Quran Aur Hum قرآن اور ہم (Urdu) #02 قسط ۲

Nouman Ali Khan


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Welcome to LA salatu salam O Allah so Allah Allah Allah he was on his mind somebody come on

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I've got it many of me cryptkeeper remember Danny but we accompany with a with an attack in a range of Oman yetta

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mustard, in which it was also a PCO. So MLG research colleague

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of Sikh research as your colleague was a Kata cavotec daughter to double mustard make Dora Tonka and Eva Renata Kaufman, or some special imitation with here. So hot I am moochie or sohaib co co hosam be nicer to invite Korea or app Kelly Omni visa like a vehicle be okay approvers kidding. Okay, good bureaucracy Oh to sorry, approvals. Whoa, Jackie was up RJ right. I'm new to programming Cassie. Cassie invitation. I