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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of the story of Katara, the god who created the support system for Muslims, is highlighted. New Muslims enter their new countries and require better support systems for those who accept Islam. There is a need for a single retirement center and teaching children to take permission before entering public spaces. The importance of protecting oneself from physical harm and taking care of one's bodies is also discussed. The history of Islam is highlighted, including the implementation of Islam in various countries and the importance of protecting oneself from physical harm.
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Sooner Hello human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah him Hamid wala early he was rbh mine was tremendous mnemonic Athena cathedral my boss I'm Hana Cloud Munna. Illa marlim Torah in Antalya Hakim rubbish Ali Saudi westerly Emery, one of the most discerning of Gokhale. So we continue with the Sierra or the life of Amara Cataldo, the allotted on last week we had talked about some important events that took place in his life prior to his him accepting Islam. Today we are talking about some other events that took place while while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was alive, whether they were in the battlefield, or whether they were taking place

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in Medina. So for the first thing that we're talking about is the story of Katara. The a lot that I'm about when, or his story when he went to his sister's house. That time he found out that his sister had accepted Islam, and his brother in law had accepted Islam. Now, we're not going to get into the story, exactly what happened because most majority of us are familiar and aware of what took place and what transpired. However, the one thing I do want to focus on is a lesson that can be taken from that story. The reason I'm saying this is because the most important part are not the stories so much today in Sunday schools today in other Halaqaat in the rows, we talk about the

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stories from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and stories from the Coronavirus Dean without mentioning the what are the benefits? Or what do we learn from these particular stories? The story about the or the story when Alma ricotta Rhodiola Don went to his sister's house. The lesson that we take from all that is that there was a person in the house of the sister of OMA ricotta or the Allah divine who was teaching Quran to both the husband and the wife so we're talking about the brother in law model Are you allowed to run and the sister of Almighty Allah Tron who was above or the Allah tonight? He was teaching Quran to the to both husband wife now what do we learn

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from that? It was the habit. Or you will say a system that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he created, which was considered as a support system for anyone who accepted Islam. Anyone who had come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam accepted Islam, the prophet Allah you sound would assign one person who knew how to read the Quran, who knew the Quran, to that family to teach them the Quran. Now, the reason why this is important is because when we look at our situation today, as a Muslim community, especially living in a very vibrant community like Dallas, and Plano, we pride ourselves about having so many people in the community. But the problem that we face is that we

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don't have a efficient we don't have an efficient support system for people who are accepting Islam. There is no support system right now. Yes, we will call these people into the masjid we will make, we will make you know a big not a big event, but they will come to the masjid they will accept or they will take their shahada in front of everyone and people will come and meet them and after that there is no connection between that person and anyone in the community. And believe it or not, there are so many people who have left Islam because of this, who have left Islam because of this. Recently there was a there was a young man who came to the

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his he was, you know, his clothes were very worn out. They were like, you know, they were considered as disheveled. He was in tears, he feel like you could when you see him, you will see a man who was in the state of hopelessness. He came to the masjid, looking for some help. When he came to a masjid, I asked him, he said, you know, who was the person I need to talk to, they referred him to my office, he came to my office, I began to ask him what is going on, he says that I have accepted Islam, approximately a year ago.

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Until today, I have not received any support from the Muslim community. Eventually, because of the circumstances, this I it for the circumstances, forced me to go back and live with my parents who are not Muslims. When they found out that I was a Muslim, he says that my father attacked me, attacked me. And he showed me two three places on his one place on his knee, one place on his hand, where, where one time, he says that his father came after him with a box cutter

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and attacked him. He says that I he says that I can go back, I can stay here if I wanted to. But he says that I have nowhere to go, I have no place to stay, I have no food to eat. Either I stay in this state. Or I go back knowing exactly what the consequences are, what the situation is, at home, and in what my father may do to me. But if I go back there to my hometown, where I have grown, where I grew up all my life, I probably will find something there. Now, eventually, he came down to the conclusion that he had to go back. But what hurt me at that time, and I was thinking about this, is that as a Muslim community, no matter how many, you don't know, doesn't really matter how big of a

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measure we have built, and what do we have in front of us as our next plan. But these are some of the things that we have not we are not able to overcome yet these obstacles are these challenges, if you call them we have not been able to overcome them. Do we have right now, a single place where non were Muslims or new Muslims, they can go and they can stay without their life being in jeopardy, because a lot of times these people are kicked out of their homes, they have no place to go. So this is something where as a Muslim community, we really need to think about this, we really need to think about this. What happens to these people when they passed away, there was a situation here,

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not not far here, close by McKinney, a sister passed away,

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a sister passed away, she was a convert or revert as whatever you call it.

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And after she passed away, she don't leave behind her will she not leave behind a will.

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And eventually her non Muslim family took the body from the hospital gave her the funeral of what they would give to a Christian Christian family. And eventually they buried her in a Christian graveyard or Christian cemetery. This is because we as a Muslim community have failed. We have truly failed in this area. Not only that, but as Muslims living here in this country, we always talk about, you know, playing a role in our society, right? We always talk about playing a role in our society. I asked you right now, do we have a single place? Which is or do we have a single system a support system for for new Muslims? No, we don't. Let's let's look at let's look at this on a bigger

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scale. Do we have a single place, which is considered as a rehabilitation plays or center for our youth or rehabilitation rehabilitation center, a center or Institute? That is that caters to everyone that is run and operated by Muslims? We don't have a single one. Do we have any place like a single retirement house that caters to everyone that is running operated by Muslims? No, we don't. So even though we do marveled at the fact that we have such a big budget, but on a social level, we have failed so far we have failed. And if we don't do anything about this as a Muslim community, then guess what? This will continue to go on. This will continue to go on think about we are Muslims

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today. Alhamdulillah we most of us sitting over here. We were born in a Muslim family. We have not faced the challenges that a typical youngster when he or she becomes Muslim what they have to face. And because we don't understand that and we don't have any sympathy or we don't have empathy. We don't even have the

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The need, we don't feel the need to create a support system for these for these people.

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So this is something that I want you all to think about. What can you do to change the narrative? What can we do as a Muslim community to create a better support system for every single person in our community? This is something that I want you all to think about. The next thing I want to share with you is something that we see from the life of women of photography Allah Tala and I'm gonna photography Allah and as you know that he was a man of hikma, he was a man of wisdom. And this is why it was so so long while he was some he says know Ken, about in the beginning, the kind of armor if there was any man to come after me as a prophet, it'll be almost your love tonight. Not once, but

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on many occasions. Omero Viola Denine was a very opinionated, opinionated man. He was a man who had a lot of suggestions and he would come and provide these sessions suggestions for tourists Lasala while he was selling, but Subhanallah unlike the other, the other Sahaba of the Allah that I know what we find unique with Amara Viola Tirana is that as he will suggest, things to us last a long while he was sending them these were suggestions that were so dear to Allah subhanaw taala that Allah will reveal our yards regarding them. Allah will reveal is regarding them. For example, one time was was a lot of it was set them sent a man to go call on Roboto the allotted time. It was

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afternoon time. He sent him he says that and so this man came inside the house. Oh my god Ultron now this was the mid afternoon time where they were taking they were taking these power naps as you call them. And he came inside the house of Omaha the alotta on without taking permission. I'm gonna be a lotta on was slightly uncovered as soon as he came in, he covered himself right away. But he did not like this. He came to us Lhasa Allahu It was Sunday. He says yeah, Rasul Allah, something needs to be done about this. Something needs to be done about this. You need to teach the people that there are certain times of the day where they need to take permission. Lo and behold, Allah subhanaw taala

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revealed the ayah of the Quran that is inserted * Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, you have Lavina Amman oh you people who believe me? Yes, that didn't come in Levine, Lavina Malakut. A man who come well Levine and Halima men come Falada Murad, that when your slaves are in the house, that is something that's not relevant to us. But what is relevant to us is the next part, he's Allah Subhan. Allah says that this is an idea or this is a rule that applies to children who have not reached the age of puberty, who have not reached the age of puberty, he said, there are three times of the day they that they must take permission before they enter into a room. Men accomplish certain Fajr prior

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to certain Fudger and nighttime, we're in it of our own a theatrical minute Mahira during the mid afternoon time when people are taking naps when they're inside their homes. What I mean by the South Asia, in Africa, South Asia, these are three times of the day that we need to teach our children that this is not something that only applies here in the IRA. It only applies to this to the younger children. But this is a rule that we should create in our households that before you go into anyone's room, you must take permission you must take permission because this respects people's privacy. Now the problem now Amara Yoda and he came with this complaint Subhan Allah Allah Subhana

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Allah He revealed the IR regarding this on another incident the AMO the Allah Tala and he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he says yeah rasool Allah, people are drinking. Is there any way that we can resolve this drinking problem? I have come to Allah subhanho wa Taala yes Aluna can accompany well Mason Wolfie, Hema if Monica you don't woman if you're on a nurse What if Mohammed bottlemen nefra Ema wasl unika Yun Fiona Paula Africa Lika un Hola Hola, como la la la quinta de facto now what's the one that says that they ask you about intoxicants? Wolfie Hema is one Korean woman after all, the nurse told the people that there is some benefit and there are some harm

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there are pros and there are cons to drinking. What if Mohammed bin Salman Neff Eema, but the cons outweigh the pros. Then again, Amara Viola when it comes to rasa Allahu alayhi wa sallam with another company. He says yellow Sula. Please mention something about this. Cohen's Coincidently, it said that there was some Sahaba who came together they were praying salats they were praying Salam, and they were they were drunk. They were drunk. Allah subhana wa Tada. He says down the next idea, yeah, you have Lavina Amendola, Takara Abu Salah antem tsuchiura do not pray solid while you are intoxicated. Again Amara Yolanda and comes to promises so he says yellow so Allah something has to

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be done about this. Finally Allah Subhana Allah reveals so the mighty that yeah you have Latina Amma know in them and Hamid will may say well, unsolvable Islam. Read your son Mina ominous shade on fidget and he will now come to your home. Allah Subhana Allah says that out of the many things that he has made haram, one of the things that he made how

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wrong this is Hamid will may said what unsolved Islam religious sentiment I'm going to shit on these are from the acts of shaytaan Fujitani boo. People come to me and they say that is there anywhere in the Quran where Allah Subhana Allah says that that wine and intoxicants are haram. Yes, it has been highlighted in the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But this is the idea that Allah says fajita, any boo. That you stay away from is not just simply staying away from it, you know, there's an expression you say, oh, you know, that we have an expression in English language that, you know, stay, you know.

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Forgot the saying exactly. But it's like, you stay like 10 feet away from it. You say you stay 10 feet away from it. Meaning that Fujitani boo does not only mean you stay away from it, but it means you do everything in your power to stay as far as you can from it. So Allah Subhanallah is saying that forget about making ha I'm telling you that stay away from a completely any place where he's served try to stay away from there. And he plays where it's being served, try to stay away from it is there any if there's any function that where beer and wine are being distributed, try to stay away from that place. So this is once again because of Amara, the Allah Allah and His continuous

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coming to us also Allahu alayhi wa sallam, ALLAH SubhanA revealed this is the next thing I want to mention about Amara, the Allah to the ion. And there are a few other things but we'll try to rush through this, about some of the things that happened during the battle during the different battles of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is a story about a person by the name of Abraham, that after the Battle of bada, if you remember that there were many prisoners that were taken by you know, suasana Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So omega was a man who came from Makkah he was not a Muslim. And when he came inside Medina, Alma Roby Allah Tala, Andrew saw him and he's fine spotted him out

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and identifying him and he realized right away that this man is not here to just come to talk to the salsa, Allahu Allah with him, but he's here looking for trouble. Why? Because he had he had his sword with him. He had his sword with him. So he got off his he got off his, his animal. And he began to go inside budget number one, the Almighty Allah and he intercepted him. And he says to him that what are you here for? And he says, I'm here to visit us for so long while he was sending him. He says, No, you're not you're you're here for trouble. And then he went to Roswell. So along with some he says that this man is here for you. The problem says, let him come in on one of the alotta

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and who says that what I did was I took the,

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the the sword that was hanging from his body, he says, I took that sword, and the entire belt. That was the belt that it was in, he says, I took the entire belt, and I held it in my hand so that you will not have any access to that. He says that I told the unsightly companions that you be, beware that this man is not a good man that Be careful inside with Rasulullah sallallahu. It was sending them there as well. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam he asked, or maybe even what have the What are you here for it? He says that you have some prisoners of ours. And I just want to make sure that you don't abuse them. You don't mistreat them. The problem is there was some says that he told me even

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whatever he says that we don't do that. They are prisoners, but we don't mistreat our prisoners. We don't abuse them.

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And then he says to me, Oh, well, he says you are here for another reason. Tell me. Tell me why are you here for? And then he asked him he says what is this source for? He says that if you want to come and talk to me just about prisoners, there was no need to have a sword. What does this sword for? And then he tried to brush it off by saying that, Oh, you know, it's just something that I have is something that I always keep with me. The Prophet said No, don't. Don't Don't lie to me. He says What do you mean don't lie to you. He says that you were with another person by the name of Stefan even Omiya. And he says you both met at a place called El Hijo. And you told someone even Omiya that

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if you did not have any dependents, and if you did not have any deaths, I would go and kill those who are so Allah hottie was something all the biller and then Safavid Omega tells you that don't worry about it. You go to Medina do what you have to do and if you lose your life, I will be the one who will take care of your dependents and I will look after and I will take care of your debts mean that I will pay off your debts.

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The province has said and told me he says that did this conversation not take place. Now, Amina will have been shocked.

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He says that he says what Allah. He says that when I am suffering, even Romania had this conversation. He says no one was there for you to know exactly what transpired and what took place and knowing the exact details. He says that you have to be

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A messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he accepted Islam.

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The next thing I want to share with you is the conquest of Mecca.

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Quickly or going back to going into academia, the time of Amara, the Allah turned on when he came to the slaughter Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was he was not disrespectful, but he was very, you know, you have to understand the nature of Ramadan, the Allah Quran. And believe it or not, that you need those kinds of people in our communities, you need those kinds of people in the community, you know, because it balances out, it balances everything out. You have one person who's solving you have another person who was very firm, you're you have another person who was extremely firm on one of your other coastal provinces. Suddenly he says that, is this not the correct being? Is is not the

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correct religion? Isn't our religion, the religion of Huck, why are we negotiating with them and why are we agreeing to their terms? Why are we agreeing to their terms? Later on when something was revealed? Promises some he called it OH MY GOD, ALLAH and he told him now look at the now look at how strict was OH MY GOD, ALLAH and when he came to the religion, when it came to defending this was Allah while he was salam. After the after this whole ABM Treaty was written.

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It said that the pee when the tribes who were considered as an ally of the Quraysh violated the terms of their agreement. Hence Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made plans to go to Macau. He made plans to go to Makkah. It said that it said that abou Soufiane, Abu Sufyan he came he first thought that now that the province of someone wants to come here, he's fearing for his life, he's fearing that what's going to happen to Makkah. So what did he do to try to calm the situation down? He first went to his own daughter, he first went to his own daughter and he said who was the wife of the salsa who is um, he says that you go and you please talk to talk to the salsa Why isn't she says

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on your on your own, you're on your own. Now, this is not something that I can intervene with. He then went to overthrow the Allah and knowing that obika is a very soft man, probably he can talk to him, encourage him to go talk to the prophets of salaam calm him down a book, I said, Nah, you're on your own, then he went to Omaha Rhodiola. And you can imagine if he could not get his request accepted by his own daughter, and then he could not get his request accepted by a worker of the allotted and do you really think that almost all the other town would accept his request? And almost on the other hand, is was even more flatly he was more, it was very blunt with him. He said that if

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those two those two people did I help you, what gives you the idea that I will help you, you want to jeopardize what resource Allaha ism has has planned, there is no way that will happen. Now, after this, there was a man or before, before all this happen, or doing doing all these plans. There was a person by the name of Heartland Delta, who had family in Makkah. What he did was that he wrote a letter to the people of the parish. He says that the Prophet SAW Salem and the Sahaba with the muscles are on the way to Makkah. Now he is a buddy companion. That means that he is one of the the Companions who participated in the Battle of butter about witches who also Allah has some says that

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Allah has forgiven their sins. Allah has forgiven their sins, the people who participate in the Battle of butter had a higher status than many others have Rhodiola Donham so not only was he just a an average companion, the prophet of Saddam, he was a budding companion. He wrote a letter to the poorest of the province that someone is on their way the Prophet saw through what he finds out about this and he sends to people that he knows what and and you know, the Allah trying to go and intercept this woman who has a letter of heart of Ibn Abi belta They go to this woman they said that you have a letter for you have a letter that the Prophet saw some he's requesting for and she says

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first you know she she tried to deny it. They said that look if you don't if you don't comply with us then we will take your belongings and we will search it you know, we have a search warrant basically Okay. So then she gave in she gave the letter they came they brought the letter to the rubber so Allah hottie was salam, the process called How to be built I now now look at this, how the women will die. He's standing there with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and guess who's standing there on top of the Allah Tala on now the Prophet somebody is calm. But I'm gonna tell Radovan he is upset. He's upset. And the first thing he says to interrupt someone he goes jasola

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Just give me the permission. That's it. I just all that I need from you. I just need the permission to take care of this man. And so,

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so the province has said calm down, calm down. Let's find out about his situation. He asked her to remain bold.

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either Why did you do something like this? Why did you go behind my back and wrote a letter to the Quran telling them that we're coming? He says yet so Allah, He says that all the people who are here the hygiene here in Mecca, they have family there who can protect their other family members. Me, my family is there, but there's no one else there to look after my family. The only reason I did that is so that I can receive some sympathy from the Quraysh. And so that they will not do anything to my family. I don't want my family to be harmed or hurt in any possible way. The province of some said, Fair enough. Fair enough. If this is what your intention was, and I trust you, then there is no harm

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upon you today. Once again, first of all, what are your own Rodon say, you also give me the permission now there now there's few things that we learn from this number one is that not just only within the time that they have, but even after that, that the the punishment or the consequences of spine is journey execution. This is not something that's only existed within Islam, by existed, extremely existed within many cultures and existed within many laws, especially pertaining to military. The next thing is that Amara, the ALLAH and he said that okay, if he's not this, okay, if you don't consider him as a spy, then you haven't considered him as a munafo. Because what we

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learned in the Quran is that the monopolies they would work, they would work and they will collaborate with the Kufa to go or to harm the Muslims. So he says that he must be a monastic to wish the Prophet sallallahu some then said that no, he is not a monastic either, because he is a buddy companion. He is a buddy companion. So there is no possible way that he can be a man he can he can be a monopoly, there's no possible way and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he let it go this time and he explained how to have been able to either you shall come to me next time rather than going behind my back and try and take the matters into your own hand. Finally, one last story I

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want to share with you something about Almighty Allah Tala and that good once again goes to show you that what a man he was, you know, he was very different than all the others have not allowed that on him. They said that as the day was coming close a fat Hammacher the conquest of Makkah. Abbas Okay, Abbas, the brother of Abu Sufian. So Abbas is a Muslim, he comes to Sofia, and he says that today it was was Aloha, your son was coming, okay? And there is no possible way that you will get out of this situation. So he says, Why don't you come with me? And let's go talk to the sorcerer Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He says, Okay, bye. He says that if you take me to the Muslim camp, everyone will see me

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everyone will be after me. And they'll be they might be you know, they may consider executing me. So he says, I don't know what's going to happen. He says you don't worry about it. You get on my meal, you sit on my animal, you cover your face, I'll cover my face. And we will go along is that that as they came, they came now, for the Sahaba the Ultra and home, they could not tell the difference. So when they saw the mule of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam coming in our bus sitting on there. And then there's another man sitting behind. They look at the other man and they're like, Okay, go, you know, this is a bus. We know our bus. We know that this is the middle of resource Illawarra some

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years ago. So the past one checkpoint, two checkpoints. That became the third checkpoint. And guess who's sitting at the third checkpoint? I'm gonna hop out of the allotted I'm in Omaha Rhodiola tonight, and he did not even have to do anything. He looked at the second person and he says, Abu Sufian

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that's all he he looked at the eyes of Abu Sufian he says Abu Sufian he's calling him out. And then he says Alhamdulillah now look at this. Look at this celebration of the Allah and he's saying Alhamdulillah Allah has given us His enemy without making any deal with anyone else and without signing a treaty with anyone else. This is his celebration.

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And then after that Ibis says no no, he says he's under my protection. He's under my protection and then after that

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and then after that they went through this law so long why somebody at that time Ibis said something which almost all the time did not like he said that if this man because this man is from from banana abdomen if he's from a different tribe, you're you're wanting to do something to him. Had it been a man from your tribe from your tribe, but no ID you have not done anything. Now almost all the allotted time he got upset about that he says that listen, or does he listen? He goes the day you accepted Islam. That was more happy your for me? Because I knew that by you accepting Islam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he will be happy. He says that I am more happy the day you

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accept Islam, that if my father would have accepted Islam because my father accepting some would have made me happy but by you accepting

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Stop. This made us Lhasa Allahu Allah, he was unhappy. And he said that this was not the reason I stopped you. He says I have a job, and I have a responsibility which is looking out for the safety of sola sallahu. It was salam. And he says, Lo and behold, as long as I'm alive, I will not let anyone put their hands or even come close to the Sula de la jolla was. This was a man who who protected the interest of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now on a bigger scale. If you look at the life of Almighty Allah Tala and you ask the question that okay, what can we take from all of this? Well, we can take from all from all this is that how are we supposed to protect and safeguard

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the deen of Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam

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protecting the Prophet SAW Allah why Islam does not only mean that physically protecting him from any kind of physical harm, that is that is not the only meaning of protecting those who also Allahu Allah salah, just like in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu. He was someone he says to Ibn Abbas, he says, Yeah, hula in the wild maklumat he says the first thing he says, I will teach you a few. I'll teach you a few words today. Let me give you a few advices he said the first thing is if Allah Hi yah FATCA protect Allah and Allah will protect you. What does it mean to protect Allah? How will a young child protect Allah subhanho wa Taala what he means is that you take care and you abide by

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the laws that were sent by Allah sent down by Allah subhana wa Tala and Allah will protect you. What does it mean for us to protect our sloths Allahu alayhi wa sallam it means to do everything in our capacity, use our resources, to use our intellect to use everything that we have to protect the interest and the dignity and the dean of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam by us doing that we are protecting Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. So even though today the person was not with us, we cannot do exactly what I'm gonna do later on, that he physically protected us law so long while he was sent him every step of the way. But what we can do is that we can protect the dean of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So inshallah we'll go in and stop right here. Next time inshallah we'll I do want to talk about a few other features of Oman a couple Rhodiola Duran and then we'll jump straight into his era of Khilafah and the one thing I'll say about his Kapha time is that he ruled for 10 years he ruled for 10 years over part of the allotted iron rules for approximately two to two and a half years. He rolled for 10 years or three and a half and with the Allah Tala unreal for approximately 12 years, and I thought it would be allowed to run approximately five years, the era that was ruled or the time when Omar Cataldo the Allah Tala on ruled over the

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Muslim world, most on non Muslim historians non Muslim historian say that that was the golden era of Islam those 10 years that Omar was a Khalifa was the golden era of Islam. Not the time of Robocop at the time of the province of Salem. Now once again, we all have we all will look at the Ceylon the different way but I'm, I'm telling you, what, people who don't believe in Islam, what comments they had and what was you know, what, what did they believe in? After after they studied history? What did they have to say about the life of Muhammad Ali Allah and so inshallah starting next week, we'll get straight into that inshallah I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives the ability to add

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what has been seen or heard is that Kamala Harris Subhanallah, Hamdi Subhanak, along with hunting Mr.

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Mr. Fuuka wanted to be exactly like, hey, somebody can play both

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