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Sincerity Whilst Seeking Knowledge

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Well haven Buddha Buddha Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was more, more fair to her wakulla death in bizarre tune will be dighton dadada Tomoko polariton phenol

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Shall Isaiah gelatinase Hadith is, again one of those really critical and important handy that the Prophet mentioned. Some of them are one he wanna and he was sending them such a long time ago. But with the social media culture, especially right now on this particular idea is a study that we have to take on board trying to develop our Islamic personality. It is an issue that the scholars of Islam and we consider the novel Islam to definitely be from the Olia of allies, Magellan, but they based upon their own testimony used to find difficulty in making jihad in this particular bat. That is the Bab of having sincerity in regards to knowledge, that of having sincerity when it comes to

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getting knowledge. So the Prophet told us about a situation in this howdy that's on the table, some of the law what he was selling that's been narrated in different ways, basically saying the same thing. But in those different narrations, there are some problems in the ahaadeeth. So don't be surprised if at some point, and your growth and your development and your develop as you're being a student. You may hear scholars say this hadith is weak, because they are weak individually, but when you put them together, they inshallah regenda strengthen each other to the degree of being huseyn and in some instances to the degree of being seen, as some of the Anima have judged

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by de reported by a number of companions, this particular narration was Jabba bin Abdullah he, may Allah be pleased with him. A lot can be said about this illustrious companion Jabir. He was one of the young people who embraced Islam. And the Prophet cultivated him some of the law when he was settled and managed him paid a lot of attention to him, until he became one of those companions that narrated the majority of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa it was said jabber and his father were both companions, may Allah be pleased with both of them. And his father has an auspicious position in Ellis lamb, and that Allahu tada spoke to jab his father without any hijab.

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And his story is well known His story is well known his father's from the early allies were a gentle

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jab and he said that the Prophet says Allah who it was said to them in today's Hadith, and do not, do not seek knowledge, in order to compete with the dilemma, to compete with them in any shape, form of fashion,

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and do not get knowledge in order to argue

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there with the foolish people who are ignorant, the Sufi, the sufa, don't get knowledge to be argumentative towards people who don't have knowledge. And number three, he says something the law when he was setting them, don't get knowledge, be touched, study, ooh, be hidden majelis. So that you will find the best position in the measurement. So in the assembly, because of the knowledge that you may possess, you may get like the focal point of the measurements, you get put in a place where everyone is looking at you. So you're golden. Your objective is to get knowledge in order to be raised up. Your need is now four lives with Jim. So that's the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam. And those are the merval Islam, that wrote about the effect of knowledge, the fact of knowledge, there are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to knowledge a lot.

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And one of the worst ones is the issue of not having a class and not being sincere to allies with and gaining knowledge for an ulterior motive and that motive can be from the dunya where procedures wants to make money based upon the knowledge that he has or the person. He wants to get some position. So he uses his knowledge in order to secure himself some

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From the dunion, so we have a number of ayat from the Quran, a number of a hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that make that impermissible along with this particular Hadith that I told you, Kim with different narrations from them is the statement and the prohibition of Allah whole title of the command for men, kana, Yarrow. juliaca er B, film yarraman Allen and salejaw when you Shrek be rabada to be

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anyone who plans on meeting his Lord, yo piano when you die. Anybody who plans on meeting Allah, then let him do righteous works. And from the righteous works is getting knowledge is from the best works because all actions are predicated and built upon you knowing what you're doing. So anyone who plans on me in a lot, then let him do the righteous works. And let him not make shift with his Lord, to not make shift with this Lord. So that's an ayat of the Quran telling us when you pray, when you fast, when you give Zakat, when you make an hij when you make the umbra, when you wait till bad, we went niqab when you wear your fold wherever you wear your phone, so forth, so on. You do that in the

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golden The objective is trying to please Allah. Now for people to point at you not for it to be said, not for it to be thought not for that to be perceived is for you to do that thing in an attempt to worship Allah and to please Allah seek in his face and his pleasure alone. So in this issue of knowledge when a person goes to get knowledge, there are monetary benefits of having knowledge. They're doing the benefits of having knowledge, his goal his objective, should be

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seeking allies pleasure in seeking allies face a subpoena with Allah mentioned also in the Quran, that they were not commanded to do anything except to worship Allah with a floss and to establish his Deen with a floss. That's what the command is Mark O'Meara LLP, Abu lahab, McCauley senior level Dean, they've been commanded to do nothing other than to worship allies with gentlemen to establish the deen to Allah with airfloss another Ayah telling us and all of the things that we do that rebuy that the statements, the actions, let there be a floss. You sent in the Koran for wailing mill mousseline and levena, Herman Salatin, sanghoon aladeen, home your

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William neroon. And

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woe unto those people who pray those people who when they pray, they are lazy. They're not really praying the prayer of being active and energetic and trying to connect to a lot. Woe unto those people who pray, and when they pray, they pray and they are lazy and lethargic. Those people who are just showing off, they're praying, just showing off. So Allahu taala has given them the whale which is a word that they're going to be punished and Eliza is not pleased with them. And there are many other Ayat of the Quran commanded us with a floss, all of them are is telling us have sincerity when you get knowledge in LS land and don't let yourself have an ulterior motive in order to get the

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knowledge. As for the Hadith, the Prophet he mentioned some of the love one he will Allah and he will sell them either Gemma Allahu away meme one our hareem yo mukaiyama Yeoman Larry Buffy, nine. Muna Jin, men, kana Ashura coffee, amen mlo huli la he suparna with Allah for the wobba woman ended at law, when the law of nasura carry and ship yomo Pamela is going to gather up the people who were created first, and they came to the earth first. And then the people were created last and they came to this earth last, they'll all be spread out. And then allies or Joe will have someone to call out to them from those who call out a modality. He will call out and that caller will say anyone who did

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an action that was supposed to be for law, but you did it for someone else, then go and seek your reward for that action that you did from the when you did it for, for Verily Allah is not in need of anyone who's doing an action for him. So that Hadees is a hadith that is again, another promise that Allahu taala is not going to award people or reward people if they do any action and in that action, they're doing it so that it could be said and it would be said Look at him. Look at her. Look at what she's doing.

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Wearing, look at what he's doing. Look at him. And he wants people to say that and he wants people to do that. And that's a longer version of the Hadith, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa it was sending them said that Allah said in the ideal policy, I am the one who is running a man in need of any one doing an action for me. And then he also includes while he's doing that action, he includes someone else for the creation. So he wants to give for an Yemen or Syria, but he wants people to say look so and so gave his name is going to go up on the board or whatever the people do. His name is going to be mentioned now. His family will be read out soon. So gave this their family gave that,

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you know, the best Southers the one in which the left hand doesn't know what the right hand gave. So the person should try to make fat and high his good deeds to the best of his ability. That's why the best salad is the salad that you do in your house, when you're far away from the people except the tuba, the widget prep because you have to come out for that one. But the rest of them is better for you to do those prayers between you and Allah. And that's why the reward for fasting is that Allahu tan is the one who's going to reward the individual because persons fasting only for Allah, not making ship with allies with gel, another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam anti Lama

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May May you be watchful la ley limo inland you see Bobby out of the minute dunia Lem Yejin

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out of La Jana yo p ama. Anyone who learns knowledge

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from the knowledge that should be learned, which is from that which pleases Allah meaning religious knowledge not talking about doing a knowledge. So if an individual wants to get doing a knowledge in order to get a good salary, to have a powerful position to come out of poverty or something like that, that's different. That says dunya these are howdy and today's lesson is referring to knowledge of the deen is needed has to be for law because the knowledge of the deen it is a bother. And one of the conditions of worship is it has to be solely for law. The second condition has to be in accordance with Prophet brought sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you remember that? For all of your

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actions in this Deen from the EBI that the acts of worship, every act of worship to conditions, you have to do that Salah that is a car that fold that he jabbed that camera that hides that Jihad and Amber tomorrow for Nyan Moncure that other than that

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you have to do that Doris that sorry, between suffer with marijuana that pull off every action has to be done with sincerity.

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Some people perform ombre. And after performing the aroma for themselves, and then everybody know, I'm now going to go to Mr. Tender in the ministry of Asia. And I'm going to make another number for my mother. So they go out, they come back after they do a second time they say I'm going to go out to tender aim again. And I'm going to make Umrah for my father, and then my grandmother and then my grandfather. The Prophet says some of them love while he was selling them and some some Allah who be anyone who does something so people can hear him.

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Allah will cause him to be heard yomo piano that you are not sincere. And anyone who does something in order to be seen. Allah will cause him to be seen yo mo pm as a liar, one who didn't have sincerity.

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So the person goes back and forth for Ermera and people say Mashallah, Mashallah he's bitter to his parents, he's obedient. Look, all those sacrifices we say number one, making that kind of Umrah is not from the sooner when the Prophet perform ombre Salah law, why do we send them and he was a mecca, he never kept going out coming back in. None of his companions did a lot to him. Rob the linemen, if it was benefit in it, they would have proceeded you to it. Second of all, if you want to do that thing, you don't have to make an A line. I'm gonna let everybody know what you're about to do.

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Seven people will be shaded under the shade of Allah, the throne, and the day when there will be no shade. And one of those seven people is a man who gave sadaqa in secret. Nobody knew what he gave. And that's what the seller used to be upon. The husband will give sadaqa his wife they know his wife, his wife would know he's given sadaqa the wife would try to do the same thing. But the lady has that she can't give sadaqa from her husband's money without his knowledge. So hi.

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He said, anybody who learns and knowledge that type of knowledge were allies phase should be sought. And he only learned that knowledge in order to get some portion of the dunya he will not catch the fragments of agenda yomo piano and we have some mid Terminus that the very smell of an agenda can be say smell from such a such a distance some far far away. And smelling the gin agenda is one of the rewards of the agenda not even entering into it, just to smell the fragrance of it. So if a person is exempt from smelling the smell, that thing that is doing that exempts him is a major sin. So major sin like the lady who asked for divorce without adjust reason she will never smell the

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fragrance of Jana even though the fragrance can be smelled from such a such a distance. And then the lady comes in says, I don't care. I'm still gonna ask for a divorce. As long as I go into Jenna, it's okay. I don't have to smell what's in general. The Muslim doesn't think like that. He doesn't want to be my home. He doesn't want to be shut off. He doesn't want to be cut off.

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from anything from the favors of Eliza gel from anything. There was a profit from the profits hope there was some gold grasshoppers, a lot Triton. He created these grasshoppers and they were gold. And they were going all over the place like they do in Medina and Mecca. I don't know if you saw that. The beginning of last week, middle of last week. They have this storm where the locusts come and they destroy the crops, but they're all over the prophets messages somebody was sending when you walk in, you're crunching them. There's so many of them. Allah created locusts and they will go and they were going all over the place. And the Prophet took his job and he was putting the locusts in

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his phone putting it to catch the goal locusts. And Allah said to him have an eye not giving you enough. He said I love a Stephanie and nanometric I don't I can't get enough of your favorites. I gotta let these go locus is fly all around is the name of Allah. So the Muslim is not the individual say, I just want to go to gentlemen, if I don't smell this, I don't have Korean it's okay with me. So I'm gonna do this McCarty thing that is against the dean. That's not from the statements that are acceptable. Lastly, acquainted from the Mini is in the mini ad is the well known handys that should register with us and resonate with all of us. And that is that the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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informed us out of all of the people who are going to go to the hellfire. The very first three people who enter into the Hellfire will be people false in some purposes, you would think that they are people of the gender, a man who may Jihad FISA beadalon he was killed in the way of Allah. And then another man who was a memorize of the Quran, and he used to read the Quran in a very good way, in a way which he was more than my hair. He was an expert. And then the third person is the individual was Jawad he used to give and is to spend in the cause of Eliza gel. Prophet Mohammed told their story and said these will be the first three into the Hellfire won't be around. won't be

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any of rounds and SAR MOBA Bala Abu Jahan is people from the deen these people are Muslims, they are believers.

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As for the one who made you happy sabini that he made you had so law was say to him, you made jihad. He say yes, I made you have for your cause. I would say you lied, you made Jihad so that people will say that you were brave. People will say you can fight. People will say you're a warrior. And it was said, You got your reward that showed me and

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yet the D will be judged by the intention. your intention was for that to be said and for you to be praised. your intention wasn't to get rewarded, so you won't get rewarded. But you'll get the reward of that people saying he was strong, he was brave. He was a warrior. But after that, hi baton mentor is nothing. Second Person. Why did you do what you did? He said I read the Quran. I taught the poor and I let them in Salah so that you can be praised. Allah will say you read the Quran but you lied. You didn't read the Quran so I can be praised. You read it so that the people will say, listen to His voice. He has a nice recitation. And this is a fitna right here. This is a fitna because we have

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one Hadith encouraging us to beautify the Quran to make people want to listen to it, but not beautify the Quran to the

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I agree where you are compromising the outcome of the tweet, or you're focusing on the people looking at you and listening to you. So the enma and the forefather of the Quran, one of the signs of delight, me, Massoud used to be afraid of, and he was saying when the Torah, the Torah, the readers, the reciters, and the Amara, when they become a lot. And then the fuqaha in the manner that people would fit scholars knowledge of the deen and the people who are trustworthy, when they become few. And the Quran, those who read a lot, they become mainly and plentiful.

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Those people he said in this is when it's going to be the fitness, this is what we had. So we said he would throw in a hell fight. last person I spent in your cause, to help people in Yemen, in Syria, in Iraq, Allah as we always say, You lied, you spend so people will say about you, that you spent, and this goes to show a whiny, concern and all of these issues, we have to take our time and ponder and reflect over the things that we're doing, especially things that people are a part of the equation like this class, gotta give the class you have to take some time out to rectify What is your near and given the class? What is your near and sitting in the class? What is the goal? What is

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the objective? One person says in the class, and his goal is objective. I just hope that the brother sees me in the classes can give me the test key if I stay in a class, that's your reward. The person who's given the class, I want the people to think that I'm from the

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thing that I'm from those people should be listened to and obey the fitna. And then when we have those scholars like Mmm, Abu Bakar he Shama desta, ye Rahmatullahi and a saying things like he has a half a Morton, Rajah shareholders land. He is a Maha death. I'm talking about on another level. And he says about himself. I don't think I ever went after the Heidi for myself, for Allah with a class, Sophie and authority said, and never struggle with anything more difficult than money. And then we come down we come today, and I think everybody else has issues with his Nia showing off doing things. But I'm the only one I'm safe. No, this is insanity. insanity. Every chef that comes here,

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every chef that you know of every person who's talking Arab, non Arab, we had that thing inside of us as human beings, where everybody wants to feel like he is someone, everybody wants to feel like he did something. But we got to struggle with that and make your goal, your objective, the pleasure of allies region. when the day comes when the person says I don't have that problem. I got a grip on that problem. As the day that you should know that chiffon, he made you slip, he made you slip because the nebia of Islam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make dua to Allahu taala for a class, and to have his heart established firmly, and he's the seed of Benny Adam. So that honey, about the

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three people go to the Hellfire before anybody else is sign indication of the importance of having

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sincerity in all of our deeds. Not just the hottie, not just the Imam, not just the person who's given a class, you know, everyone who you're not know, for them. It's for them. But it's for you, too, is for you to that doubt that you're given as we mentioned,

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concerning this particular Heidi, I want to make it clear that Jabir bin Abdullah wasn't the only one who narrated this hadith was narrated by kaaboo Malik, and it was narrated as well by Abdullah bin Ahmad. And it was narrated by Abu huraira, may Allah be pleased with all of them, it says different things, but basically, they're all saying the same thing. For the most part, different words are being used. And some of these ideas are weaker than others, but because they have the type of weakness that doesn't destroy the idea, when you have multiple weak ideas together, they become authentic, and some of them are.

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Concerning the three things that were mentioned self explanatory, don't get knowledge in order to compete with the NMR is assigning an indication and quantity that again, if a person has knowledge alone, Tyler has raised the people who have knowledge over the people don't have knowledge, as he mentioned suppiler with the Allah in the Quran, your level leadin O'Toole en la Vina Amman, woman Kamala Dino to learn

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darra jack, Allah has raised those people from a monkey who believe and you have knowledge, he gave them the greys. So the scholars sitting in the position where the religion told people honor Him, respect him. So if his need is not for love, he could take advantage of the people. He could steal the money of the people. And that's why the Prophet used to be afraid some of them love what he was sending them.

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The bad scholar, or the Muna fit with the sand person He can speak. He's a good speaker, but under all about when you start pulling back the layers of his onion, you'll find he has hope in Him. Curses the companions. He doesn't love more Alia. Yeah, he gave a really an amazing debate at the debate in Oxford with a debate people and he really put those atheists and most people in their place. So when you watch that, you say, Wow, wow, that was deep. That was really good. That was good. But then we come away from that place and guess on his local member, he's cursing Alia, ebonite be soufiane.

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To the Prophet used to be afraid of that individuals, a lot of what he was sending them, he has knowledge, the religion told people respect their element. And that scholar, that person is going to take advantage of the people. So you shouldn't try to get knowledge in order to get benefit. Like you're from the NMR they're gonna tell you sit in the front seat, they're gonna bring you your plate first, they're gonna make sure that you're the one who is okay, you're comfortable, you're warm, you're this, you're that. And there's nothing wrong with that in the dean. But the person makes that his nia.

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He wants to fringe benefits of what knowledge does is a big problem, big problem. So some of the people there in

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the real ama, they have a particular way of dressing. So once a person sees that, it is understood and believed this person is from an asthma and he has knowledge, the way he turned the tide, his turban, he has knowledge, the thought that he's wearing he has knowledge to sell. It used to be against that they didn't want people dressing and like someone who they were not. And they said it was like that Hadith that the Prophet said some Allah Juan, he was sending them about the lady from Benny's raw eel, the lady from Benny's raw eel, she was short, compared to her two companions who are naturally taller than her. She wasn't happy with what Allah had given her in terms of the way

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she looked. So she took some fake shoes made out of wood, and made herself high. And she became the same height as them. And that's a form of lion, a form of lease. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he put that woman down and said that she was lab is phob, a zoo, you're wearing a full of lion, false hood, you're not familiar as her, you're not a scholar, you're not really on that thing. You're just you're dressing like that. But you're far away from the reality. So we shouldn't compete with the Anima part of competing with the Anima as well. Something that I saw with our chef, the author of the book, I share carbohydrate, alien halaby, he was given a talk given a lesson. And

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while he was given a talk, there was a famous brother, who became from the extremists, Hulu shady, like the most glue you've ever seen, very difficult individually to live with to deal with so much Hulu. He kept interrupting the shift from Manchester from Algeria, kept interrupting the shake up, interrupt them this year, we're in let the chef make his point. Let him finish make his point, write it down, and then have a monaka discussion. So everybody can benefit. But he just kept interrupting, interrupting. And it came across for everybody who was sitting there, that this is a sign. This brother is not an edible, and we don't believe allow on him. But we don't believe he's trying to get

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knowledge. He's competing with the chef trying to show the people he knows what he's talking about.

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So part of competing with the red Mr. is the way you deal with them the way you ask questions, to ask him a question that he you don't think he'll be able to answer? Or if he were to answer it, he'll get in trouble or something like that. The second issue is that he mentioned don't get knowledge in order to argue with the super hard. Listen. Some of us as we learn this religion, we're going to always have people around us who are the naysayers, people who are our opposition. It can be from our family.

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Have you from people who are on our stream our neighbors, they could be from the people who go to school with us, but they have been naysayers. They may be people to share your Sydney is from

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your Sydney, this individuals are Sufi, you're on the sonet. And you're on the way of the seller inshallah as well. And his way is one of these groups of the Muslims. So what happens is, we're busy giving Dawa, but I'm learning when I'm learning. And the goal and the objective is not the practicing the golden The objective is not to worship Allah with it. The goal, the objective is to deal with these people I'm given down to. So a memorize with a golden objective of using those if those are added to beat them, or whatever I read, I'm reading and I'm searching to beat them up. So everybody in today's culture of social media, everybody can be a keyboard warrior. That's why I tell

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people don't ever pay attention to the comments that people make, for or against. Because people make comments for and they go overboard, and people make comments against and they go overboard. But you'll never be able to find you'll never be able to find a single person who's going to please everybody.

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He gets up with a beautiful recitation of the poor. And someone's going to say, Why did he read that long if he the Select should have been shortened? Why is he reading this? And why is he reading that never be able to please the people ever. So now,

00:31:41--> 00:31:45

arguing with the foolish the sufa.

00:31:46--> 00:31:53

The person who does that he himself is foolish, because he wants to flex his muscles and people who don't know.

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And he wants to get his rocks off of making people who are super hot, they don't know, the new Muslims, the Muslims who didn't study, they don't have a clue. They're learning right now that this individual wants to write against

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atheists, and all of those other people. And there's nothing wrong with the one who knows what he's doing to do those reputations when I say reputation not permissible. We're saying, Don't make and don't allow your goal in your objective of learning whatever you're learning to be, I'm going to get them I'm going to get him. I got him now.

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And this is hard for young people to get away from again, because sometimes with a loss, even the individuals trying to give down to people who are around him, and he can't get help. He can't help himself, but to get sucked up into that thing. I want to give the truth to them as I perceive it. And then somewhere in the mix. The near it gets mixed up with self indulgence, self praise, self worth, and then it cease being for allies region. So don't get knowledge to argue with the foolish and we're living in a time right now where we have the blind leading the blind foolish people are making comments about things. I read something brother was saying he knows all of the fitna because

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he read he read the manuscripts, the manuscripts.

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What are you talking about the manuscripts. I know the the McTell Tatyana moto Tata, these books, the son of an MMR Budo is old, the son of an Imam, Abu Dhabi, it is Oh, so someone has an in manuscript form. That's what we understand. She She, the lady said, I read the manuscripts I know everything that's going on. That's foolishness, foolishness, and we don't argue and waste time with these people. That's the situation, have mercy on yourself, and have mercy upon the other people. Lastly, from the Hadith, the Naboo sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, he said, don't get knowledge. And when Hadith he said, lead to hagy, Ruby and majelis lead to high V Ruby and majelis

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that's the hadith of Abu huraira for men find a thorough long knock, anyone who gets knowledge so that he can be the one who sits in this special place, Allah will put them in a health fight.

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So again, it's a dunia issue and a lot of prohibited that in the Quran. When he said in the Quran suparna with Allah when I to shuttle, the IIT feminine kalila

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do not purchase my eye at four miserable price. Don't buy them don't sell them for miserable price. That top of me fear me. have Taqwa of me. I've talked

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Fiala so that you hold a number of I get will revealed in the Quran describing the situation is sterile. It let him be feminine kalila was subdue and Sybil Illa Allah Azza McCann, Malone, they sold the Ayat of Allah for a miserable price. They sold them for miserable price. What a terrible thing is that they used to do. So Allah is Dean is price less. priceless,

00:35:33--> 00:36:21

priceless. Now in America, there is a sporting event coming up pretty soon in football, American football, the NFL, NFL shala. The big game, I think is the biggest sporting event in the world. When they play that Super Bowl, a Muslim gets an opportunity. I will I'm gonna get a free ticket to beta mock this to perform the solid and victim mock test, or I get a free ticket to get on the 50 yard line. Right down me on the field at the Super Bowl, which one you want to choose? It's a no brainer for the Muslim. I'm gonna go to the World Cup. or someone's gonna give me a ticket. I'm going to go and pray in the masjid or in Mecca sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which we're going to chose, said no

00:36:21--> 00:36:34

brainer. So no brainer. No one's gonna waste time thinking about that. Because these issues are from the deen. As the issues are connected to the dunya is miserable. It's a miserable price.

00:36:36--> 00:36:59

So as I already said, we're gonna follow Benyus right l so we had that issue, where people sell the religion by giving fatawa that are not true, believing things are not true. So the last thing the prohibition he mentioned, sallalahu, and he will send them don't get knowledge in order to be the person who gets that special chair, that special seat. Again, all of this goes to show.

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00:37:03--> 00:37:15

people have knowledge, they have to be respected. We have to love, we have to honor them. Even the Prophet said some of the law while he was sending them in them in July, in late Allah age,

00:37:16--> 00:37:59

this shea butter Muslim, Mohammed Al Quran, part of you proven that you exalt Allah, and you have reverence and fear of Allah is that when you see an older brother, you treat him with respect and reverence that's a deal that you respecting that reverence and fear of Allah. And also from the proof that you have this reverence for Allah, someone who memorize the Quran, you have to respect him. Don't go and hit him and just you know what's up and can't be like that. We don't put him above the station where he deserves, but we don't treat him normally we don't treat him like a normal person, because he has the Quran. Now, listen. That means that means

00:38:00--> 00:38:21

whilst respecting people of knowledge, and whatever daraja they happen to be, you can be taken advantage of if you're not careful. This lets us know these are hard, even these issues, that this is a fitna for people, it's not permissible for you to meet a person say, he's like this, he's like that, unless he shows you that.

00:38:23--> 00:38:39

So be careful annul Islam, from the charlatans who do Rukia rokeya, and he's stealing your money that people give him fatawa and taken off the evil eye, and they're stealing your money.

00:38:40--> 00:38:50

These people who, once he's out of the picture, his son takes over the chair, by which hack does his son himself where they even come from? Where did he learn?

00:38:51--> 00:39:34

And as I told you about the cultural Islam, that is a muscular, cultural Islam. Let your child go to this man, and he will beat your kid and you don't have anything to say about it. Because you have respect for the Imam or the shear. No. So there's rewards that some people get gratification and getting those rewards, whatever they happen to be, you can get married, you can get money, you can get things for free. People will take you in the taxi comes to pick you up, they see that you're the man you get in the car, they don't take the money, they drop you off. Some people get used to that. You said that the sheriff was sitting with his students.

00:39:35--> 00:39:47

He was sitting with his students. And whenever you come in, they would take the shoes off at the door and put the shoe and face the outside like you're going out. Don't leave your shoe facing inside.

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

And one of the people left his shoe facing inside something small. The chef was saying this student disrespected him because he's not listening to him and he gave him a hard time just for leaving his shoes.

00:40:00--> 00:40:28

face and inside, you have no respect for Allah and His Messenger because I'm representing a lion is messenger you talking about? So we have to stay balance. We have to stay balance. Okay when if you brothers have any questions concerning today's Doris from the effect of an L this thing about gaining knowledge for other than the face of a large region. You could put your question forward, if that came into shape.

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have some lawn mowers send them about a Canon ebina