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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Brothers and sisters, welcome back. And let's continue with our discussion and titled Why can't I change the third guideline in how you can remove yourself from this state of falling into the sin, the same sin over and over again, regardless of the time of the year, regardless of your state, regardless of your circumstance, is to try your very best to be involved and do good deeds as much as you can perform good deeds as much as you can. If you look in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala. Almost every single time he speaks about the movement, he speaks about the believer, he always attaches their belief to action. And this is actually a type of

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encouragement, that even with your belief, you have to look for an opportunity, you have to look for that chance to practice that belief to try to illustrate what it is that you have within your heart. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in an authentic hadith, that very early in the body, there is something and if it is pure, the entire body will be the exact same way. However, if it is the opposite, and it is not pure, then that is what the body is going to reflect. And this, of course, is the nucleus of the body, the heart itself, where everything starts from where our intentions begin. And so brothers and sisters, try your very best to be in a state where

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you are constantly doing righteous deeds. Now for many of us, when you hear that you you think to yourself, well, you need to get up and you need to perform something, you need to perform a good deed for someone else. You need to go and do a particular action. Brothers and sisters, many Muslims don't realize that you can do righteous deeds, exactly in your home, in whatever state that you're in, whether you're sitting down, whether you're standing up, whether you're spending time with your family, all of these things are righteous deeds, with one condition, as long as you have the intention in your heart, that you're spending time with your family, to please your family for

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Allah. You go to bed, so that you can rest and wake up in the night or wake up on time for fetcher. That sleep is rewarded by Allah, you wake up, you make breakfast for yourself and your family. That meal is a reward from Allah azza wa jal, all of these little things that you and I we do, sometimes we might take it for granted. All of these little things can actually be a huge reward in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So just when you think that righteous deeds is difficult, realize brothers and sisters, that Allah azzawajal actually made it easier than you think. And all of the righteousness that you need to do that you need to start with may actually be sitting in front of

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you in your very own home.

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And finally, brothers and sisters, I want to take the rest of this episode and discuss with you the final guideline of how you can change your life and come out of the state where you are constantly singing. And that is to choose your friends wisely. Choose pure and sincere companions, brothers and sisters realized a couple of things. Allah subhanahu wa taala tells us in so little for con, the ingredient on how to choose friends. How do you find that person? That ally zoa jen is pleased with that ally. So Michelle is going to accept from you brothers and sisters. There will come a time on the day of judgment when a man will be biting and chewing on his knuckles. Why am I here? I'll do

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Vadim or Allah yeah day, a person will come and they will be chewing on their knuckles in fear of confronting

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Lies so agenda. And the reason why he's doing this is because of the friends that he chose in this world, the companions that he chose. He chose the person that when it was solid time, that was the friend that told him Don't worry about solid, just relax and continue what you're doing. He chose the friend, that when the parents said, don't go or don't do this, he chose the friend that said, Don't listen to your parents. Your parents are not correct. You have your own life, make your own decisions. He chose the friend that told him don't pray. And she chose the friend that said, Now when no one is around, you remove your hijab, take it off. You don't need to have the brothers and

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sisters this person they will come on the day of judgment and they will be chewing on their knuckles in fear of Allah azza wa jal because of the friend they chose. Why? They will say yeah, way later, later, honey. Oh, how I wish Oh, how I wish that I could that I could have taken so as my friend. Yeah, way late, late 2011 at TOEFL learning, kalila How I wish, how I wish in my heart that I should have been the friend of so and so I regret it more than anything in this world. And then Allah azza wa jal describes their circumstance. Then when they come in this fear, they are also going to admit that that friend used to steer them away from Islam, used to steer them away from the religion and

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use to steer them away from the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal. So brothers and sisters, who is the person that you will be friend? Who is the person that you seek advice from? When you have problems in your marriage? Are you talking to the person that is going to tell you try to work things out? Try to see if there's still a chance in your marriage? Do you have the friend that says to you, try to reconcile and put aside your differences and come back for the sake of the marriage for the sake of the children for the sake of Allah? What kind of friend Do you have, and that will assist you and help you figure out why it is you cannot change the profits. alojar Lee, he was

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sending them once described, what kind of influence your friend has upon you. And he says that a good friend is like the person who walks in a perfume store, when they walk into perfume store. And they leave what happens to that person, they smell like the perfume they smell like the environment that they were in. And so they are affected by that person and their environment. In other words, every single thing that your friends do, you eventually will follow it, it's 100% guaranteed. And this is why the prophets I said to them said in another Hadith, that a person is upon the way of life of their friend, the way of life of the person that they choose to be around the most. However,

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the Hadees continues, but the evil friend is like a person who stands or he spends time with the blacksmith. Now if you look at a blacksmith that he's constantly working with dirt and chemicals, and sometimes there is a strong odor. And naturally, if you're around a blacksmith, you yourself will also smell like the blacksmith himself. And that tells you that if you have an evil friend, if you have a friend that has a negative influence on you and your family, then brothers and sisters realize that is exactly how you will become it is just a moment or a matter of time.

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So brothers and sisters, we want you to think about these things. Think about your life and what surrounds it. Think about the opportunities that Allah azza wa jal has given you to worship Him. Think about how much righteous deeds you do, and how much in your life do you actually search and look for those moments? Look for those opportunities to do righteous deeds, be opportunistic in your life, and don't wait for the opportunity to do something, look for it and do it yourself. And then finally, brothers and sisters, choose wise companions because as one great scholar used to say, Show me who your friends are. And I will tell you who you are. I will tell you the kind of person that

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you are in

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Everything about you. And you all know exactly what I'm talking about and how much influence friends could have. And so brothers and sisters, we want to conclude with one final point. If you're still in a state after doing all of these things, you're still in that state where you cannot change your life. then realize that this is something extremely serious. And you need to spend time asking Allah azza wa jal Yara Oh Allah changed me. Oh Allah make my life easy for me. Oh Allah, bring me goodness in my life start to increase, enjoy as much as you can. That Allah azza wa jal fills your heart with sincerity. Because remember, the word sincerity it means to separate yourself from something else,

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to separate things from one another. This is why the people of sincerity there they are always in a category by themselves, because they are separate from everyone else who is not sincere. You can compare them to no one, they become in their own category by themselves. ask Allah azza wa jal constantly to make use of those who are sincere in this religion. And so having said that, brothers and sisters, all of the things that we mentioned, if, at this point of the episode, you're sitting there and you're watching and listening to all of these things, if it started to tickle an interest in your heart, and it started to influence you that you can be different, that you can change. Then

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Allah azza wa jal says fet etha fato to fund Saba that when you see the opportunity, and when you realize what state that you're in, you realize that you can make a difference with your life funds sub this word fun sub, it means a number of things. Stand up, be proactive, make a change, do something. In another narration, it means to stand up and pray, stand up and make dua funds sub one a lot of bigger photo hub, and as a result, do it with the desire of Allah subhanho wa Taala desire him in everything that you do. I guarantee you brothers and sisters, Eliza gel guarantees you that if you do this, you will sit back, you may fall into a sin, but insha Allah, you will get yourself

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out of that state within a snap immediately. Why? Because you realize that you can make a change, you can change yourself, you can come out of that state and become a better person and become a better Muslim and become a better servant, become a better slave to Allah as surgeon and be like the companions of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam So having said that, brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanho wa Taala shower, his peace and his comfort upon each and every one of you. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala bring ease to all of the difficulties that you go through. I thank you all for listening was said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh