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Ramadan Series 2020

Juz’ 3 with Dr. Abdullah Alaoudh

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Hola, amigos Salaam, ne he was talking he was selling for semen concealer. So I want to welcome everyone back and 100 enough we're on just three now and we have to shaqab dollars for you tonight.

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Rhoda and Sham de la jolla garni. And I'm going to start off with summarizing and of course just reminding everyone please keep tuning in and shout out to all the wonderful content that's being put out. I hope you've been following the angel series as well as the series from B to habits every day at 11am Eastern as well as noon Eastern from D to habits and then of course this is our nightly get together and Charlotte's tie where we summarize and reflect on one just

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so handler as I was revisiting the smooth transition the beautiful structure of authority have to abakada Last night we talked about how it's it's absolutely beautiful that the the way the poor and starts is a draft for guidance which is in 30 abakada ends with a drought for firmness on that guidance so you ask him you know so often mister painted Altadena and untidy him gladed, my darling little boy named asking a lot to guide you to the straight path. And then I've been allowed to ask him that in the center or spot now until the end of the until the end of the day, about color. We're asking a lot of parents out for firmness with that guidance. Now if you remember, the way that a lot

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answers the request for guidance and sort of thought he had right away is that he could Kitab would lie but he couldn't tell me that this is the book in which there is no doubt it is a guidance for those who are righteous mindful of Allah subhana wa tada and pious.

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And if you listen to the first idea of earlier on how Allah subhana wa tada introduces this, it connects right up, it connects right to the drought that ends with a buffer, where we elaborate on our affirmation of willingness to accept guidance and to accept all that comes with guidance. And your mind is a surah in which Allah subhanaw taala addresses the People of the Book, more than any other sort of

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Kitab Oh, people have the book it constantly shows up right? And in the end of an Baccarat, what do we affirm at the end of certain call? And I'd be lucky when Mullah uktv were caught up he was totally right. We believe in Allah. We believe in the angels we believe in all of the books we believe in all of the messengers. We believe in the entire package everything that Allah has sent of guidance from Adam and Eve Mr. Lamb all the way to Mohammed sallallahu wasallam and look how beautiful earlier and Ron starts Allah subhana wa tada says, And as that it can Kitab have been happy most of the family may have been at what ends at a tomato when in G men who deadly nasty ones

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Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says he's the one who sent down to you this book in truth and to confirm all of that which came before it. And he is the one who revealed the talaq and the Gospels and the men who didn't denounce and those were the guidances, or the forms of divine guidance for their people at their time, just like that he can keep up with LA, Buffy, that this hold on now is the book of hedaya. That we are that we take as a criteria. So a lot of firms that divine guidance came down through indeed, which we affirmed our belief in in the pursuit of Makkah, and then Allah subhanaw taala says, but this is an Furqan. This is now the criteria, which is the the last of the

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revelation as the revelations come, and they confirm that which came before that. And then they extend the new legislation and the laws of the loss of Hannah Montana, a lot of dresses, the same three groups of people as he does in sort of buckler lost kind of addresses the hypocrites first, okay, those who will misguidance not because a lot, revealing a deficiency within that guidance or not making things clear, but because of a deviation in their hearts. So it starts off with the hypocrites in the Latina fi guru becomes a home theater bureau no matter

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what but the law that we that those who have crookedness in their heart will will look for the ambiguous the abstract things that they can twist in the answer that they can twist it towards their their hypocritical aims and desires not to actually follow rightful guidance, but to use guidance as a tool to attain more of this world, which which they have a problem with because their desires are unrestricted. And so they continue to try to craft all of this message to fit their desires. And then the last contact addresses the believers will last the whole affair and Okay, so those who are who are amongst the most knowledgeable of the believers, those who are pursuing allows guidance,

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those who are seeking to be on the right path and the last panel that addresses the disbelievers as well. But pay attention to the drop of the believers. No. Okay, so somehow a lot like I said in Buffalo

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is a springboard of how we make every way after Toba or in the context of repentance with the mighty Salaam Dora in the context of obedience in the Bahia it has set out what is the lowest penalty to give us here little benna that zip code Oh, it had a tener will have an anomaly

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or do not let our hearts deviate after you have given us rightful guidance. So how long the theme is always the day and these first two in these first two sources may loss patterns either granted to us a lot. I mean, we'll have it done, I'm in the gym. And we're going to need your mercy because when we slipped like Adam, it just set him in our ways we're going to need your mercy for forgiveness. And when we do our good deeds and when we do acts of obedience like our father in law, he might he has said I'm we're gonna have deficiencies so we're going to need your mercy. And as much as we try to stick to the path of divine guidance, surely sometimes we're going to fall short in the can enter

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the hub and you are the Bestower of all gifts. Gifts of Ghana in Mecca jamya are nasty The Omen LAU ladyboss t wicked the similarities of words Oh Allah, you are going to gather us on a day in which there is no doubt in the law hello you flee for me I'd barely lost pen without it does not betray his promise. So how a lot that he can keep tablet la Buffy. And here is the date in which there is no doubt the book in which there is no doubt they are perfectly lined up with one another. Now after that gelato, conclude with this

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as the loss of Hannah to Allah

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clarifies that we are an omen that is to

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affirm all of the rightful guidance that's been sent. And to now take the criteria of the poor and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what is the last comment I see in the Dena Angola and Islam? right that the religion of Allah is Islam, that the religion of Ibrahim Ali Salaam because he was Muslim, Allah subhana wa tada calls us once again to call the People of the Book and to call upon humanity to affirm all of us prophets, including Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and reciting his Scylla to affirm all of the books that they were all divinely revealed, of course, you know, before things change within those books. And now to affirm the last revelation, the one who

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sent the Toba and indeed has sent the poor and to affirm the last revelation of the poor and, and the loss of habitat even as he gives us the words of the prophets that are calling their people to affirm rightful guidance. Allah subhana wa tada tells us, it

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tells us to call the People of the Book to a common word, that we will only worship Allah subhana wa tada and not associate anyone besides God. And that we will, that we will affirm all that he has taught us to affirmed in these moments, and again, a livelihoods affirming in a beautiful way the religion of magium the religion of the religion, of religion of Zakaria, the way of all of the prophets of Allah, turning towards him in pure monotheism, abiding by the divine revelation as he sends it at that time, and doing the absolute best that they can. And here's how I'll give this off to Shahab the little guru, some handle at the very last, the very last of this juice is Lenten out a

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double header to ensure permanent metal hip bone, that you will not achieve righteousness, ie the reward of rights business until you spend out of that which you love. So how to last that's like taking it to the next level. Some people are misguided because of the allure of this world. Some people use this world to further down upon guidance and to draw closer to Allah subhanaw taala. As the very beautiful story of I will plot half of the long term animal companion of the prophet SAW someone who heard this verse and gave away his most beautiful property, the gardens in front of him as the Nebo because he wanted to spend out of that which he loves. So some people deviates because

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their hearts are driven too much towards this world and their desires are unrestricted. Some people are so in tune with guidance, that they take everything that Allah gives them and they appreciate the beauty of this world. And then they use that to gain the ultimate pleasure and the beauty of the hereafter and the last pleasure so that inshallah Tanisha will take us away

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from the layerable I mean was the love of cinema vertikalen Amina Mohammed in while he was

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I saw you gotta pass the baton masala that was the nice.

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What I want to talk about is a beautiful concept as a panel of the covid 19 virus. Kind of

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activated this aspect of my connection to a law. In my belief, as you know the word al Qaeda, Aki that comes from Earth,

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it's like a knot. How strong is your bond with your Lord. That's where the word comes from. So it's that not in bond that you have a last panel without it. And it's manifested in different ways, different ways of worship. What's so beautiful is this COVID virus, right? We know that it's a virus that has been brought by alone. It's been predestined by Allah. But Allah, really realizing from the aspect of tawakkol I've trusted a lot. From the aspect of Okay, Allah has brought it forth to me, but it is just a means to show something to his creation.

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Which leads me to the point that everything that Allah has created on this earth is only a vessel. It is only a means of a manifestation of his name or attributes. And it's upon us to act in accordance to what we see from that creative thing, which is a manifestation of his name, or attributes for example,

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money children

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I don't know if they can hear you

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just want to make sure inshallah tada really quickly Sorry, I think that there is your mic on. Yes, it's on

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me, I was just, I was just getting a message that your mic is off, but it might be ready someone else was gonna

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click you can go ahead. Okay.

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But is, you know many things that we see on this earth, that Allah subhana wa tada has created, we have to realize that Allah has created it to show his signs, his names are His attributes. So for instance, a child, if we look at our children or any child, that is a form of risk, Allah has provided you a child, but how are you going to act and treat that child for the enjoyment that you have from money? It can be used for hire, or it could be used for sure. So how do we manifest our recognition of what Allah has brought on this earth? And that's what's very important in the verse that Allah subhana wa tada says in the chapter about Enron, verse number 14, when he says up to 11,

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a shift on energy, z Nelly, nasci her Boucher, Hawaii, zucchini, Nancy Boucher, Hawaii Melanie Sadie. Well, Benny well benina Welcome talathi mina will will will, will, let me

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show you what benina Welcome Alfredo No, kuntala tehmina Debbie will fit buddy. Well, highly muscle woman it was an ambulance valleca Mattel hired to do a roll up. Personal map. Last month, Allah says, Zoo unilin ness, this is the first portion that a law is talking about something that was beautified for men, or men or women zoo, you know, the nest and here uses the passive form and the scholars have disagreed they had a difference of opinion on who was the museum, who was the one that beautified these things to us. And when understanding is some kind of law you have to have in our show, I showed him a lot. He mentions and he makes tofik of this, he brings it together he says, you

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know that? Allah subhanho wa Taala beautified it by creating it, who will Harlequin about it when was so weird, but shaytaan beautified it by our connection to it and how we may be mesmerized and distracted from the initial purpose of its creation.

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So the money that we use our children, for instance, when we don't wake them up for prayer, they're 16 1718 to say let them you know, I don't want to harm them or they you know, my child is too young. Right? Not having the middle course being in the middle of course and recognizing sometimes you may have to be firm to establish the word of Allah subhanaw taala in your home, because all of us have desires, but you as a father or a mother or caretaker, it's important for you to maintain the word of Allah and that's the key elements early and that is the most important factor that once you try their best to live by when they're raising themselves and raising the ones that they're responsible

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for. So a lawsuit panda with Darla mentioned that this was beautified for mankind Zoo Yelena nasci, her Pusha T. Minh and Lisa, he will be Nina. So lots of panel what Allah mentions here, that the Shahada as some scholars mentioned, or the desires that we have for a certain thing is beautified. How is that because there may be something that we see in origin our children, we naturally love them, but the desire that we have for them towards them can go beyond the bounds of showing gratitude to God, or because we have forgotten, forgotten the fact that God has provided for us that child we may be negligent

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raising them, you may raise them in a fashion that is immoral. That is not in in a manifestation of gratitude towards Allah subhanho wa Taala to where we may not even tell them about the importance of the Quran, you know, the month of Ramadan is here. We don't try to encourage them to fast. Even if they've reached, you know, they reach the age of puberty, the rate, the age of discernment, you know, talking and talking to them about Allah subhanaw taala reminding them Yes, the panel I was on the phone, I was on a live earlier with the family therapist, as a panel out we were talking about

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how children sometimes, you know, I used to be a youth director and parents will call me and they'll say, they'll say, can you talk to my son? Can you talk to my daughter, he's on the balcony, he's drinking and he's getting involved in so many things. Please talk to him. You know, and I'm the first one I say no, no, no, don't have the phone yet. I want to talk to you. He didn't just wake up wanting to do these things. So how are we nurturing our children to recognize that there is a God and that God has placed things on within the creation that demands from us something

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and if not, we'll be we could be mesmerized by being too negligent of our children and of our money or being too being too overbearing. So last month, Allah says Meena and Lisa will begin as we know obviously, with with women, you know, the the desire that men have is something that is natural and vice versa, but Allah has given this this this *tier as we know the *tier is what is termed as the motive than men, it is the the market the markets are the center of flowing channels of water. So this *ty I serves as a replenishments for the soul, if one takes the means to replenish it, by practicing the religion, then Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the type of the type of money and

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here he mentions it in different cases. Mina Mina, Nisa it will be Nina, when an athlete is no con 30 minutes, the heavy one football and huge piles and heaps of gold and silver. And then he mentions the brand and horses and the cattle, and then agriculture. So all of these are forms of barter, if you will, ways that we can trade and make money and, you know, take care of what we need to take care of. But that in in and of itself, that which you use to get something else that you want is a blessing from Allah. But if you use it in a fashion in which Allah subhanho wa Taala is not pleased with such as getting involved in interest. And you say, you know, there's no way that I cannot get

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involved in interest, it's impossible, as we talked about yesterday, that allow are not put in front of you

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put a burden on you more than you can bear, trying your best to find the means to where whatever is beautiful in front of you, what you want to indulge upon, you should stop and ask yourself, Is this within the confines of the Sharia. So the second thing is how Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions all these variations of money, which in essence is had, but how we use it, and how we recognize what Allah has given us could be hard on. And that's a beautiful factor. Because a lot of times it's your perception of the thing, and how you act in response to what you see from that thing, how you interact with it. And the third thing Allah subhanho wa Taala says that it can be very hard to do

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Niccolo into personal lab, there Verily, this is the pleasure of the President's world life and ilasik kind of what Donna is the excellent return or he returned to him as he excellent return. So a loss of kind of what data puts it all in perspective. And I love you know, one of the amazing things that I love that I came into Islam for was just hearing the concept of the dunya

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you know, that this world will end. And with that reality in mind and in heart, don't do things to impress people, that they have no control, ultimate power over you or authority over you. You should try your best to do things that please your Creator, because this dunya is as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that what is what is with me for the dunya that doing it is like the shade of a tree. He sits under it takes this shade, then he gets up and leaves you know, I'm gonna hop over to the law, I know some of his companions, and he passed by a trash can. And he pointed at the trash can and the Sahaba Can you can you get to alone? I mean, is that the Sahaba they were they It was a

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reeking smell. He pointed at the trash can and he said had he done Yakima Leti to me sooner la Ha. He said, this is your dunya for that which you cherish. So the beauty of this verse is firstly, that things will be beautified as a test for you. How do you act in accordance to that? Is it a matter of gratitude? Or is it a matter of selfless self being selfish and disregarding what Allah has given you that for in realizing that is from all aspects of life, from what is in the earth and what is on the earth from agriculture and also from gold and silver and money etc.

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And then lastly all of these things are going to end. So we have to put it in proper perspective and remember that we will return to Allah and we will be asked for everything that we indulged upon of what was mentioned earlier in the verse so no loss upon what Allah make us of those. It's been this time recognizing his blessings and act in accordance to replenishment of the soul the sheer

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labor Creek I'm so so how are you? You talked about this concept of a lot where in the history of the last paradigm has something better for us that we should long for what he has and you talked about it in terms of not getting caught up in the tribe in the pursuit of this world, and Charlottetown Next, we have our special guests for the night Dr. Abdullah Neruda joining us for the first time inshallah and he's going to talk about the other element of that in Charlottetown, another verse towards the end of certain bacala inshallah Tana as well.

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Welcome to hamartia Corona shala. If I pick up from what she had a lot talked about when he mentioned, how dystonia and the some elements of dystonia been beautified

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on one part by Allah subhana wa tada and the other part by the shade law that's a very good I like how this

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How have I been, I showed develop that and you know, showed how this same thing being can be used for good It can be used for bad can, the intention itself can be good and can be bad and I'm gonna I'm gonna talk about one verse of sort of Bakara when Allah subhanaw taala talks about charity and throughout the the throat Quran.

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Charity is mentioned a lot mentioned a lot and and we are in the month of Ramadan, the month of charity.

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The idea of charity, the concept of charity in Islam is very interesting and very unique in a way

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that we we have seen in many talks and many books and mini

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lectures how the idea of charity has been reduced to one just simple form or one straightforward form, which is the form of financial charity, meaning given money.

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But in the Islam

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broadens the concept of charity, like when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says to the sumo kufuor, gi kosaka, a multiplanetary kousaka,

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anti de la strada

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what and so, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that

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guiding the blind is a form of charity.

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Smile smiling in your brothers or sisters face is a charity pouring what remains from your cup to your brothers or sisters cob is a form of charity in another region by the profits allow it. So these are the charities it's it's a way of trying to remind the Muslim you want the adult the individual, that charity is in the heart and can guys your matter can guys your thoughts can guide your exercise and therefore you can give now with the with the purified heart with the heart that is beautified by Allah subhana wa Taala that has no harm or insult or intention to to remind the given person any way of your generosity for example. So that's why in these verses that Allah subhanaw

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taala talks about the impact fee Sevilla in the social baccara Allah subhanho wa Taala says, You live in harmony, before that Allah, Allah says,

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will Lavina allow you to be our own Magnon one, and those who do not follow what they give or the charity that they give an insult, harm or reproach. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that

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if you try to remind the person that you give, how generous you are, or try to insult or try to make him to return the favor, then it's it's it's a worldly man, it becomes a worldly matter. And that's why the jurists and scholars always remind us that the intentions can transform a worldly matter into a worship and can transform worship into a worldly matter if you intend

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great ritual like sadaqa and charity and intend to just favor somebody in order for him or her to return the favor then it's a worldly matter that you wait for that person to return the favor. Now it's a worldly matter. If you give somebody because you think you are better and you are you have you have wealth and because you are in a better position

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religiously, then this

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exactly nullifies the whole idea of Sadiq Khan. That's why in the next verse, Allah subhanaw, in the following verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, Yola, Dena amarula Dr. Rosada carta can be manual either, oh we believe do not nullify your charity with reproach or harm or insult. So, when you when you give you intend to give to

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first purify your heart yourself, this is a way of uplifting yourself, do not think when you give somebody you are uplifting him or her you are first need to uplift yourself you are you need to think of yourself as somebody who needs to give this not somebody not. You do not think of the other person or the other

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that they need to be given. It's of course, they in the in the financial

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calculation needs to be given because they may be needy, they may be relative, they may be in bad shape, but you are the person who should benefit unless bad I will never benefit. The other party can benefit but it's it meant to benefit you to purify your heart to uplift you to that. That's the idea of ritual. And that's the secret. And that's why I was early Ramallah Thailand. In his great book, Halo Dean wrote a whole volume of the secrets of rituals to and he says a lot of scholars and scholars and jurists sometimes overlook the secrets of ritual. And they sometimes

00:27:17--> 00:27:23

been exhausted and consumed by the details of how they should

00:27:24--> 00:27:31

correct physically, the rituals, but they sometimes overlook the spiritual

00:27:33--> 00:27:35

dimension of the whole ritual.

00:27:37--> 00:28:11

like the look of the phone, and so if you were to connect, it's actually very powerful. While you were speaking, I was thinking about poha Ansari or the Atlanta angle. He heard the verse that ends this just lantana with certain people, no matter which one you will not attain righteousness until you spend from that which you love. Okay, so that's why he was able to overlook he thought about what do I love most. He said, I love the best gardens in Medina, which are now encompassed in most number one, right? So the most beautiful gardens in Medina,

00:28:13--> 00:28:18

all of those hundreds of trees, he says that's what I love most as soon as he heard that verse. The second thing.

00:28:20--> 00:28:25

Yeah, absolutely, if they can add one thing, I also look at the story of Mr. Fattah

00:28:26--> 00:29:11

when Abu Bakar on the low end was given him a lot of charity and money because his relative to aboubaker his from his his maternal relatives. So when the incident of accusing the daughter of abubaker of the adultery was there and it hurts boubakeur, like the father of the olana Mustang was reportedly involved in aq in this accusation. So it hurts him the most that he was given Mr. A lot of money and he supported Mr. Throughout his life. And now Misbah did this to him. So he he swore that he would never give

00:29:13--> 00:29:16

money after that. And then guess what? The Quran

00:29:18--> 00:29:19

Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

00:29:21--> 00:29:30

says in the verse directing to Abubakar and so and to to all Muslims until the day of judgment.

00:29:31--> 00:29:34

When I tell you old problem in Kumasi, a new tool

00:29:36--> 00:29:40

and do not let those who have wealth

00:29:41--> 00:29:44

to not give their relatives

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

to because of what happened to because of what they did. I mean the idea here is not your gift because they did something good to you or they did and you stop because they did something bad but you you do it because it's a

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It's a command from Allah, it's for yourself to be righteous.

00:30:07--> 00:30:10

Allah Subhana Allah. So

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you mentioned in this situation if doubleback it will be a lot of time I know who was freeing all of these slaves that brought him no benefit whatsoever and people thought why don't you free others and stuff because of the world and kebabs of the world, right? analyze, as I mentioned, is purity and his giving. And now he's being tested with a subject and another way that his relative who he was giving insulted his daughters of how Lenin purified his intention. So bringing it all back, is it's, it's amazing. I will call about the longtail angle as I mentioned, stop past the dunya as Eliza mentions Xena to hire to dunya. Right, the beauty of this world of the allure of this world, then he

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went to the prophets license and he spent it seeking what right? That the day in which there is no doubt seeking Allah monetize reward. And it's very important here that he gave it to the profit slice on them without any manner of without any boasting or any like it wasn't like you notice a lot. These beautiful gardens, they're all for you. He's also the law. It's all yours. He didn't remind he didn't tell the profit slice. I'm fine. I know you've had your eye on this. And this will do great things for the dean and no, it was yellow. So let's take it. Why because then 10 out of 10 people remember to have one, I wanted to give the thing that was most precious to me seeking, the

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less pleasure and it was the profit slice of them that sets him

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up for being you know, you should spend it on your family. First, you should, you know, the profit slice on them was trying to find a way for him to not give everything away at that moment, in that moment of heightened spirituality and faith that that is the case of the believers that long for our last panel to add an alert to the Quran about the data now we'll have it

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in there until we'll have all been in a jam here in St. Louis, in the law. Now you had a second law fair

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from the law as well, Chef Abdullah, you want to say one last thing and show send us home as we wrap up? Yeah, whenever I hear that verse lens now that

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only reminds me when I was in my first year, my first year and learning Arabic in Medina is real short is on a funny note. And we're laying the word money means Matt, right. And the verb Mel means to lean towards something. So he said if you have a pocket right here, you see your PA, that's where you put your money. It's right next to your heart.

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Because your heart leans towards so I just remind you, every time you put something in there, remember now I want my heart to be that close to my chest and my hand in my hand. So

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So on that note, I will go ahead and wrap up Zack Lochhead

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for joining us tonight we hope to see you again joining us

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as always, and inshallah tada for the rescue. We will see you tomorrow night at the same time. So then when it comes to life,