A Deeper Look – Surah At-Takwir – A Strange Scene on Judgement Day

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But then this is going to be such a terrifying day that Allah Now mentions a strange scene that is hard for you and me to relate to because we don't have this experience but I'll share with you some things about it from the original Arabic. And then I'll share with you how this applies to us. Allah says wait either a shadow Tillet when the pregnant camel, the she camel obviously when the pregnant camel that is pregnant for 10 months and by the way camels deliver between 10 and 12 months. So that's that's they could they could go any moment at that point. When that kind of a camel is going to be left to roam free. That palette actually is. The word for it that's that Allah uses is used

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for women. When a woman is going through serious depression and decides to not take care of herself, and so they say Atala till Atilla till Mara Tato Lu athalon were our to grow to learn our top product is ALEMI Hakuna Allah Holly well I'm telling us is Xena wahala Ji Duhamel caller ID if he puts no makeup on. She doesn't take care of her eyes or skin is getting old, you know, crusty or whatever. She's got bags under her eyes. She doesn't put any jewelry on and you people look at what happened to you.

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Were you know, do you have a devil? It looked like someone I know.

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They say about that woman. She's experiencing retool. Now what that means is he's not taken care of like she stopped caring about herself. Right? The reason this is important to understand and I'll read some Arabic to you and then I'll translate a shout Gemma or Shara. We're here Nakata Hamel, Isabella, Tasha surely humbly half a Corbett and Tara, Camilla Holly and the new Camilo Amman, Camila and we're unfussy. Well shadow, unfair Asuma Cassie Bill Arab, this is the important part, a camel was already an important expensive commodity back in the day, right? If you're gonna be living in the desert, then your horse ain't gonna get you from one village to another, it's gonna die on

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the way and so will you, you want something that's gonna have a big gas tank that's gonna last one end to the other. And you have to and you're gonna go and do trade, you're gonna buy a bunch of stuff and bring it back. Where are you going to load it on, you're gonna need the camel, it's your it's your truck back in the day. This is your your business, this is your vessel. This is the ship of the Sands, right. So it's a really expensive thing. And it's a lot of money to keep a camel to feed a camel, that thing's got a big appetite. You know, especially in a desert environment, water is in short supply, and it's gonna drink a lot of water. Right? So it's an expensive investment, but

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it pays off. Now what they do is if they if they're lucky enough to have a female camel, and it's pregnant, you know what that means they're about to double their investment. There's, it's gonna give birth and now I have two instead of one cars don't do that. trucks don't do that, you know. So it's gonna, it's actually going to go double my investment, double my wealth. So when a pregnant when a camel was pregnant, they would go out of its way to feed it, not load anything on it, take care of it, keep it in the shade, because they want the baby to come out. Right? Not because they care, but because that's money in the belly. So they've got to really go out of their way to take

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care of this thing. So of all the animals that you saw in Arab society, the animal that got treated royally, like don't mess with this one, and they'd rather sleep outside and let it sleep in the shade is going to be the she camel. What does Allah do? He says, What either a shower or toilet. When that she camo that is so valuable to the Arabs it's about to give birth is going to be left like nobody cares for it.

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You know what that means? People who spend a lot of time caring for such a camel are preoccupied with something else. So much so that their most important expensive investment is left completely unattended. How could that be? This is actually an incredible continuation from something that it kind of answers the question that was created in the previous Surah liquid Lymbery immingham Yama is in Szenen Yogi everybody on the every individual will have something that preoccupies them on that day that will make them unconcerned about everything else. And now you see a child walking around a pregnant camera walking around left abandoned uncared for, it's you know, it's first all scruffy.

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It's running around. It looks like it hasn't eaten that when you look at it like that, that's a shocking scene for an Arab if they saw our HR left alone, they were like, who's crazy who left there? Who left their Ferrari with the doors open like that, you know, for days and days in a rough neighborhood. Like you wouldn't do that. It's crazy. Who did this? It's clearly someone who has bigger problems. Right? So this is why even a shout out Tila now this is the thing the the word in the shower was so valuable to them when it when Arabs valued something, they used the word for it in creative ways to Okay, so and we do that, of course in any society even in the English

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language, right. So, you know, all you know, I will say, you know, my laptop is the Ferrari of laptops or whatever, you know, or this, he's the Michael Jordan of this or that when we see these the zenith of something, then we make that comparison to other things, that's a normal thing you do in language. So they would actually make a reference to HR not just to refer to pregnant camels, but they will do this also, for example, we'll start out as soon as Kiba and

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mailable matter, should we had been cattle or Surah, when the Arabs saw clouds that are dark, what do dark clouds mean, it's about to what rain, they would call that the same word they call a pregnant Campbell. Now, that's an important connection to understand. The Arabs don't get a lot of rain, they're in the desert. So when it's gonna rain, it's like an incredible rare treasure so valued. And so they are as excited about this exotic treasure, as they are about the pregnancy camel. In other words, Allah used a word that wasn't just a specific term for a specific animal, it was actually a cultural phenomenon, for things that are expensive and valuable. And that's why we're

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even shadow Tillet has universal value. Today, I shall Rutila it would be they left their mansion and attended, the gate is opened, you know, the stove is running, the cars actually ignition still on and the keys inside and the radios on and the doors open, but nobody's there, wealth just left, you know, people are going to be there at the bank opening their safety deposit box, that deposit box is open, and nobody's there, and there's like gold coins falling out of it. And nobody cares. This is a little shout out Tillet that's an impossible scene for us to imagine. You know, they do this sometimes in in apocalyptic kinds of movies, right, they'll show you like, when the world

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civilizations come to an end, and zombies have taken over or whatever. And those are like cash running, lying around or gold and nobody cares for it anymore. Because it has no value. Now, you know, and this is actually kind of the scene that's being depicted for Judgment Day, there's not going to be any value to the things you play so much value on. The question is human beings run after these things their whole life. Under normal circumstances, if you had the, if you saw people that have amazing wealth, or amazing investments, you dream one day that you're going to do that, you know, like, my background is full time employment of all kinds. I've done all kinds of fun jobs.

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Like I've sold shoes and delivered newspapers, and you name it, I've done it, okay. So when you do those kinds of jobs, you know what your dream is, I'm gonna save up enough. And then I'm gonna get a donut shop, or I'm gonna get you know, I'm gonna get a coffee, I'm gonna do I'm gonna start a business. Because what is what is to you a business, you know, a business isn't just, I'm gonna work there all day, your your picture of a business is when I have that business, I could chill, everybody else is gonna be doing the work like I am right now. And I'm gonna be making that money. That's the vision of HR. So when you see someone with a shot, when you see someone with an

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investment that's compounding and growing and growing and growing, you're like, man one day,

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you know, and then people take advantage of that from you, too, right? Make $10 million. In just the first year, I worked, I sold Tupperware for one week, and I made $10,000. Really, really

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low, you

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but people that are desperate will sign up, and they're gonna fall into all of that. But the point I digress, I didn't want to talk about pyramid schemes. But I do want to talk to you about is, when you say either a shower or toilet, it's actually referring to a past time where if there was anything you'd run after, it would be very sharp. And if there's one thing you'd never leave behind, it would be very sharp. You know, even in states of emergency when a plane is like, you know, they're getting ready for the emergency exit or whatever. They said, leave your belongings behind. Right? If somebody's carrying jewelry or loads of cash, guess what? They're leaving it behind.

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They're gonna take that with them. You know, come hell or high water. What's the point of living without this? I'm gonna take it with me. People might leave other things behind. But you know, that Chanel bag is coming with me.

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That's $5,000 I'm not letting that go. You know. So now from there, the mountains have moved, the most valuable assets have been left alone. So clearly, people are running somewhere. They're going somewhere. And even if the mountains were moving, that's pretty crazy and the skies going crazy. But where are you going to run? Well, you're going to be running away from something. What are you going to be running away from? Well, it'll be hard also JIRA. It's a progression of images.

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Hey guys, you just watched a short clip from the surah. What I want you to do now is go through the entire Surah with me, it's called the deeper look series and you can catch it on Vina tv.com under the deeper look section, so get started