ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 26

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Day 26 – Four things about Laylatul Qadr

ROC your Ramadan 2016, a daily video series covering the virtues of Ramadan by Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Salam aleikum, wa Taala cattle. This is reactor's as you were coming into another episode of rock Ramadan. 2016 day 26th. Today's the eve of the 27th Leone situation of Ramadan. A Laila to Serbia will actually go and wonder I let her lay a little cup and it could definitely be the latter part of the night of the power.

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are you ready for this for this evening? Are you ready for this day? Are you ready for this? This night? It's a blessing night.

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Had Thomas died he had he laila

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and Trisha Alba. She she had a Laila there's four things about this night, four things

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in the next day that will lay that will cut the Hiraman elfish

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one month or one day or one night is better than 1000 months of a bad

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year. Yeah, the 83 years and about four months of a better

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almost 84 years. So had he laila Laila highroad mean alpha, beta Caribbean Alibaba men in Santa Monica a bad leader way to sell we allow so many in center minute a bad has a shape shift any number two man comedy little cuddle

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man comedy little cover ever made my primary letter email seven other I mean that the second thing about this, Laila whosoever you know does pm in the State of Qatar, all his sins shall be forgiven

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all his sins shall be forgiven. So in fact, today you you try to do every possible thing that you can in terms of good actions

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don't lead today go except that you're that

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you're an A and mythical give sadaqa smile in the face of people whatever you could because everything you do is equivalent to 84 years of a bad ah it's a video so the car so the car to sell we have so many so the minute minute I'm on slide a cm

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classical an

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ancient alien eloah who said we learned a lot about them an incident sent me a bad

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number three laylat is TJ but

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they let CJ but

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the neat thing number three is this is the night where this is Mr. Jab. So increase I know you've been doing a lot of this today do a lot more a lot more than enough sleep isn't enough resting you can rest after about an hour but try to make lots of lots of in this final you know in this blessing day, which could definitely be done according to God and others they said you know it is the night of the 27th and number four, but this Nayla

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the yo yo Casa de lado Laila El Camino en la

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This is another special thing about this today is or this evening is the night whereby souls are saved from hellfire.

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More souls are saved from Hellfire in the day of Hanukkah, and in the night of the

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war, this is where the majority of the souls will get saved from her file.

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Later Espanola with us is Marina de la Leone. Antonia Sudan. mattock minima. Allah america america te pueden hacer una de la takahama nama imagine your name shall be called today, but a lot has been informing the angels. I shall save this person from head fire. Because today is where the souls like I said, are saved from the marine resource asset from hence why we amongst those whereby Your soul is saved from hellfire. Today, the date night of the 27th day of the 26th I asked Allah subhanaw taala to save you all from Hellfire and to save your loved ones from him fire and to admit you're into peril.

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buys me another episode of rock Romana 2016. I say to them article about a cat