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Ihsan is a beautiful word, and the wisdom behind the use of this word with regards to parents is stunning. Ihsan comes from husn, which literally means beauty or to make beautiful. Ihsan means to do the UTMOST good and it is usually translated as excellence. When one does ihsan, they beautify their deeds to the fullest. They go “all out” and make sure every little detail is done properly. They do not do the least amount of good to get the job done, rather they do the utmost good–the greatest possible good they are capable of doing and they do not fall short in this.

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The speaker discusses the rules of Islam, including not doing things that are not valid, not killing children, and not bringing up shamelessness. They also mention the meaning behind "the best to your parents" and the importance of learning axon with parents. The speaker emphasizes the need to communicate clearly and use the word "soak it."

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Aku Maha Brahma Babu, Kamala Khan, I can I can inform you, I can read on to you what your master has forbidden upon you. And that will be easy and that you should not do * with him at all. In any way, shape or form will be valid any sun, and that you should be the best you can possibly be to both parents. Now. The I said, let me tell you what's wrong.

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And what's Haram is what is forbidden, right? logical. What is haram is what is forbidden? What's the first thing that's forbidden?

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Check. He'll say lots of logical minimum lock, don't kill your children because of bankruptcy. That's also forbidden.

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Then he'll say well,

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we'll get to don't come. Don't come near any any manifestation of shamelessness. Don't come anywhere near anything that could be shameless. Don't go near it. That's what I'm also. So all the things that I mentioned are things you should not do. But this is a tangent, but an important tangent. The only thing mentioned in the eyes that you shouldn't do is be good to parents.

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Even though technically, the IRA was only supposed to be full of things that you should not do, because it began Let me tell you what's wrong.

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Obviously, when the ayah begins, let me tell you what's Haram. The only thing that should be in the ayah is things that are Haram. So Allah says don't do shift, okay, hold on, don't kill children, you know, because of bankruptcy. Hold on, don't do shamelessness, or go near it Haram. But before that, he said, Be good to both parents. to both parents be good. What's the harm in that? what that implies is a very powerful device in the language. what that implies is, and anything short of the best to your parents is haram.

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How to do anything less than the very best you can do with your appearance. Now you know you're in the harem. What Meanwhile, in a Nissan

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is mentioned in the Moto moto Moto X is remarkable. It's absolutely remarkable that the parents are mentioned in this way. You know, there is no other action in Islam, where if you don't do

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that you will earn since

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you don't have to have a son in your salon.

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Your salon will still be acceptable. You don't have to have a son in your speech. The best possible speech you can do it all the time. It's acceptable. You're human. You can't have a sound in your head. You gave me a low except all of our hedge. Right?

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But when it comes to parents, if you don't give them your very best, then you're in the heart.

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That is wild. That is guys Get this through your head. Girls. Don't talk back to your mother. Don't Don't do it. I have to say it many times can you still do it?

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girls? Because I don't know what it is why you keep talking? Why can't you be quiet? Just be quiet when your mother says help your sister. Can you help herself? No just help her sister. Not because you like your sister? Because your mother said it. That's the end of it. That's axon. Don't talk back.

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Don't grant

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don't wait till your mother quotes me.

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They will hate me to

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Elbow do

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with guys. Both parents means even your dad. You know the one who gets on your nerves.

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What did you do today? as working? No, you weren't you're useless.

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You're right, I'm useless.

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What can I do that?

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Let's do something.

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You know, you have to learn axon with your parents because anything short of axon is in that what is forbidden.

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You can't just say I'm okay with my parents.

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And I know it's a parent or tangent. I'm not talking about parents today. But I got to tell you because the idea came up what Bill Wiley Dini son has no verb

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will Bill oualidia son has a prepositional phrase with your parents. And his son is

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the best.

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which actually means every action you can think of that has to do with your parents better be the best. It can't be limited to one action, you speech with them better be the best your thoughts about them better be the best your behavior towards them better be the best you're spending towards them better be the best.

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Everything about you feed them give them the best food. Don't give them your leftovers.

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Give them that you clothed them with the best. Think of holding them first before you think of clothing yourself.

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Everything that you have to do with them better be the best if son, and then finally another grammatical analysis of the word son and his son, and Nevada law, and when it comes to your parents

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the best.

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That's it. That's all I can explain. That's all it says. Like a lie is telling you is grabbing you. He's shaking you when you think the best, you got it.

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Got it.

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One word, sign up said macros anymore. Sometimes your parents talk to you like that homework

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for this a

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One word.

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And this was Arabic grammar. That will be dinner run of Venus.

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That's how you communicate. That's it, get it through your heads. Okay, no more talking and have discussion with one word and that's the end of it. That's what we wanted at sannan san, it's very strong. Very strong.