Murtaza Khan – Destruction Of The Muslim Youth

Murtaza Khan
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Dr Medina

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Tailfeather had Delia,

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Mohammed and aku, who were a solo

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at Teterboro, Ohio had you had you Mohammadi follow Bob, while he while he was having

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to learn more in beta wakulla v dot n da da da, da da da da da, da, Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Obviously, this lecture is to address the youth, but majority of the people are older than the youth. So some of the words and the terminology that I may use

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may not apply to you, but inshallah, maybe for a future event where we can try to bring in the youth where these words, and these, this terminology is applicable to them. But in general, we find that from amongst the attacks, of those people, who show some hatred towards Islam, that there is various methods to destroy Islam, from amongst those methods, from this ideological attack upon the Muslims, is the destruction of the youth, that if you want to destroy a nation and destroy a people, then corrupt their youth. And likewise, the opposite serves true as well. That if you want to create a nation, and if you want to conquer a people, and you want to progress, then work on the youth

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develop the youth. And we find that this system, the Sunil cornea, or the son of creation, has been placed inside the Quran as well.

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that some of the greatest people or the greatest achievements were made by the youth, in particular, as Hubble can have the young people who are sleeping in the cave or the sleepers in the cave, they were all young men

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fickian Manu Berra be him young boys, young men who believed in the Lord, and they still stood, truth to the call of Allah Subhana Allah and firmly established and responded to the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in the end became victorious. We find many of the companions, probably a low annual regiment in being the young companions, who always at the forefront in striving for Al Islam. So we find that the youth are always a dynamic characteristic of any oma of any people to become successful, because the zeal and the courage that they have is something which many people or people of different age do not have mean that when you reach a certain age in your life, you don't have

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that enticement to do the things that a young person would do, to even sacrifice their life for the sake of Islam for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So sometimes the elderly people are highly respected in society, but there is no more that they can offer to society to change society and to help society. So the youth are very, very paramount in our society. And we find that a gentleman orientalist, he wrote once as well, it would be a great help if we could push the Quran inside and bring the women outside, many days away to stop an Islam from expanding is to push the Quran within the household. Keep it within the rules and

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and the injunctions mentioned in the Quran, keep it within the home, keep it within the masjid, don't bring the ruling system of the Quran or the ruling system of Al Islam out in the open and bring the women outside, make them become more liberal, make them come out and work, make them expose themselves. And this will be a way to counteract and Islam. And this picture that he has painted is probably true, that today we find more and more people especially even amongst the Muslims themselves, that in their freedom of expression and belief and to live in a society they feel that there is freedom is exposed to them and they should be allowed to be as free as they want.

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And this is something very dangerous, that if we do not preserve our identity, we do not preserve our belief. We don't preserve our Eman then there will be only destruction and degradation for these people. And we find that the women

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they are the backbone of society as if

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The famous statement behind every great man is a great woman behind the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam was Khadija the Aloha that after her death or Asia or the low

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behind Musa alayhis salam was his mother. And then us here, behind the Salat Salaam was Maria Ali Salam. So we find that the majority of us,

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beginning with a prophet to the majority of mankind is always a mother who is encouraging one to go out and learn. If you read the serum many of the IMA, like Imam Ackerman, you find that it was the mother that inspired him to go and learn. And if I'm not mistaken, Imam Shafi as well. So how do you find that encouragement given by the mother to go and learn? So the mother is the first source of knowledge that she is well equipped, in the in the fundamentals of Islam, in the reciting the Quran, that she can teach this to the child or to the children, as we find that many people they ride alone, he overload madrasa, the first madrasa the first school for a child is the mother, that is

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the first teacher that the child is exposed to.

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And so we find these are some of the problems that we find in our society at the moment, which is clearly evident, that within the walls of the masjid, people are very heedless of what is happening outside this society. It is a sad fact to mention that gun crime, drugs, the selling of drugs, prostitution, robbery, all these types of activities is heavily as a heavy involvement of the Muslim youth in this area. Because many of us live maybe in an academic atmosphere. We haven't walked up on the streets, as Omar would would mention that none of you can really appreciate and Islam until you have lived a life of joy and life of ignorance to know what is happening in society. That is a real

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person who understands the beauty of Islam, and sees the ignorance of ignorance. And so we find that if we look outside the doorstep, the amount of people involved in such crimes are Muslims. And even statistically, it was proven many, many years ago, for example, the Daily Mail, the or the Daily Express, they conducted a survey it said that the most well behaved people in the society are the Muslims. That no longer stands true. The most worst behaved people in society are the Muslims. And the official statistics of the prison has been noted that the greatest denomination of people on the increase who are going into prison is not the Hindus is not the CIF is not the other non Muslims.

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But the greatest rising percentage of inmates in this country in Her Majesty's prisons is the Muslims. These are facts collected by them, an increase of so many youth going into prison. And many of these youth come from an Arab background, and some of them come from the subcontinent background, they are illiterate regarding their religion, even to recite Surah Fatiha they don't know how to recite it. They don't know the basic tenants of their belief. So once again, it goes back to what are we doing for our society? What are we doing for our youth. They're involved in all types of crime. And then we find the other extreme of other people involved in crime and they feel that it is

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legal to rob people. It is legal to harm people, it is legal to commit all types of atrocities because they are just merely non Muslims. They have no right they have no sanctity, and we can harm them as much as we want. These are the two extremes that we are living in at the moment, which is a fact that some are going to one extreme and the others are going to the other extreme, and we need to take the middle path and try to help our society and to correct our people in the wrong they are involved in. And we find that as I mentioned many on many occasions that human beings have been created in a best mold and best structure, that we are the best creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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even better than the angels, like Suna Lama, Amara Amaya for Luna Maja Maroon. The angels are those who always obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and never ever disobey Him.

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And the angels wholecut mina no have been created from light.

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Yet we have been given a preference over the angels, because of one reason we've been given this preference is because of our rational intellect, that we've been given the ability to perceive what is right and what is wrong, and to judge and to act upon them. So that makes us better than the angels makes us better than all of the rest of creation.

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alumna Allah inane Wali Santa Masha 14 waha Dana hoonah God, have we not given him two eyes to see, have you not given him two lips and a tongue? Why Dana Dane and showed him the two paths mean just that you have the faculty of seeing something. You have the faculty of speaking, the faculty of eating, breathing, etc. They're all clear perceptions to you

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Likewise, the perception of the two paths is clear. The path of good and the path of evil is as bright as the sun and the moon, who ever wants to go towards a path of evil can go towards that path. Whoever wants to go towards the path of goodness can go towards that path. So insane

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the best of creation. As Sinhala been he's the best of creation excellent aqui naka de la la linsanity ehsani doc when we have created mankind in the best mode in the best structure,

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Allah Subhana Allah knows that what will happen to this great creation. Samarra that now is philosophy lien and then we turn him down to be amongst the lowest of the low. Knowing that majority of mankind for being the greatest of creation would come down and cling to the dunya and become the worst of creation and forget the rules and the commands which Allah subhanaw taala is laid down for us to imitate and to follow. And another place in the Quran we find Allah Subhana Allah talking about the great distinction of Danny Adam, not just Muslims, but the whole of Benny Adam, the children of Adam, while aka Benny Adam, Wareham alone Phil Berger he will have Rosa who may not pay

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you back for de la Houma, la casa de mon Cala de la Vela, you have given a great nobility and rank to the children of Adam. We have taken them through the land and through the oceans, and we have given provided them with the good provision. And we have given them a preference a mob preference over the whole of creation. This is for Benny Adam, the children of Adam, but once again we want to be as tall as a feelin and we find that from amongst the problems that the Muslim youth that they face from the beginning is the problems of intoxicants. The taking of intoxicants has become a norm in society. Beginning without alcohol, which is a clutter, we will clear shunning in Islam to stay

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away from the drinking of alcohol. Yet we find that this dunya any beautifies

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any these, these forms of drink, to allow people to take them away from Allah Subhana Allah and take them towards an illusion that via this drink, that we will find some form of relaxation or form some form of goodness. And even if you study any the advertising world and you look deep down into the logo, logos and the slogans and if you pay attention to them, you'll begin to reflect what are they trying to achieve. For example, when we were growing up and some of the logos that we that I remember specifically about certain drinks, how they would entice people. For example, you find the drink, Heineken refreshes the part of the base cannot reach Carlsberg, probably the best lager in

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the world. Castlemaine forex, Ozzy's wouldn't give anything else for it. Likewise, Jamaican rum,

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or Malibu, the taste of paradise. These are all slogans that you find that these people they portray in society 100 don't think I have any relationship with these soft drinks. I didn't run off licensing my life. But these are the things that just a normal person that these slogans remain in your mind as you grow up. That this is what society is trying to state with a red stripe that taste of Jamaica.

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This is what society is trying to promote.

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That the slogan these logos remain in your mind that if you want to get away from everything, then indulge yourself in such forms of activities to take yourself away.

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Likewise, we find that the young people involved in, in music in these dance arenas that we find where they believe that rave to the grave, live life to the maximum Do whatever you want to do. And now we find this new form of what they called gangsta rap, which many Muslims they listen to this. They feel that there is no harm in this. But the majority of crime committed

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in this country goes back to listening to gangster rap.

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Because when young people growing up, there was no concept of killing a person with a gun. Now, just a few days ago, those of you who know that only videoed somebody who shot in his head.

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Somebody came into the house and shot them in the head and the amount of times that we hear gun gun violence has become a norm.

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Because why because this music portrays that if you want to be a person on the street, then you need to live by the gun and die by the gun. This is the motto and the same motto is what the youth want to portray. This is how they want to live the life they feel this is life.

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That you carry a gun with you that you are a person standing in society that you can defend yourself. And this is something that we need to wake up and realize we are living

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In such a society that Muslim youth are involved in such activities, whether we want to accept it or we don't. The majority of Muslim youth in this area are in such type of crime and behavior.

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As for the believer, or the one trying to be more men, then Allah subhanaw taala gives him the perception or the perception to see through all of these falsehoods. There is a loss of power and as stated in the Quran Kula yester will have a wallet that say that the bad and the good cholesterol hubby's what a bola Jabba Kaka throttle Hamid Fatah cola

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that the good and the bad will never ever be the same. One Oh, Jabba Kaka throttle hobbies, even though the evil may seem good to you, it may attract so many, many, many people. As for the moment, he sees by through the perception that Allah Allah has given to him.

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And he recognized that this is something which is even further colada, Alba and fate Allah omen of understanding. And this is something that we find continuously in the Quran.

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The use of

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the use of to double the use of thinking,

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the use of thinking and using one's intellect.

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Do not ponder over the verses of the Quran, do not ponder over the creation of the heavens and the earth. Do not ponder over the creation of the camel, the raising of the mountains, the oceans is all are yet for people to ponder over and to reflect upon. This is a simple message of the Quran, to continuously ponder over everything, to come back to one thing and the law

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that Allah Subhana Allah is one and one has to serve Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we find that these all these types of crimes, they take one away from Allah subhanaw taala. But in the morning, whether it be the taking of alcohol, etc. in the morning, the problems still remain there, you have not got closer to your paradise that you feel that you are getting closer to, you are still going further and further away from the final goal of genda to fit those Elana towards a fire.

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And we find that Allah subhanaw taala

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has created freedom in the human being, to take what he wants to take and to leave what he wants to leave.

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And his freedom is limited, that a person is free within the Hadoop within the limit set by Allah Subhana Allah and he does not go beyond the bounds. As for the concept of freedom preached by the West, it has no bounds and no limitations. You go to whatever extent that you want, continuously following your lust and your desires, and even animalistic behavior is acceptable in society. And this is a fact that these people that they believe in, that their sexual pleasures could not be any control via women, that they have to turn to young children. And that's what they are characterized in society as any pedophilic behavior. And then from there it stems into animals. So here you find

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that when society is limited in its behavior, they like to mark it as that you believe in the concept of for women. Yes, we do believe in that concept, but it has been a freedom or a barrier has been placed in that we live within these limits. As for these people, they break or limits and all of her own limitations and they open themselves to whatever they want to do.

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And we find as for the believer, there may be some times that some things may be difficult for the believer to carry out or to do, but there is some goodness in them. And sometimes an action may be despicable or be something very difficult to do. But there is some goodness inside there. As a loss of hand as mentioned we're at Santa crochet on Ohio law calm, perhaps you despise the thing and it is good for you to have Boucher law calm, and perhaps you love something as aspired to something, and it is bad for you what law number one to law. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows and you do not know. So they're getting up in the morning of reading set out to Tiger in the masjid, maybe something

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hard, maybe something difficult. But there's some goodness in it, for the human being to stand towards the end of the day in circulation, to give some of your wealth in the wave and lots of hand Allah to give your own soul in the way for lust handle, and maybe something seems like something difficult. But there's some goodness inside that we do not understand. And there may be some good things that we may be aspiring towards that dunya and amassment of wealth. But there is clear, clearly some loss in that struggle for the dunya.

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And that's why we find that coming to the concept of a hammer that this is something this problem is not just a problem of the Muslim or modern Muslim youth today.

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This is a problem that was evident, well before Islam, and even towards the very beginning of Islam, that if you read the Sierra, the biography of many of the companions, you find that they were heavy drinkers that they would drink. And you read the lines of poetry written about the Arab community, they would only concentrate on a few things. One will be the excessive amount of liquor that they drink. Secondly, the horses are the beasts that they ride. And thirdly, the women that they entertain themselves with. If you read classical poetry, this is the only three parables that you find in their poetry, the amount that they drink, the women that they entertain with, and the riding

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beast that they ride upon. This is basically their society. If we take that what happened many 1400 and soul years ago, and bring that today, nothing has changed. The majority of mankind's discussion is about intoxications about women and the false color, the false right that they have. nothing's really changed the same fate that that was there at that time is the same fitna that is here today. So when people feel that look, we are living in a time of fitna.

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There is too much fitna. They had fitna as well, the same temptation that we are facing was the temptations that they were facing. Yes, they may have been a slight change of parable and environment. But the temptations are basically the same. So we find that the companions asked Yes, aluna Can somebody will mace here? they asked you about drinking and gambling. So this was a question posed to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam kullfi Hema if mon Kabir says rarely, there's a big sin in both of them in the taking of intoxicants and in gambling, woman after all, a nurse and there's some benefit for mankind, where if mahoma abajo Midna for him, but the sin is

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greater than the benefit as within them. And some people that write that the benefit is for example, Brandy in a cold day, which even medically has been proven if you drink a small sip of brandy will be good for you and your health. However, Islam rejects all of these statements.

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That a small amount of benefit and they could be in intoxicants here could be in the use of medicine purposes, medicinal purposes, there could be some usage of alcohol to protect and to preserve, not the way that these people like to understand it.

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And that's what we find that many people who don't understand the Sharia so they begin to open the doors. And they feel that, that Islam is talking about drinking large mass amount of liquor. Islam is laid down principles masskara, kathakali, Lu, traka, Theo Haram, whatever it takes intoxicates in large amounts, then in small amounts, it is forbidden. It does not make one difference whether you drink what you drink, one sip, or a large barrel of alcohol, kulu Haram, it is all forbidden. This is legislation. This is a principle in the Sharia doesn't make no difference because many youth they feel like I don't really get drunk. When I drink, I only take a few amounts are only added to my

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orange juice when I'm in university or while I'm sitting with friends. So we can't really classify that as an alcohol. Because I'm not really drunk. Because common means to me alcohol, but alcohol makes you lose your intellect will get you drunk. So I don't really fall into that clause, trying to find a niche for themselves trying to find a way out for themselves that I don't really fall into that category. However, we find that Islam is laid down clay injunctions, the person who compresses the grapes, the person who delivers the person who serves the person who sits on the table, they are all cursed.

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This is as harsh Islam is towards liquor and alcohol.

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So that is a clear warning to the other. The adults in our society who run the off licenses who run the fully licensed restaurants selling halal food and in serving liquor stating that we don't drink it but we just serve it. It is haram.

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It is haram irrespective what evidence you bring. The Hadith is clear. In Sahih Muslim, there are seven categories of people I cursed. The one who brings it to the table is cursed. The one who sits on the table is cursed. The one who compresses the grapes is cursed, the one who delivers it is cursed. So what doors Do you have to open to say we don't drink it, but we just serve it. And the majority of Muslim businesses thrive on serving drinks to the non Muslims and to the Muslims. So how can we change society and many of these people work in the masjid men these people have influential roles in the masjid. Many of these people even control the masjid yet they run businesses like this.

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Do not say Allah subhanaw taala because this is the real misunderstanding of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala firstlook Dini Ani Dola separate Deen from politics, that implement your deen to the best of your ability within the masculine within your home.

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But when it comes to legislation upon the face of the earth, then don't mix the two together. contract your businesses as the way you want them. Don't bring Islam into your business. Just keep it in the machine. Why do you think the Muslim Ummah is in such a distraction that Riba is rampant in the Muslim Ummah? Even if the lands of implementation of Sharia, Riba is rampant, this is a fact. So how can we ever visualize the reclaiming of Islam? When we are doing something which is clearly haram? There is no place inside the Quran. When you commit a sin Allah subhanaw taala mentioned these words many times since I mentioned and he will mention that his love for Rahim that he

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forgives, and he overlooks and he pardons but the the sin of Riba as we mentioned, whoever takes river then Allah Subhana Allah His Messenger have declared war against him. And in a bassinet have seen mentioned that these people who take river on the Day of Judgment, they will be given weapons and then we said to them, fight against Allah subhanaw taala.

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And obviously, he's never we cannot even imagine that a person would stand up and try to challenge the laws of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So we know that in the Quran, clearly so to bakura Southern will be happy mean Allah, what a soli. They know that war has been declared by Allah and His Messenger for those people who have taken usury or taken interest. But yet we find society trying to legalize these things, Muslim clerics trying to legalize it, trying to find a way and opening to legalize it in society and Muslim nations legalizing it upon their countries to allow people to indulge in such actions.

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And we find that this was the first time or before this, a shafia. A subtle warning was given or a hint was given to the believers, as we find that in the in the liquid given by the bees, that it is a sweet drink, but also you take it you take a sweet drink from it, and the word is used Jani Sakura and Sakura is any also one of the meanings that comes to take lead you into intoxication here means something sweet. So how many of the elements of C D right and this is the first ishara talking about alcohol

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that you forget you take a you gain a sweet drink from it, and then the door is closed. Then the second time the injunction comes about alcohol is this verse I mentioned Yes. aluna can you hungry? Well, Mason, they ask you about drinking and gambling. This is the second stage talking about alcohol. The third stage now that comes? Yeah, you're Latina Amanullah takanobu salata, antem sakara are you believe don't come to prayer while tuned in the state of drunkenness Hector de la Mata Kowloon, until you know what you are saying. So here the companion somebody will come to prayer in a state of drunkenness and would not know what they are saying. So now lots of kinda thing. Yeah, you

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already know Amanullah chakra boo salata Quantum sakara are you believe, Don't come close to drinking close to Salah while it's in a state of intoxication. And look how some people misunderstand this verse, some new Muslims, they took this verse, and they would take drinks, drink after Asia, and then they will become sober in the morning by fudger they will pray for you and then continuously drink again after fudger saying that Allah in the Quran says don't come to Salah was in a state of drunkenness, but we are allowed to drink at any other stage. This is a lack of understanding of the Sharia. Because then comes the fourth and the final verse about alcohol. So now

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you can see that society is ready to accept the hokum and everybody is ready waiting for the final revelation to give it up as a share of the land has given the rates that it straightaway. feeders are headed straight away. It was to be revealed to the companions do not drink then nobody would have given up drinking.

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But because of this tutorial in teaching the companions that finally when the verse came, then they were ready to abandon it. And the final verse comes in so to either the fifth chapter versus number 90 and 91 Yeah, you're letting me know in the Malcolm rule macer will answer but Islam resuming Emily shaytaan fetch tenable will Allah come to flown in Nemo in memory to shape on when you have a Nakamura in comedy will may see ya so ducommun decree levani Salah talento monta when are you believe in number Cameron Mesa Valley in drinking alcohol, and in gambling and in the slaughtering upon the divine stones and the throwing of the Divine arrows. There are so many Emilie shaytaan is

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from the filthy in the handiwork of shaytaan Feist enable will allow him to float abstain from it if you want to be successful, really shaitan only wants to create enmity and hatred between you in the use of alcohol and the use of gambling and also to take you away from the vicar of Allah and to take you away from our Salah for her and to monta Hoon

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This is the most clearest verse talking about gambling and talking about the taking of intoxicants. After this alcohol has become haram on this oma. It has become forbidden upon this oma there is no stages no more. It has become an act which is forbidden on his own man. And if you study this verse in great detail, that amount of emphasis placed throughout this verse is so great. Oh you believe very early in alcohol and in gambling, and in the slow train, and in the throwing the divine arrows is the handiwork of shaitan fudge tenable who remained that way for an eternity dinner is more stronger in the Arabic language and in the solid thick, then this is haram upon you. It's more

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stronger because each dinner means to remain away from it and you have no choice.

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So in Arabic land is much more stronger and emphasis by stanny boo, La La come to flowcode abstain from it if you want to be successful, and then the command continues that what is being placed inside this alcohol and gambling it takes you away from the remembrance of Allah and the greatest remembrance of Allah is a Sunnah the intoxicants make you forget about Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So here we find that many people they feel that intoxicants are the youth, some of them do feel that is haram because of the strong emphasis laid in the Sharia and the strong preaching towards to remain away from it. But many Muslims feel that the taking of drugs is something which is allowed, because simply because the word Mahabharat the word drugs has not been mentioned inside the Quran, nor has it been mentioned in the Sunnah. This is a new form

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of intoxication which has come out in society and it has been something that which they feel is allowed. So because the Sharia does not touch upon it, it's something which is allowed, it's only something which is probably Nakuru, something which is despicable. This once again shows the lack of understanding of the Sharia. Once again, it shows the lack of understanding by the Muslim clerics and the Muslim society in general. Because the old am I have written a hammer Malka, Bell, icon. And hammer

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is whatever takes away your intellect. So taking the definition of uncommon that it takes away your intellect, then everything that is invented, which takes away your intellect, which makes you makes your mind go which intoxicate you is common.

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This is a principle in the Sharia. Anything which makes you lose your mind whether it be opium or hashish, or marijuana or cocaine anything makes you lose your mind whatever name you give it, if it makes you lose your mind takes you in a form of hallucination, then that becomes something which is common.

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And we know that the deduction of the development of the Islamic law has certain rules that it follows that the evidence is from the Quran, from the Sunnah. And then the use of agema consensus and then pay us analogy. And Allah have made an analogy from the Quran and the Sunnah, that the Quran mentions clearly about karma intoxicants, which are forbidden, the Sunnah, highlights that whatever intoxicating large amounts is forbidden in small amounts. So taking any new form of drug in society, whatever name you want to call it, whatever names that they have on the street, crack cocaine, LSD, whatever name the youth they want to call it. If it falls into, if it hallucinates

00:33:42 --> 00:34:10

you, if it takes your mind away, then the laws of the shadow will apply to it that it is something more heroin, it is something which is forbidden irrespective of what society states that what they want to legalize from Class D to class B or Class A that this is only a from B to down to D there is only a soft drug and this is something which has some benefit in the taking of this drug. There is no benefit at all in the usage of drugs.

00:34:11 --> 00:34:31

This is Islams view, there is no usage at all, there is no way of saying that you take any what they call a marijuana and weed and these type of elements will alleviate a person's problems. And then they write such stupidity as people who are suffering from certain diseases they need to smoke this and it will help them

00:34:32 --> 00:34:57

How can any of us patronize the creator? Allah Allah Allah, Allah, wa T for Kabir. Does he know does he not know what he has created? wahala t. And he's the subtle and the aware. He knows what is good for his creation. We ourselves don't know. So how can something filthy becomes something good for us? Something which is more Haram, something which is evil, all of a sudden become good for mankind.

00:35:01 --> 00:35:30

And then we find that people like to state that, well, we're still better than those people who live in Muslim countries and do these actions. Everybody will be judged upon their own actions and their own intentions. We don't need to worry about the people in Saudi Arabia, how much they drink and how they bring the alcohol and the British people who who make drinks for them inside the and the British people who caught in Saudi Arabia of selling beer and alcohol inside the country. That doesn't concern us. What concerns us is what are we doing, and what are our Muslim youth?

00:35:31 --> 00:36:06

Yeah, they will be punished on their own standing, and will be punished in our own standing for the sins that we done, and the effect that we had on our society. That's what we need to be worried about. Now. Not so much worried about other people and what they're doing in their society, they have their people to deal with a society to advise their youth on how to rectify the society, we need to worry about our youth, and not pass the buck, as they say to other people, and to other nations, that they are responsible for the behavior in our Muslim society. And we find that we know for a fact that mankind will make these mistakes, while holy called in sonoda. Mankind has been

00:36:06 --> 00:36:44

created in a state of weakness, that if not all of us, but some of us will go towards the sin. And the amount of Muslim youth who are going to the sin is increasing on a daily basis. The taking of intoxicants and taking drugs has become a more and more part of their habit and habitual habit of their life, that they take the substances. So we need to begin to think and take a constructive approach that what are we going to do? If we are not doing counseling work in learning the effects of drugs in our society? The effects in in the schooling system, the effects around us in environment? How are we going to help people? How are we going to address these topics? Are we

00:36:44 --> 00:37:18

forever going to remain behind the veil? Or if we're ever going to remain behind the veil in the sense that, yes, these things happen, but we don't really want to discuss them. We don't really want to mention them, we feel too ashamed. There's nothing to be ashamed about our society is suffering, and we need to tackle these problems. We need to see the wider picture and come out and help our Muslim brothers and sisters to take them away from the problems that they are facing. Now, then we find that also in the living some of the problems that we also find in the society society for for the young for the youth, is any women.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:48

Because this is something which has been prophesized by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that I don't, every type of fitness has been taken away over in our fitness, feed any strain that the first sweetener, the first affliction that struck any strain was aneesa. For taco Daniela taco Nisa said the word and fair women mean as something which will take a person away from his Deen is women because it's a natural fit for Allah for women has been placed inside mankind.

00:37:49 --> 00:37:59

As we find the Prophet Mohammed Salalah some stating Habiba la Amina dunya a T one Nisa, what do a lot karatu I need to Salah that

00:38:01 --> 00:38:34

the the most pleasing thing of this dunya which has been made good to me, is our team could smell and women will do a lot karatu ionity salah and the coolness and attendance of my eyes has been placed in US Allah. So here we find a natural, natural fitrah towards women, that a man has a lust towards women, but obviously Islam codifies it the way that we show this love and affection. However, in this society we find that the more that women are exposed, that the more it becomes a temptation for people around them.

00:38:35 --> 00:39:21

And this is a fact that is not necessarily blaming the women. But we find that many people that write that the look of the woman carries any the picture of the devil, many distracts the person away from the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. So many of you may find that may not be indulged in intoxicants may not be indulged in in music may not be indulgent, anything else, maybe upright men in society, but because of the illusion of women, they may tend to lean towards that type of behavior, where they would begin would begin to indulge in such actions. And we know that this, this behavior This problem has led to unwanted pregnancies, the breaking of families, running away from

00:39:21 --> 00:39:50

homes, etc, etc. It's all any apparent in our society, it is a fact. Because once again, the masjid does not want to tackle the problems. The Muslim cleric do not want to tackle the problems. parents do not want to tackle the problems that they are facing, and just brush it aside and put it underneath the carpet. This is a fact that is happening. That the such acts are being carried out in our society that Xena has become an acceptable part of society.

00:39:52 --> 00:39:59

And any nation that feels that abominable actions can become a part of society and that society is going towards its own destruction.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:35

That if we no longer feel sin is a sin. We no longer feel some feeling in our heart that someone tells you that look, I'm seeing some girl or the guilty I'm seeing someone you feel nothing in your heart. Then once you question that a man, that have become so receptive to filth, have become so receptive to it, there should be an infilling in one's heart, that this is against normality, this is against normality. This is not the way Allah Subhana Allah has created human beings to show their sexual lust and their desires in a manner like this outside the form of wedlock.

00:40:36 --> 00:40:47

So people need to once again to address the problems of the Muslim you've opened the doors of marriage, of counseling of aiding them to become righteous people in society.

00:40:49 --> 00:41:11

And we find also from amongst the problems that the Muslim youth that they face is friendship, that people that they keep company with. And this is something which goes back to the parents as well, and society, to watch and to be careful of who they are friends with, with refining the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, Allahu Allah, Dini Lee,

00:41:12 --> 00:41:53

a person is upon the faith or the belief of their friend and colleague is an intimate friend, a very close friend, because you find various levels of friendship. But Holly what Allahu Ibrahima Allah, Allah subhanaw taala took Ibrahim has a fairly intimate friend. And only two prophets have been taken as intimate friends by Allah Subhana Allah, and that is Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So if your children they intimate friends, are people of Fiske people of treacherous behavior in morality, they know for a fact that a person is upon the way of his friend

00:41:54 --> 00:42:32

sallyann Dora the kumala manual, let one of you look at who he takes as his close, intimate friend. And we find a very famous Hadith as well as giving the example of friendship. That is, you go to the perfume seller, the one who sells mask, if you don't buy the perfume from him, by just standing next to him, one thing would happen to you is a good smell will come upon your clothing or upon your body. And likewise, the person who is the iron Smith or the blacksmith, that if you just stand there, that some of the heat, the fire, the smoke, the sweat will come upon your garments and give you that stench.

00:42:33 --> 00:43:01

That is the example of friendship, that even if you don't do all of the actions that the perfume seller does, but just by standing there with him, some effect will rub upon you. And just by standing by a person who is evil and treacherous, even though you may not indulge in the action, but some of that evenness will rub off upon you. Eventually time will come and it will come upon you. So this example is we find in the Hadith, of good friendship. Yahweh literally Tony lamotta had fallen and Halima

00:43:03 --> 00:43:49

destruction be upon me, the wider take so in so as a colleague, as an intimate friend, la casa de La Nina decree, Bada his journey, this person took me away from the vicar after it came to me. So how many people young people are upon righteousness in the beginning. And then because we do not monitor who they are making about who they are having companionship with, that they begin to fall off the track. And it's easy for them to turn towards the path of evil. And we find that this society promotes to take as many of the Muslim youth, as I mentioned, the beginning away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala. They have acknowledged the most righteous people, the most truthful people,

00:43:49 --> 00:44:14

the most honest people, the most people holding the best dignity is the Muslims. We've lost all hope, within our own society. Let us try and grab them, as well. Take them away as well. Give them freedom, give them expression, what is their freedom anyway? their freedom is to expose women, their freedom is to oppress, they are the ones that oppress women.

00:44:15 --> 00:44:52

Like I mentioned, you study the media, and you study the way that they portray a woman. They are the real oppressors of women. Islam does not oppress women at all. Islam gives the rights to women that are due to them. So they are the real oppressors. And they want to tell us, what is freedom? What is expression, what is freedom of speech, and you find the French terminologies of a gala tea and legality and fraternity wherever they find that they believe in this freedom that they want to portray in this society. And we want we want the Western society to give this to the eastern society to the most and we want to teach them, we don't need to learn anything from them. There's nothing

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

that we need to learn from them. Even the concept of timekeeping and management, we have it, but we just need to go back to the static text and improve

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

There's nothing that the society can offer us. In its real essence. We had everything we conquered and we ruled. And then we were trodden upon. And so were they, but it's one difference, as I mentioned, is that every nation has an educating time it comes to a peak, it flourishes, it dominates and then it's destroyed, except for the Muslim Ummah, it will be destroyed, and they will come back again. All other nations will be destroyed and perish and never come back again, wherever the Romans or the Persians or the Anglo Saxons or the British or the Vikings, all of them, the the Empire where the sun never sets, and I stayed the Empire where the sun never rises, there is no sun

00:45:43 --> 00:46:22

in this country means they ruled over the majority of the world. And now it is all over, it is all over for them, they feel it, they still have some command over many countries, but they that is drifting away as well. There is only one nation that will come back again, which has been proven insights inside the text in the noble text has been proven by the intellectuals as well. People like Samuel P. Huntington in his book clash of civilizations of the making of the New World Order, he holds that the Muslims will come back again once again, people like this Chomsky as as well right, that the group that will come back again will be the Muslims. So from a textual proof,

00:46:23 --> 00:46:47

from evidence from the Quran, from the Sunnah, from the intellectual proof, that is only one nation that will ever come back again, and that is the Muslims and they will come come and there's two types of inshallah as well one inshallah, that you just say it and it's one inshallah and Arabic which is known as econda, it will definitely happen and this is that inshallah, that Muslims will be victorious without a doubt

00:46:49 --> 00:46:57

that they have some deficiency in the belief that the Muslim will not be victorious once again. And we find that

00:46:58 --> 00:47:00

and become worse then.

00:47:03 --> 00:47:20

Rarely, these people are like the cattle Nay, they are more Australian cattle, this is their society, they become worse than the animals and animalistic approach to the world, to the life that they have forgotten everything and they become more Australian than and we find

00:47:21 --> 00:47:22


00:47:23 --> 00:47:58

aspects of dignity are being more and more portrayed upon any taken away from the Muslims, concepts of homosexuality etc, many marriage out of wedlock children out of wedlock has become once again the norm has become placed upon us and the Muslims are beginning to behave in this manner. And this is all from the plot and the planning of shaitan because at the end of the day, he is the one who calls towards such actions in the Maja Murakami suit evil fashion, he only wants to call you towards evil and and fascia

00:47:59 --> 00:48:11

and alpha which is every type of immoral behavior, whether it be sexual immoral behavior or whatever leads to it is all immoral. This is the handiwork of shaitan.

00:48:13 --> 00:48:18

And we find in Nola Komodo, Moby, that really he is a clear, devout enemy to you.

00:48:19 --> 00:48:25

So the article, so hey, guys mentioned Khaled, he's a devout enemy, he's one of those enemies who does not give up.

00:48:27 --> 00:48:38

That will come from the right from the left, from behind from in front of them, attack them from all angles, to take them away from the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:48:40 --> 00:48:46

And we find that he doesn't necessarily take us by the hand and take us towards sin. But he's whispering,

00:48:47 --> 00:48:54

especially to the youth leads him to indulge such actions. And then he will state himself

00:48:55 --> 00:49:12

that lots of hands that gave you a promise. And I gave you a promise as well. And I had no power or authority over you in Landau to come up to me, except I called you. And you answered my call for Allah tala, Mooney, woolloomooloo. Second, don't blame me blame your own self.

00:49:14 --> 00:49:50

So even on that day, shavon is going to accept, he's going to say All I did was call you, you responded to that call. Don't blame me blame your own self. Because he knows he's in a one way ticket to jahannam. And the majority, these people in the society know that they aren't a one way ticket to jahannam. And that's why you find that even, that even the songs that they sing, and we're all going to *. So Let's all try to get there and make the most of it. These are some of the things that they believe in, that we're going to anyway, so let's just, let's just take as many people as we can drag them in with us into the hellfire. And we find

00:49:51 --> 00:49:56

that all of this goes back to one thing is the falling of one's lust and desires.

00:49:58 --> 00:49:59

Many people feel that

00:50:00 --> 00:50:21

Keys to worship other than Allah subhanho wa Taala but to follow one's lust and desires and passions, is also worshiping other than Allah subhanho wa Taala for item Anita Allahu Allahu wa Taala lo Allah. Have you not seen the person who takes his hella? He's lust says he desires as a deity other than Allah Subhana Allah.

00:50:23 --> 00:50:24

Muhammad Rasul

00:50:26 --> 00:50:39

Allah, Allah sorry, Russia and Alaska has covered his eyes. In fact, as you're seeing, and hearing and has played a covering over his heart, for many years, the human body in a room and who is going to guide him after that?

00:50:41 --> 00:51:13

Will they not pay heed towards that? Meaning the person who follows his last and his desires, his last name is designed to become an elf. Become a deity for him, become his God becomes these objects of worship. Because that is what a lie means. Whatever you worship other than lots of handled Allah, all of it is bought in all faith is false. Worship only belongs to Allah Subhana Allah. And that's why you find these people. They believe at the end of the day, what called Luma here in La Jolla, tuna, dunya, Namu, tuna Yama, you

00:51:15 --> 00:52:00

that what is his life except for living and dying, and the only thing that will destroy us is the passing of time, time will prevail over us and then we will be destroyed, it will take us away. rejection of Allah subhanho wa Taala is basically what they believe in. And we find that this taking of one's lust and desires that the taking of dinner, to dinner that I set up to date him curse, and read should be the one who worships that dinner. The one who worships to date him the one who looks into clothing is a hadith Oh, c'mon consul Allahu alayhi salam in today's day and age, the one who worships the pound and the dollar. And the one who worships garments, clothing. They are cursed mean

00:52:00 --> 00:52:04

that this takes a great preference over them over everything else.

00:52:06 --> 00:52:43

So we find that this is something to be careful of. That if the near the materialistic dunya the craving of wealth becomes so becomes so paramount in your life, that you go to great extents to forget your deen to forget lots of panatela then know that this is ship belay Azerbaijan, this is also schicke you are associating partners with a lot from Hannah Donna, that you are forgetting a lot of hands on game towards this dunya leaving everything that you've been ordered to do to gain the small weight of the dunya and losing the lira. And what a wretched Deen that is

00:52:49 --> 00:52:57

not random, we find that in conclusion that these are some of the problems, aspirations that we find aspiration of the youth,

00:52:58 --> 00:53:18

any, towards leaning towards alcohol in toxicants, leading towards women, leading towards materialistic gain, forgetting the goal of the era. And in from there, we find problems in our society, which are clearly evident of a lack of education, that the majority of the Muslim youth have no real education at all.

00:53:19 --> 00:53:56

Whether it be basic education, attendance of school, from the beginning to the end, in leaving education, leaving further education, and just living on the streets. And what they believe in fending for themselves is something a fact of the Muslims are suffering from once again, it's something that the machine needs to play a great role in people who have skills in education in teaching people, people have skills in helping others that they should come forth and help the Muslim youth take them out of their problems. Yes, they have made their problems, they have caused problems. But the better person or the better man is the one who stands up and helps the society.

00:53:56 --> 00:54:32

That is the better understanding that we can do. That we should not feel that we should just leave Muslims to suffer, leave our Muslim brothers and sisters to suffer. And this is a grave that they have done themselves. No, we should put our hand out and try to aid them and help them that is the better man and that is the person who gains the more reward or loss of $100 the one who has affection and love for his fellow brothers and sisters and wants to aid them and guide them to the wave of loss of hamdallah and with that, I bring this few words to the close. Whatever good answer is from the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever incorrect I've said it's a monster from

00:54:32 --> 00:54:37

from shaytaan szczepanik. l'amour Behanding the Chateau de la land. Stop Furukawa today.

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