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Allah Allah azza wa jal if you keep me here getting back the ANA Hola. Hola. Hola. Himanshu econo rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim.

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Subhan Allah He math is semi well it will work well. ISIS will Hakeem la whom will customize it will you will you need to have more on aqualisa embodied? Who will oh well Well, Phil Walla here well belting or whoever equally shaking Eileen? Frobisher, actually somebody were silly Emily Hello Dr. Melissa Ania Callie Allahumma Tabitha Angelou TV La ilaha illallah wa la Miranda Mila Latina Emmanuelle Emilio Sally hurt, whatever so we'll help Kate what was on the sub? Amira Bella Levine? Before I start my hotbar you two boys over there? You two boys look at me. Look at me. Yeah, you to sit separately. Very nice separately. Good. Come come forward, come forward. It's okay. I will. I'm

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not I'm just scary a little bit.

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You sit over here. Good. And you know you you sit over here next to the big people. Yeah. So because they're little kids here today, I'm going to remind you guys of something. You know, when you're praying, you can talk to anybody, you know that right? And when the prayer starts, you're not supposed to speak to anybody. Well, the hotbar once I started talking in Arabic, and even this part, this is considered part of the prayer. So it's just as bad to talk to somebody while the whole buzz going on. As it is when the prayers going on. You understand? Okay, so when we come to the masjid, that's how we got to be I don't want to embarrass anybody. But it's good that you guys learned these

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things inshallah you won't forget. And you can remind your friends too, if they're trying to talk to you. You go to the masjid sometimes. And there's a friend sitting next to you. And he says,

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you could just completely ignore them the same way you do when you're praying because if somebody came started talking to you, and you were praying, you wouldn't say excuse me, I'm in the Fatiha right now, you wouldn't do that. You would just keep praying, right? So the same way you just completely ignore somebody, even if somebody says Salam to you at the time. You're in the middle of the hotbar right now, that's it, this is the last time that's that's a very important rule that I want everybody here to remember. And so Okay, boys, you didn't know better, so that's okay. But inshallah even boys and girls in the back sometimes they see you in the back, you know, walking

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around running, there's one little girl trying to talk to her mom right now. There she is, yep, I see you Hi. Sit quietly. And that's what you got to learn to do inshallah and observe the etiquette of the Jamaat anyway. So the hotbar today, inshallah is going to be about something I've been studying over the last about month and a half, I started studying this during the month of Ramadan. And I've been continuing my studies on the masa Behat. And so I want to tell you, you might not know what that is, some of you are familiar, some of you may not know. So I'm going to first introduce this topic to you in sha Allah. So

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in the Quran, there are multiple places where there are sources that are similar to each other, or they complete each other, and they form an entire group. Right? So they have similar subject matter. And they complement one another. And there's a development of subjects, right, one after the other. Right. So a really interesting case of that is Surah, number 50. So that calf all the way to sort of tilapia, so sorry, number 50. Resource number 56. If you study those sources, you will find very similar subject matter. And you might find something Allah introduces in number 50. And there's some development in 51, some more development and 52, and so on and so forth. Right. And another, the

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very next group, and by the way, all of those sources that I just mentioned from calf, all the way to add wackier all of those students are ones that were given to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in Makkah, they were given to him in Makkah, but the group that I'm currently studying, and trying to understand better is the group that begins after that it's from Surah Al Hadid. That's surah number 57. And I'm giving you these numbers because it's think of it as a homework assignment for this week. I want everybody that listens to these robots to try and start developing some kind of a real relationship with the Quran and start reading it on their own. That's part of what we should be

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doing as Muslims is to develop a personal connection to the Quran. So I'm guiding your request this week a little bit in sha Allah. So 57 is a Madani sunnah, so 50 to 56 were all revealed to the Prophet site in Makkah, and from turn number 5758 59 all the way to 66 which is called a dream. These sewers are all given to the Prophets. I said I'm in Medina. So there's a big difference between

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The ones before and the ones after even though there's a continuity. These sources are very special because within them, there are a number of number of sources that begin similar ways. Like SOTL. Hadid begins with Subhanallah Hema for some it will have well ISIS will. Hakeem, whatever is in the skies and whatever is on the earth, declares Allah's perfection and has always done so. And Allah is the ultimate authority, and ultimately wise, that's the opening of Surah Al Hadid. You'll find a similar opening in spiritual Hashem Subhanallah him episomal What you have, or who will as these will, Hakeem, you'll find a similar opening again, when you go over to sort of Joomla you'll

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actually go to some sort of Joomla so Tabone, you'll find Subhanallah or you said you said Behala. So you'll keep finding everything declares Allah's perfection. And these, this tells you that these tools have something in common. The term I used is the Musa Behat, meaning the sutras that start by declaring the perfection of Allah. Right, so we group them together, we think of them together, because all of them have that in common. They all open with the declaration of Allah's perfection. Now let's take a little bit of a deeper look.

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The thing is that the majority of the Quran, two thirds of the Quran was given to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam when he was still in Makkah. So the early part of the Prophet's life Ali Sato salaam, that's when most of the Quran came down. And the main topics the main subject in that part of the Quran, is essentially Who is Allah? Why should you believe in Allah? What does it mean? What does it mean to believe in just got one God? How do you describe him? What are those descriptions have to do with you? So your personal every human beings personal relationship with Allah, that's one of the main subjects of makin Quran, then how does Allah communicate with human beings, Allah

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communicates with human beings through prophets, messengers, and by way of giving them revelation, those revelations are meant to be a way of Allah communicating with us. So there are stories of the prophets and how Allah communicated with them, and how they communicated with people and how those people reacted. Right? That's a big subject in the Macan Quran, then again, another huge subject in the Moroccan Quran is what is going to happen to us after we leave this life, what's going to happen to us at the point of our death, and what's going to happen to us after our death, that's a very big topic in the Quran. So essentially, you can think of, even though there are other subjects, and I

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want you to just if you were to take a bird's eye view, the Quran that was given to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe, Salam. in Makkah, the point of it was to change the way a believer sees reality, they see it through the lens of their faith in Allah. They see it through the lens of Revelation, they see through the lens of understanding perspective, like this is important, but the outlet is much bigger. Because there are younger audiences here, I'll give you an easy example. Like, for example, you may want to do something right now you're in the middle of a test, right? Your exam started at school, and you have one period to finish your math test, right. But at the same time,

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you're you feel like you just want to run out and play for a little bit. You might want to delay wanting to run out and play because you know, if you run out right now you're going to fail this test. This is not the time to be playing. This is not the time to be talking to your friends. In fact, if you're talking to your friends during a test, you fail the test, right? There's, there's a sense of urgency, because if you don't do this, now, there's going to be a call to your parents later, there's going to be an F on your report card later. And you understand there are consequences. So you hold yourself back, you pull back from doing whatever you want it to do, right?

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This is the kind of thing that Allah is teaching us by talking about the afterlife by talking about judgment day by talking about gender and Johanna, I'm making choices right now. But I think my choices I'm free to make them there's no sense of urgency, there's no there's no emergency. I can do whatever I feel like doing I can say whatever I feel like saying I have a relative amount of freedom, the perspective of the Macan Quran what it does is it makes me think about the AHA while I'm living in this dunya this, I'm living in this life, but I'm becoming more and more aware of everything I do, has consequences in the next life is being recorded. It's something I have to be

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answerable for. That awareness is built in two thirds of the Quran and arguably actually the biggest subject of the Macan Quran is the afterlife. It's very difficult to find, you know, going through a few pages of the Quran and especially makin Quran and you don't find a discussion about what's going to come in our meeting with Allah and judgment a and alkaline. Jana and Jana, all of those things right? But now I'm talking to you about Quran Madani Quran Al Madani the Quran that was revealed to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam after he moved to Medina. Now this is different. This there's a few differences. First of all, we find the term used in

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Medina that was not used by enlarge in the Macan Quran and that is yeah, you have Latina Manu. Those of you who believe, Oh you who believe the Quran and MCCA was talking to everyone was talking to every even the people who didn't believe in fact the majority of people in Macau were people who didn't believe they were the ones that were hearing the Quran. They were the ones being told about God they were the ones being told about prophets and the afterlife and all of it. But when the Prophet moves to Medina sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the main audience, it's not the only audience but the main audience is actually people who actually already believe in the Prophet sallallahu

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Orissa the Muslims themselves, which is why you find Allah talking to them directly multiple times saying yeah, you have Latina Avenue Yeah, you have Latina Avenue. Yeah you Halina and of course there are other populations in Medina. Like Jews and Christians. They also live in Medina, the people of the book. So you will find in the Quran, yeah, Bani Israel, Israelites, he's talking to the Jewish community, or Yeah, hello kita People of the Book people of the previous Scripture, the Gospel, right, the Old Testament, he's talking to them too. But primarily, he's talking to us. Now the reason I gave you all of this introduction is in these spirits from Surah to Hadith, Surah,

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number 57. All the way to surah. Number 66. In the sorrows, Allah is directly talking to us. It's yah yah Latina amla over and over again, you're gonna find one way or the other. Allah is talking to us directly those who already believe. But then it becomes a little bit confusing. Because if you already believe, then you don't have to be told about Allah.

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You don't have to be told about the afterlife, you don't have to be told about the you know the failures of the people before you already know that stuff. You know the basics already. Right? You should be told something more advanced. Maybe you shouldn't be told what is halal and what is haram. You should be told how to pray. You should be told how to perform hajj, those are the things you don't know. You should be told the rules for fasting, right, though you should be told the rules for inheritance or how our marriage you know, those are the kinds of things you should be told and that's true. In Medina Quran and the Quran revealed in Medina, Allah talks to us a lot about these

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laws. He talks to us about these rules now that you're Muslim. Here's practically what being a Muslim looks like. Here are the rules you're supposed to follow. But strangely in these Musa behind these groups of sutras, within them within with between Hadith into him, there's a number of them, not all of them are Mosambi had a number of them are, but the ones that are, you'll find Allah starts by saying everything in the skies in the earth, declares Allah as perfection.

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Allah is the ultimate authority, Allah is wise. Everyone sitting here already knows that there is not a single Muslim who doesn't know that. That everything declares Allah is perfection and Allah is beyond perfect. And that Allah owns all authority. And Allah is ultimately wise. We're all familiar. Let's keep reading the human because somehow it will out. He owns the kingdom of the skies in the earth. We also know that already. He says you you will you meet he gives life and He gives death. Well, who I like Felicia embodied? And he is in complete control over everything. What I'm trying to say it's something that scholars said centuries ago when they were doing tafsir work on the surahs,

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especially sootel. Hadith. They said the first part of this surah

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doesn't sound murky. It doesn't sound it doesn't sound muddy, it doesn't sound like it was given in Medina. This sounds like the kind of thing Allah says in the Macan Quran where he's introducing people to Allah, because they don't know. They have all kinds of weird concepts about God, or multiple gods and they have all these mythologies and fantasies that they believe in, and they need to be clarified. It needs to be clarified to them, that there is only one supreme god. And that's when these kinds of ideas are given. So let's keep reading in this Madani Surah who will oh well who will ask you to Allah Who will bout in his the first and the last? And the obvious in the hidden?

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Well, who will be coalition in Aleem and he is he knows everything. He knows all things, who Allah the Halacha sama watever. Well, or Buffy said that he am. He's the one who created the skies in the earth in six days. And even though I'm not diving deep into these ayat yet, but I want you to know something about six days. How do you measure a day? You measure a day when the sun rises and the sun falls, the rotation of this planet calculates for us a day, isn't it? When Allah is talking about the creation of the entire universe and beyond seven skies, and then he says six days? Then he says six days? Well, this planet hasn't even been created yet. It's in the process of being created. So

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you cannot say it six days here must mean 24 hours and the rotation of this earth. That's a different unit of time, isn't it? So a lot of people read the word six days and they think of oh six times 24 hours. That's what this is. Right?

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And interestingly, the people before who are given the same revelation, they were also told Allah created the heavens in the earth and six days, but the days with Allah are not the same as the days on this planet. The days on this planet are calculated by this rotation. We're talking about the rotation of the entire universe and beyond the seven skies. So this is a different unit of time altogether. But the people before us created a confusion and they added something that came from their own minds. And that is on the seventh day he rested. So you find in the biblical account, God created the heavens in the earth in six days. And on the seventh day, he rested. And what does Allah

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do Allah responds to that and not in this surah in another students wrote off, he responds to that and he says, you know, well, I'm, yeah, yeah, we can see him now. He created the skies in the earth, and he didn't get tired after creating them. And that's Allah's way of saying there was no rest. That's something you made up he responds to that. It says, Let me be hunky hinda anyway, so here, he says he created the skies in the earth in six days. So Mr. Anil Ouch. Then he rose upon the Roush the throne. Yeah, Hola, me, Maya let you fill out the Micrologix minha. He knows what goes into the earth and what comes out of the earth. Well, my NZ Lumina, Sama II Rama, ja Raju FIFA, and he knows

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what comes down from the sky. And he knows what goes up into the sky. Well, who am I just think about that for a moment. You know, he just said, He's the first and the last right? He's the first and the last. And he's the obvious and he's also obvious, he's also hidden. And now ALLAH is talking about some things that have to do it first. And last, for example, now Allah is going to tell us that he knows what goes into the earth, which is the first part of the farming cycle. And the last part of the farming cycle is when the plant comes out of the earth, isn't it? And the first part is when the rain comes down. And the last part is when the vapor goes up. And the first part is when

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the soul comes down into the baby. And the lat last part is when the soul is raised back to Allah at death. And, uh, well, well.

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You know, the first part you can see the first part you can see the later part you can see Allah headwall. bothin a viral so he's actually demonstrating how Allah himself so much of what he does, has the hood and has gotten has some things become obvious some things become hidden. And then he says, well, Allahu Bhima Atacama Luna will seed and Allah sees all that you do the hookah somehow it will again he owns the kingdom of the skies and the earth by the way, the second iOS lumen customer it went out and now we're on the fifth day and Allah says law who will somehow it will not he repeats it. This is what you know why he told you a little more and all decisions will be taken back

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to Allah. You will literally laughing out while you listen to how I feel like he makes the day go into the night he makes the night go into the day. Well who are aluminum be that is pseudo, and he knows everything that lies inside of the chest. Every thought I have had every feeling I've had every secret I carry everything I wanted to say but I don't have the courage to say every inclination he knows what's going on is deep inside me. He knows all of it. These are the first six ayat of surah Al Hadith revealed to the Prophet socialism by majority account by what seems to be the most compelling evidence in Medina itself. But none of these ayat sound like I said, they don't

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sound like Madani Quran, they sound like makin Quran. So then the question becomes, why is Allah talking to the Muslims, the way he used to talk to the non Muslims? Why is he talking to us the way he was talking to the people of Makkah.

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Allah is giving us a profound lesson here that is unique to the sutras, which is why I want you to engage in a study of the sorrows. If you take a step back, I want you to know the difference between the two populations. When somebody accepted Islam in Makkah, when they accepted Islam in Mecca, their life became very difficult. accepting Islam was not an easy thing. If you accepted Islam, that means your entire family will disown you immediately. If you accepted Islam, it means nobody will do business with you. The way you made money, you can no longer make money that way. The way if you accepted Islam, you used to have respect and a status and position in your society. Nobody gives you

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that respect or that status or that position anymore, as if you have a label on you that you are an outcast. Basically, if I use today's language, you've been canceled. You're if you're if you're a Muslim, if you accept Islam, you're canceled. You're done. You're an outcast from society. This case, this was the this was just the beginning. Then came the insults and the psychological abuse and the social abuse and then on top of that came the physical abuse. People started getting tortured for being Muslim. People started getting beat up for just praying. That's what happened. When you accepted Islam. You could ask yourself, man before I was Muslim, life was good. My family

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liked me. Life was simple. I could just go make my money. Things were easy. And now that I accept

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To the slum everything's become difficult if I just go back life will go back to being easy again. And these people were so committed to Islam even though they were being given a hellish experience in Makkah that they were willing to even leave their home leave their family, you know Alladhina OKW regimen dare him while I'm while him while I'm while he marveled at him. They were they were taken away from their homes, they were taken away from their monies from their families. And they went with the profit wherever the profit goes, we go on we don't so love it doesn't matter if we starve. These are the Mahajan. So these people showed the highest level of commitment. But by the time the

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Prophet salallahu alayhi salam moved to Medina, where these soldiers are being revealed. Of course, there were people that accepted Islam, and they welcomed the MaHA JRun. And they gave them a home we call them the Tsar, Allah will talk about them in the Surah. Two within them SOTL Hashanah, particularly Allah will talk about them in some detail.

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But there were other people to other people said everybody's accepting Islam. Islam seems to be the popular thing now. It's becoming hip. It's becoming the cool thing to be. I think I should i Sounds good. I mean, seems like a pretty good religion. I'll join into

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the people who joined Islam in Medina, they were not kicked out of society. They were not canceled. They were not ostracized. It was a lot easier to accept Islam in Medina than it was to accept Islam in Makkah. And that's important because if Allah will even talk about that in this surah he will say last time even command and *up in Kabul In fact, he will cotton will go muda Raja Tamina Latina and for comin back do what cotton, the people who came before who spent and they fought, those are they're not equal, those are higher level than the people who came afterwards. Even though Allah has promised good to all of them. We're calling what are the Hola Hola, Cosna. Okay, now the second

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group of so we we now have three kinds of Muslims. When we come to Medina, we used to have one kind of Muslim, when we were in Makkah, the one kind of Muslim was doesn't matter what it takes, I'm not leaving Islam, I don't care if I get killed. I don't care if I get tortured. I don't care if my family hates me. And everyone hates me, I am with the prophet or the Sato salaam absolutely committed. These are the this is the only kind of Muslim you got in Makkah, because nobody could have another agenda for being Muslim in Macau.

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You have those kinds of Muslims in Medina two, you have them among the answer. But you also have people that realize that Muslims have become a very powerful political force. So maybe it's better we join this party because clearly they win the they won the election. And if you want to stay relevant, we should probably join the winning party. In politics, they call these people flip floppers right. So your hope will magically the wind goes this way. They go this way the wind goes that way. They go that way. The Quran calls them the mafia goon. They're hypocrites. What is the Quran call them we'll call because mafia hypocrite actually comes from Africa. Now Fokine Arabic is

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a lizards hold the desert lizard. When it makes its hole in the ground, it actually makes it to exits. So if the dogs are coming after it, or something's coming to attack it, it always has an exit strategy. It can get out the other way. That's why they're one of the reasons they're called when I feel good is there with the Muslims until there will be a need for an exit strategy. And then when things get bad on the other side, they'll come back to join the Muslims again, and I'm gonna go Morocco. We already right? That's what they're gonna do. So now we don't have people that are ready to make all kinds of sacrifices. We have hypocrites within Medina to we have hypocrites among them,

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too. And then there's, so there's the best of the believers the answer? There's the hypocrites. And then there's a middle category of people that are they accepted Islam, but they don't realize how serious it is. They don't know what sacrifice means yet. They haven't experienced what the people of Makkah have experienced yet. So this all sounds good, but they didn't realize it's gonna get that tough. You understand? So the reason I'm describing all of this to you, is I'll get to the point very quickly. Now, if you think of the Iman, the intensity of my faith, if you think of it as temperature than the temperature in Makkah was very high. Right, this is a very intensely,

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you know, heated believers. The heat of their faith is very strong. When you come to when you come to Medina, that was Makkah, when you come to Medina, you have people that have intense faith. Then you have people that don't have as they have faith, but it's not as intense. And then you have people that are just pretending to have faith. They're just hypocrites. So is the overall because they're all together. They're all together. So what happens to the overall temperature

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drops, isn't it? You know what you can say? The overall not the individual, but the overall emaan the overall faith of the community dropped. There was a very high intensity of email

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I'm in Makkah, and the overall faith has now dropped. And for these people, some of the very fundamental lessons that raise the Eman in Makkah in Macau and Quran. Some of that needs to be summarized and given all over again, don't assume just because you accepted Islam, that you don't need to start at the basics. So what does Allah do? He says everything in the skies in the earth declares Allah is perfection. He's the ultimately wise, he's the ultimate authority, his kingdom belongs to him. Why is he saying these things about Allah as if he's introducing them to Allah, because just because you know, something, doesn't mean that you really internalized it,

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that you really get it, that it's that hit you hit you deep inside, you know, and Allah is Allah is penetrating through that wall by actually re reintroducing these fundamental lessons. And I'll tell you one more thing about this, which will become clearer, it doesn't become as obvious in this surah.

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But it will become more and more obvious as these Musa be had progressed. And that's why I want you to read them for yourself. Why is this important for us? Because actually, in the sutras, Allah has talked to a community whose overall faith has declined. And if I feel about myself, that my faith has declined, or I feel overall as a community, our faith has declined. That may be one of the most important places for us to study the Quran. The most important parts of the Quran are where Allah is addressing that problem. What what did he reveal to people that were experiencing that problem? And so by comparison, listen to these words, after all of this, he says, I mean, Billa he was only and

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this is what I'm going to conclude with. He said, Believe in Allah and His messenger. These are Allah's words, believe in Allah and His messenger.

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That's remarkable because

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Allah is talking to the Muslims.

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If he's talking to the Muslims, why is he telling them what? Believe in Allah and His messenger?

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If you're already taking the test, and I say, take the test,

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bro, I'm already taking the test. If you're already driving the car to drive the car, I'm driving, what do you what do you mean? I am driving? Somebody who's studying and you say study, what do you think I'm doing my cooking? I'm studying these people already believe. And what does Allah say to them believe in Allah and His messenger? Believe in Allah? And why would he say that to them? Because this is Allah's way of teaching us. There is what I think I have my own. You know, of course, I believe I'm a Muslim, I pray I say I shall do Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, ye shall do a number hammer Muhammad, Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of course, I'm Muslim, I

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believe. I believe I know that.

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But then that belief that I have, that's just here. That's just some a conclusion that I reached. That's a conclusion that I reached. But Allah is not talking about that Iman, ALLAH is talking about this, Iman.

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This is different Iman.

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There's, I know there's one God, I know Muhammad is his messenger. sallallahu alayhi salam, I know the Quran is the word of Allah. All of that is knowledge. All of this knowledge is sitting up here in the brain, it's sitting on a shelf, it's like a file on your hard drive. Right? But when you open up that file, and you actually run it, it runs in here.

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So it's as if those files are collecting dust. They haven't been opened, that you haven't realized what it is that you know the importance of what you know. You see, so Allah says, Turn, turn this Eman that you have inside. You turn it on, now. It's sleeping, it's catching dust. It's getting rusty, the temperature is going down, heated up again. He says believe in Allah and His messenger.

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And then you say, Okay, well, how am I supposed to do that? How am I supposed to restore my faith? Like, what am I supposed to do to ignite that faith in me again, the first thing Allah adds as a remedy and we conclude with this today inshallah is when people imagine Allah mustafina V.

00:29:09--> 00:29:14

Spend from whatever he's left with you spend out of whatever he's left with you.

00:29:16--> 00:29:20

He didn't just say and fuchal Enrico minim. Welcome. He could have said that spend from your money.

00:29:21--> 00:29:29

And I said this in other places, right. But he didn't say spend from your money. He said spend from whatever you have been left with?

00:29:30--> 00:29:37

What in the world does that mean? It could be money. It could also mean time. You've been left with time, haven't you? I've been left with time.

00:29:38--> 00:29:59

I've been left with energy. I've been left with talent. I've been loved left with a mind thought. I've been left with ability. What is Allah Allah has given one Sahabi and ability. Allah has given another companion a different ability, another companion a different ability. There are a couple of 100 people sitting here. Every one of them has a different ability.

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

Allah wants if you really want to ignite that faith over again. Then you see what ability do you have that you can give to Allah

00:30:09--> 00:30:21

and for whom in Medina comb masala fina V. This is Allah's remedy to get started to restore that faith. This is why I wanted to encourage you to, because I won't be back in

00:30:23--> 00:30:57

Dallas for a couple of weeks. So Inshallah, what I wanted you for in the meantime just for yourselves. Start with surah number 57. Even if you don't understand Arabic, read the translation, take some notes as ask yourself some questions. What's Allah saying here? Why is he saying that's what's he saying to me and go to the next muscle behind the next muscle behind the next muscle behind all the way to the end from if you what I would really encourage you to do is read from Surah number 57. All the way to number 56. You will find it a very rewarding meaningful experience and especially if you would do that with your family BarakAllahu li Walakum fille Quran Al Hakim when a

00:30:57--> 00:30:59

family were El Camino it was again

00:31:04--> 00:31:39

hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam o Allah about the hill of the Mustafa Hussain Allah Allah him or hurt him in the beginning Mohamed El Amin while early he was So who here has been called Allah azza wa jal vikita Bukharin brother Anna Pooja Ruta. bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. In Allahu la mala Ikeda who you saw Luna Allah Nebia you Hello, and also Lu Allah He was a limitless Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad commissar later Allah Brahim early Ibrahim FL al Amin in middle Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ahmed crema Baraka Allah Rahim for an early Ibrahim El Amin in Nicaragua Majeed ribat Allah Rahima como la it tequila in the La Jolla,

00:31:39--> 00:31:49

Maura with the relation we're into it in Cordoba when her annual fascia evil mancha well as equal Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah Allah momento stone and can be Salah in the salata candidate Hello, Nina Kitab a Makoto.