Kaleemullah #01 – Faith in Allah’s Plan

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The political and military plans of Islamist President Islamist are discussed, including the need for patience and understanding from the new president. The speaker emphasizes the importance of faith in achieving goals and the need for a story to inform people about the importance of faith in building trust and foundation for success. The speaker also discusses the connection between religion and money and the need for a story to inform people about the importance of faith in achieving goals. The importance of creating confidence and courage for change in society is emphasized.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi igmi in Ubud. So welcome to our series collembola, where we are talking about lessons and reflections from the story of Musa Islam. As mentioned last week that when we began studying the story of Musa alayhis salam, we began with SUTA passes. In beginning of the process, Allah subhanho wa Taala paints a picture for all of us exactly what was the political landscape, and what was the situation of the Egyptians and the people of Bani Assad in, in, in Egypt. And what we learn is that you once again, I do want to also

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reiterate the fact that if you want to study the story of Mussolini, Assam, you do have to go back to the story of use of Alehissalaam, because you remember us following Islam, he along with his family, his 11 Brothers, including himself became the toll tribes that Bonita saw in and they were in Egypt. But over time, what eventually happened was that the people of Egypt began to realize that these people who are living here who are bunny is so easy, and they are foreigners. And we are really Egyptians. And then you have a change in, in the political leadership, where you have said, Oh, now coming into the picture, and now he's putting that pressure. And he's saying that these

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people should now be enslaved, and they should be the ones who are doing all the labor work, and we as Egyptians should be the one managing them. And so we see that there was so much harassment, there was so much of warmth and oppression taking place, against the people of Bonita saw even against the Israelites. And you have the Egyptians at that time, you know, managing all their affairs, and they are the leaders and they are the ones who are, you know, managing the overall landscape in, in Egypt. Now, having said that, Allah subhanho wa Taala when he sees with bloom taking place, this is one thing that I want us to all all learn and realize, and this is a reflection for all of us, is

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that when one takes place, Allah subhanho wa taala, he knows the volume is taking place, but at the same time, ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, in order to bring a change, it will take some time, when Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to bring a change, it will take many years at times two, for example, take the story of use of Arctic Islam, we know that eventually you swallow your son became the financial minister in Egypt. But think about it had use for the Assam not been thrown into the well, there was no guarantee that he will probably end up in the palace. If he did not end up at the palace. How would he end up in prison? If he did not end up in prison? How would he eventually become the

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financial minister of Egypt? So in order for him to became to become the financial minister of Egypt, all these events have to take place? Does it mean that Allah does not have a plan a master plan a grand plan in place? No, it does not mean that it means that Allah does have a grand plan in place, but it takes there's going to be stopped and there's going to be sequence. There's going to be a sequence of events in order for that goal to take place. Allah subhanho wa taala. His goal is to remove fear own Allah's goal is to make these people the Israelites

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the ones who are the inheritors of the earth. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to save them from the oppression and the warmth of Iran. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he says that in the beginning of the surah he says that when you read redo Anna Muna Allah Levinas to fulfill our one adjure Allah whom are important, Allah human worth in the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that I'm going to make you leaders, and you're also going to inherit the earth. Now think about this. When do you inherit the earth? When do you inherit anything in life, you inherit when someone dies. So they're, they're being told one way that the only way you'll inherit the earth is when fit around is no

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longer there. That means that I am going to eventually eliminate fear around but once again all this to take place, there is going to be a sequence of events and then in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala his goal will come into it will come into existence. One thing that we need to always realize is this, as I said earlier, is that Allah has planned to take place it may take few years Subhanallah today what we see going on right now in America, for example, all these events are taking place, all the you know, the racial tensions are going on in the United States and so forth. All this is

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Allah's plan. Now what is Allah's grand plan? Well, Allahu Allah, we don't know. But there is a plan of Allah subhanho wa taala. And all these events are part of that plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala we just need to be patient, what we see happening to our Muslim brothers across the world. Yes, we are heard about it. But this is part of Allah's master plan and what is Allah's master plan? That's not something that you and I we should be asking about. But we should just keep on asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for help. So that's the very first thing that we always need to learn from the story. The second thing that we learned from this story is just like in the case of Finn own, he was an

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oppressor. He was a tyrannical king. Eventually, Allah subhanho wa Taala brought him to his end. Likewise, whenever a person is a law, Lim whenever a person is a volume, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will make him die in a very humiliating way. And subhanAllah we see this happening over and over again, Allah told us so many years ago that this is the case of fit own. Allah gave us wanting to fit on and not only that, but Allah even said when you Makina Allah whom fill out when we have in our man we will show fit own and we will show his minister Harmon exactly what they are fearing of Allah subhanho wa Taala brought them to an end. If you are remember, this is another lesson and reflection

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for all of us. If you are on the receiving end, if you are a victim of someone else's alone, remember that that person he or she will pay off their loan, they may get away today, they may get away tomorrow, but they will never escape the wrath of Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is the very first two things I want to share. Now the next thing is that we see that after this Allah subhanho wa Taala gets into the story of Musa Islam, and in particular the story of the mother Musala Islam. Now the question is what is the connection? Say Allah subhana wa Taala tells us that if you have faith, okay, if you have faith, then you will understand that there is a plan of Allah subhanaw

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taala if you have faith and you have email and Allah subhanho wa Taala then you know that today you may become a balloon by one day in sha Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala will take care of the volume, the only person who will know that is a person who has Iman, and this is why Subhan Allah, you go back to the beginning of the surah What did Allah say? He says Kitab and facilita is to Quran and Arabic And

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Allah subhanaw taala. He says,

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In the beginning of the surah, in the very first idea, he says, this is for those people who have Iman, I don't remember exactly the IRA now, but at the end of the ayah Allah subhanaw says that this is a story for those who have Iman, faith is very, very important to have in order to believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. Now the question is that I need a story or I need an example the how do you apply that faith? And Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, You want to know what faith is. I'm going to give you this next story of the mother of Musa alayhis salam who exhibited what faith means and what faith entails. So let's quickly go through this too. Without going into the entire story. We all

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know what happened with a mother Musa alayhis, salam, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, well, oh, hyena, you know me Musa, and are they a, first of all, is that Allah subhanaw taala says that we inspire the mother Musala yourself. Now without getting into this whole theological debate and you know, getting into this theological subject, can women be a prophet? Or are they a prophet testes are not the majority, the Allamah they say that, of course, women are not they cannot be profit tests. There is no profit version just like you have MBR you have profits, there is no female version of that. Some there might be some minority opinions about money, but the majority of the

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orlimar they say, there is no such thing like that. And when Allah subhanaw taala says that we inspired we sent Allah says use the word Oh Hanaa. But this means that Allah put something in the heart of the mother Musa alayhis salam, what do you say are the three that feed in suckle Musa alayhis salam now here we find the Masada? Yes, he's, you know, he's a baby, of course, he's crying and so forth. And this was the year by the way, this was the year that Finn own had ordered his army to go and kill all the male children. And you know, if you remember there was a there was a situation where they were killing all the children. And his ministers told him that if you kill all

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the children, then who are we going to have as slaves? So he said that you know what, that's a good idea. Let's keep one year where we kill the children and one year where we will not touch the children. So Musala is, was born in the year that it was ordered to kill the children. Now, if musalla

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Islam is cycled if the mother Masada ism, feeds him, he'll be fine. Allah subhanaw taala is telling the mother Musa alayhis salam for either if the Alayhi Philippi fill yummy, wala hoffy wala has any He Allah subhanaw taala says that if you are very fearful to put them into the river, and and and do not fear while at the Hafi well that doesn't it and do not grieve. And this is the part I want us to remember today because that's what I'm going to talk about now in sha Allah. We all know the story going forward. But this is where I want to point out because once again, we're talking about lessons and reflections. What do we learn from the story of Musa? What do we learn from the story of the

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mother of Musa alayhis salam, we learn faith and we learn optimism. First of all, let me explain what is the meaning of faith here? Faith means that you don't try to make sense of Allah's plan. Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling the mother of Musa alayhis salam that put him in the water. Now the mother moves out of Assam, she's not questioning Allah, that don't you know that the the river, first of all the water is going to take my child where and there's animals in the water. And not only that, but you know, she's not questioning the plan of Allah subhanaw taala faith means that we put our trust in Allah subhana wa Taala whether we understand it or not. Just to give you another

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example, when Musa alayhis salam came to the sea, and he had a stick in his hand, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala said, oh Musa, take your status, take your staff, or take your stick and striking on the sea. Now you think about it for a moment. If I were to come to a body of water and I took a stick and I just hit it on the water, will it make any difference? Absolutely not. But here Allah Subhan Allah is telling Musa Assam to do something moosari sumser saying they're saying Oh ALLAH logically that doesn't make any sense to me. He's he's saying to himself, If Allah told me to do it, I'm gonna do it, even if it defies logic here. And he did exactly that and what the Allah do Allah open up the

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sea for for Musa Hassan and the people beneath you. The point is that what does faith mean? Faith means that we put our trust in Allah subhanho wa taala. And we don't question Allah's methods. We don't question Allah's plan. And once again, we see exactly Masada, your son's mother, putting and having that faith. She's the one who's putting him into the river. And you all know that how much mothers they are so afraid when it comes to water. You know, we have a baby, that the mother when she puts her baby inside the bathtub, she makes sure that you know, she will make sure that the water is not so filled up. Why? Because you know, God forbid anything can happen to the child when

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it comes to water. You all know that how mothers are so terrified of their children getting close to water. So here she's being told, put your child in the water. So but she says, Okay, fine. This is what phase demands for me, I'm going to do that. She is she wants to protect him. But she wants she's putting the Musala in some in the place where there's probably no protection. There is no you know, animals could be there. And anyone could want to see this basket and kill this child. I'm taking him out of my protection and I'm putting him in a place where is considered as a non protective environment. And then not only that, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions what that this

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basket ended up were in the palace of fin on the one thing that she was afraid of so much, the one place where she did not want to make sure that fin own and his people did not get hold of my child. That's exactly where the basket ended up in. But once again, that's called faith. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that when you have faith in Allah, and when you put your trust in Allah subhana wa Taala Allah says, Let the haffi Do not fear. You know, this is a very interesting concept that we find almost 19 to 20 times in the Quran. Allah says La Hoefler Alayhis Salam, yeah, as unknown. There is no fear upon them about the future and there is no regret about the past. That's not what's

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mentioned the Quran, Allah says no, no fear and no regret. But fear means that we're always fearful of the future, right? Like, I don't fear about the past. I always fear about the future. When this pandemic took place, there's always this fear. What's next? What's next? How's the economy going to run? How am I going to last? If I lost my job, how am I gonna get another job? There's always fear about the future. Allah subhanaw taala saying, do not worry about the future. If you put your trust in me, I will take care of what is going to come forward. And what happens that when you put your trust in Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, do not worry about the future, Allah will take care of it

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and that's exactly what Allah did. Allah subhanho wa Taala returned. Musa alayhis salam back to his mother number one. Number two is that she was not only taking out taking care of Musala Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala made an arrangement that she is getting paid

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She's being financially compensated for taking care of Musa alayhis salam. Have you ever seen a mother who gets financially compensated a biological mother being compensated for taking care of her own child? You don't see that happening. You don't see that happening. But Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what he's trying to teach us is that when you put your faith in Allah when we put our faith in Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, Allah will make things happen in such ways that we cannot even fathom and we cannot even ever possibly imagine. And then not only that, now you have Musa alayhis salam, who was once a while ago, he was in the sea, or he was in the in the river, and he was in a

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basket, and only Allah knows where this basket could go. And there's animals there's deadly animals in that river. And that child who was just once the most unsafe is baby, the most endangered baby. Now that baby Musala Islam is the safest baby Subhanallah think about that. Because when the wife of Iran when she saw this baby, what did she do? She took Baby Musa to fit her own. And she said the poorer to finally Wallach lotta Cthulhu who are saying and

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then we're homeless, Sharon, the fact that she sees that, you know, for the owners giving into this, she took advantage of the situation, he says, and she says we can take benefit from him. At the same time. We don't have any children, we can adopt him as our own child. Now automatically he becomes a safest child in the country of Egypt pretty much. That is the Promise of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the next thing that we learned from the oldest is that the Yaqeen the opinion that Allah the conviction that Allah puts in your heart, see when we have trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala the reward first of all, Allah subhanahu rewards us for that. Allah takes care of our future in sha

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Allah, and anything that has happened in the past when Musa isn't God Mother, when the mother Musa she got her son back Musa, what did she think about she thought about what happened the past there was no regrets over it, because she did that. But today Musa is back back with her. So this is the Promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala but at the same time, see at the end of the day, we're human beings. You cannot tell me that. Yes, Mussolini's son's mother has been given a guaranteed but yet as a human being your heart is just you know, is in a very difficult situation and Allah subhanho wa Taala he by the way, he highlights that see Allah subhanho wa Taala he understands our emotions to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We're us behalf I do owe me Musa recall that the heart of mousseline some became empty. The word for ad is also referenced to the heart and the word column is also in reference to the heart. But for odd implies a heart that is empty that is just, you know, hopeless or emotionless or you have no idea what to do. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that's exactly what happened to the mother Musa alayhis salam. And the lesson that we take from this is, and by the way, Allah subhanaw taala. He did say later on that Lola, a robot Ana Allah called Bihar that we gave her strength and when we gave her strength, that's why then Allah subhanaw taala referred to her heart

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as a cult, because now this cult understands the direction this understands that how do I need to now behave or what should I do in this kind of situation, and they have that mental strength and mental fortitude. But the point I'm trying to make is this, even though when we put our trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala we know the rewards of Allah subhanho wa taala. But Allah subhana wa Taala knows that our heart is still going to be at a very uneasy place. Allah Subhana Allah knows that we have emotions that are part of our creation, is part of who we are. So Allah subhanaw taala teaches us from the story of the mother of Musa alayhis salam is that when you keep on holding on to Allah,

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see Allah is going to test us during that time. And at that time, she thought will come to us and say you know what, you put your trust in Allah, you had your faith in Allah subhana wa Tada. See, ALLAH SubhanA still doesn't care about you. And at that time, if we abandon Allah, then we are the ones who have lost. But if we hold on to Allah subhanho wa Taala at that time, that eventually Allah subhanho wa taala, this emotional, an easiness that we have in our heart, Allah subhanho wa Taala will replace that instability, with stability we will be emotionally stable in our life, and this is something that's very, very important. So what do we learn from the story of Musa lessons from the

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story of Musa as mother is that to have faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala to have optimism Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever Allah tells us to do, we do exactly that. And when we do that, Inshallah, Allah Subhana Allah will reward us, Allah will take care of our future. Allah will not let us regret over the past and

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If we are emotionally in stable unstable Allah subhanaw taala will replace it with emotional stability. The last thing I want to share with you is this. What's another lesson or reflection that we learned from all this? It is the fact that Musa isms mother sent his her own daughter to go and look after Musala Assam we know the story would happen. But the sister of Musala is something about this, she is going in front of fin own, okay, she's going in front of the wife of fin own, she's going from all these guards. And Allah subhanho wa taala. And she had enough courage and enough confidence to go and speak a boldly and mentioned that I know a lady I know a woman who that if she

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comes to Musa Musa will not reject her. But the point here is I'm trying to make is this.

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We need to create confidence and courage today within our own youth. We have this is a young girl, but she has enough courage to go and speak in front of someone like fit on today how much courage and confidence does our youth have today? I'll be honest with you. I've held many programs, many townhall meetings with youth, of boys and girls. There are so many cases where the boys are so shy, and they don't even have enough confidence to speak in front of someone of the opposite gender, you have the same thing, sometimes along the side or with the girls also, that they have no confidence in speaking from the opposite gender. I'm not saying that we have to of course sit next to each

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other. I'm not saying anything like that. But as a Muslim, if we weren't do Dawa in this country, if we want to have an impact in this country. If I want to have if I want to change my society. If I want to have a positive impact on in my community. I need to learn that I can talk to anyone, and I can dialogue with anyone. And that is something today, I Subhanallah see that many of our youth do not have that confidence. And they don't have that courage. Brothers and sisters, parents especially, we need to create that confidence within our children. No matter where they are, they can speak up our deen has taught us and we love this even for the story of Musa lism down the road

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down the line, that there is absolutely nothing wrong, you can talk to a non Muslim, as long as the conditions are acceptable you are in a public space and so forth. You can talk to a non Muslim and apply all the Islamic etiquettes applying all Islamic etiquettes but you can converse with them. If there is something that you need to talk about. You can talk to them about it. But if our youth today, they grew up and they don't have enough confidence that they can speak to someone, they can speak to a stranger, they can speak to someone of the opposite gender, brothers and sisters, how are we going to do things in our country, how we're going to make changes in our community and so forth.

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So this is why we learned from the sister of Musa alayhis salam, just like she had courage. Is there anyone today that has the same courage today that can go and speak in front of someone. And without any kind of fear? Today, we don't have many of those kinds of youth. So this is why it is our job to develop those kinds of youth in our community, that no matter what the situation is, no matter what the odds are, that they can always speak up what is right, and they can always speak up when things are going wrong, and they will stand up against injustice and so forth. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us ability to learn from these stories. Once again. Quickly To recap, we learned that

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number one,

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a person who commits alone, Allah subhanho wa Taala will always hold him accountable. We also learned that,

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that in order to in order to understand Allah's plan, we cannot understand Allah's plan. But we have to have Iman and faith in Allah's plan. And then we see the story of the mother of Musala Islam, a perfect story that What does exhibiting faith means she applied faith we talked about what is faith we talked about the rewards of faith. We talked about the how Allah subhanaw taala provides emotional stability. And finally we talked about youth and how to create and the need to create confidence and courage within our youth. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to learn from the stories of the Quran and to apply them in our life and Mirabal Allah mean, does

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akmola hate salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meaning Mina team will quantity now look on it. The more slowly been our slaw the bond the one slaw Dino was Slavia rod the one for sharing you know

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one voice hearing I want to force you to one down one BP now one downside the party

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was all me and I was all in.

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One Have you Lena photo gentlemen one half of what it was good enough.

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What's going on? I've done law hula

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