Nadim Bashir – Isolated Heart 2 Remaining Greatful

Nadim Bashir
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Somebody's going to leave it okay to their epic community members and everyone watching watching this video. Today is pretty much day two of isolated hearts. Today I want to share just two important things that inshallah we all can benefit from. But before that I do want to also again, just say that in sha Allah we all will get through this, it is nonetheless a difficult time. But in sha Allah if we keep our spirits up, if we keep on having are hoping Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that Allah is the one who put us truly in this situation. And only Allah subhana wa Taala can relieve us from this situation in this challenge, Inshallah, as long as we keep our spirits alive,

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and we're hopeful to Allah, Allah will help us get through in sha Allah and times like these, I encourage everyone to please

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just, you know, be a moral support for one another, simply just be a support for one another. And I understand that, you know, at times, even sometimes, you may feel down, but that's what a family is. And that's what a community is all about. We all have to just help each other get through this difficult time. Two important things I want to share with everyone in sha Allah the very first thing is that the Quran, as you all know, is a guiding force for all of us. Anytime we find ourselves in any situation where we need support where we need to connect with Allah, we always go back to the Quran, in the Quran, and Sunnah Ibrahim, there is a very famous ayah that you and I we have heard

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many times, and the eye goes as the in Shackleton, z then Netcom that if you are thankful to Allah that Allah will increase the blessing, while the Inca photo in other vida de but if you are unfaithful to Allah, then his punishment is very severe. So one thing that we have to truly understand is that many times we read this idea, but what we don't focus on is the idea before this. And interesting to note, the IRB for this idea, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala reminds bunny is so ill, of all their challenges that they went through. Now logically speaking, if I'm going to remind someone of the challenges that they went through, then logically speaking, in most cases, you would tell

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that person to be to show your patience, but Allah subhanaw taala is reminding them of their challenges. And then Allah is saying to be thankful to Allah subhanho wa taala. And there's a very powerful lesson in this for all of us. And that is that no matter what situation you're going through,

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we have to always be thankful to Allah subhanho wa taala. Because at the end of the day, there might be someone else who might be going through a more difficult situation than we are. Now, right now in America, and especially in Dallas. As I said, day two as being at home, not coming for salon, and many massages and so forth.

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A lot of us are thinking that How long will this last for and so forth. But you know, this is where we be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala there are a lot of other people, there are a lot of other places and countries where there was a complete shutdown that people are not even allowed to leave their homes. Now, right now here in America, while the health experts and while the physicians and while our city officials are telling all of us that the best way to contain this situation is to seek isolation, yet we see people going out taking care of important matters, they are seeking isolation for the most part, but hamdullah there is not a complete shutdown right now. So what I

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would say is that always be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah has still put us in somewhat of a better situation than most people. Right now, believe it or not, there are people right now who don't even know where their next meal is going to come from. There are people right now who are living on the streets, they have no place to go there are people who are thinking that how will they seek treatment, if they need to be treated and so forth. So always be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the second thing I will say to everyone is that constantly make dua to Allah, we truly don't know that the power of dua is amazing. When we make dua to Allah and when I

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say Make dua, I don't only mean the adults, waking up for family and you know making dua to Allah subhanaw taala, making dua to Allah after every single Salaat. Nowadays, it's been raining here and it's going to be raining probably for the next you know, one week in the south east part of the United States, including Texas. You know, one of the best times to make dua is when it's raining, Allah does except to us and not only we make dua, but get our kids involved to Insha Allah, if we all come together and we all are making dua to Allah at all times. I am very hopeful that in the murse I'm very hopeful in the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. And I'm very hopeful that Allah

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being our hamara Amin, the one who can

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showed the most amount of mercy of anyone, Allah will have mercy inshallah upon us remember brothers and sisters, while our health experts are saying that they need a year, a year and a half, you know, to have a vaccine, you know, to find a solution to this problem and so forth. Some have said even less than that, remember Allah does not need a vaccine. Allah does not need to go through a process in order to bring a solution and a hug to our problem. If we all truly make dua to Allah and we come close to Allah in these times, in sha Allah from in sha Allah, Allah will inshallah bring a solution to all of us. And even if we have to be at home, and we have to be in isolation, insha Allah, Allah

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will help us get through this difficult time. But we have to at this time once again, make dua be thankful to Allah subhana wa to Allah and inshallah I'm with you, the leadership of this masjid or with you in sha Allah with everyone here we all are making dua for everyone else. In sha Allah we make dua for one another, as the prophet Allah as I mentioned that that is also one of the things that Allah subhanaw taala acts of do as we make dua for one another inshallah we will get through this. So two things for today Inshallah, number one is gratitude. Always be thankful to Allah. The second thing is just an abundance of dua Inshallah, and we'll get through this desert from Allah Hi

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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