Nouman Ali Khan – When Muslims Kill Each Other

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The current state of peace and conflict is causing confusion among Muslims who study the Prophet's religion. The importance of finding the right people and finding the right answers is crucial to solving problems in a world where everyone is trying to avoid conflict. The segment then touches on the history of Islam, including the acceptance of Islam by different tribes and the importance of not being the same clans or cultures. The conflict between two Muslims is centered around domestic violence and abuse, and the goal is to bring peace and end everyone's suffering. The speakers stress the need for everyone to stand together against criminal behavior and end any harm, and emphasize the importance of finding solutions to problems and avoiding harm.
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Al Hamdulillah chanukkah wa God Miguel Adam

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le new demon a Golem. A Muslim is somebody with almost a Toba T and another

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Finnish guru who had masa AB Manish guru who Allah neon. One who suddenly Anna rasulillah cron the sheriff showed me a new atom kitabi mokum camelina beginner will hotter. So you do one or the other and the double shalabi seminarium what the Olivia 30 Ibrahim alayhis salaam Hina Kaneohe Pharaoh Kala I debated la Mohan

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are some of them are AlLahi wa sallam

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and Athena barakallahu li m catheter nurse and our women from Raja

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and hamdulillah under the Lamia to his wallet and mala Mia Kula Hoshi config MK Colombia cola What do you mean a totally okay people tequila

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but hamdulillah under the Angela Allah, Allah Allah Masha Allah

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hamdulillah Allah they know

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when to stop when it will be when at our Kalani when our rules will be let him surely unforeseen our mean say it Mr. Lena when you have to Holla Holla Holla Holla

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Holla Punisher to Allah ilaha illa Allah Allah when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah what a pseudo Salah Hola Hola. I love Huda Medina. You've Hara who ality equally Waka fabula Hey shahida for some Allah alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira I'm Kayla. I'm about to put in that stuck out at tabula while Hayden had he had you hammered in sallallahu alayhi wasallam were in a chatroom with him to her inoculum starting with wakulla with it and voila wakulla

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Allah azza wa jal tambien can even be either an akula or with a ministry panjim

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have no mitaka calm letter speak una de ma con when I talk Regina and Masako Mindy reconfirm the correct one to sum it up to Luna and Porsche calm but also even a very common common Dr. Ian tala Haruna him with me with a red one when you have to call masala to follow him or Mohammad Mahajan.

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To me No, no be back in the UK Tabby with a Corona without a Niger's. Oh my God come in Camilla dunya, we are doing

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a lot of behalf in an unmet Avenue.

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From the shaky suddenly were silly. I'm the owner of the Tamil assignee of cold calling hola method net under multi Villa ilaha illallah wa Medina mean under the no ammonoosuc what Allah would help people tell us on the sub, I mean, me, I've chosen a difficult topic for this combo. But I think we find ourselves the oma find ourself finds itself over and over in situations that call for us to remind ourselves of some things that are harsh realities. And I think everyone's aware of the kind of political turmoil that is taking place in several countries, especially in Afghanistan nowadays. And people look for answers to how to process this and what should be our stance. And people look to

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those who they turn to for learning something about the book of Allah, or the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So I want to start first with a disclaimer. People that study Allah's religion, I'm not even including myself, because I'm nowhere near a scholar. But people that are even scholarly, that are far beyond the level of scholarship that I could ever reach.

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They aren't necessarily political scientists, they don't necessarily understand the social, cultural, political, economic, military, strategic background of a situation, because the situation is never in this world, a situation is never black and white situations aren't even black and white inside of our homes. Like even if there's a conflict between you and your brother, or you and your spouse, it's never one or the other. It's not a simple one line solution. This one is wrong. This one is right. It's always complicated. And when we're talking about geopolitical conflicts, and we're talking about conflicts within inside a country, with so many players at stake, then there are

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complications there is, you know, and what, what makes things easier for somebody is to put blame on one side or the other side, just to be able to be able to say, Okay, you know what, this is the right position, this is the wrong position. And in doing so, in creating oversimplified answers, and creating that we justify a lot of the wrong things that we end up doing and saying, and even thinking. And a lot of that is based not on full information. It's based on bits and pieces of information that we tried to piece together. And on top of all of that, the thing is that I can have certain opinions analysis and my own thoughts on what's going on in a situation but I'm only limited

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in how much how informed I am. I don't know enough. So based on what little I know, I formulate an opinion and somebody else, whatever little they know, they formulate their opinion. And of course, their background, who they're listening to who they're influenced by also helps formulate their opinion. So you could have people that are studying this

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Same Dean, that are learning the same religion that are scholars in their own right. But they ended up having two extremely different political analyses of the same situation. And what Muslims do, unfortunately, is they think of scholarship, religious scholarship, as somehow the political leadership, that they are going to have the answer for how to solve a world crisis? Or if their comment, isn't there. If their analysis isn't there, what in the world are we going to do? Well, no, that's not how the world works. And this is why for any serious conflict, you go to the people that have understood that conflict deeply. any serious issue, you don't go to an Islamic scholar, when

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you have a cardiology, you have a heart condition. You say, I need to go to a healthy, no, you could have a cardiologist, you have a legal issue, you have a business legal issue, you don't go to enough, you go to a lawyer, you go to someone who studied the issue and understands the law and understands what how to solve that situation. Because it's important to you. It's important that you find the right solution, you ask the right people, but somehow we've created a narrative and a thought process in the oma or people that are talking about Quran, they're talking about the Sunnah of the Prophet sites, and they're talking about faith, they're talking about Hadeeth, they're

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talking about the right and wrong that was revealed by Allah are somehow supposed to be the political analysts, the sociologists, the anthropologist, the economist for the month, it doesn't work like that. What they will often, however, can be guidance. It can be here's what's right. And here's what's wrong. The way it applies, is not a singular effort. What's needed in the online. This isn't even the subject of my cover today is what I'm seeing is a precursor to what i what i would envision what I would what I would envision is scholars of different backgrounds within the oma scholars of different specializations within the political scientists, analysts, historians,

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alongside Islamic scholarship, sit together and discuss and analyze and help the help Muslims think better and deeper about difficult complex situations. And what should be our stance and what should be our position. This is not a one man job or a one woman job. This is not one person's opinion is going to solve the oma. We have a divergence of opinions, we have a divergence of views, we have a divergence of scholarship and thinking. And until we learn to collaborate and literally create think tanks that can do this, and create discussions that can do this, we're going to be we're gonna find ourselves in the same situation where somebody just wants to get one line answers, one tweet, one

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post one, one meme that solves the crisis, I got this one, I can forward it to everybody else. This, this quest for over simplistic answers is a huge part of the problem. It's it shows the lack of maturity that you and I have developed, unfortunately, and looking for the right kinds of answers. And if you don't already know, then you should know the concept of echo chambers. The social media is built on echo chambers, you know how when you search for something on Google or any any any social media outlet, automatically, you start seeing ads that are similar to what you search for, you know that right? So you are your behavior online is being monitored, and then what you're

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exposed to is catered to your preferences. So you're you're you're being tracked, and in a sense, you're being analyzed. And based on your profile, you're being shown things that you would find yourself more in agreement with. So you know what things that you wouldn't disagree with, or see things that might expose you to a different point of view are being blocked from you, because you're less likely to engage in that. So what people do is they end up having engagement and conversation and discussions with people who already agree with them. So they never get exposed to another point of view. But that's, again, not my fault. This is not intended to be the subject of my football.

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This is just my own criticism of myself, and anybody I deeply care about that they should not look at complex issues, and become worked up without, without without knowledge without knowing or without even asking someone who deeply knows, and just wanting to have a verdict on what to do and what not to do. But the hotbar today is about something that almost Sims can agree on. Okay, fine, we may have a different way of looking at the same political situation, we may have a different analysis of what really is the problem. You can ask one specialized journalists, they have one analysis, another documentary has a different analysis you get you're getting divergent points of

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view. But you know what, at the end of the day, I and you are Muslims, and because we're Muslims, there are some principles that we all completely agree on. And you know what, in the middle of conflict, we forget those principles. We lose sight of them, they become unimportant they become Yeah, yeah, I know. I know. And I would argue that that is the biggest crisis of all, we abandon the word of Allah in times of crisis, when our emotions go high than the word of a line, its value goes low. And that's what I'm what I'd like to address today. The crime came in a region for suicide Salaam was appointed a less final messenger in a region that was tribal. There are people of

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different tribes, and depending on each each tribe had their own you could say national identity. And because they had a national identity

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As a result of that, they would see themselves as more important or superior or their trade, you know, interests are more important than the other side. I don't mean to be rude, but if you could just take a walk with a baby, I don't get distracted, I can listen to kid screaming all day. But I don't want other people to get distracted. I sincerely apologize. Okay.

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So what I was saying was, if we have a, you know, if we have a situation where different tribes are there, and in all of these different tribes, they're all looking out for their own interest. And we chance they got to take some property from the other tribe, they will take it.

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And then the other ones say, you know, you did wrong, and then they'd say, No, you did wrong to us two generations ago, this is payback for what happened 20 years ago. And then 10 years from then this is payback for what you guys did. And there's like a chain ping pong reaction back and forth, back and forth in their rivalries, and grudges that are carried on for generations, that could have been over a sheep, or somebody told, you know, cut down a tree they weren't supposed to. And they were ready to kill each other over this stuff. They were ready to fight each other to the death over this stuff. And then Islam comes to these people that are ready to explode against each other. Ganga

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as our tribe versus their tribe, Islam came in this region. And within two decades, these same people that have been part of these tribes, different tribes, with their own cultures, with their own grudges with their own nationalism, of their own kind, all of those people, all of a sudden, they develop a new sense of identity. And that identity now is number one, La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And when they develop that identity, it's not like they don't longer they no longer belong to this tribe, or that tribe. They still belong to those tribes, they still have that tribal history. But somehow What did Allah say, with Guru Nanak Allah He I make

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them if kumada and fall off avena kulu become mentioned the favor of Allah on you, when you people used to be enemies. And Allah made love happen between your hearts, Allah fuse your hearts together. So ally is telling us that when somebody accepted Islam, when somebody took Shahada, they didn't just accept Allah and His Messenger, someone lying on your sternum. They accepted that someone else who says that in Allah is now closer to me than any any other identification. Any other certificate just because they share the same calima with me, they became the heavy motoko matawa This is your Oh my this is a single oma. These people that have so many grudges, you could have two Muslims back in

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the day and the time of the provinces and two Muslims that have taken Shahada, and one of them their grandfather was killed by this one's grandfather. And they're praying next to each other. They're from two enemy tribes, they've hit each other their entire life. But once they took Shahada, what did Allah do as a gift of that Shahada, the gift of La ilaha illa mindsight. They no longer see their nationalism or their graduates or their hatred. First, they see another fellow believer, they see someone who's migrated migrated to Allah and His Messenger, and the value they have for that is higher than anything else. Higher than anything else. Allah says about the believers. He says, I

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should not want to fall or hammer wayna home. They are severe and intense against disbelievers. And they are loving and caring between themselves. Look at all my today. Does that look like our description? Actually is flipped? You know what?

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I don't go for her. You know,

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I should not be in a home where caring and loving towards everybody else except Muslims.

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And the same thing Islam came to destroy. They were shocked. The Arabs were shocked at the time when they saw the Sahaba at what Abia and some of them who came to negotiate with the Prophet sites. When they saw people of different tribes, they were like, how are you going to unify these tribes, you think you have an army, these people will go running to their own tribes. They don't see themselves in a party. This looks like a it was if you use modern language. This is like a train station with random people. And this is not there's not a unified group of people. There's different ethnicities, different backgrounds, different cultures, different clans, and the clan was a big deal back then.

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Every clan with its own flag.

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And yet those people were more united than any tribe could ever be. This was the power of La ilaha illAllah. When the Muslim finds him his or herself in a time and place where we are constantly in conflict with one another inside of a country, between countries. You can you can think about the geopolitics and the political background and the economic circumstances and the underhanded corrupt, you know, dealings that are taking all of that aside at the end of the day in the mind of a Muslim. What's happened now, in the mind of a Muslim I am Pakistani first.

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Muslim seconds. I'm avani first Muslim second I'm Bangladeshi, first Muslim. Second. My national Bible American first Muslim second, my national identity, my racial identity, my ethnic identity, my tribal identity, that's first Islamic second.

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The worst of it comes out when things get to the point of violence and killing. But even before that, even before then, Allah didn't break us up into nations and tribes. That's the that's the wisdom of Allah. He broke us up into different languages and cultures. That's the wisdom of Allah. He did make us different from each other. And yet he did the United States towards the one another also. But you know what, even if you people were the same ethnicity, forget even if you were different ethnicities, if you were different races, different languages, different cultures, even if you were the same genetic blood, even if you were the same, like the Israelites, because they were

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they were basically one race, multiple tribes, but still essentially one race Yeah.

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Then what Allah said to them, we you know, and I read this to you in the beginning and sort of miss out on when we took a promise that's binding on you. Let us speak una de la come, you're not gonna spill each other's blood.

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Well, that was Regina. And for sacrament, er, you can listen to these words and think about what we're doing as an oma. You're not going to spill each other's blood and you will not expel each other from your homes,

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not cause a situation where one has to leave their home. You won't do this to each other. We took this promise from you that you will not create a scenario where you are killing each other. And you're causing each other to leave your homes, a lot of region and four circles in the area come from a cartoon then all of you agreed to the shadow. And you were all witness to this agreement. Is this an agreement that was only taken from the Israelites? Is this not an agreement that we took also a Muslim woman Salima NASA will design he was also Salim said the Muslim is someone who other Muslims are safe from their hand and their tongue, their hand and their tongue. You know what's

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happened today. In the news, you see Muslims that are not safe from other Muslims hands. And what you see online is other Muslims are not safe from other people's tongues.

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That's what we've become on the ground, not safe from the other's hands. And online in our interactions, not safe from each other's tongues.

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The prophecies and define the Muslim as someone first and foremost, other Muslims are safe from them. They feel safe from the village. They don't say vile things to them. You don't make assumptions about them. And Muslim women salema nationalists and here we are the

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we're far away from this reality, far, far away from this reality. And it's painful that Allah told us that the nation before you that used to be the favored nation, they were the they were full blooded to Kumara alameen. That Soto Baqarah. Also, I favored you a lesson to the Israelites, I favor you over every other nation. I favored you over all of them. And then he talked when he said, Why were you taken off of that favorite? Why did you become cursed? Why did you experience this? You know, why do you suppose from this position? Why were you removed? Because Allah has a principle. You don't want to scary principle is in data. Well, no yesterday, Oman, Iraq and Somalia who knew

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and Telecom. If you turn your backs, he will replace you with people other than you and they won't be like you. In other words, they won't do the miserable things you did. Now, what did they do this by the way, that is if you turn your backs on level replace you he was talking to the Muslims. And he's not telling them something. In theory, he's already shown them a case study because the Israelites turned their backs, and he replaced them with the Muslims. He replaced them with the final revelation. He replaced them altogether. But now this replacement is not going to come as a result of a new messenger, this replacement will come we might even get wiped out because you showed

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unworthiness as a people. Look at what you did. And what are the kinds of things we shouldn't do. We say this in the Fatiha we say raylan maluhia and him. Everybody knows every man woman and child person knows this. Don't we don't want to be the kinds of people who earned your anger and the resources to compensate the people who earned your your anger and anger are the people that came before us the Israelites who messed up and how did they mess up? That sort of stuff?

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And what are the one of the biggest ways they messed up? Allah took a contract from them, you're not going to kill each other. You're not going to expel each other from your homes. You people agreed. You will witness from anthem, hula, hula and full circle and then you are the very same people. You are the very same that are killing each other. We're totally unified coming, coming coming the REM and you're causing a group among you to be expelled from their homes. de la hora are they even believe me? We're the one you're advancing against them with criminal behavior, criminal intent, but isn't sinful ways without an animosity. You're breaking into people's homes. You're going inside

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Well, they're not even feeling safe in their home. So they're leaving. When if you didn't feel safe in your home, if you were terrified that somebody is going to break down your door, and do whatever they want with your family, and do whatever they want with your property and your child, you'd be terrified to you would want to leave, you would want to get away. If I wasn't a physician, I would want to save my family.

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I would want to get away. And so when this happens to the Israelites, one of the let's say, Well, what will happen when are they coming home and getting them out of their homes was hard on you to begin with, was forbidden on you to do so. A Muslim can never create a scenario, especially not in the name of Islam. a scenario in which even a single Muslims property, home safety can be put in jeopardy.

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One life lost in doctrine, one life loss not even a Muslim life, a life lost whoever kills a single person, or creates a scenario in which a single person got killed. If I caused the stampede, I didn't kill someone. I just caused the stampede. And in that Stampede, some one person got trampled. One person got killed. That's on me, because I caused the stampede. I created it. I created that scenario on my hands have blood on them, if I did that, and what does what does the Quran say? If you kill one person fucka Anima Katara NASA Jamia? It is equivalent of killing all of humanity. There's no such thing in Islam as collateral damage. You've heard of collateral damage? Oh, we we

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were bonding a military compound and a few family few homes were destroyed. That's, you know, friendly fire. collateral damage. The Greater Good is still that we you know, we brought about safety, safety for what all the people who didn't get killed, allegedly. But you know, these things happen? What's our scenario? What's our situation? Look, 90% of the people didn't 99% of the people didn't die, only 1% died. Also those 1% are not that worth it. Their lives don't matter. Their their blood was was cheap, because it's worth filling that void for the other 99% we're in Allah's book, do you justify this notion of collateral damage, or the greater good and for the greater good, you

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get to kill somebody, you get to expel somebody from their home? Every single life and you guys have known you've heard these things on harbors and talks, but we forget them when time of crisis comes, we become nationalists. We become tribalists.

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We become singular solutions, yell and scream. Step back a second and think, where where did we go wrong? How did How is this even possible? This scenario is only possible when being Muslim just becomes a thing you do you say. But it doesn't translate into a way of thinking about yourself and everybody around you.

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Any most any believer who's laying a hand on any other believer, I don't care what group they belong to what politics they come from, what military they join, what government they represent, it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, that person is not going to stand in front of a lie and say I was part of this government and I have this in this instruction. And Allah is not going to ask you about what group you were a part of. He's gonna ask you Why did you kill another Muslim? Why did you enter this other person's home? Why did you conspire against this person or against this? Why did you cause harm? And then on that day, we're not going to hide behind, you know, a group shield or a

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governmental, you know, or a press release that makes it sound you do the worst things but you use the best words right? That's what press releases are and you commit them the ugliest crimes and but you your press releases make them sound like you're it's not that bad. actually makes it sound like it's a good thing. You know what that reminds me of Xena lusitano Atlanta home Quran says the devil beautified their ugly deeds to them.

00:23:55 --> 00:24:00

They do ugly things, and they speak about them in beautiful ways. Well guess what they do.

00:24:01 --> 00:24:30

And so when I read these ads, and I know as I as I talk about this, some people will say I'm siding with one group or siding with the other group. I don't care what you think. Our responsibility is to remind ourselves I have to remind myself You have to remind yourself what we have lost. We have lost the meaning is the practical meaning the implication of Allah Allah Allah, no Muslim should feel happy or overjoyed at the at even a little bit of damage coming to another Muslim.

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And what do you find today people are celebrating. People are celebrating one against the loss of the other, the other against the loss of the first one.

00:24:39 --> 00:24:41

think they deserve it. They deserve it.

00:24:42 --> 00:25:00

Tell me when the Maha Joon when the Mojito they came to Medina, they were an economic burden on Medina, weren't they? They were. They came as migrants. They didn't have jobs. They didn't bring money with them. They became an economic burden. And in fact, their cultural

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

Be very different to

00:25:02 --> 00:25:08

another they're flooding the population of an already economically struggling Medina.

00:25:09 --> 00:25:32

JOHN the Muslims in Medina, the forget muslims for a moment. The people in Medina are like these migrants have come in and they're taking, they're gonna cause crime, they're gonna take jobs, they're gonna, how are we going to feed our family we don't even have enough for ourselves and not only this, they're bringing conflict to our region. They have a problem in Makkah, now they're bringing war over to Athena some familiar from today's politics.

00:25:34 --> 00:25:48

And by the way them when I feel exactly this, the hypocrites in Medina the Quran calls them hypocrites said these people. These people have come they are an economic burden, and this is their fight. Why are we getting involved in this fight? What do we have to care about them?

00:25:50 --> 00:26:30

And at one point, they started actually even the Mahajan the sincere module and and saw at one point there were a scuffle between them in the seal you know, bunny masala after coming back from the small military excursion one mohajir you know they're traveling in the desert it's hot it's you know, you're you're on low low tolerance when you're on a road trip Anyway, you get agitated easily, right? One Mahajan one McCann trips over and bumps into an anxiety Medina and, and he pushes him back and then it turns into a thing and now all the buttons are behind this one, all the demons are behind that one. They're all Muslims. They fought for the sake of Allah. But all of a sudden, what

00:26:30 --> 00:26:37

happened? nationalism, tribalism is so powerful. It takes a little bit of spark and you can forget that you were Muslim.

00:26:38 --> 00:26:53

And you're lined up as McCain versus Medina. And they were just about to go at each other. Right. And when the prophet SAW Shannon was given this news, he said they've they've said words to it, because they call it a yada yada.

00:26:54 --> 00:27:34

yada margerine the one guy what the Macan got got hit. He said, Why did you name meaning? McCann's? Come on, I need I need backup. I need my people with me. On the other ones that Oh, you want to call your people I got my people do. Yellow Yellow, no hoppers. No more. Hi, Julian and Sarah. Beautiful words. They're beautiful. They're words in the Quran. these are these are, you know, awards given to people who migrated For God's sake, and people who helped others for Allah sake. But in this context, those words were being used to create conflict between two Muslims. And the prophets. I seldom said these words have extension. They have a stink to that. These words are filthy.

00:27:35 --> 00:28:17

They used good words, but they use them to work to incite tribalism. 10 inside group thinking, to stop thinking like an oma. And the Prophet station was put a stop to that. So that there is a powerful tendency. Your humanity began with one brother killing another hobbylink copying. That's how it began sibling conflict. You and I, we've seen plenty of family conflict. You've seen fights over inheritance. You've seen fights over whatever, you know, business, this distribution, you know, wealth money. You know, why did it Why did you give the car to my brother? Why didn't you give the car to me? Why did this one Why did this sister get married in the more expensive hallway? Did they

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get the cheaper hall? conflict happens in families too. But you know what? When we lose sight of what Allah gave us, and some very basic fundamental principles, then this thing turns into, we lose sight of what it even means to be a member of this oma. Every life lost. Doesn't matter which side of which border is fine.

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It's one body. This online is one body, its pain is our pain. And being a conflict, bringing resolution making things right, bringing criminals to justice. All of that is our agenda, not one group's agenda versus another group's agenda. We have to think about this thing together. We have to look for solutions together. If that mindset isn't there, and we just need somebody to point fingers at and say these people did this. These people did that. Good luck with finding a solution. Good luck. Conflicts will happen. What did Allah say for us in the hallway, Noma make some kind of peace, find a way to make peace between people find a way to make peace. But when one is critically engaged

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in criminal behavior against the other, and everybody has to get together against the criminal element, everybody should be on one side. That's a less principle. The way that applies to one specific situation I start I end where I started. The way that applies to one specific situation is not a one person answer. And if you're looking for a one person answer, you're a part of the problem. You absolutely are part of the problem. If you're looking for a statement from me, or for some real shame, or from some somehow somebody who's made the right call and he's made the right statement. No, this is a discussion and it requires you cannot solve a problem until you understand

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the depth of the problem.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:23

If people sincerely come together with one driving motivation, what's the driving motivation? I don't want a single child to lose their parents. I don't want a single parent to lose their child. I don't want any family displaced. I don't want any harm coming to anyone. We need to end harm coming. We need to bring an end to this injustice. That's the intention. Because when anybody hurts, I don't care if they're my nationality or not.

00:30:24 --> 00:30:29

They share something much thicker than nationality would be thicker than blood this year in Medina. Hi, Lola with me.

00:30:30 --> 00:30:58

So what if they don't have a beard? So what if they don't pray five times? I'll say it. So what if they haven't fasted? 10 years in Ramadan? So what if they listen to music? That's between them and Allah? They say lai lai Lama, they're my blood. They're thicker than my blood. I share that with them. It's not just a difference in ethnicity. It's even in a difference in how much they practice their Deen. Even if they were drunk out of their mind, that's still my brother in his farm. That's still my brother.

00:30:59 --> 00:31:22

We forget we say no, unless they look like me as a Muslim. And if they're if they're Islamic enough by my standards, then they're my brother. No. Okay, who gave you that who gave you that self righteous standard of judgment where you get to decide who's Muslim enough, if somebody is engaged in a sin, and that sin, but that, you know, you get to judge that act, or say that act is wrong, but not that person.

00:31:23 --> 00:31:25

Judging that person is between them. And Allah,

00:31:26 --> 00:31:50

I pray that we are able to just take a step back, and really direct the pain that we're feeling in a in a real healthy direction, to do something positive, to be able to think back and just solve something, to address something. And yes, the immediate need are people that are displaced or people that are in crisis. And it's not just in one place. It's not just what's happening in a lot of stuff.

00:31:51 --> 00:32:30

There are plenty of places where Muslims are spilling Muslim blood on the earth today, right now, as we speak, and I will dismiss any of those places. What is there even a surprise that there are other places in which non believers are spilling the blood of Muslims? I because we're not a united people anywhere. We're not united the profit slice. I'm promised, you know, the other nations will come and feast on us like wolves packs of wolves. Why would they feast on us because we don't stand united. We're easy targets were easy feast. So before we complained about who's attacking us and who's not, we don't address the source problem. We don't even see ourselves as one. We don't address that

00:32:30 --> 00:33:09

first. Until you have a healthy body, you can defend yourself. And if the online is like one body, let's make this body healthy again. Let's do that, again. allows them to really truly unite our hearts and give us the sense of the right kind of mindset and thinking and guide us to solutions to solve all the crises of the of the oma allows us to help alleviate those that are suffering under any rule in any place in the world. People that share our kalama with us and Allah azza wa jal give them give them relief from their suffering, give them safety, give them calm and allow them to worship Him in a way that is pleasing to Him and allows them to not make us are you Why are our

00:33:09 --> 00:33:17

hands or our tongues a source of harm to other believers walk along whether conflict or anything, when the value here comes with it with the connection.

00:33:21 --> 00:33:27

That was a lot more entertaining stuff. Also sad Ali Mohammed. Mohammed. I mean, he was

00:33:28 --> 00:33:58

a Mahajan. Nakula we love him and shake him up and allow America lunarlon maybe you are letting me know for a while he was doing the steamer Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed can also lead to Allah. Allah Allah for Haemophilia Island in mudgee Allahumma barik, ala Muhammad Allah Allah and Muhammad come about Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah mean in hematology about Allah. Allah, Allah and Elia sandwich. What about when I'm fresh out? You want one of the cooler? Yeah, come on.

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Up in the solar industry ladder kind of a little cleaner, get up and walk water.


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