Nadim Bashir – What is 313

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © A man named MohammedGeneration is being interviewed by a woman named Tada for a video about the number "649" in Islam. Tada claims that the number is a significant number and that she cannot disclose more details until she is called by her brother. She invites the entire community to come on Friday night to discuss "Returns" and mentions a law that will hide from thirdNet.
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this is your brother Imam Nadine Bashir from East Plano Islamic center with my brother was Mohammed bajo was that you know when people are coming to the masjid they're seeing this number 313

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What's the whole buzz about this number? What's it about? Well, my dear brother, remember Jim.

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This number 313 is a very significant number in the history of Islam. And without the 313 To be honest with you, you won't be standing here today.

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And unfortunately, I can't give you any more details you have to come Friday night if there's something you gotta give I'm sorry nothing Friday night you come and challah Tada. It will be amazing stories about the 313 So as you heard those are saying and I invite the entire community the epic community to come on Friday night. Put aside all your other plans try to be here that night inshallah? Because we'll be discussing 313 And how does 313 are relevant to us Docomo law hide from the Imam and from those third Xochimilco Hey, that somebody can welcome to Live rockauto

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