Ali Hammuda – $100 Million dollars for a house in Hebron, Palestine

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a character named Jesus who passed away in a small shop in Halle, Connecticut. Jesus had a small shop in a small town in Israeli Israeli Israeli, and he spoke about his success in selling sugar balls in the market. Jesus's success in selling sugar balls is highlighted in a video, and a man named Hayato talks about his success in selling sugar balls to a fashion Minion.
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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah brothers and sisters two days ago precisely, a very iconic figure in Palestine by the name of an hijab passed away, and hijab had a small shop in the city of Halle in Hebron, and it was located a few meters away from a masjid and Ebrahimi. The Ibrahimi mosque the place where Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam is thought to have been buried down. Now he speaks about the millions literally, that he was offered by Israeli settlers coming in from Australia from America in order to give up his small shop and his response was one of amazing resilience. Same to them each and every time that the very smallest brick in my shop is worth all of the money in the

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world, and anything that you could ever offer me. So take a look at the video. Make dua that Allah subhanaw taala has mercy upon his soul. And remember this dear brothers and sisters who find themselves buckling under pressure acquiescing compromising their religion compromising their economic, their manners, their family, their customs or traditions, in the light of the few pounds hundreds or 1000s Here and there, listen to under oath who was offered in the end before he passed away $100 million for his shop. And he said, No. Take a look at that video. I've always said to him, I don't know what Daniel himself I'm alone. But the

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sugar balls contamination oh my

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goodness, the value of $13 million annual AdMob like what is the Carter IronHorse Are you involved with the Cowboys eternity manual

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and enlightened you buy their Vatra can we hold that the odds

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are you can win America.

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On a call to iPhone y'all go up to date, Laguna Java tournament and you never know the rain maroon or hot.

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Either doesn't happen as often as you heard 500 out of 100 Manila Calgary or Toronto.

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I've been to Raleigh and recover

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50 machete about rock the Hanuman set him wobbling

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Potter philosophy a little bit of the other neat mandala JRF Allah allows him

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to have to have a lot doctor but Allah can man

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a lot of dads version of unbuckled Mitch Mitch Manuel.

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Melba one shot

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Man Hello. Let's call him Namath himself it was

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some mishmash.

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One add

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in the value that

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you're trying to sell him $1.02 100 I'm gonna tell us that this afternoon.

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See you

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well I can

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stick with

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with some answer to Annamalai tamanu.

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Dena, Jewel total fashion minion.

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