The Productive Muslim Podcast – Season 2 Ep 3

The Productive Muslim Podcast
AI: Summary © Meredith from productive Muslim podcasts introduces a series of three segments: season two, season three, and season four. She invites viewers to participate in a one-stop course to improve their spiritual fitness and provides links to her show notes and a Facebook group for group discussions. She emphasizes the importance of completing the test and sharing feedback for future episodes.
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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season two, Episode Three

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Assalamu alaikum productive Muslims. Welcome to the show. I'm your host, Meredith and I am here with Season Two of the podcast. So in this season, we're going to be having the pre Ramadan boot camp. The purpose of this boot camp is to help you best prepare for this Ramadan. These are going to be daily short podcast. And each of these podcasts is going to have an action point in it. So we want you to listen to the podcast and then take action on that point. And let us know how you went with it by commenting on our show notes, so our show notes can be accessed by heading over to productive Muslim slash season two. Now let's get started with today's episode

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cemani comm This is Matt Ferris, founder of productive I hope you enjoyed this episode for productive Muslim podcasting. I want to take 30 seconds of your time and invite you to our production model online course. This is your one stop course to all the practical tips you need to overcome your Amazon challenges and dramatically improve your mobile experience spiritually, physically and socially. If you're interested, hop on to productive Muslim and subscribe online today. Once you join the course, you'll have access to all our other courses, a private Facebook group where we can have group discussions, book club and many more I hope to see you there

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join us today at productive Muslim

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so today we're gonna be speaking about the spiritual fitness test that the spiritual fitness test is a test which we have created in order to help you understand where you are spiritually. Because you see in order to improve on something, we need to know where we stand, so that we know where we need to aim in order to get better in that area of our life. So with regards to our spiritual fitness test, this is going to be an anonymous survey which you can take and this will ask you about certain areas of your spiritual life. By doing so you can be able to reflect on it and you can also know what areas you want to improve on as a result of doing this survey so you can be able to do this

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survey by heading over to our show notes and you can find the survey there. The specific link for this show notes is productive Muslim slash s two e three so that's season two episode three. Otherwise you can just head over to our general link for the season productive Muslim slash Season Two now once you have completed the survey, please do let us know by commenting that you have completed the survey and share some thoughts or insights that you took as a result of doing that test. So please do head over there and inshallah I will see you all tomorrow with the next podcast. Until then remember to work hard and be sincere

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