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began as always, by praising Allah subhanaw taala I'm very witness that not has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Salah law morning he was something is his final messenger. We asked the launch of Sun has decent blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his closet path until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allah, meaning Dear brothers and sisters, I want you to put yourself in the shoes of a person who is leaving their lands and in full steam, who is leaving their lands in

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the valley people have excelled over the years and what has come down is nothing but their faith and a loss out no one's around in their certainty and Allah subhanaw taala and the model of every single generation of people that have been expelled is that we will return before it was sent out root we will return and today it is was your aim. We are all returning. The models of the MC follows the models of the people who have been expelled the models of those who love the people that have been expelled and love the lands from which they were expelled will continue to revolve around this concept of we will return. And when we say we return, we have full faith in our strategic ability

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not in our military power and our organizing, but in the last time once or another who always returns his profits to their rightful places who always balances out the scale once again, who always makes an example out of every oppressor that thinks they will be commuted to justice of ALLAH SubhanA wa sallam who always uplifts the oppressed, just on the oppressed, is about to break, we put our faith in Him that He will return. And right now, it has said to Hashem, our beloved Assam, the place of the ancestor of our beloved prophet, some of the sudden Hashem were the best people. Mohamed Salah lalwani was set up his today, there are people that are in the border of Gaza, that

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have to make a powerful choice, there are some who will be expelled and pushed out. And they'll turn back and go look towards us the way that perhaps their parents did before or the way they have done when they were expelled from other places and Philistine to hustle in the first place. And they'll look back at it, and in their hearts, they will cry. That and I would have never left you and your people or had they not excelled me

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and in those same words, our beloved messengers of Allah learning for Sullivan, when he was expelled from Mecca

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he turns around and he says with a breathing heart Oh Is my eyes filled with tears? Yeah.

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Oh, well la he in Nikita very long. And now I swear by Allah that You are the best of Allah's lands, one of the lucky lair Oh in Allah, you are the most beloved of land and sea and you're the most beloved of land to Allah's parents.

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of rich two men came after us had I not been expelled from you, that I would have never left you.

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And the last verse that some of them have a city say is revealed to the Office of Allah who set up is a powerful one that applies to the situation that Aaron today I'm gonna love the last time

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that as the beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was on his way out of the scene with his life.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gets to the place called an orphan, which is a valley from which you have your last view of pumpkin.

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And he looks at it and the prophesy some of his grieved

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and announcing the last verse that comes to the prophets like some of them, some of the scholars say the only verse reveal on the hips. If the answer

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is want to be running Saddam comes to the province of Allah or England Saddam

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with the person sort of the plus us

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we're ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha and the citizens of Vienna

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reveals to him in a lovely flower

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token in

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The one who will reveal the form upon you, who made the binding upon you will return to you hold

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calm. Look at the language, the one who has more beautiful or ask you the same one that spoke to you from above seven heavens

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and transcendent all of the layers of existence are the params reach your heart, He will certainly take you Yasu allah sallallahu wasallam body, heart and soul and he will return me back to your rightful place. As I say some analog the word might have you could refer to healthcare, or it could refer to paradise. In any case, Allah will return you it is either victory or Shahada. It is a victory or martyrdom, those who are expelled from like absolving alongside and but never gets to come back to Netcat will be taken through the gates of the heavens and stuff. And so their place in paradise, but you Yellow School of Law and who are Kuma will certainly return back just as you have

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certainties outlook is being revealed, just as you Oh Muslim, know that Allah spoke to the heart of the prophets of Allah and was sent to peer review. Below that Allah will return to you Whoa. And Allah will put you back in your place to kind of Allah, the messenger of allah sallallahu and even sunnah is just trying to survive a death right now. He's just trying to play with his life. No one is even thinking about the power dynamics of coming back to the moon. It's not only escaping

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the thirst for murder. That was the various tribes always know how to learn the best of their sons, how do we get out of what they put forth. And Allah is already telling us prophets of Allah, and he was telling them, that lie will return you back. Now, in that process, a person might have self doubts, because they're not just expelling you, they are telling you that you are expelled and that your Lord is incapable of bringing you back or you are not worthy of divine support Allah

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will be.

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Good Woman. And Wanda will be saying that my Lord knows who has come with the truth. And who is in clear error of law is the one who determines who is worthy and was not. Allah has named you worthy. Yeah, we'll have a while I was on them. And a lot of Ruby look on as you will certainly return you back. So imagine that beaten the last thing that's planted in your heart in your ear. As you look back at it, you will return even if there is absolutely nothing in science for you. The prophets of Allah did not find a single place in the world to be safe. And Allah is telling him that you will be safe and your lands and victorious and the world will testify to your righteousness and to your

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guidance. There are several verses that come down of this sequence. One of them's kind of law was revealed very early on at Nokia, again, the most improbable times of the year 614.

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Four years after offense, so the wild wanting to send and receive revelation

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where the Persians and the Romans have been fighting the longest war in history for over 700 years.

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And the persons are finally coming to their final solution. They're mowing the lawn and all the places where the Byzantine for me human suffering at large, removing them from their stronghold, and in the air 614.

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The Persians occupied Jerusalem

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and the Persian Empire massacres 90,000 people and that looks 90,000 People without the smart or dumb bombs without the missiles, airstrikes. 90,000 people are subjected to a sword. And it's gruesome is concrete. And every single Holy Sacrament of Christianity is confiscated and stolen by the first empire and his law, a thought of first of all sends a message to the head of the business ease that clearly your con was incapable of protecting you. Rather, you should say that I am your GM monkey that defeats walking the pathetic situation in that same time where the Romans are running for their lives. The Muslims have their first migrations and abstinence syndrome. They too are not

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looking for a way to flee.

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And the veterans who are allied to the Persians are saying to the Muslims who felt an affinity towards a Christian that your turn is coming you see how this off the hook on them that the earth is conspiring and abstinent it is done it's only a matter of time

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and in that one's

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Allah was fabulous and other reviewers and if

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he would events for Roe v.

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Wade in sales leave on field or in CB learn a

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common darn well, you

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need one out email ceniza

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your roommate he can

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see his Omani wire they'll love me for long or

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whatever kin no fell on the moon now Cena you know don't

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put yourself in the shoes of a person not for right now. You can't even pray and publish anymore. enrollments are being wiped off the face of the earth of Your Beings hope your events and your brother or sister has his flight to India may be dying along the way. And Allah says the Romans have been defeated in the lowest point of Earth. Also the area that falls themed May Allah liberate it all.

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In the lowest point of Earth,

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feet and other than very good about having him say volleyball and they're coming back, they will be victorious. And Allah even puts a timeline to it that only He can do that no one of us can do them. Allah says the the YCT counted three to nine years.

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You know how often that is, it's not like Allah will come to charge when he brings them back. Allah was in charge in the first place and Allah is in control of the affair throughout the entire affair. And on that day, the believers will find joy in the victory of Allah, Allah gives victory to whom he wants.

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And he is the most time the most vulnerable, Most Merciful. The promise of a love word allah now you're free hook law, the word Allah never breaks a promise. Allah never breaks the promise. That's all I need to hear. Allah never breaks His promise. But last evening, I'm gonna

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go back to the city and what the allows us to do obey is not kind of comes down and says so your God is now saying three to nine years the Romans will defeat the Persians said Yep. Is that you want to better?

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There is no risk in this event. This cannot be alone and not least the law. He knows the law. The law says he says, Sure. certain counties Go ahead. Three years past four years past it's only getting worse than the Raj it's only getting worse for the Muslims obey cops inside is there another candidate is you're probably remorseful now you've made maybe you want to back out of it. But like I said, No one recently increased 300 cameras. Go ahead.

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The Muslims migrating from Mecca to Medina

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and in the same year,

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the year 623.

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The Romans regain what was taken from them and more and achieve victory over the persons in the same year.

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That department snacks 624 were her back for this Congress.

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It places

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zero asked Allah subhanaw taala give us the Muslims that image the Battle of Benin. Well, you'll be the ephod will be necessary. Not only were the Romans victorious smoke conversions in such an improbable way. At the same time Allah gave victory over the machinery one another and an improbable way so I have carried a double meaning young evening in front meaning webinar c'est la vie your brothers and sisters on a city level the level of firms working in a firm, I want you to drink his coffee for a moment and a world system versus some sort of his thought that he also probably glance over.

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Sometimes it's easier for us to believe that the dead are chauffeured either hanging from the front cover once

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they're happy that it is to betray our emotions when we see little children with missing limbs. That album clearing the territory of speaking arrogantly at

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The hoax the political hoax for Feldstein divinity. Sometimes it's easier for us to believe in the unseen than to make sense of the scene.

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And we always praised us.

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For the faith that he had and the prophesy sounds to go to the heavens and facts were upside to the heavens and back in Canada, if you said it, he's telling the truth.

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But some of the smelters mentioned that it was just as courageous and just as subtle, as much truthfulness. Honestly, I don't care what you're seeing.

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The arms don't matter team because they pump their self and they show themselves with this power and the strength that they don't actually have to intimidate you and to make you feel like you will never win sometimes it's easier for it's, it's easier for us to believe that the dead Palestinians are doing well. That's a sense of what's happening on the living Palestinians. It's such an Allah's

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being truthful, and having no doubt in the province of us.

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I don't care what you put on my screen, I don't care how much the off scene start against. Allah has promised now odd to get enough.

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And the profit price and attention of the signs and what they are genuinely Iran, what does

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that Hauenstein will be free that all of those people that have been expelled from NASA will come back and that's Woosnam will also be free. And that unless it's absolutely free, and just as we are hearing this a lot May Allah subhanaw taala gather us together in a larger conversation and absorb all that has liberated me, it will be free. Now here's the thing, the prophesy son was just trying to fleet enough right now someone's just trying to escape F investor right.

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But they have their eyes on us.

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Even as Gaza is becoming improbable, they're seeing all of Palestine will be free, even as their homes are being demolished. They're saying I will pray in the first symbol of Assam and Mr. lochsa.

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On the Prophet sidestone was put in the thunder when he was put in the church where they were trying to eliminate the pain of Allah Solon will light up the entire worlds with Islam reaching

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an end with is VS zero to the sloths and Allah Subhan Allah, how he verses connects. These verses

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are revealed to the prophets micellar circle is also known as third volume, which talks about the third the corruption of endlessly,

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and we came to them as a result of their corruption.

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Allah says, What hidden stuff is zone Alchemia aka your financial Kameen.

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And if they disturb you, and they employ every single tactic to try to expel you, from this lens of they tried to make life so unbearable on the Muslims that were left in Africa that they would have PTSD when they left the market. They never want to come back. They tried to make it so difficult that they would flee on their own. Isn't that what they do to our people in the US and now isn't that what they do talk even faster now who wants to live under occupation, who wants to live without freedom of movement, who wants to come with wants to sit there without the ability to import or export who wants to live without clean water who wants to live without all of these different things

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though people have Faustin do because they know the blessings of Allah. And Allah says to the prophets, they tried to bother you. They try to put pull all sorts of antics to try to make life unbearable for you in Mexico.

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What either lie in the fullness enough at the lab called Elam.

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And if they succeed in getting you out, then it's only a matter of time before Allah will pull them out instead of

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Allahu Akbar.

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The same people

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that beat their chests and held their swords and cheese, every last person out of Makkah. Allah broken out only a year later in love of water

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and rock by all these evil or mayhem and Allah caused them to been killed outside of my camp by the same people that they throw out of

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And you know what Allah subhanaw taala says soon.

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Rena, this is the way the pseudonym of all the prophets that came before you all of the messengers that came

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Before you

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know it is certain that Xena we

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and you will not find a change in power. So

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what are the lucky life? If Allahu Akbar The Promise of Allah Allah does not muttering his promise the Sunnah of Allah. No one will change the Sunnah of Allah the same people that drive you out will one day be driven out it's

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the same people that tried to make life unbearable for you will no longer live in the place that they tried to kick you out and extra that you are never varied in

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your brothers and sisters center whose bonds your hearing witnesses want me to login with me, honey, these are messages that are to us and it's part of your faith to know in your heart for sure. I don't care if they empty out every single Palestinian in my lifetime I will still believe that Allah will return it to us and itself that they will succeed in doing so in the first place.

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But do you have that faith we will return the last thing the next two are after sunnah through ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gives us certain attributes.

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That's even Nelson

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Mandela knives.

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Whatever the number

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one of the Academy can do people think that they just saved me Believe it or not going to be tested. We tested the people that came before you. And it is through those tests that we came to know the truthful and for those tests that we came to know. The lines make Allah make us amongst the truthful, who are truthful in our hearts, truthful in our sauce, truthful in our days truthful and affirming the truth that has come to us from Allah to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhana wa is another big firm the fee and the hearts of our brothers and sisters and Philistine and give them victory and may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to partake in that as well may

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Allah free and I still have some restore versus restore every single part of it had a wrongdoing committed in its failed last tournaments and allow us to return to our homes. I mean lots of tournaments and allow us to return to our ultimate mobile agenda. But our beloved messengers level block on the block man I mean a lot of what he says and this is the first step number four.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala was willing to carry more hair than in so convenient. It's very what often what?

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What was the main I once in a while I was in at SMU and what do you do there was a lot more than our current illness or didn't have an alumna who was in our lives other than ours have

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been a lot more mechanical than getting

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along really well in in

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virtually all three years now, but what's the name, but generally it's a theory Imam. Allah also is one that has a famous article called him a very big lover of lung cancer as long as the mafia and if you cannot see a loved one is one and medical enough he does have equaling account Allahumma recently some of it was simula didn't ship poetry I mean, the moment if you're blind that allowed me to switch now if one of them became so heavy about that lung.

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Function even if anyone doesn't even

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realize go commercials isn't one of the things we love about lovable you're not alone.