Nadim Bashir – Shattering Doubts #1 – Doubts in Islam

Nadim Bashir
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Mr. Heyman 100 likeable Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, Mohammed wider early he was a big marine about. So inshallah starting today, we are starting a brand new series on Friday night talking about the concept of doubts, and how there are so many doubts that we have, and how can we answer those doubts, first of all, is that in the day and time that we are living in right now, because of all the different fitness and all the different challenges that are coming our way, a lot of times we find ourselves as Muslims and Islam. on the defensive side. We're always trying to answer people's questions. People throw questions at us. And we always are answering people's

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questions. People say that this does not make sense. And we're trying to make logical sense of what the question is. So as it is Islam, because we're always on the defensive majority of us, we don't even have strong conviction and strong Yaqeen in our own faith, first of all, is that when it comes to our faith, we need to have strong conviction. If I don't have strong conviction, then I cannot fully with my full heart, I cannot worship Allah subhanho wa Taala imagine if you went to work, but you had doubts about where you work, your heart is not going to be into it. If you have doubts about what you have, imagine you're living in a house, but you know that you have cracks in the

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foundation, you know that the place where you are living is unsafe? How would you want to live there with a with a content hard it becomes difficult. When it comes to our deen when you and I when we don't have yet been in our deen, when we don't have strong, strong and firm conviction Nardin then our eBUY that is going to be weak, I wear a bad that is going to be meaningless. And that means that even when I do my worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm doing it only because I have to do it because my parents have taught me to do it, but I'm not doing it because I fully believe in this. So this is why Inshallah, in this series we'll be talking about a lot of the different things that that

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in this day and age that can cause doubts and we will cover many things such as we will go through some ayat of the Quran that are highly controversial, we'll go through some ayat of the Quran, that mean that seemingly that seemingly seems contradicting one another because there are ayat of the Quran that one ayah Allah says such another ayah Allah says such and many people who are objecting to Islam and many people who are the critics of Islam, they say See, look at your own Deen, look at your own Quran, it has contradictions. And first of all, is that Allah subhanho wa taala. He says in the Quran that he called Kitab loughrea Buffy, there is absolutely no doubt in this book. Because

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the reason why Allah mentioned this in the very beginning is because Allah wants us to understand that this journey that we are embarked to start this journey of the Quran, it has no doubts. Now, first of all, is now just want to give you an example. Imagine when long time ago when you're going to school, or even our youth today, when they have to choose a school to go to, there's always doubts, or let's just say you want to buy to you want to buy a car, you have several options. You can either buy this or this or this. But you have doubts about each one, you've heard things about each car, and that doubt is causing you to take a step back. Now here's what happens. A person who

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begins the journey of the Quran may think that is this book, is there any doubt to this book? Is there any ambiguity in this book? Are there anything that can cause confusion to me in this book, and to begin with Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned that he can keep tabula rasa Buffy there is absolutely no contradiction in this. And it was interesting to note is this law that Allah use is called Latin a few gins which means is that in the Arabic language when you have a law of this type, and the word that comes after this has a Fatah on it, then that means that there is absolutely no room? No no wiggle room for any kind of doubt, because this law and pay attention over here this law

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has been used in other places in the Quran, such as Allah says, Yeah, you have Lavina Manu unfit oh me Maryrose Aparna calm that oh people who believe spend in the Cause of Allah what you have before what minute cobbly A ta young before that day comes Lab Day on there will be no transactions on the Day of Judgment. You cannot say okay, you don't let's trade. You give me your deeds and I'll give you my deeds and so forth. You cannot trade on the day judgment. There is no transactions. Lab Day on fee when I hold that on. There is no friendship on the Day of Judgment. Lasha for it, there is no shafa on the Day of Judgment. No one can come and say I will intercede on his behalf a pie

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This person a God fearing person cannot come on the day judgment and say, I will be I will intercede on his behalf. Now, this will seem like there is no room for interpret for any shefa on the day judgment, but we do know that there will be the Shiva of who Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So, when you have a law, and the word that comes after it has to Damas that means that for the most part, it will not be there, but there is some, there is some room for it. There is it can still happen, but at a very minimal basis. But when you have la iba, it means there's absolutely no doubt you read the Quran and you will come to certainty you read the Quran and you will come to a strong

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heart a strong conviction. So this is why we're talking about doubts. Now when we talk about doubts there are many different types of words are used in the Quran, as it just talked about Riba is a type of doubt that brings that brings weakness to our faith in our iman, the other kind of doubt that does exist and is called the intellectual doubt. Meaning that how many times our own Muslim youth have gone into philosophical classes, philosophy classes, and the professor there says that I'm going to intellectually explain to you why God does not exist. This in the Quran has also been addressed. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the Quran, and hakomi Arabic, the truth comes from

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Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is Allah telling the Prophet alayhi salam and he says for Allah to cool Nana, and absolutely do not, do not at all be amongst those who doubt our deen and this word, butadiene. It was at the time of the Prophet Salam when the Prophet alayhi salam was dealing with the Jewish community. Now, on a tangent over here, when you say the seed of the province Sanlam de intellectual community that did exist was the Jewish community. Why you understory about the people that came to the province of Salaam? And they asked him several questions, right? That what do you say what is you know, who is our neighbor? Who are the US? How will it go half and so forth? They

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asked him three questions. And then the third one was what is the rule? There probably is some says I'll let you know. 15 days went by approximately 15 days went by no know where he came from Allah subhanho wa taala. And then where he came from Allah. So this community, where did they get those three questions from the Quraysh. They got it from the Jewish community, because they used to read their Torah, they used to still be educated. So because they were the educated community, and because they can cause doubts in the hearts of any Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala is telling the Prophet SAW Salem, and in essence, he's telling all of us, Do not be deceived by them. And this is

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very important, especially in this day and age, there are people who are going to try to intellectually convinced us that there is no Allah, there is no God, every religion is corrupt. And what we need to understand is that that is not the hub and the hub only comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. And finally, the word that is used in the Quran, one of the words as used in the Quran is shuk. shuk is a word that you and I, we hear many times in other languages also. And when it comes to this word, this is a word that is used in the context of you have two things and you don't know which one to do. Okay, is the basic form of doubt, you have two options, you're choosing between two

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of them, that is called shuck, but nonetheless, all of them have been mentioned in the Quran. Now, the next thing is that when you and I when we have doubts about our religion, you know, many of us Subhan Allah, I was reading an article just few days ago, that you majority of us sitting over here, we grew up in a environment where none of us would dare ask a question about Islam. We could never ask questions about Islam. In fact, if we did ask questions about Islam, than immediately our parents or our grandparents or the people who were who were with us, they will immediately shut us down. Why? Because you don't have a right to ask questions about religion because when you're asking

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a question is as if you're doubting, you're doubting the religion and there cannot be any doubts in religion. But at the same time, we have to understand that when it comes to asking questions, there are two different types of asking questions. And there is nothing wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong. If you're asking a question about being for example, there were two Sahaba or the Ultron, whom they got together and they began to discuss and they said that which idea of the Quran is the most hopeful to you, I mean, or which I have the Quran provides you the most amount of hope. This was the idea. This was the question, which I have the Quran gives you the most amount of hope. Now,

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even though I'm gonna be allowed to and this was a dialogue between him and Ahmed and best of luck on Omar

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Abraham Well, first of all, he went and he says, the IRA that gives me the most amount of Hope is the IRA as soon as Zuma or Allah subhanaw taala says kuliah everybody AlLadhina asafo Allah unfussy him talking to me Rahmatullah that oh you people who have transgressed against the limits of Allah and you have transgressed against yourselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. He says that this idea for me it gives me the most amount of hope, because Allah says in Allaha through the noble Jamia, Allah will forgive all the sins. So, this is this idea for me, it gives me the most amount of hope. It's been a blast for the author and listen to his, his iron. He

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says that the iron that gives me the most amount of Hope is the idea of the Quran where Ibrahim alayhi salam, Ibraheem Alehissalaam he said to Allah subhanho wa Taala Yeah, Robbie Adeney K for to heal Mota the Oh Allah show me how do you bring the life from the dead? How do you bring the dead back to life? It doesn't. That's his question. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala said to Ibrahim Ali Islam and let's pause here for a second and understand this. This is not any ordinary prophet. This is Ibrahim alayhis salam, amen man who was tested over and over again. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says about Ibrahim Ali Hassan that in her level well Bella will be in that week made him go through a

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very difficult test, but he was able to pass his test. Every test like him Allah, Ibrahim Ali Sam has every single test not a once the question not once did he flinch? Nothing. This is the person who's asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, how do you bring the dead back to life? And Allah subhanho wa taala? He said to Ibrahim Ali Islam, do you doubt me like, well, I'm told me that you don't believe in me. And he says, Bella, oh, Allah is indeed I do believe in you. While I can lay up on my in Nickleby, but just for the content of my heart. I just want to see this happen. And the owner, they say from this idea and able to Abbas, this is why he chose this idea is because you and I, a lot of

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times, we do have questions about Islam. Now, a lot of times, we're asking questions just because I want to become stronger in my faith. I want to have a better answer to a certain question that keeps on popping in my mind. If that is the intent of the question. There is nothing wrong and asking questions of this type, if you are if you want to learn. But then on the other hand, there are other types of questions that are asked or that were asked with the intention of objection. For example, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala talks about Musa Islam and Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, this is a an idea that Allah is addressing the Sahaba now the problem Salam, the Sahaba he says, I'm to the dunya and

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test Allura Sulaco komatsuna Musa, Coven Musa in the past was asked, and he was asking, he was asked, and you have to understand that this idea is in reference to which part of Musa story is it before fit on before he died, or after for the own died? It was after for the own died. Now for anyone if you were in Bonita saw in and you saw the Musa is giving you the hour and you may have some doubt you might have some shot. Is it true? Is it not true and so forth. But once you see fit own drowning, you see Allah destroyed his enemy. You will not have any doubt after that right? Yes or no? No one would have any kind of doubt yet after they crossed over. And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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said to bunny it's so easy to go and conquer a certain land. And what was their response is have Antonio Buka for Katya in the Hoonah Akari don't you and Allah go and fight and we will sit here and we will spectate. And once you have defeated the army, you tell us and we will move in. Okay, that's what but he saw you said, Allah punished, but he has sought in by keeping them trapped in the Valley for almost 40 years. Now once again in that 40 years, they're not supposed to have any kind of doubts and Musala Islam. But however, we find that every time was that his son came to them and told them that Allah has told me to has told me to tell you to do this. They would question Mussolini

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Salam. When Allah subhana wa mutualism took a group of people to the mountain. When Allah subhanho wa taala. He called Masada Islam and he was there and he was given the torah. At that time. They doubted Musala Islam they doubted Musala Islam and Allah subhanho wa Taala sent a lightning upon these people and they all died and Musa some say yeah, Allah. If I go back to bodyside and they asked me what's going on what happened to my people, they're gonna criticize me. Allah subhana brought them back to life from Mombasa to Mumbai the multicam. Now I look on the screen and this is mentioned and so the Bacara also the story, but the point is, these people they doubted Musala some

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despite seeing the truth, Allah in this idea I'm truly do not understand

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No, he's telling the Sahaba that do you intend to question? The Prophet SAW Selim, the way the people of the past the question Musala has some meaning why the when the Prophet of Islam comes to you, and he tells you something, there is no room of doubt, you're supposed to believe in Him with a full heart and with full amount of conviction. So this is this is once again, if there is people asking questions with the intention of objection, then that is highly repor. You we should recommend that and at the same time, we are living in times when our children, can someone please stop them.

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what I was saying is that,

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for I lost my train of thought,

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Allah subhanho wa taala, he talks about, yes, if a person does now as I was saying, that if our children, if our children do ask questions, they ask a lot of questions. Because see, our Christian or our children, they're growing up in an environment where they keep on asking why, why, why. And a lot of times as parents, we should always be open minded, that we should never shut them down or never, like, criticize them for asking questions, let them come forward and ask their questions. Because one thing that we have learned, and this is something that I've learned, even through a lot of research papers, is that when you have doubt in your heart, when you have doubt in your heart,

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and shaytaan puts a seed of doubt in someone's heart, and you don't make a sincere effort to really to, to get rid of that doubt, that doubt will only spread and grow in your heart thing to think about or give. Let me give you the example of a seed. You know, when you put a seed into the ground, when you leave it in the ground, and you keep on watering it and provide a healthy soil and sunlight. what eventually happens to that it grows, right? Yes or no? It grows. Now when doubt when chiffon puts a seed of doubt in someone's heart. And you sit there and you think about it, and you think about it, and you think about it. And even when they come to the parents and the parents say

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no, you can ask a question. Or someone they come to someone and say no, don't ask any questions, that Dow will only grow in their heart, just like a seed sprout and a seed grows in the ground. This is a reality, by the way, it only grows. So this is why if there's any doubt, we need to learn how to get those doubts answered immediately. Now, why is there so many doubts within the Muslim community? Why is there so many doubts in the Muslim community? There are several reasons I want to go quickly go through them. The very first one is a lack of knowledge, purely a lack of knowledge. We don't understand the Quran enough. We don't understand the Sunnah enough. We don't know our own

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history. We don't know our own legacy. If you study our deen and SubhanAllah. You know, I heard a scholar one time saying this. Because there's there were so many students or so many youth who were asking that, you know, we live in a society where atheism is on the rise. So what can we do in this in a situation like this? and I are with a scholar, he said to the students that have you ever read the Quran from cover to cover? And each of the students sitting over there, each of the youth were sitting over there? They said, No, we have not. And that scholar said, if you were to ever read the Quran, from cover to cover, I can almost guarantee you that you will not have any more doubts. You

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will not have any more doubts. Because when you learn about your deen, why are we told so many times to learn our deen because the more we learn our deen the more we have conviction, the more we know that what I am believing in is the truth and absolute truth, the absolute truth and nothing, nothing but the truth. So this is why there is doubt in our, in our community and within our society. Because number one, there is a lack of knowledge how many times we go on YouTube, and we listen to someone and I will say this, if you don't know who you're listening to Subhanallah there are people who sound amazing. There are always going to be people on YouTube who are going to sound amazing.

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They're going to rip your heart, your heart out, and they're going to like you know, put you on cloud nine and you're gonna, you know, you're gonna have like a eemaan Rush, you know, like children, when they eat a lot of sugar, they have a sugar rush, you're gonna have a eemaan rush when you listen to a lecture. But if you don't know who it is, and you don't know about their scholarship, then do not listen. Because one of the things that we are living in a time today is that anyone can spread anything on YouTube, and anyone can put anything on WhatsApp and so forth. And everyone is spreading it around. And a lot of times there's information that is being said, that

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is not authentic, it is not factual. So this is why first of all is that we have a lack of knowledge. This is why we have so many doubts. And at the same time when we take our knowledge, make sure we take our knowledge of someone who has a good amount of knowledge or who has given their life

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To the to studying their religion. The second reason why there are doubts within our community members or within the Muslim ummah, is the oversimplification of religious concepts. You have a simple concept and religion to make that confusing to complicate that, and this happens so many times. This is why also there's so many there's so many people who have doubts. Another reason why there's doubt is because of bias or as they call it dogmatic approaches to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet of Salah, meaning that we have these bias approaches. One is the eye of the Quran, one is the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but to interpret them in a way that

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comes off as being bias, or to misinterpret the Quran in the teaching of the Prophet SAW Selim to fit our own nature and to justify wrongs in many cases. This is why also many people they have doubts in our deen, a lack of clarity. The Quran in itself mentioned that it is a clear Quran it is absolutely clear. In fact something else that Allah mentions in the Quran is that by the Giacomo

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you're not nurse for the kombucha no Mira become one Zana in a calm Nora Medina Allah subhanho wa Taala he refers to the Quran as a clear light. You know the word *, we all know what note is no means light. But there is another word in the Quran. In the Arabic language known as the BOD Yeah. Elif Hamza, it means also light. But what is the difference between node and Lea? Node is in reference to when you have a dark room, and then someone turns on the light and you can see what's there in front of you. That's called node. The idea is like when you're sitting in a room like this, or a hall like this is the afternoon time, and you can already see what's going on and the sunlight

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is shooting inside the sunlight is coming inside. It's not helping out anymore. You're just seeing that sunlight coming in. That's called the Allah Subhana Allah when he says that the Quran is *. It means that even if there's complete and utter darkness in our heart, and we have doubts about our deen by reading the Quran and studying the Quran, the Quran will eliminate that darkness, the Quran will eliminate that darkness. This is why the Quran is called a node. And finally,

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as I said earlier, why do people have so many doubts because they're unable to ask questions, or either they're asking questions, and they won't get there. They don't get like, satisfactory answers. Now one thing I do want to say about this,

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we cannot we cannot sit here and say that I want a logical reasoning for every single thing in Islam, we cannot do that. We can use logic to come to the text. Because as Muslims, we are text oriented people, we believe in the text of the Quran, we believe in the text of the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu sunnah, that is our guiding light. That's our guiding force. So what's important to know is that when we can use logic to get to the to get to the knuckle and get to the and you get to the text. But beyond that, because a lot of times what happens is that people begin to say is that I need a logical answer in every single thing regarding Islam, and you cannot give

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that to them. There's no way you can give that to them. If someone says Why do you pray five times they use a lot? Well, Allah told us to pray five times daily Salaat. Allah subhana assent Jabril Ali some to teach those who are salsa, why five? Why not six? I don't know. Why did Allah subhanho wa taala? Tell the Prophet Salam? Or why did the person go and ask for five? Why do you not ask her to? I don't know about that. And none of us can probably answer that kind of question either. So during we have to understand that there's not going to be a logical reason or logical answer to every single question in our deen. And we should never get into that kind of battle or nobody has never

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tried to get into that kind of debate either. Why? Because if we try to prove our deen through logical reasoning, we're never gonna get anywhere. We're never gonna get anywhere. So this is why in many cases, the simple answer is going to have to be that because a law set it and that's why it is. That's it, that's what it is. And when you look at all the other religions out there, when every single time someone does ask a question to any other person who belongs to any other faith, why in your religion? Or can you please explain a concept of your religion? And they just say, well, this is what our religion is. They don't have to sit there and explain and give logical reasons, every

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single time. But yet as Muslims, we find ourselves in a corner every single time trying to defend our religion, and we don't have to always come up with logical reasons. And so this is why is very important. That number one, we are able to ask questions and even when the questions are asked, we give an answer

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Answer and one as I said, they're not always going to be logical. Sometimes they can be logical, but for the most part the answer is simply going to be because I believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah ordained this upon me. This is why I this is why I believe in what I believe in. Finally, the last thing I will say is, how can we overcome these doubts? How can we overcome doubts, any kind of doubts in deen and once again, as I said, we're gonna go through, you know, a hadith of prophets I send them that are highly controversial. We're gonna go through you know, different points of the sila, that are highly controversial, we're gonna go through some ayat of the Quran and so forth. And

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then we're gonna go through some other things.

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And some other concepts regarding our Shetty eye and so forth that many people have asked about, but question is, how do you how do we overcome our doubts? The very first thing that we need to do is study the Quran. The Quran is where the buck stops, okay? Allah subhanho wa Taala says kita Boone and Zillah Hui alayka. Allah sent His book to you literally the NASA Ebola mighty in a note, this Quran has the power, it has the capacity, it has the ability to take a person from Lumad from doubt and bring them to certainty, certainty to your aid and to the north of Allah subhanho wa Taala this Quran does have the ability. And remember, as I said earlier, if someone does say that I doubt

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Islam, I doubt the Quran many cases they have not read the Quran from cover to cover, if they were to do, they will probably not have any more doubts. The next thing that we really need to do is we need to study our history. And the reason I say we study our history is because, you know, subhanAllah I was reading an article not long ago, that what is causing Muslims to doubt and I said, is not so much theological reasons. You know, a lot of times we think that oh, majority that people they have issues or even forget about people who have left Islam, okay. By the way, there has been surveys about people who have left Islam, we're not talking about them. We're talking about people

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who are still considered as Muslims, but they have doubts about their Deen when a survey was taken from them, when a survey was taken from them. Why do you doubt your deen? In most cases? The answer was not that we don't believe in the concept of Allah, or we have difficulty understanding the concept of Allah or the concept of the swans or some actually, that was not the reason why most people had doubts. It was because of the actions of the Ummah, why are certain people doing such and such in the name of the Quran, I have doubts about my religion, most of the time, it came down to the actions of the Muslim community. And this is why and not only when I say actually the Muslim

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community, it means that how people are treated. Now many times so many people have asked that how certain people of the community are treated such as, you know, long time ago, or even in the countries where you and I are where we come from, for the most part, women are not treated properly. I mean, let's be frank about this. I attended a conference not long ago, and they were talking about how women are treated for the most part in these countries, and they're not treated well. They you know, when there is when a boy and a girl commits a crime, there are cases where you hear that the father beats their daughter to death, you know, when Pete when our youth and when people hear these

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kinds of things. They're like, what kind of Islam is this. But a lot of times, we don't realize that's not Islam, that's culture in many cases. But this is why it's very important that we understand that even when we're what we're going through right now to in the world, that how much there is Islamophobia and so forth. If we really need to make sense of all that is going on right now. Study your history, study your history, and you will learn and there's a concept and there's a saying that history repeats itself. History repeats itself, what we're going through right now and what the minorities are going through right now, America has already seen those days in the past,

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America has seen those days in the past. But you know, we have never studied our history because if you and I we did study our history, we will learn from our history, and we will know what steps we need to take in order to ensure that the same state of affairs does not happen to the Muslims. The second thing, the last thing that we need to really study is our Arcada our theology and not just from the point that Who is Allah subhana wa Taala and a smaller person and so forth. I'm not talking about only that, that is that is basically it. That is something that people in students of knowledge they study, I'm not talking about that I'm talking about, that studying the concept of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala such as when the concept of atheism comes up, how is Allah subhanaw taala proven to be there because there are books written about this. And if you study about this Subhanallah you will come to the realization that there is only one Allah subhanho wa Taala even scientifically, I mean, it can be proven, there are so many people who have proven this that there can be only one Allah subhanaw taala and so forth, the Quran talks about it and so forth. And when you put all this together, there is no doubt that you have any more so this is why it's very important that we study our own Arcada is also important that we study about our Aqeedah from a lot

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of other things are going on our shutting off and protect

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We need to study I wish that he or two. So this is why Inshallah, we will go through a lot of these kinds of things. And we'll go through a study of some of these things so that we have a better understanding of the Quran so that even in the future if someone does ask the question about the Quran, or someone asks you a question about a certain idea of the Quran, or a certain hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then at least you have the basic and bare minimum knowledge that you can give an answer or even if you don't even need to give an answer, at least for your own sake, at least for your own Iman, it is more conviction for all of us in sha Allah. I asked Allah

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Subhan Allah to Allah that if any of us we do have doubts, may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us? May Allah subhanahu remove those doubts? May Allah subhanho wa Taala build within us more Yaqeen more certainty for our deen May Allah subhana wa Taala protect our upcoming generations may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep them steadfast in their Iman, Mirabella mean any any questions?

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Inshallah inshallah next week we will start off we'll start off with some ayat of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala evolvability to Adam has been sent or heard Zach from Allah Subhana Allah whom will be hunting nationally in the inter Mr. fuca water related exactly in my head Islamorada comply brachetto

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