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Kala boo la Akbar, Allah says, as a result of that conviction that they had in the DA that they made has been a law when Mr. Joaquin, we actually converted for them whatever there was in terms of fear that they may have been or may have been warned about into a beautiful coolness, a calmness success and victory.

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How did victory come? they reacted correctly.

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