We Charge you with Genocide – DC Gaza March

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In the house like

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even the older facility, attorneys and they put you as

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a young child who was very alive, maybe asked for what crime were you killed

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on August 16

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of this year 2023.

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I got a news alert that my name had been mentioned in an article.

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And this time, it wasn't Ted Cruz calling me an anti Semite.

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This time,

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it was another Homer Sudima.

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A 16 year old who shares my name

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who was murdered in the West Bank.

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Where by the way, there is no Hamas.

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And he was sat in the test in cold blood.

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While he was riding his dirt bike

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around the West Bank, where his family has lived for generations.

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His name was Jose almost

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the same name that my parents gave me.

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Last year,

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seven year old boy

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against a man in the West Bank, once again, occupied territory

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while he was walking home from school with his book sack, which had anything car on it.

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And suddenly he found himself being chased down by IBM soldiers, who claimed that he had thrown stones.

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When they're full force, they followed him home to his house.

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And he went and hid in the corner of his room.

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And as they banged on the door, and tried to bang on his window, a seven year old boy with no medical history, died of a heart attack,

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cardiac arrest, a seven year old Palestinian boy terrorized by the Israeli government. Again, Selena

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a few weeks ago, we buried a six year old boy

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with here and for you,

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a young Palestinian American

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who was stabbed to death in the West Bank,

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in Gaza,

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in Chicago, my 71 year old landlord, who's directly incited by the hate speech of the President of the United States of America.

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dehumanizing writer

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and whose repeated difficulty lies about seeing decapitated Israeli babies, caused the man to go, and the cavity of Palestinian boy.

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When we're here

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was killed.

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I want to share with you something that happened with me,

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a so called ally. And I emphasize so called reached out to me to express condolences for the death of one here. After two weeks

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of having repeated I stand with Israel, and failed to acknowledge a single Palestinian baby's life in Gaza.

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And I responded to that person. And I said to him, what's the difference between here and the 1000s of Palestinian babies that are being decapitated by her boss in Gaza?

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What's the difference between with here and rayon? What's the difference between a Palestinian child here and a Palestinian child there? You want to know how human a Palestinian child is look around you and see all the Palestinian children that grew up in this country

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because their parents were displaced. And I responded to him, and I told him this and I want you to remember this the next time someone uses this doublespeak of caring about Islamophobia and anti Arab bigotry in this country, but using the same tactics and framings to justify the killing of our brothers and sisters there.

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If I said to this man, that I had never been born in this country, and my parents did not find a way out of that occupied land,

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to raise me here,

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you who is expressing condolences to me here would have justified my death over there.

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There is no difference between a Palestinian that is here, and a Palestinian that is there, we have parents that are writing the names of their children

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on their own terms, so that if they have to pull them from the rubble, they can be recognized is that the type of humanity that he wants

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is that the so called moral high ground of this country standards.

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And so here's what we do.

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If I was over there,

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and my parents didn't make it up, they would have had to do this to me.

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And I managed the murder by the same taxpayer dollars that I'm teaching right now.

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We're sick and tired of being dehumanized, we're sick and tired of being made complicit. We're sick and tired of the rhetoric, we're sick and tired of the occupation, we do not demand an end to the current bombardment of Gaza, we demand an end to the occupation, we demand an end to apartheid we.

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know some people are gonna report on his routing, they can miss translate our movement all day months, they can draw these little pieces of land and say that this is your future, state all that they want. But we are going to draw our map the same way that our parents do that map ah

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you don't get to dehumanize us, and then tell us how we get to resist that dehumanization.

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One thing, directors and sisters pay close attention.

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There is one been a bill on the floor in Congress

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about the detainment of over 5000 Palestinian children in Israeli prisons since 2017. That can't get passed. But somehow 412 congressmen found the moral conscience to suddenly pass a quick resolution to say that they stand with Israel now that when they say I stand with Israel, they're saying I stand with genocide.

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And it's O'Brien

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Sinise since

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then he can use his double speak without unity, and come back to us and base for our votes.

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Let me know all those including Joe Biden, and all those congressmen who failed to see our humanity today. And sad to hear our voices today that we will not see their names on the ballot next year. And we will not.

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We will not allow

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for them to tell us anymore that the only refuse we have for reading racist or to face liberals.

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Brothers and sisters, there are 1000s of us here today. There are millions of us around the world. I believe that it's a time of anger. I know that if the time is brief, but do not despair. We will mobilize we will paralyze we will penalize those who dehumanize us when they call upon us to try to get them into office. We will march we will raise our voices under the full weight of the political and media establishments. We will not give up because our brothers and sisters have not given up and even though our names are written on our arms, our parents have embedded Palestine in our hearts