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Who has we mentioned, you should recite certain verses of the Quran, we should stop and reflect and ponder over them.

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We mentioned then good luck, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in the idea that he would stop upon the idea and reflect upon becomes a benchmark for us. That if he stopped and pondered over certain verses, and we should try to do likewise, to such a degree that we find certain wordings that mentioned at certain places, if we don't we try to weave upon those ideas in reflecting over those verses of Allah Subhan Johanna,

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and adversity of almost pantalla profound have a deep impact upon the individual. And some of these IATA Motorshow behind a very similar in terms of the wording that occur inside the Quran or inside these passages or inside these verses.

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The Quran make slight addition to slight changes or variations for deep purpose does you find that even the story moves on a SAM Have you traveled through the Kurama to be inside sort of Bukhara, or Tada inside of puzzles, etc, that we find? We find slight variations inside the wording or inside a word.

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A slight change

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for what purpose? There's a lot pandemic no slight change in the same theme.

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But slight subtle changes. And aroma have described various reasons the possible reasons behind this. Amongst those reasons that a person doesn't lose interest.

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Yes, it's the same story but the cook there's additional word.

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Additional word you had additional Hanukkah, a change in the steam from a factor to a concert Obama to give it an extra emphasis or dish did I shut that day to emphasize something is there? So the pastor doesn't lose interest? Even the Quran repeats itself in certain locations. For example, Muslims, so to Rahman, the 55th, Chaplain operand can be a layer of diplomatic Taliban Psalm 3536 On occasions that we find in his 80 verses even then run by mentioned that every can be a PICO metrica device. So what is a stop? And then a new paragraph, and you sent us a new topic? And again, they asked is a rhetorical question. So which of the bounties in your favor Are you going to reject? You

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are in Suwa Jinu, the word of mankind the word of the unseen so that repetition inside the Quran is to awaken the individual to place more focus for the word of Allah and to add an affirmation interest. That's why the previous verse we spoke about, about the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah and another poker player in Chicago to La Ziva Nakane, the various formats of his accounting Sakurada if you give gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah he will increase you. That's in today's verse that you find up barely barely any analysis for Rahim is a replica verse is a mirror image that informed my servants that did on the most mercy for the most kind of loss of Hannah, Hannah.

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And a second of the verse that we mentioned last week, what I referred to in the other be studied, if you're ungrateful, indeed My punishment is severe. And today's verse, the replica, the mirror verse is, one or other been good Are there any that need my punishment is a severe punishment. So as if both of these verses are just mirror verses, with slight variation, a different wording, but the meaning the intent is the same. They will not give gratitude thanks to Allah Subhana Allah, He will increase them. Whoever is ungrateful, disobedient, there'll be warned that the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala is something which is severe and waiting those individuals not barely barely a new

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animal before Rahim informed my servants. My Event informed them and me another forum Rahim that I'm the most merciful, the most kind paste inside sort of hedger, the 15th chapter and verse is 49 and 50, to 40 verse that comes after it.

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But as you mentioned many times, sometimes we do study the Quran, why does Allah Allah play certain iron inside certain locations? There's a deep science behind that way of understanding understand the globe, it doesn't reflect won't seem to seem or see that link inside of Quran, Allah places certain things. So to the 15th chapter the Quran and hedger, a loose translation, the rocky track and he says the people now call Mr. Mood down on the roof of their homes, to speak about these people that people saw and how they were destroyed in the comment area and the land of hijab none of Arabia that we find ways people were destroyed. And if I the main theme is that historically

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speaking about paradise, Jana Werner speaking about a bliss and him looking down upon Adam and a Salaam and then speaking about the prophets Ibrahim and

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rude and your aim for not mistaken measures stylish as well. Essentially surah and his Surah Al Hadith the prophet as an attribute it was mentioned that this is middle misogyny.

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These are from the long SUTA been given to me if he Metallian injeel in a place of Injeel I've been given certain suitors

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that they all they supersede the Injeel that supersede the Torah. And that's what we've read you that the Quran is unsuited made Allah benchwarmer, Haman and LA. Quran stars a testimony of our own previous scriptures. Anything good inside the previous scriptures has been extracted and placed inside the Quran.

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So for minute r1, from the monks, the masses of the average people, we don't need to read the Torah. We don't need to read the Injeel we don't need to read spiritual books. We don't need to turn to them unless a person is an academic is studying certain things as for middle around the masses of people, we don't need that. You don't need to do that to see can I see where the Quran proves that the Bible is false or read another spiritual book to enlighten me

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in a handbook of minimum wage or spiritual alignment of the Quran, that's what the person turns to spiritual life and that is inside the Quran that you find inside the surah itself. You find that in all honesty, the main theme is the Quran.

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As you pointed out refracted inside the surah you find other five or six references that Allah is trying to make regarding the Quran inside the surah whether it be the beginning or if Lambro Tilka to Kitab Eva Quran iMobile

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Hey, Allah mentioned Tilka to kitab.

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And it really matter to views about what is Al Kitab

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Amma ERG and kotoba because either returns back to the previous books, because straight up Allah mentioned the Quran, so whether it be the previous books that existed before or this Quran, there's clear words inside this, the scriptures.

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And the other interpretation is that both al Kitab is referring to the Quran. And likewise the Quran iMobile and the Clear Book the Quran, so twice inside the soul inside this first verse, Allah Allah is speaking about the Quran will call you your lady. Yeah, you already knew Xena is the crew in Nicola Majnoon.

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They attribute this to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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o the one who has been sent down Xena on a thicker and thicker with a smile Quran. Just like today people say this Quran, medieval book book of the past. May Allah forgive us for saying that really a mad man soothsayer cathead Majnoon Faber's of the ancient people, myths made up even today this what these people non Muslim, tell us what they think about the Quran. And so even some of us Muslims, we think about the Quran. It's an ancient book.

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It's a book just for Baraka. Eight is a book for Baraka. There's no doubt about that. But it doesn't just stop there that is just a book of Baraka. That reverence is shown to it. It's far deeper than that, of upholding the book of Allah's contract, it's not mentioned and it's again, it's such a diverse number nine in the national nacinda Decra we're in Allahu La Ivone.

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The novel highlights clearly recent that the zikr if you mentioned decreased once the names of the Quran were in Allahu Allah has a boon and we're going to preserve the Quran. We're going to protect the Quran

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preserved from right from the beginning, from 1400 44 years ago, what had Kubla Dalek

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before the creation, the heavens and the earth, Allah said to the pen to write and said What should I write everything that will take place all the scriptures that have been prescribed written down?

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It's all there. And Allah has guarded the Quran preserved it that no corruption law Yachty hillberg Lumumba in your day you will I mean confini tansy lumen Hakeem in Hamid no falsehood could enter into the Quran

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that you said that one Jewish individual that I'm one of the rulers he tried to eloquent inside his speech.

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And he wrote the Indian first he wrote the Torah and he changed a few things, wrote it with a nice beautiful script, and he spread it out inside the marketplace, no one noticed a mistake

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than the same thing with the with the injeel. No one noticed a mistake. Tried it with the Quran.

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Just change one word. He changed from Surah Al Imran he tried to change that Allah does not accept no other religion except for Islam.

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But he tried to change the meaning of this, that Islam will not be accepted by Allah subhanaw taala.

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At this one word was spotted straight away. That's why even a small child have memorized the Quran when you try to change things of the words of the Quran.

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Because no one can conquer the Quran what I prefer the Quran those people who claim to be proficient the Quran Quran can anytime it is dismantled you at any time was reading the Quran.

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The Quran can come over you to show that no one can conquer the Quran. The unknown Kitab Allah subhanaw taala am Allah subhanaw taala no one should feel so victorious or powerful have mastered the Quran. No one masters, the Quran, the Quran, masters and tames all of us. That's what the Quran does. It aims us, a masters us, it makes us who we are. That's the book of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah called you fine. We'll look at our Technica sub Aminul Muthoni will Quran and Alvine again Allah mentions reference to the Quran we gave you the seven or the message seven it means seven portion divisions of the Quran. The Quran can be divided into seven broad categories is one

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interpretation, but a more accurate meaning. Sub abdominal misogyny is seven verses Surah Fatiha we've given you the seven verses suited Fatiha.

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While Quran Allah Allah him and his Magnificent Quran attributed call is to feed the Pharaoh Quran will have him because the Quran is magnificent. That again Allah mentioned and this surah Alladhina JAL Khurana a been

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those individuals who separate the Quran, fractured the Quran, break up the Quran

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sabich Can you find your who'd won the surah they change the scriptures of Allah Subhana Allah and even today, if all it's true amongst some of us, Muslims,

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and Latina, you know, Bill Kitab those who believe in the book, there are those who believe, but there are some individuals who reject some of it and believe in some of it. That's what we've become in the Muslim society. That we take what we want from the Quran and we leave what we want from the Quran ever to be new, like Build it up with the Quran or be bad you believe in part of the book and reject another part of the book, this the biggest issue in the Muslim world at the moment.

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Amongst the rest of the problems that we face, what are the key top five things that we face in the world at the moment, including this accurate the shake, and the innovation and the problem we find and the sins and the vices, amongst those lists, we should include this as well.

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Is not a total belief inside the Quran.

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But that some for some people that doesn't come on the list. They're pushing that more further and further down. They have their own agenda, because people don't want to be awakened with the Quran because they know the Quran is powerful. The Quran is powerful. That's what the Quran is therefore, to be used as a tool instrument. As you mentioned, civilized society makes societies wholesome and good some societies that we find. As for the Sierra Club, this is inside the Quran. Prydain Allah mentions that you must Sophia not someone won't be Omar who will fear be Mokra Jean, no nuts have no tab, no hardship, no toil, no hardship we placed upon these individuals and they're not going to be

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expelled from it expelled from where from paradise.

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So prior to this Allah's pro speaking about Paradise, and even prior to that Allah speaks about this battle that takes place between a bliss and Adam and the rest of us and speaks about Hellfire as well. Before then Allah mentions in for my servants, a bliss he highlights into a bedika minuman Mukhlas when you're going to eat us, Allah Allah for respite. give me respite give me leave. So I can come and attack your servants. Allah clearly category behind that you're going to be able to overcome all of them. Most of them, except for the pious servants. Whoever the pious servants of Allah Allah is going to find more and more difficult to overcome the individual or the person become

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a powerful servant of Allah Subhana Allah is why and weird as dhikr Al Quran, a Salah that's how a person becomes powerful that becomes hard for shape on shape and will attack all of us. Don't worry about the external enemies inside the world, the most powerful enemy day in day out

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every single second, who's attacking us all day long is none other shape on?

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That's his task. You ask Allah to give me respite? Give me that leave. I'm going to carry on attacking your servants. But Allah gave this this promise or is glad tidings you set for the pious servants of Allah subhanaw taala in relation to turn on

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in a body that is where I'll tell you about a birdie My servants. You're not going to be able to overpower My servants, the servants of mine, that again speak about the servants in the routine if he did nothing What are you on? These MacDuffie in these pious servants of mine are going to be inside paradise inside the Gardens and Rivers. And then Allah then mentioned the bad the ugly Anelka for Rahim informed my servants indeed, I'm the Most Merciful, the Most kind ly mother. Why does Allah speak about Iblees? Speak about Jahannam speak about Janna, speak about the servants. And in highlighting a bit a birdie informed my servants

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Because under law and gasoline,

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we're going to lose the battle of many occasions. We're going to fall short. We're going to fall into his traps into snares, we're going to sin, we're going to make mistakes. But look at the language of Quran that Allah gives us his issues are not the only analog of hoorah in the gym you slip in shape on takes you for a short while overcomes you, makes you makes you sin makes you derail you from the path.

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Don't fret, don't despair,

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not be repaired the only analog for him inform my servants, that I'm the most merciful, the most kind, does you find no better inform inform the servants of mind and after Allah then begin to speak. When the bedroom and Desi Ebrahimian Allah speaks about the guests of Ibrahim and in the punishment he speaks about the different nations and how Allah is trying to wipe them out.

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This is managed Quran by the third read water heat between encouraging us to do certain things or to leave certain things based on what they will worried by giving us a promise and giving us a warning. By an agenda T one na between paradise and hellfire binary, Imani will offer between belief and disbelief.

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That's the psyche of the Quran. That's the journey of the Quran to highlight these opposites, and to carry us to come towards the good opposite or the good path towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and as we find that many places inside the Quran Allah speaks about such forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah or prior to that we find that some of the fundamental efficacy remains to be inserted stuffy began to speak about the plausible, possible reason of reasonable revelation, this verse

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of these, these Hadith need to be authenticated, but just to give us an insight,

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or what the concept could have been,

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that he passed by the prophets and passed by some of the companions whom he had harpoon they they're enjoying themselves laughing just normal human beings.

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And he says to them was called a nod was Jana remember hellfire and Paradise as if to rebuke them but you don't have time to be sitting there passing your time.

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I'm going to be sorry to see demand you that then Allah has sent you blade and I still haven't said Why Why? Why why are you making my sevens disappear and a bit repaired the only another four Rahim one there are there be will other Aleem.

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Don't make them dispelled.

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Don't make them over overwhelm them. Does you find that that the human being your handle Assa T and wasa? Listen, there's an hour to be one's family, one's work, one's career, whatever it may be. And then there's an hour to be focused towards Allah to Allah. Don't let them overlap inside your life. That's the key instrument to understand. Don't let them overlap. When you're worshiping Allah Subhana Allah, that the lawyer he will call pick a word of Africa. When you enter into a bada don't let anything enter into your mind into your heart, in the law, how they will listen. A tab with a look under Catarratto for LM to control endo yuroke

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worship Allah spent Allah as though as though you are standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala

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as though you're seeing Allah Subhana Allah, you can't see Allah Subhana Allah but yeah, he sees you. That's how a brother is. That's our worship is of Allah subhanahu wa to Ireland devotion commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala column one you know to me rahmati may be in the bar alone, and the same surah Allah mentioned who dispense with the Mercy of Allah except for the bar Luna straight individuals that Allah mentioned many times in the Quran, about the Mercy His mercy Catawba Island FC Rama, then again the same Surah cutterbar bukem Allah and Upsee Rama Allah is prescribed and written it down upon himself to be merciful.

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He's merciful towards the servants. He knows that they would be derailed. They lose track but the same time the Mercy of Allah remains for these individuals turn back to Allah subhanaw taala does not bear a burden to inform the Bateman number.

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That's what you find when it comes to mentioned a couple of them that when Allah says not been informed that this is a great information that we should pay attention towards what Allah Allah is going to speak about, just like Allah said, I'm Maya Luna and another LLVM. Allah, the comfy your telephone,

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they ask you about this great news.

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What is this great news that I would have just unlike begins with, whether it be the messenger, whether it be the Quran, or the more accurate meaning is yomo Chioma because the whole juice just speaks about your Murphy Yama, and that is a great affair. That's why I'd knock Mahna Mahna Nava, from the news the information becomes what unabIe

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the Prophet, the prophets, task is to convey the message of Allah subhanaw taala he's only relaying the message wherever Allah tells the prophet to say or to do

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He carries that out inside his life. So not very bad is information, give this to my servants, that Allah subhanaw taala is the one Nabil Abadi al Mamoon. men whom give this information to whom, with servants, the pious servants, the believing servants, you know, we have to find a way to come into that circle of being the pious servants, that is glad tidings that are given to us, inside our lives in me and Allah, India, and the I'm the one and Allah subhanaw taala it was some element that fussy to mention that Allah is going to speak about himself that I am the one who pauses and forgives his servants. I'll cathedral Mark Farah was the noob the one whose excessive follow pardoning sins and

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mistakes of people.

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Imminent bodily injury to the city mentioned going back to him in bursts that he forgives whom lemon turba minimum whoever repents back to Allah Subhana Allah whoever repents at that had been Adam became Allah min them Bella who is that a hadith Oh, come on God Allah, Allah to set up to one repent from a sin is one who has no sin.

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That's what Toba is. That's what another is is that they had incident even merger in the neighborhood. Tober when you feel regret of your life, you're remorseful of your life. That's Toba. That's Toby That's repentance to Allah Subhana Allah, that you just sit then you ponder over your life. Mother Kadem truly hayati What are presented for my life. What have I done in my life? That's Toba. That's repentance to Allah subhanaw taala if I'm told he mentioned a knee and led us to Allah the newbie him if I'm told he studied diseases, I am the one it is me Allah subhanaw taala who covers the sins and mistakes and I'm the one who doesn't expose them inside this world, when I feel

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extra, and I don't punish these individuals. So this dunya implicated mentioned and the the Rama was who other Aleem that is, I am the one Allah subhanaw taala the wonderful of mercy and wonderful at the same time who will punish these individuals. That's why many early might have mentioned this MACOM and hope for Raja. This is a station of of hope, hope and fear that it will claim Kramer Josie I give this to speak depictive nature what Eman is the key body of a bird. The central theme of a bird is an herb

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is love. They have two wings. Sometimes you could go towards the wing of a house affair. And sometimes the wing of rejection I'm going to be mentioned that a person in a time of have in a state of goodness

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goes towards a path of a hope of love. So if all of our health, when a state of goodness in good health. When a person instead of sickness or coming to the end of their life, then they go to Rajat was hope that Allah Allah is going to forgive me. But a key element is hope

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that we mentioned earlier about what is a bad that the key element of a bad is you worship Allah subhanaw taala deeply from your heart.

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We shouldn't worship Allah subhanaw taala that manifests that we think when you speak to people after June What do they say? I pray drummer, I carried out this obligation. I done it. I came to prayer. I fasted month of Ramadan as if it's a chore, as if it's a burden as if you're doing some favoritism you doing some goodness to Islam, you're doing some goodness to Allah subhanaw taala

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that says some of us that we speak about the bad that we think that we've done a great service.

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They said sure it's not a chore it won't bother becomes a chore you need to question yourself

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if it becomes a chore they have to just get out of it not have to pray again. Now it's time for Salah again, there's a problem with your Ibadah

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well I'm metab with Allah bit hope be when you worship Allah with love, and devotion and commitment.

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Then you find the spirituality of your Ibadah Your Worship.

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That's what that's what hope is.

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That's what we love is that you love Allah is kind of more than everything else in the face of this earth.

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That's what belief towards Allah subhanaw taala is it makes you lose, lose your senses of everything around as well. That's what a profit somebody entered in his home. I have Ghana who used to busy him.

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Families to trouble him no worries.

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Well, like Elon Musk Samia NIDA when he heard the call to prayer, nobody means anything to him. He just said to build your billion after me Salah announced her prayers we can find coolness, tenderness inside our eyes. Hadith as soon as we doubled that we find he'll be back in a minute dunya applyboard knee surgery that caught up to it

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In the coolness of my eyes, the relaxation of my day the peace of my day is counting how much money seeing my bank balance, seeing what deems when right right and wrong. What I need to do the coolest eyes in his in his materialistic world, is that when you stop for five minutes, it becomes the most precious five minutes in your life.

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No commodity can purchase those five minutes.

00:25:31--> 00:25:32

Well, sir, why

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doesn't this one seller?

00:25:37--> 00:25:38

One subtle person misses that

00:25:39--> 00:25:42

doesn't want to give up every single thing in their life.

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That's fine. This is a Muslim that you find whoever leaves to answer misses it totally, is as if they lost their family and all of their wealth.

00:25:56--> 00:26:20

Only a family old a wealth, Imam. Now he speaks about why he didn't speak about salah to Lhasa. Because what day it is a short span of time, or the time whereby most people are busy inside his dunya the end of the day, the end of wrapping up their earnings, their work, whatever they're doing cooling in a day, and in that sugar in that busyness, they miss out Salatin acid, and adhesive wound if you lost everything,

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and we should be worried about that inside our lives. Because our Salah should be the beginning pivotal point of everything that we do inside our lives. Now that is a back of our mind that when I find the opportunity, when I find the time and the space that I've squeezed it into my life, that's why there's no Baraka. That's why there's no Baraka because there's something behind in the back of our mind, when Allah is in the front of your mind, that everything becomes blessed inside you live even a few most of the food

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become precious or become beloved to the individual. Because why Allah others plays Baraka inside that and then we find one or there'll be who will adapt Aleem. Then Allah mentioned that my punishment is a severe punishment is that the filmic boss meant to cut them to knock Farah al adab. Allah mentions the McPhatter forgiveness, before the punishment, to show that his mercy precedes or overcomes his anger. That we find a hadith Cocina rahmati sub Dakka Dakka Dhabi

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that he did my mercy overcomes my anger. That a default position of Allah subhanaw taala is to be merciful towards his servants, as we began to understand the language of the Quran

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are the words of Allah subhanaw taala whatever profound impact upon us inside our lives, they even inside his verse last pantalla Azerbaijan, he said is the Sierra Barrymore he mentioned that Allah Subhana Allah doesn't give this equivalence that he speaks about. The only analogue for Rahim if all my servants I'm the Most Merciful, the Most kind.

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One other behold adorable, Aleem Alicia, Ada, Allah makes this a show that indeed My punishment is severe and harsh. Allah doesn't say that I am the one that punishes

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and my pantry is severe. Allah refers to it at a distance that remains that is to proceed as if this is giving another incentive and encouragement to the believer that there is still hope that even if the punishment is severe, Allah doesn't refer to it directly to himself. subhanaw taala giving us his hope and his encouragement, that the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is vast and therefore all of us take benefit from it. And in other locations, Allah doesn't mention his punishment first and then his mercy and is a see that we studied those ayat Allah speaks about first a punishment of Allah Subhana Allah color other BOC will be an usher. What Amati was the article The che instituted era of

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Allah mentioned that indeed, my punishment strikes whoever I want,

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what Amity what's the article, the che, Mercy encompasses everything. So why does Allah mentioned the punishment here before the Mercy read the context, the country speaking about the people of subbed, the day of Saturday, will be told not to fish on that day. But they laid out their nets and then they're making excuses that Allah then rightfully says that for these people, the punishment comes first. Then comes mercy. Then again, the last run of vengeance are the same sort of Inner Inner Buckler three or a Kobe, where he no longer for Rahim that indeed, Allah Subhana. Allah Surya is swift and punishment and indeed at the mercy of Allah Allah is waiting no longer for Rahim again

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read the context is speaking about Musa and Bani Israel. There continues disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala so these people, they deserve to have the punishment to be given to these individuals before the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that's why in a nutshell, the simple conclusion is that do not despair from the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, that focus upon the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah as long as that mercy that it creates fear in our hearts and I will

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awakens us to a life of actions. Just as we began with the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala. I had to search it out of warning, I had to judge him. I had to know. I had to gender

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verses of the Hellfire versus a paradise. They arouse the individual, they awaken the individual. That's where Allah Allah speaks about the human human being. That Allah has one that makes you laugh, makes you cry, gives you these emotional feelings. And likewise, the Quran has a emotional impact upon the individual, of leading the emotion feeling to what to obedience. So these I don't lead us to obedience. We do questions of deeply, that if these verse verses of Allah and that don't change us inside our lives, then only Allah knows what will change us inside our lives. Because these verses of the Quran had a great impact on the Quran, most of the Quran they knew even all

00:30:53--> 00:31:16

licorice, they knew that a Quran was a revelation from Allah Subhana Allah. They knew that but for their own personal interest that's been documented by roadmap sera numerous leaders have the courage, they would come there, listen to the Quran, marveled at the Quran, listen to resuscitation the Quran. They knew that about Sofia and Abuja the new to come and listen to the Quran. Listen to the recitation of whom.

00:31:18--> 00:31:24

Because the best copy of the Quran was a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam. So they listed their recital

00:31:25--> 00:31:32

and each one when they would meet they did disperses, they don't return back again. Because the current time that we're coming to listen to this Quran

00:31:34--> 00:31:38

is this going to change the whole status quo, the whole of our society.

00:31:39--> 00:31:41

We don't want people to come towards the Quran.

00:31:42--> 00:32:10

And we have the Quran in front of us. And we don't want to approach the Quran especially if it's build up to the month of Ramadan. Quran recited doesn't begin in Ramadan dies Ramadan comes now I'm going to read the Quran it begins prior to that a gradual build up of reading the Quran reciting the Quran. There when it comes to Ramadan, it becomes easy for a person to read at least a juice a day and by the end of the 29th or 30th night of Ramadan they've completed on reading of the Quran.

00:32:11--> 00:32:13

And may Allah forgive us there may be some of us

00:32:14--> 00:32:17

that we haven't touched or read the Quran since last Ramadan.

00:32:19--> 00:32:25

We haven't touched or read the Quran last Ramadan. We haven't read the Quran. We're only a few days away from Ramadan.

00:32:26--> 00:33:02

We should be worried about that. Our relationship with a book of Allah subhanaw taala will illuminate shelfie Rama T. That's the conclusion at least how to enter into His mercy wherever he wants. One finally, Mina Abdullah whom other than Alima and for those who are the oppressive or the wrongdoing individuals, for them is a severe punishment is awaiting those individuals who disobey Allah Subhana Allah may Allah is countdown to make us among those individuals who are entered into the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala to overlook our sins and our mistakes, give us all the Tawfeeq and ability to enter into the month of Ramadan in the state of obedience towards Allah subhanaw taala