The Mothers of Gaza

Rania Awaad


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For me, every time I witness and see the pictures of the mothers, especially who are holding, forgive me, I have to just speak my truth right now. But holding these bags in which there are remnants of their children in it, and they're hugging them and holding them for the last time or that very, very Mullah, bless him that grandfather with his daughter or granddaughter, right? You saw this past week right little head row, he kept calling the soul of my soul. Right? Just wanting to see her eyes one last time, or just wanting to hold her one last time. Gives her one last time one last time, one last time.

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And it is so hard not to see your own self, your own children, your own

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niece, nephew siblings, you know, directly in this.

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And that emotion, that connection that feels so so

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like you're there. Right? We have all these fancy mental health terms for what's happening, the kind of traumas we're experiencing, even from a distance or from within the phone screen, of, you know, a vicarious trauma like within from afar. It is still a trauma and if it allows you to remember a law to turn back to Allah to thank Allah for what we have every hug of every child, honestly, every hug, every hug.

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All I can think of are these children.

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Every time I hug my children, every hug

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forgive me

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and then Allah subhanaw taala describes through in the Hadith of the Prophet, so I sent him How are the Prophet said, I'm explains how Allah subhanaw taala is more merciful, then even this mother to her child, or this grandfather that we just saw, right holding his granddaughter. Allah is more merciful than that. When you can embody and see mercy embodied, then you have a sense of what is this mercy that we're talking about? What is the quality of it? What does it feel like? What does it look like? What is it right? Otherwise, it's very theoretical and kind of far. But then when you put it in actual examples, then you understand and see right problem