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AI: Summary © The success of the American Spring program has led to the creation of a basic schedule and highlighting the success of the program. The speaker discusses the struggles faced by people in the past, including poor living conditions and poor health, and emphasizes the importance of creating a schedule and highlighting the success of the program. They also touch on the importance of balancing personal and family life, creating a healthy culture, and avoiding distractions from family members and from schedule. The speaker emphasizes the need for volunteers to help build a "red hot culture" in the family and create a schedule for oneself.
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along 112 one

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how do I

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know more

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so that Gohan rocking that 100 left idea Dr. Oliver Siddharth is a media somatic Amina shot. Julian

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Barton was really important for him. It was it was interesting because it was one the minute that I said it was go I

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said he said he said either coffee I mean that either realizes so far, what are you doing?

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I'm not gonna do that I'll do what I'll sue

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for the

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machine was coming rather home. Shakeology is designed to augment not being from an accident older women die alone You are obvious body wahala in many Indian Muslim in South Africa loblolly.

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Failed after World War 100 Hadiya had you Muhammad in salovaara it was sent out them we're showing them wanting to have

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a maga

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receptor for the sisters,

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which we think was Allah Subhana Allah Allah and hungry diamond lady,

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woman wouldn't have enacted the

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law. We should be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he has given us the grace gift, which is the blessings of

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Allah, that because of this blessing, one day inshallah we will enter into Jannah and we think we are thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala that He has made us from the

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morning we set it up.

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And not only that, but we are thankful it was for Hiawatha Allah that He has given us another opportunity to make our into a better place for ourselves. He has given us an opportunity in the past and nights alone with God to make the best of that Allah has given us an opportunity where in one night, we can do so much that a person would accumulate and do an 83 years so Hala, so this is something that Allah has given us. And as a hadith the Prophet SAW Allah it was seldom goes and he mentioned that there are people who come in these last 10 Nights, but they don't accomplish anything. And these are the people who are considered as bathroom. These are the people who are

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considered as bathroom doors, right? And what they say is that when we are approaching that is that same night, we should ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah for forgiveness, that have made me not hold a sin against us. Because of this. We are relying on it last night. We all as human beings, we are weak. We have religious things, and that's why we will ask people and if you look at me, the more people who have the physical capacity to go from hydro hombre, they have a different natural capacity to go from your own rock and yet they don't go for Hajj and Umrah when people ask them why does that take place? I always say that is very possible and it's something that that tournament

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they also mentioned that is very possible that this person has committed a sin and Allah subhanho wa Taala is holding him back because of that.

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So that's why it is so nice. We should ask the hospital Hello darling. Oh Allah, forgive my sins. Forgive me for my

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are coming. And do not only do not, do not use a sense of mine, to hold me back from benefiting for these last 10 minutes or number 100.

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is something that a lot of us, many of us are struggling with the community, whether it's in general Imams,

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whether it is volunteers in a community, whether it has people who are dedicating to an organization, people who are in the field of Dawa, whether it's going outside and making Dawa to nonperson, whether it's going and feeding the poor and the needy, or going anywhere else. And these are all volunteer based work I'm talking about.

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But there is something that we're all struggling with.

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And that is creating a balance within our life. There's there is a problem in our life. And because of this, the people around us in our family are being affected.

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I'm going to first share with you a basic data device for small cell lung.

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See, when we say the seal of the Promise of Allah Almighty we're sending them, we all listen to properties. And we do this, the proper audience will do this. But it's very important that we understand that the proper ideas on how to basically schedule to just like we have a basic schedule, the

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basic schedule, and I'm going to quickly just run through this basic schedule, just to give you an idea and it is going to actually lead me to the next point I want to mention it my husband and I mentioned every single thing in his schedule. So please do not only do this, because of the football time and shout out Africa, Milan, I plan to have a program and the budget. And you know talking about the life in the pub right here Sunday in great detail. But just to give you like a rundown that the promise of the law party was some of you will wake up early early in the morning,

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you would perform with the young lady at that time you promised the abolade beloved a walk it was done. You will take a brief rest, then Abdullah in normal love and I will give you a done

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in P He's inside his home he will perform himself a sunnah. And as you know that the talker it stands room was adjacent to the masjid. His house was right next to the masjid. So he would get outside of his room and he will come to the Sahaba we will love them and you will leave the Sahaba inside of the project.

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And we will remain in vicar in the shower until sunrise. And then you will perform Tanaka

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shadow which is you as you all know that a person who does this will get the reward

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that he will turn around and he will talk to the Sahaba and you want to have any questions that anyone see a dream that I can interpret. Is there any way to discern the community and the Sahaba exchange, they wouldn't have a dialogue with Rasul Allah.

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This will go on for some time. The Prophet saw last time he would come back home. And if there was anything to take care of care to take care of take care of home, he will take care of those matters.

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In the afternoon, the problem solved while while he was sitting down, you're taking the power now, which in Arabic is called a doula after a brief moment where a person sleeps just to name his energy.

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After supper, the Prophet SAW all while he was sending them he will address the delegates and the delegations that will come to Medina and that's why we leave them

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alone and I'm happy that one time I saw love it was something he was praying some salon after the time outside glossa and as you know the Anasazi you've not read any of the Salah, but who the winter and the family is another solid after something the ASA in the title of the ASA sama sama with your love and I'm actually very curious, he says the others in the love. I always I never seen you print saw that this time frame and then probably saw a lot of audio. Somebody said that today. There was somebody who came from another place from another city who came to came to visit me and I was talking to them and I was busy with them that I could not take care of my son numbers on the board.

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And that's why I find myself my son does have something going on right now. And with a you know the kind of getting into the implication of this hadith, then

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nobody will send them he would perform his philosophy. I first thought

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he would go to each of his wives and sit with them for a while and ask them if they have anything. Or you're the one talking about in gaming the wives of consoles off I was sitting alone my husband we need if they had anything in the house

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They will share with those who also love partying with Senator, if they receive a gift or even any food, they will share with the property.

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It says I

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also love it was set up again if you want to engage in his because and then after you're gone to his homes, you will go to his home and the night in the house where he had to stay that night, he will go to that home. And he will sit down to the family. And this was considered as the profit time or the profit top when regarding some do a top to the to his staff members is mentioned and somehow knew that even on Thursday nights, he was sometimes going to address the women at that time. But nonetheless, there was a time when the prodigal son was deeply standing. That's why y'all know that.

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Allah subhanaw taala is enslaving refers to this, that there was a man who came to the property.

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And he was just calling out the name of the Prophet Muhammad, where are you? We're come outside. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he says that well and nothing Sabado had the documents at the federal level in Melanesia. You know that I mean, we're all you know, the

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the people who came in they did this, they don't understand. But if they were patient until the final exam was finished, and he come out, and then he addressed his needs, address their needs, this will be better for them than

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problem solving, onboarding was sending them he would again engage in Victor. And tada, once again, if anyone came, if anyone came has a question, they will ask the property Islam, you would answer it. But then this was a time that if there was no questions, there were no concerns, he would go immediately home. And he wouldn't, he wouldn't we'll take a brief nap. Or some say as I showed you on both an honor that she was saying they got it right before the fight against Saddam, he would go to bed, he had a lot of dramas. And after that you were during the Sci Fi before he went to bed. Now this is just a very brief overview of what the lie was what it was, because a lot of it was

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sentiment. And the reason I'm mentioning this is because when you look at the life of the prophet number one that we learned is that there is no one in this entire congregation. There is no one who is more busier and who was more busier than it was it was a lot it was there probably is some has been bolus responsibilities that any man can have. Any person can have. And yet we see that throughout the schedule now. So love it was send them took care of their affairs in the budget. There was a time that you gave to the community. There was time that he gave to his family. There was time that he gave to his children to avoid that whenever he was even busy. When fotball your

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loved God has come to us for so long by himself. Not a single time. Did the proper I told her that you know what? That is busy right now.

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Can you see what I'm doing right now? Go over like come on Tommy that time? No, have you ever said that?

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When talking about your LeBron or come in, he would get up. I mean, look at the love and the respect. A father had his own child, he would kiss basketball on the head and then bring her to his own place and make her sit in an early place. This is Buddhist Rasul Allah.

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So we see that there, sit on he had time for everyone. Now that there is a there is something that has mentioned above. And even though some of you might have said that this same with the Abbas is weak, but it is boring. But nonetheless, this gives you an idea. They

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said that there was every single day was appointed for something very specific, like there's a problem so long by themselves want to do something very, you know, something that will make extra crime, he will appoint a date for that. So we see that in the entire life also last Saturday, he gave everyone your rights. Now, today we have few children, you're providing something that many children that we have only one spouse, one wife, the program has multiple lights. So hello, we don't ever find any ideas or any report for that my wife

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said that you know what the profit center fulfill my rights or diplomatic Islam. He pushed me aside, and I was the the donor of all the whites. He didn't look after me like the way he looked after they had the rights. Or neither do we find any child or any children of his loss of love. It was setting them that my father would give more time to her or him rather than getting time to meet the problem so long for your son was just everyone, every one of his kids, every one of his followers, and this is cool, of course Allah by the term funds. And the reason why he was like this is to say

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As example for all of us, that's why you can get this. And so what we heard is that there has to be a balance. So the highlight the Quran will find the Allah subhanaw taala is in so the book that it says that will connect you with the anatomy. Worst of all, we have great you as a potter.

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You're not here you're not there. You're not extreme on either side. We are grading you as a blogger. In all your affairs of life, you have to be moderate. You cannot be extreme on either side. But you have to be fair with everyone around you. It says Hello, welcome to On Monday migrate to Medina.

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The Prophet said Allahu Allah, he was sending them with each 100 He aside and slot

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instead of one of the people who was assigned to

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your work, and his name was Sandman, Sandman, one time came to check.

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And he saw the God while

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she was there. And she seemed like her clothes were doing really old, so forth. And she asked, she has a white woman who was on another what's going on. And she says that your brother

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he has no time for us.

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He's always busy. During the day, he's constantly during the night praying.

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He has no time for the family. The promises all while 70 Paul,

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and he explained to him that even we're even wanting what do you believe?

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What do you have, that your body has a right to you, your family and you have to fulfill the rights to the people around you got to fulfill the rights

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and promise all lower sums to deal with that even though you fast every single day, there are days that I pass on the days I don't rise, so within the bounds of my life. So for people who are considered as like volunteers, people who are considered and without any exceptions, I will Oh hold on, even hold myself accountable on this to the people who are extremely engaged with massage or download worker, anytime that word

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or fee other people a lot of times what happens and then there are so engaged with their word that there is no balance on their life anymore. People are getting upset in their mouths, and believe it or not as areas. And if you are a mother in the family, if you are the wife of the household, and you are so engaged with so much of the work outside the margin that you're not getting time, the people inside your home, our home or house, or let's split the coin here. Let's say you are the husband or the father of the family. And you're always out, you're always out. You're always getting time for other people and other things that you have no time for your family. Believe it or not,

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this can backfire. This can backfire. I have seen people in my own my own life. My own life, I find that the Father is so dedicated. He's putting the router here in there. Anytime there is a request that we need someone to go and feed the people over here. I'm ready. We need some people get out here and ready.

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We need someone who's on the on the bus and I'm ready. And by all means I'm not trying to discourage the volunteers of any organization. We need volunteers, organizations such as Airbnb, they run on volunteers. They run volunteers. There has to be a balance. And what happens is that when there is no balance that children are watching, that,

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that I have a friend and his father is always at home. And he's giving time to his child. And he's also engaged with the Mazin. But why is it that my father never has time for me? And you know what happens over time, they actually build a resentment with the Minister. I don't want nothing to do with this. I want nothing to do with this. There are people who go out for Dawa efforts. And they give no time to their family. And I have seen those same kids that when those kids they grow up and now their kids, their father is saying that you know what? I want you to follow my footsteps. I want you to go outside and give Dawa like the way I did it. It was the first thing they tell their

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father. I don't want to do what you because I like to be the person that I'm working with tied to my future family. You will never give time to your family. You never create a balance in your life. So instead of bringing them closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala they didn't want to come closer to Allah. I don't want people to come to the money and the reason was so long, like brothers and sisters, if you're going to come to the masjid and you're going to be here

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have a budget for a very long time, that don't bring your kids you know what happens? You bring your kids and they're sitting at the budget that has nothing to do. And you know what happens? They build the resentment with the Masjid. Do you really want to do that? Do you want these kids to grow up and not like the masjid is that what we want to do is that when we're building a huge machine in the back, is that what we do overs to build a resilient and in our case, that was the fault is not going to measure that you said that you know what, I'm going to the buzzer. And he says, You know what, I don't want to go with you. Because you're gonna go out there and you're gonna spend 10 hours. And

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this is not only the board members who are busy, but even gentlemen, who come to me to sit all day long. And they're busy with different different things. And the kids are the ones who are suffering. And that's why there has to be a balance in our life, there has to be a balance in our life. So that the next part of the football, I won't take too long, because I know there are people might be sitting on sidelines outside, but it

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just gives you an action I ever shot up and then I run

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away from him. But I want to find out Well, yesterday morning hockey stuff in the morning, whatever, we're starting to put stuff in a little foolery.

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And how to do that. And on the day that you want to start you don't want to stop you know with all the mundane insurance just

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wants to learn

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what you want, are they

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from at the bottom of the barrel with hierarchical admin she was

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in a lot of those intermediaries

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with the consultants

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to come in, of Valhalla.

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The action item I'm going to share with all is that each one of you single be here to play a very different role within your own family. You played a role that within your own life. So we have over here this congregation we have mothers, we have fathers, we have students, we have husbands, we have wives, we have youngsters, and for each one of us is important that we create a balance on like, for example, if you are a youngster, you need to create a document in the masjid, you didn't create balance in your studies, giving, fulfilling the responsibilities of your parents. And if you have any other responsibilities at home days in your job, you have to pay the balance. If you aren't

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getting all your time, put your studies and you have no time for the masjid, you got no time for your parents, you have don't have the people in your family. And you treat your home like a hotel, like you can call it whatever you want, and you leave whatever you want. That is an injustice, that is an injustice. If you are a father or a husband, then you have more you have deadlines. You have your children, you have the budget, and you have some other things that you may want to pursue, you may have some career goals that you want to pursue, you may have other projects that you want to pursue, create a schedule for yourself so that every single day during this time, I'm going to give

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time for this system, I'm going to give time for this. There's only one day that we guys have the time Jamaica years, that's the day I want to get to pursue some other career goals. If you are a mother or wife and the founder, then it becomes your responsibility that you make sure that you have your time, your attention, you have household responsibilities, you have to take care of the things inside your house. So make sure you do all of that you haven't caused him to attack you. When it comes to budget. Make sure there's a balance in your life. So for each one of us, instead of pointing fingers at others, we want to things that ourselves, create a schedule for ourselves. And

00:23:53--> 00:24:35

remember, whatever time that you have allocated on your schedule for that, for example, you say that you know what, this time of the day, let's say Mondays from like, seven to 10 o'clock. It's only only family time. It's only only family time, then you should try to stick to founder put away your phone if you know like one thing that I can tell you what to bring honestly even as Imams and religious leaders. The phone is one thing that is the most difficult to handle. Because it's always raining. It's always questioning this and that's it that evens out the emails. But there has to be a balance. There was no one who was more busy and as diverse as was the lone party he was he has an

00:24:35--> 00:24:59

entire animal on his shoulder. He is responsible for the entire Ummah and you get it get never get what you're gonna do, right. And that's why whatever may have given time to our family that put aside our phones, if I know that my phone is going to distract me and my time from spending time with my family, you need to put a foot and put away your phone. Anything that can distract your phone or kids you put that away if it's very loud

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Nowadays, if your district television, you shut off your television, for whatever time that you need to give that thing in itself, that's fine. Maybe give it this right now when this is over, you may go outside. And some husbands may tell their wives that

00:25:18--> 00:25:54

you don't cook food at home. Why? Because you're always busy outside the house. And the wife lazy. Also, the husband has seen the movie mama saying you never give time to your kids, you should just do what he says. And the reaction for some of us may be that you know what I do so much time the masjid I give so much time to this place and that, and I'm so much engaged in the community that you know what, after this, I'm done. I don't want anything more after this. That's not imbalance either. We have to create a balance if you create a balance, where if we pay $1 for a violin, I guarantee you our environment is much more smooth than our survival is much more smoother. And it's not easy,

00:25:54--> 00:26:36

less than it is not easy to pay the balance. Well, money is not easy. One day you have a scheduled something pops up in your schedule and your whole schedule is upside down. It's human, it's human nature. It's what life is all about. But we try on our end tried to create a balance so that everyone is gonna buy everything in our life. Our budget gets our time, our families our time or to get our time or jobs, businesses, they get their timeline we give time to ourselves also we get time for ourselves, every person these are all the time, give time to yourself also may Allah subhanho wa Taala use ability to create a balance in our life. I agree with

00:26:37--> 00:27:02

all those who are volunteering, all those who are engaged in organizations, all those who are in the field of Dawa or doing any kind of good work mela Hiawatha Allah protect them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala Krypton the ability to fulfill everyone else's rights. And we also handle with the island wondering anything of the loss of $100 cell from us in the month of Ramadan, Allah Subhana Allah has served as the entire Ummah and