Abu Bakr Zoud – The Quran & Ramadan

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Allah subhanho wa Taala defines the month of Ramadan as that in which the Quran was revealed. A lot didn't say the month of Ramadan is that in which fasting was made mandatory, nor did he say the month of Ramadan is that in which that are we is prayed. The thing that stands out the most in this month is the

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promo Bond was honored and given a high status because the Quran was revealed in this month. Therefore, llama bond is a 30 Day celebration of the fact that we were given this noble book, The Quran is as the self referred to it hablo la Hill Mateen. It's the strong group between us and allows us origin it's the only connection between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala. treat this like a friend. The more you sit with a friend, the more you respect and your honor your friend, the more he begins to share with you secrets that he's never shared to anyone before. And likewise the The more you sit with the pool and the more you respect and honor it, and the more you give it time, the more

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large division will honor you. And the more it'll give you of its secrets and its fruits. Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the Quran by saying inaho lakita buen Aziz. Verily, this book is certainly an honorable, respected noble book. You know what we understand from this, that the Quran will give you nothing until you give it from the most noble and precious of your time.

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Before you read, refresh your mobile face the tribler

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begin by saying Allahu belaire him in a SharePoint regime. And think about the reward you'll receive if you don't understand what you're reading. That's 10 has an ad per letter. And that's doubled for the one who struggles to read by a law if you were told that you'll get 10 bolos. For every letter you read, you'd be reading day and night, because you know the value of money, so value the reward that a large portion will give you and that should be enough of a motivation and encouragement for you to recite the poem. Don't allow the people to interrupt your citation of the poet, the seller for him or home alone, when they would recite the Quran, they did not stop. Nor did they allow

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anyone to interrupt their citation until they reach the end of the surah. And that's because they respected the word of Allah Xhosa. By far, the most disrespectful thing you can do while reading the Quran is that you read a little bit, then you check your Facebook, then you read a little bit more you respond to a message or you check the weather. You check battery life, so panela don't give up on your spare time. Rather respect the time and make time for it. fit it into your busy schedule. If you come across an air of mercy or forgiveness of paradise of guidance, stop and raise your hands to the sky and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant you forgiveness and mercy and the paradise and if

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you come across an A of punishment and warning. Ask Amazonian to keep you and your family safe from it. Try this and you'll begin to understand things you've never understood before.

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