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Pero Hema hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen syedna. Mohammed Mata It was a big mine. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam is Rama, Rama Rama to live but a casual disciple of Hey, thank you so much for joining us this episode 46 of our series the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And in these next few episodes we mentioned, we'll discuss some of the controversies, the misconceptions around feminism or women in Islam. But before we begin, we received a question a couple of days ago or two weeks ago, from brother Bashar was man asked that it was mentioned that the prophets of Salaam was upset with two of his wives and ally, in

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fact, sanction them Allah reprimanded them in the Quran for something they had done, and he wanted to know more details about this. And this isn't the difference, of course, to sort of the harim surah to him, where Allah subhana wa tada says, And remember, what if Asana be all about the SVG and remember, when the Prophet confided a secret to one of his wives, and she informed it and she basically told it, and Allah showed it to him, and he made it known part of it and ignored apart. And when he informed about it, she said, Who told you this? He said, I was informed by the knowing the acquainted and allowable hobby. So basically the professor lamb Of course, he told me secret and

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this was to have slop as we know, say normal informs us about this, that he told half sarado and a secret, and he said, Don't tell anyone the secret and then she told Ayesha on the line Hmm. And when she confided the secret when she shared the secret, Allah subhana wa tada mentioned this and then Allah says to the two of them into tuba, if you two wives, repin to Allah, if have sign iascaigh if you repent, for your hearts have deviated you made a mistake. But if you cooperate against him, that Indeed Allah is his protector, Angie, video and the righteous of the believers and the angels Moreover, he is assistant. So Allah Subhana, Allah says to Aisha, and to have saw you made a

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mistake, repent and Allah Subhana Allah forgive you, but if you continue to work against him, and cooperate against him, and remember, Allah and the angels, and the believers are his protector. So this was a stern warning for a mistake, a secret that was was shaden which should not have been shade. Now someone asked, What is the secret? What did hafsa expose, and in reality, Sinaloa if it is so serious that we should not be questioning and asking what that secret was, this was a secret between a husband and a wife. Yes, the orlimar have gone into Tafseer about what this could be many, many discussions. One of it is suggested. It refers to the Prophet peace be upon him, saying to have

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saw that he has made Maria, his concubine, haram for him that he said after today, I will not have any concubines and he made it her arm. And she said, How can you make this home? And he said, I have made it hard on but don't tell anyone because this is something personal. So nonetheless, Allah Allah what the secret was, but this is this is the Yes, which Allah had to reveal. And of course, as we know, both Ayesha and Hough saw on him, after they've made a mistake, they repented and they return back to a lot. And we're committed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and of course, Allah subhanho wa Taala elevated them to the highest of levels amongst the women. And we learned from the

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story that the wives and our mothers of the prophets of Salaam and our mothers, they were human, and they will females like our females, and they made mistakes, but what making mistakes nothing wrong to make a mistake, it is the repentance that coming back to Allah that makes us which Allah loves that we come back and we all mean to make mistakes in the dunya. As we know from the Hadith, the prophets of Salaam said, if we were a creation that never made mistakes that were perfect that alone, in fact, replace us with a creation that does make mistakes, so that we can come back into repentance while hamdulillah we continue inshallah discussing misconceptions in Islam, we see that

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from a framework, we see that Islam has made it such that in terms of spirituality, in terms of our position with a law, we are in fact equal in both men and women in the sight of a lot. Then in terms of the Sharia, Allah subhanho wa Taala has by and large made men and women equal in terms of the rules and the laws, in certain situations, which we will discuss further today. There are certain rules, specific domain, certain rules specific to women. But if we look at the rights that Islam gave women, and we detailed, and we compete, how many rights Islam gave, versus any other society on Earth, then the Sharia without a doubt was for 1500 years, well advanced to society, and it was

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something so unique lightyears ahead of any any other society. And then of course, we concluded the last discussion in terms of how men should treat their women and how women should treat men. And this as I say, this is the problem. Usually Islam is blamed for what we see in our society of women not getting the education she deserves. Not being treated correctly, not being respected. It is assumed this is the Sharia. When it is not the Sharia rather, it is the main focus. This is the males of this oma that have not been

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For the Amana as a professor, and I'm serious final advice uzoma. Look after your women. Now, in terms of the Sharia, there are certain rules that might appear to be controversial and encourage you to raise those questions. And I have personally one of the objectives of the series was to make clear certain controversial areas in terms of the Sharia. So as I said, there are rules that are specific domain specific to women. And this is where the controversy lies. Now, we should understand as there are certain rules which might appear in inverted commas, you can't see me doing the inverted commas. There might be certain rules which might appear to be detrimental to women. And

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we'll discuss those rules. There are certain rules which without a doubt, favor women. And you know, we don't hear people speaking about that. So for example, we find in the Shetty app, that of course, when a husband and wife when they get married in terms of nica, then the husband is required to pay his wife adultery as is confirmed in the Quran and the Sunnah. And that dowry is anything that she stipulates in his, for her exclusively, it is not for her father or parents, this is her dowry. And in that case, we ask, why should the man pay the doubt, of course, Allah has made this made this a law. And that is, that is how it should be. We know for example, in the Sharia, that the mother will

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always have a greater degree. In fact, the Heidi says three times above that of a father, no matter how good you are, as a father, the honor and the respect and the dignity of a mother is elevated above that of a father. We also know that in the marriage, the financial burden of support, the financial requirements, is upon the husband alone that he should provide for his wife and his children. Even if he's a, you know, a man of simple of means he's a poor man, and he marries the wealthiest woman on earth, and she refuses to share of her wealth. He cannot go near her wealth, but she's entitled to his wealth behind the law. We don't you know, sign a law this on one level, one

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might even say this is sixes This is unfair, of course, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows better than us, there are certain rules which are relaxed for women. So women are not compelled to be part of jihad, jihad, then men must participate, whereas women are not required to do so. We know for example, Joomla, a man has to attend your mind no matter what no matter how difficult it is, he has to he has a business, he has to close it and he has to go for Joomla whereas the sisters, she may attend, you might if he wishes, or she may not attend Joomla if she wishes, Allah has given her the right to choose. In terms of certain prohibitions, there are things that are haram for men, but

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permissible to women, like what like it is permissible for a woman to weigh gold, and silk, but for the man it is haram to eat gold and silver. So very clearly we find in the Sharia, there are rules which favor men, and they are rules which favor women. Another example that comes to mind, a very powerful example is that of custody, in terms of custody and guardianship of children, that in the case of the husband and wife being separated, then children of an age before they are more qLf, than the wife has greater right over those children, that she may have custody above that of a father unless she gets married. And in the case of my law, protect us, both parents passing away, then in

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fact, the wife's family has a greater claim to those children than the father's family. This is, again, something very unique. And in the time when the Quran was revealed, women had no say over the children. And yeah, the Quran is stipulated, Sharia has stipulated that the maternal side of the family has a greater right over those children until they become McAuliffe, and they can decide for themselves. So these are certain rules, which definitely favors women above men. And we don't see protests. And we don't see people complaining the rights of men and inequality towards men, because Alhamdulillah we understand that Allah in His infinite wisdom, he has made the law 99% we could say,

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equal between men and women, there's no difference. And in certain specific situations, men have certain privileges, and women have certain privileges, men have certain rights, and we will have certain rights. And this is, of course, in the wisdom of Allah. So what are the areas of concern? So we'll go through a number of them, and you can raise further those concerns, and you can email them and we can discuss them. So let's begin one of the most common ones. And the ones which which gets the most attention usually, is that of polygamy, or when a man is able to marry multiple wives. So for example, he said, why is it that a man can marry four women, but a woman cannot marry more than

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one husband? What is the reason for that? So we respond to that, and we say that number one, this issue of, of polygamy is not unique to Islam. In fact, most religions on earth, and most cultures on Earth has permitted this this is something which is permitted and allowed throughout the world. And in fact, in the time of Jamelia before Islam, there was no limit to the number of women a man could marry, he could marry, you know, dozens of women, and he could have you know, there were no lights in terms of how he treated them. He could visit the one one time a year and the others, you know, someone else he sees every day there was no limits on how this was there's no regulations with the

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God, Islam, in fact, came to limit the number of wives to four, when the law came down, there was a problem for some men, some of them had more than four wives. And so they had to Subhanallah divorce those wives that were in excess. So Islam actually restricted the number down to four. Also, Islam made it very clear that if you have more than one wife, then you need to treat them equally in terms of your time and in terms of your money. So just think about this brothers are many who like the idea of multiple wives, think about this, you get your paycheck. And then you have to divide that by to give one to the one wife and one to the other wife, to be equal and fair. Think about your free

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time, you have to give your one wife equal amounts of time as the other, the Sharia made this very, very clear. And if you're unable to do so you're unable to be fair and equal, that it is in fact haram for you to marry multiple lives. So we said this before, Allah says, when we talk about the idea of polygamy, Allah says, and if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan girls, then many other women of your choice two, or three or four, but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with multiple wives, then only one or a slave woman with your right hand positions. This is closer to prevent you from being unjust. So Allah remember the if polygamy

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when Allah says marry two, three or four, sometimes we quote this ayah without understanding the context, this entire ayah is not about polygamy is actually about justice. Allah says to the man who had often girls under his key, Allah say, Don't marry the orphan girl, you are in charge of why, because this open to abuse, you can now the power is unequal, that you could really take from her wealth and you know, manipulator. So Allah says, Don't marry an orphan girl under your custody, rather marry any woman, even two women or three women, for women, whatever you want to three or four, to a limit of four. But if you are having multiple wives, then treat them equally. And if

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you're unable to be equal, then you must only marry one spine alone, you must only marry one. And we know that these are severe punishment for the man who is unfair between his wives. And as we said, the Sharia is neither encouraging polygamy, no, is it discouraging polygamy? Some people have the notion that it is it is something mellitus for you to marry multiple wives. It's not that's not the case, Islam is looking for the man who is just if he's able to be just between two wives well, hamdulillah if it can only be just between one wife, well, hamdulillah In fact, the Sharia is making this as an option and allowance for the man who wants to get married, he can marry one for the man

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who wants to get married to two, he can marry two, it is an option, that in certain situations, if it's beneficial to both husband and wife, and multiple wives, and these consent and agreement, and this is how they wish to live their life, the machete has made that option available, but there's nothing wrong. In fact, there's too many one wife and you'll find some kind of law, the 40 moms, for example, the great scholars of the Sharia, Imam, Abu hanifa Imam, Malik Shafi, but they only had one wife, well, hamdulillah. And this is a new find certain Sahaba also only had one life and certain great scholars, you know, did not even get married, what a law annum. So the situation Allah has

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left the issue of marriage for you as an adult to choose what is best for you. So long as it is just and it is fair. Now the question might be, so can we not be just and fee if a woman marries multiple husbands? Well, in that situation, understand that if a woman had more than one husband, the issue of paternity, you know, in this Islam is not only relevant for today, it goes back more than 1500 years ago, who would be the father of that child, there would be no way of knowing who is the father, if she has two husbands. Also, if you look at the way the Sharia has been structured, a man usually is required to provide financially to his wives, to maintain her physically and to protect

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her honor, a man could do this with multiple wives. But if you look at the requirements that is required of a wife, it is very difficult for her to fulfill her obligations to multiple husbands if she was in a situation. And in reality, I have not found a sister, in all my travels that said, I really wish and desire for more than one husband. In fact, she just wishes for one husband that will be faithful and good and caring for him. That is enough. Well hamdulillah answers how Allah has made us. So this issue of polygamy is one that is available, but it should be done with consent. It should be done with justice, and your sisters something which you don't, usually a year, but it is

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permissible, that you can actually put in your contract before you get married, you can actually put in your contract that before my husband gets married to a second wife, he needs my permission. And if he were to marry a second wife, then he needs to give me the option of divorce. This is something permissible to be placed in your contract. And it's something for you to discuss with you and your future husband, while hamdulillah the next issue of contention. The woman might say, you know that in Islam, we find that it's unfair, because it allows a man to marry a non Muslim woman. But for us women were only allowed to marry Muslim men. Why is that? So surely there are certain men that are

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One Muslim, that they are good and we'd like to marry them. So to respond to this understand that the default rule in Islam the law of Islam as it stands, is that Muslims should only marry Muslims that both men and women may not marry non Muslims. This is the basic rule and all of season sort of Baccarat. Allah says and do not marry America do not marry those who worship idols and basically what it means here is non Muslims and do not marry the non Muslims omein do not marry the non Muslim women totally become believers and indeed a slave woman who believes in Allah is better than a disbelieving women, even though she may please you, she may amaze you. And then also suddenly to the

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ladies do not give in marriage, the mushy coontail they believe and don't give the daughters into marriage. So the only the women the Muslim women marry non Muslim men and a slave man, a very simple, poor man that is a believer is better than an amazing and honestly man for her. Why? Because Allah says they call you to the fire where Allah calls you to mercy and to Jenna. So this is the default that Muslim men only marry Muslim women and Muslim women marry Muslim men and it's impermissible to go beyond that. They need sudama either Allah subhanho wa Taala made an exception, a very specific exception. Allah says to the men, that it is lawful for you to marry, chased not

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just any kind of a good woman from the believers and a good woman from the Al Kitab. Those who are given the Scripture. And yeah, this law is a an allowance. Now you may ask, why has Allah made this allowance. And once again, this is the rules of a ladies in the Quran. Allah is surely number one showing that it is better for you Firstly, marry a believing woman This is better for you. And in fact, the promises are limited. The best thing you could have is a woman that is a righteous woman. But there is an allowance for you to marry and allocate up a kitabi, a lady that is a Jew or a Christian. And some scholars mentioned that hook it up or not applicable today. Whereas the majority

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view is the current Jews and Christians most of them have mostly nominations still fall under this category. But what the Sharia is saying here, that for a man to marry a good woman from Al Khattab, it is something which is permissible for a number of reasons. Number one, usually you find that the household would follow the religion of the Father. So if a woman marries a non Muslim man, usually her children will end up following the belief of that person. Also, this is not just an open rule. But for a man who is unable to maintain his Deen for a man who is going to marry a woman and she will basically make her children and follow the faith that is outside of Islam. And for him, it's

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not permissible. And for him, he will be held responsible for not guiding his children and in fact, his wife as well to the correct path. Also something very interesting, very important to remember that we sit in the Sharia, Islam gives a woman many rights in terms of maintenance, in terms of divorce in terms of how to be treated, Islam preserves these rights for her. And if a Muslim man marries a non Muslim woman, then a Muslim man is required to protect his wife, even though she's a non Muslim with those rights, but if a Muslim woman marries a non Muslim men, then those rights are not recognized in his Sharia, then in terms of his religion, she is not recognized as having the

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right to be maintained that like to receive a dowry, so who will enforce those rights on him. And if he abuses her, or Hamza, then who will be there to protect them. So the Sharia is saying she should not put herself in a situation where she becomes vulnerable. We as the women have advocated, she will always be protected in our Sharia that she can go to the MTC, then the Christian woman can go to the MTC and say, oh, man, this man of mine, this husband of mine, but he Sharia, he's not fulfilling his obligations on massacring me. He's not treating me with what is required in the Sharia. And on that we will actually come down hard on that husband, maybe even forced him to

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separate from her. So some Hannah law, this shows you that the Sharia protects those rights of a woman even if she's a non Muslim, whereas if a woman were to marry a non Muslim man, and those that rights would not be applicable or available to her. Another question that may arise, you find they may say she says most dudes don't allow sisters to attain the magic. What is the ruling on this? This is a very, very clear Hadith. This one, the prophet SAW Selim himself, he himself said not not the views of Mohammed waste. It's not the view of Imam Shafi or the MDC. This is a view of the process of selling a Hadith of the Prophet of Islam, that says very explicitly, do not prevent your

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women from going to the masjid, even though the houses are better for them. So he's saying to the sisters, yes, you can attend the masjid and your husbands cannot stop you from attending the masjid but is better for you to perform your Salah at home you get more reward for that. We also say that the Prophet peace be upon him, gave the women a special day just for the sisters to attend the masjid where he could teach them

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And we also said that it was even permissible for the women it's we know in the Sharia, it is agreed upon between the mother that is permissible for the woman not only to attain the masjid, but she can even make it decaf in the masjid span Allah, the wife of the Prophet peace be upon him, they may eat decaf inside of the masjid. Now, this is something that's panelo we at times we balanced this between fitna and higher and modesty and other rules. Yes, it is required for a woman to be modest, it is required for us to prevent fit. Now it is required for us to as best as possible to separate and segregate and we see Subhanallah the dangers in a society that is opening scene where men and

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women intermingle without any limitations without any restrictions. How many cases come to the amount of people falling into mistakes because they became too close with members of the opposite sex. So this is something that we need to always be alerted to and be aware of. However, we should not take this issue of segregation. To that extent, we actually infringe on the rights of our sisters, when we say to her because there's so much fitna in the in the world of the show, allowed to leave the house is allowed to visit her parents and she's not allowed to go work, she may not go to the masjid, these are laws now you have prevented her from certain rules which has been given to

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her by Allah simply because this this issue of fitna, so we say to the sisters, very clearly, you may attend the masjid. And no one may prevent that from you that women are far more pious, more modest, holier than our women today, the Sahaba yet the wives of the prophets of Allah, they attended the masjid. And remember the mercy of the Prophet peace be upon him. If you really want to understand this. There was no even a barrier separating the men and the women. The women prayed behind the men. Without any petition, today Alhamdulillah many masajid you'd find the women are upstairs and the men are downstairs. We might be even separate entrances. So that's why a lot. No

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one even knows who enters the masjid of the women and they never intermingle year in the time of the problem, there was one incident men and women would enter from the same door. And that's why the Prophet peace upon him encouraged the Sahaba the men when you're done performing Salah remain wait a few minutes, don't turn around, let the sisters leave. And he encouraged the sisters when they're performing sada when you come up from sujood, because they will obviously at the back, don't come up immediately. So that as the main stand up, and we might see certain things, certain parts of the, you know, might get exposed. She told the women remain, you know, Institute for a little longer. So

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Subhan Allah, this is the time of the most pious of people, we should not go beyond what is permitted in terms of the shediac. But in terms of the Sharia, we even said in terms of education. One of the great tragedies is you find in Muslim countries, in the name of hire in the name of modesty in the name of stopping fitna. They have stopped, you know, wholesale sisters from going to schools, you find certain countries and I don't know what Islam is, where schools are bombed because they say girls are allowed this is a fitness panela This goes completely against the ethos of Islam, a religion that began with eco religion that says very clearly compulsory on men and women to learn.

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So, the Prophet peace upon him as we said, the only reason why he has a member why he had a member was because the sister said we can see you can be both a member so that we can see you and hear you and he agreed to that pulpit. So this was to further the education of our sisters. So we should never use this issue of fitness to prevent a sister from moving in terms of what is allowed for her to move and to prevent her from the education which Allah subhanaw taala has permitted for her. inshallah, in our next episode we'll talk about a very controversial issue surrounding the beating of women as we find it in the Quran will speak about female circumcision and female sexuality as

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well in our next episode and send through your questions and concerns, comments, and we continue on a regular hiatus and I want to come over to cattle