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But the word rule in Arabic which some translated as the soul, right, the soul has to do with something that's comforting has to do with something that brings ease, something that brings peace and tranquility. It says if Allah own calm and tranquility and peace because one of Allah's names is actually a Salaam peace itself, and the row and row actually have to do with peace and calm also, I will put a kind of special calm inside him by blowing what into him my own rule, and when I'm done doing that, so it's a three step process. Yeah, step one was what?

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I'm going to create them from mud. What's step two, I'm going to make them balanced. And on top of all of that, I'm going to put one inside him my own rule that I didn't put in any other creature. This is special for him, but he stopped. And when I'm done with this amazing project, he tells all the angels, then you shall all fall in such that because of what an amazing thing I just made.

Story Night Whisper - Sneak Peek