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Salam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah wabarakatuh. apologize guys that we couldn't have a session yesterday just been a very long and busy day for me. So I apologize for that. But nevertheless, we're here let's continue with part eight of our series on spiritual growth. And today, it is all about life in the Bible, or the life in the grave. Now, this is a subject that unanimously scholars of Islam agree upon since the beginning of time, and most of the major religions across the globe believe that there is some sort of left life in the grave, certain things do happen in that particular life. But of course, this is all from the animal

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hype, from the knowledge of the unseen. So we're very limited of what exactly happens in the grave. What's taking place, what's being said, and all of those details that we might be curious about and thinking about, we have very limited knowledge in terms of what the hora en and asuna have taught us. There is actually only one area in the entire Quran that uses the word butters, which means of course, life in the grave, which uses that word to actually refer to the life in the grave. And that is a verse that is founded sorta to me known one mill model, he him bubbles, a horn, Eli Yogi Berra tune. So behind them, there is a barrier. And that's what the word bubbles mean. bubbles of

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literally means like a wall or a barrier towards something. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says that our journey to the theater, our journey to the Day of Judgment, is that we are going to have to crush through this butter suck Isla Yomi yubari thrown into the day in which we are resurrected. And all of the scholars of Tafseer explained that bottle stuff in this area is referring to the life of the grave. Other than that the rest of the verses that talk about this subject do so indirectly. So this is the only explicit verse that uses the word bubbles up and it's referring to life in the grave. But with that being said, the first thing that we want to talk about, before we get to what I

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want to really share with you is what does the life of the grave mean to you? When you think about that, I'm going to have to go into a grave? And I'm going to be there for some time. What is it going to feel like? What am I going to be doing or not doing? Am I actually going to be alive per se? like am I going to be conscious, you know, and obviously this is all within the realm of the afterlife. It's a period in which we will never truly know or understand until we're there but is nilla. So we can never truly understand what it feels like in the afterlife or in grave life until we're there. But the point is, is what does this mean to you? And to you? And is it something that

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we're just curious about? Is it something that we reflect on it? Can we use life in the grave to uplift us to increase our amen to increase our devotion? Does it make us a better slave and a better Muslim and a better person overall? And the answer to all of these questions is absolutely. Because why? Just think about the just thinking about how Allah subhana wa tada designed life for human beings. We live in this world for you know, a certain period. And when our time is up, throughout this time that we were in this world, we did everything that we could to invest in terms of good choices, righteous deeds, doing the right thing, we tried our very best to invest our time and our

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efforts to do the right thing. And the investment was so that in the area or afterlife, that we could reap the blessings and the rewards and be in paradise in shout Allahu taala. And in, in the process of that, we're doing our very best to take care of ourselves, take care of our health, make sure that we groom ourselves, make sure that we take care of our skin, make sure that we take care of our family and the same thing. Everybody's overall well being and good health and strength. But then when all is said and done, the way that Allah subhana wa tada designed the process is that our final result is that we're six feet in the ground, and dirt is being thrown in our faces. And that's

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our home. And this is something that all of us should really and truly continue. And I'm sure that all of you that are listening to this, you think about these things, especially if you've gone to a funeral or you see you know something that reminds you of death on TV or in a movie or something. I'm sure it crosses your mind that you know one day we're going to be there. And especially when you pray the janessa or the funeral prayer, you can't help but reflect and think that one day

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Somebody is going to do the same thing for you. They're going to be praying over you over your body. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us strength and patience, and give us the ability to continue to strive to do the right thing in this world so that we reap the benefits in the alpha Aloma and mean. So when you reflect on afterlife, it really puts this life into perspective. And so you start taking advantage of your time better, you start utilizing it in a way that's meaningful in a way that's uplifting, in a way that's benefit that's beneficial, you start to really take full advantage, advantage and value your relationships with people. So even if you don't have good

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relationships with people, you have problems with anybody. When you think and reflect on the life of the grave. One of the things that that should do is that that should really push you and encourage you to do your very best to preserve a good and half decent relationship with people in general. You know, you can't force somebody to be a good person, the only thing that you can do is at least at the end of the day, you just try to cope with the situation in a civilized and in a dignified way, as best as you can. And so with that being said, also think about the grave life itself, that it's a time where you're alone. There is no connection with the family, the people that are closest to you,

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you're separated from them. And this is one of the things that Allah subhanho wa Taala alludes to ensuite facilities in a Latina call or a boon Allah for Mr. Como Tatianna xello la Mola Mola, aka Allah to half wall attacks and what Abu bilgin Attila t quantum two are doing in this area Allah subhanho wa Taala says that without a doubt those who say a Paul Radboud Allah that Allah is my master through Mr. Palmer, and they live the life is the karma, they they live an upright life that reflects the showerhead. So they don't just say the Shahada and utter those words, but they actually live a life of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, and when they do them 10 is Eduardo de Mola

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Mola, he can at the time of their death of Allah subhanho wa Taala sends an army of angels mela, he can an army of angels that that would literally flood that individual. And what are these angels coming to do? A left half weather attack is no, they came to give reassurance to not be afraid and don't be said. The question is, what is the believer afraid at this time, they're afraid because of course, they know that they're going to leave this world they know that death is approaching. And so the fear comes from now I have to stand in front of Allah. Now I have to give account for everything I've said and done. Now I'm going to go on trial, that transition from this world to the theater

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life. Now it's going to begin. And then the second thing, the second reassurance that the angels give this individual will attack is no matter how awful well he has no, so don't be afraid. But don't be sad. What is the believer sad about at the time of their death. They're sad because of course, they're going to be separated from their families, from their friends and their loved ones. And so, you know, on the one hand, it's fear, on the other hand, it's grief. But then Allah subhanho wa Taala continues what Abby, she will build agenda. These angels also say we it's okay to be scared and to be sad. But we're actually here to congratulate you what additional from Bushra.

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Congratulations, we have great news for you. on what's the great news? Well, Abby shooto bill Jenna, the great news is that you did it. You You stuck it out, you did your very best to hold on to the Shahada and you live the life you didn't just talk the talk, you walk the walk like you did everything that you could, so that you could live a decent life in this world. And so congratulations, you get gender ality quantum to I don't, it's the agenda that you were promised from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now with that being said, in this hope by that I had given Of course years ago, the thing that I really concentrated on was the famous Hadith, and it's a long Hadith

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narrated by a famous companion al Bara ignore acid or of the long run. This Hadith is found in Bukhari and Muslim it's also narrated in bluehill muram, where he mentioned to us that our Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. Now I'm just going to summarize the majority of the important points on this particular Hadith. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam and his companions had just buried someone and as they buried as they finish bury, the whole procession. They finished it covered the grave. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam sought refuge with Allah subhanho wa Taala three times, and he said Allahumma in the URL that will be coming either they'll cover and he said this three

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times. Oh,

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I seek your protection from the punishment of the grave. And then he sat down with the rest of the companions and he started to explain to them certain things that were going to happen to that individual in their grave. As far as the movement or the believer is concerned, the prophet Charlie's thought was Selim continues, and he explains that the servant in the grave will see two angels approaching him as far as the eyes can see. And they will approach him with beautiful faces, and they will have a cloth that was dipped in musk perfume, and this cloth would be would be coming from gender itself. And these angels will sit next to the believer for at least sooner in the and

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the angel of death will come and say, yeah, a 200 knifes will mortal man in ruggeri, a lot of big hero the attempt modelinia. So the angel of death will say a beautiful, sweet smelling soul, come out of this body and come to your creative energy era become back to your creative creator, all the time model dia, that your content beautiful and at peace. And then the angel, the soul is extracted from the believers body, like a fluid type motion. And the word that's used here is the acquire. So it's very beautiful, and it's very calm. Some of the scholars described that the process here it's like, you know, when you turn your tap on, and you see the water's coming flowing out of the top,

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and it's all coming out like in one string. It's not dripping, or it's not aggressive, and messy. It's very beautiful. It's very calm, and it's pouring out of the tap. Some of the scholars equate the imagery in this Hadeeth somehow reflects to something similar to water falling out of the tap. And the angels take that soul to the agenda. And they will ask to whom this beautiful soul belongs to who is doing the asking. As the angels take the soul, they will pass by each of the doors of gender, each of the levels of gender until they get gender to gender to photocell earlier. And as they pass by each of these doors. And each of these levels, the angels that are guarding those doors

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of gender, they will be asking Lehman had the heel Recopa, which person does this beautiful, sweet smelling soul belong to now you already see what's happening. Because this individual was a believer, they are celebrated just even passing by other angels. They're recognized and they can smell the beauty and the fragrance of that soul. And it continues. that individual is called and refer to with the best names that they were known of in this world. And it continues until they reach the seventh heaven. Allah orders for his name to be written in the most highest of records. And for this slave, a lot orders that the soul be returned back to the body. When it returns back to

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the body. Then the three questions are asked. And of course, these three questions Who is your Creator Madeira book, Maddie, no woman Nabhi yoke so who is your Creator? And the believer will respond Of course Allah Subhana with RLM What is your religion? They will respond as Islam. And the third question, Who is the man that was sent to you and they will say Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the angels will respond sadaqa Abdi, the slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala has told the truth, and his grave will be flourished, doors of gender will be open in the grave that they can look at and appreciate. And you know what's going to happen to the believer, the believer is going

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to say they're going to ask Allah O Allah, upIm Aquino, Sarah, Oh Allah bring the hour near and closer and quicker. You know why? Because when they got a glimpse of genom, and they can see the doors open, they have a glimpse of what is awaiting them. The excitement is so overwhelming that the believer can't wait for the day of judgment because they want to get into gender and they want to reap the blessings and the rewards for all their hard work. The Hadeeth continues with the opposite now the fed you Okay, so this is the sinner. This is the person that literally did not follow or take seriously the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala or the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And

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their punishment in the grave starts right from the very beginning to angels with ugly faces faces that were harsh and scary come closer and closer to him. And they will say yeah, a year 200 Nestle Habiba. Rayji Allah subhanaw taala he will have a be all you dirty, filthy soul, get out of this body and go back to your master and this soul will be ripped out of the body

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Just like damp wool is ripped out or so when you have chunks of wool that are soaked together, they start to stick together. And if you take a fork and you try to poke at the wool and you pull it out, you'll see fragments of wool stuck onto the fork. And so that's the process that's being described here of how that soul is extracted from the center. And of course, they take it up to the heavens to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as they're passing by the heavens, instead, this time the angels that are guarding the doors of gender will ask, What is that smell, the smelliest and the filthiest soul that we've ever, ever smelt, and that fragrance will continue. And of course, the soul is wrapped

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with the worst and the dirtiest cloth that could ever be found in this world. And then they will try and try to continue to ascend, and they would constantly be interrupted. And then of course, when they meet Allah subhanho, wa Taala, none of the doors of genda will be open to them. The angels will question of course, Allah subhanho wa Taala will order that the soul be returned back to the body. And as it's being returned back to the body, as Allah says, unsuitable hedge photographer will tell you, there will be birds that will literally be attacking this cloth with the soul in it, they'll be pecking at it. You ever noticed that when you look up into the sky, like if you watch an eagle, and

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it's looking for its food, and let's say it's trying to capture a small bird, you'll see the tiny bird is flying around, and the eagle, it doesn't just snatch and attack once it starts poking at the little bird weakening and weakening it trying to injure it until it realizes that the bird is too weak to fly. If it's about to fall, the eagle will snatch it up. So it's kind of a similar imagery given here that this soul is trying to fall and there are these birds sent by Allah that are attacking and pecking away at the soul. So this is all part of that punishment will areas will be left. And finally the Hadith concludes that of course, the three questions are asked to this

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individual. Only this time when they're asked to menorah book Who is your master who is your Lord, the response will be that equivalent to the sound of a donkey so it will respond. Ha ha. And the word that is actually used in the Hadith is the letterhead with an Elif and another hat beside it. So there will be like as if they're gasping for air to trying to find words, but they can't speak. And this will be the same for the rest of the questions. And they will be shown the Hellfire doors of the Hellfire will be brought open to them, their graves will be compressed until the limbs are misplaced. And of course, this will come to the end this will be the place that they will rest and

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they will beg Allah subhanho wa Taala the out of B do not bring the Day of Judgment, let taco Massara don't bring the hour so they won't be looking forward to it at all. Simply because they know the reality is coming. They know that Allah subhanho wa Taala will put them to trial. So this is just in a nutshell, the long head teeth of Alibaba ignorance and that gives us an insight of the life of the grave. And this is one of the most detailed ahaadeeth on this subject. Finally, brothers and sisters, I don't like to mention things that might make us feel like pessimistic and we lose hope in life and just shut off there and walk away. No, I I try my very best to also leave you with

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a sense of hope similarly to what the quarter end does. It almost never mentions punishment or either tab unless after immediately a lie. So a job mentions verses of hope and reward. And so the last thing that I want to leave you with insha Allah who tarentum is that remember all of the wonderful things that Allah subhanho wa Taala does tell us about him. We've talked about the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala in one of our previous videos, and keep in mind that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam did say that nobody will enter agenda based on their deeds. And when the Sahaba is heard this they asked him you know so lahat and even you and the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam

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said even me, rather they will enter by the mercy of Allah azza wa jal. Allah is Allah foto Rahim he is the most forgiving and most merciful. So once we continue to do our best to strive and seek His forgiveness Allah will bless us with His mercy. And Allah subhanho wa Taala encourages all of us to ask for these things and work towards them, and also to feel optimistic and be positive in the rewards and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I always say this that as long as we are alive, the doors of mercy, the doors of Toba, the doors of forgiveness, the doors of acceptance, they are always open to us. Last thing is that always remember brothers and sisters, it doesn't

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matter what you've done. It doesn't matter how bad

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You think you are nobody is more superior than the mercy and forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it doesn't matter how much you you think you've done or not done in your life, you're still alive. And that means you still have time. And keep in mind that some of the greatest companions to ever touch the ground, lived some of the worst lies that you and I could not even imagine before Islam. So they were worshipping idols, they were involved in schilke. Some of them committed terrible crimes before they became Muslim. And when Islam came, these were the same individuals that were the worst of the worst before Islam, now that they've entered the religion, the prophet Alayhi

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salat wa salam gave them the glad tidings of gender. They were people of paradise. And one of the examples that I always used you've heard me say this several times is of course are most of them hooked up with the Allah one. This is Amanda tried to assassinate the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam before he became Muslim, after he accepted Islam, or Manuel de la Horan is now buried beside the men he once tried to assassinate. So it was a complete shift in his entire life. Even the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam told her mother of the loved one one day, that if there was ever a prophet after me, it would be you Yeah, or more. Just imagine this is the man that tried to

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assassinate him. And now he's telling him, you would have been the next prophet if there ever was another one after me. And now he's given the best burial spot plays on the entire planet, right beside the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so with that being said, Don't lose hope. Understand that at the end of the day, when you think about life in the grave, focus and concentrate, and work towards that we want the life of the grave to be a garden from the gardens of Jenna. And not from a pit from the pits of the fire. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us, that when we do go into our graves, that it is a time of peace, contentment and happiness. May Allah subhanho

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wa Taala Forgive us, protect us from the punishments of the grave. And may Allah azza wa jal continue to keep all of you safe and healthy in America and wherever you are, just like Camilla Haven, everyone, until tomorrow, but if nilla or before you go, let's figure out what's our topic for tomorrow. In Sha,

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Oh, okay, we've done that topic. Both Amen. Okay, so tomorrow's topic, guys. It's all about wasting time. So in sha Allah, Allah tomorrow is going to be very important and interesting subject insha Allahu taala, which is all going to be about tying time and particularly wasting time some of the consequences behind it, and how we can improve our usage of time and maximize it as best as we can in the shallow tarla. So that's tomorrow's subject. Does that mean level Hayden Everybody stay healthy, stay safe, less than Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh