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Allah is enough for me!

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Murtaza Khan

Channel: Murtaza Khan

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Why am I the only one that's suffering inside my life lately COVID movement has in Kitimat it's not befitting for believers to use such words a believer your call to submit now our partner believer and said we have obeyed I believe is what he said hacer una lo de by rocky very much insufficient officially the law who protects individual calling them as troopers see what was the law wow I don't

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believe is the one who says to Allah international

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law I complain to my sir my grief to you already to Allah that's what a believer does, does not believe attempts to and inside that realm that externally that externally could be fitted it could be affliction could be hardship by inside define is Rasma in some sort of Hadith the if there's mercy there's compassion that sternly there could be an explosion in a person's life.