The Ummah Is Burning – Aleppo

Murtaza Khan


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Powerful and emotional reminder to reconnect with our humanity and help the destitute and displaced!

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It's serious business, what more do you want

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you to awaken

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with you and your own children to you.

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He said, we

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can build two PCs.

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And then you know, we can do

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that. Now this concerns me.

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That's when we awaken, we awaken within our own troops. While you're waiting every day we see this. Why?

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Not Muslim? A lot guys.

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They're more feeding of humanity than some of us sitting here. This is like this date and this date and this date and this. Look at what's taking place, whatever type of people that

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they destroyed, they're connected to property, Your Honor, the difficulty with answering the question, What question they're asking, am I allowed to take my life that many people enter into my home, what they can do to me?

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When we discussed the legality about it, whether it should be what it shouldn't be?

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Imagine that if someone said that in their love for your wife, about your mother, or your sister, or your daughter? How long would you wait for someone to write a response to you? You would never wait for somebody to write response. You wouldn't like a response. If that's your that's your dignity. That's your mother.

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Those are someone's mother's someone's daughters, someone's sister, someone's wife.

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What is it that move us? Because this one, oh, my everybody, everyone should feel the pain. Anyone can feel the suffering. Everyone you see that removes within themselves, not clap themselves with a political agenda that will see what happened, what we should do what we should not do. Everyone should awaken and think that these are people the profits and loss on a big following. whatever type of people they may be, when they do whatever you believe in. But these children, these are young children, what do they say? What is their belief? What do we have against them? Why do we love our own children we have love and affection. That's the way you should feel about these children. That

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we should make some efforts on encouragement amongst ourselves to help these individual