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Marine brothers in Islam

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for joining us in this the fourth episode of our women around the messenger, our elearning, what's Islam? And before we continue, we have some questions with regards to the coming of evil adhaar and the Quran, people have asked, What's the difference between Africa and corbon over here. So basically, to sacrifice for the sake of sacrificing animals, sheep for the sake of charity, call this Khubani wood here for the purpose of purely for charity. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions to us that the meats and the blood is not what reaches Allah, Allah subhanaw taala does not need us to you know provide him with meat. But all these the taqwa it is the piety that reaches him. And

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that taqwa that piety comes from our understanding that we sacrifice something which we love, like liberalism, It commemorates the sacrifice of Nabhi Brahim of Nabhi, smile. So NaVi Rahim, Allah subhana wa tada says to him, What do you love more? You love me Your son is mindless boy that you've been waiting for decades to have. If I asked you to sacrifice to give to surrender, that son to me would you do so? Now even on him, of course, being tested so much, but he passed the test. So Allah says, I don't need you to slaughter your son, rather sacrifice an animal. So the symbolism the taqwa of it is that we give something that we love, we give that up for the sake of Allah because Allah

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Akbar, Allah is the Greatest we love Allah the Most. And of course, the taqwa in the sacrifices that we feed people that are unable to find food hungry people, we give food to those who are hungry Alhamdulillah This is a great great reward. So in terms of a quota ban, a charity a slaughter for the sake of charity, in terms of the rules of quota ban, one third may be kicked by the one doing the sacrifice 130 shade with family and friends, neighbors, and one third is given as charity. There are other types of sacrifice for example, if you have a penalty, so perhaps one made a certain type of sin, and you need to pay a cafaro a dumb penalty, then from this you will not have you would not

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have initiated that you sacrifice and all of it goes to charity. Akiko is something very specific. This is the the sugar or the ransom, if you will, that one gives when you are blessed with a child. So there's a Hadith of the prophets of Salaam says that each of us when we are born, we are still to be ransom. I mean, I think you in analogy, you know, when you go when you have to bail someone out, are we bringing someone out, this is the the ransom that you pay. It's basically the sugar we give to Allah for allowing us and blessing us with a healthy child. And therefore we do this Akiko, for for the one who was blessed with a child, the sooner is to sacrifice an animal within the first

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seven days of the child's birth. If, of course you can't afford to do so you're unable to do so no problem, it's a sooner it's a recommended action. And you may do it any other time of the year. And yes, you can do an article for your son or your daughter, you know, when in the days of evil Aha, and the rules will apply the same you will be able to take one third of the meat for yourself, one third with family and friends and one third for charity. However, you cannot join the NEA. So for example, you can put a band for yourself and your entire family the prophets of Salaam when he did a Kobani. He said he makes this on the NEA that a loss of power for the purpose of himself and his

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family and his oma so a family can put band a sheep the NEA is permissible as when a pika is very specific. You can't join the two. And for the boy, if you are blessed with the sun, you will could have been two sheep and for the daughter, one sheep in sha Allah. So this is what the regards to the Quran and this was regards to to Africa. And may Allah subhanaw taala accept from us, whatever those who are sacrificing Remember, if you do plan to do a coupon, then during these first days leading up to it, one should not trim your nails, and you should not remove any hair from your body is not permissible.

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So let's continue with our with our series on the women that are on the messenger salsa lamb. And we said we stopped last week after talking about the 15 years of bliss 15 years of of honeymoon basically between the Prophet and

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the Steve bonden love that they had the kids that they had the people in the house very loving, wonderful household. But basically they were a beloved family in Makkah, and the kids grew up under the eye of the Prophet Salam. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala at the age of 40 would place in the Prophet a give him a heavy heavy burden. He would select him to be the last and final messenger to carry the final revelation. So the prophets will send them we said was in one of these retreats searching doing some soul searching introspection, questioning the purpose of life searching his heart was longing to meet Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah in the in the month of Ramadan with sinned

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gibreel the ark Angel

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Hebrew to meet the prophets of Salaam. So the Prophet peace upon him. Now imagine this in the cave, you were alone, you contemplate you being reflective, and all of a sudden you realize you're not alone. There's another man in the cave. And this man obviously walks up to the prophets random. He's obviously quite scared. And the man says to the Prophet, peace upon him, oh, Mohammed read. Now the Prophet had never learned to read and it was unlimited. So he responds to the man the stranger and he says, Man, according I'm not able to read. So the stranger grabs hold of the prophets of Salaam and squeezes him and the Prophet said, he squeezed me with such strength and such intensity, that I

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almost felt like I would fall unconscious. And then he lit the profit goal. And then he said to him, once again, Mohammed read, prophecies are not able to read, and he squeezed them for the second time and let him go. And then a third time again, he said, read prophecies. I don't know how to read. So he squeezed in once again, and the profits that I felt, you know, all the strength being pushed out of me, and mean, he says, what do you what what should I read? What do you want me to read? So the stranger recites the first five verses of Surah adeq, the 96th surah of the Quran, he decides ikura Bismillah bacala de Holla Holla. Collinson. I mean, Allah, eco. Akram Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. So the stranger And this, of course, is the angel Gabriel. He says, read, in the name of your Lord who created He created man from a cleaning cloth, read in your read and your load is most gracious, were taught by the pain, who taught men that which he does not know. So these are the opening first verses of the Quran. So just a side note here, if you open the Quran, of course, the Quran has 114 chapters. The Quran was not revealed from chapter number one to the end of chapter 114, rather than ends first chronological revelation was chapter number 96, verses one to five. And I'm sure I'll get some questions about the code of the Quran. And we can discuss that as

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the questions come through. So these are the first revelations of the Quran being sent to the Prophet, Prophet peace upon him, has no idea what's happening. He's confused is shocked. question Why did you know the angel Gabriel? Why did he squeeze him like this? Why was he squeezed to such an intense such intensity? You know, some some people have mentioned when I asked this question, they say this is to pinch him like, you know, like you, you sleeping and it's to show that this is real, this isn't a dream. This isn't your imagination, this is real. So that physical contact was to, to let the process of some No, this encounter is real. Another person mentioned is this perhaps not

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like heart to heart, the angel is bringing the professor lamis chest close to his chest, because this is this medium is not spread, basically, through words spread through the heart. A very cute answer I got from a young girl, when I asked why do you think the angels squeeze the prophet like this? The the young sister said, You know gibreel love that long to meet the prophets of Salaam. This is the first time they came into contact. So God wants to just hug him. But because he's an angel, and he's so strong, he doesn't know his own strength he you know, squeezing too tight. That's of course not the answer. So number one, this is not a an embrace of affection is not something the

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prophets have enjoyed. He was deeply disturbed by this. And what the scholars mentioned, is that the prophets of Salaam is receiving a blessing, the blessing of knowledge. And we will know that we'll come to learn that knowledge is not given for free. I take a moment to think about this for a second. There are many blessings. In fact, most of our blessings come to us free of charge. The sun rises, you don't pray for it, you know, you don't pay for it. Most of us if not all of us, we don't pray Allah let the sun rise tomorrow. We don't give thanks for it, but the sun rises, and the sunsets and the rain comes down. We are in Cape Town. We know this better than any you know, we

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should know this. What a blessing that we take this for granted. If the rain stops. May Allah grant that this drought in Cape Town comes to an end. But the rain comes basically free of charge. You will inherit from your parents, you can inherit billions from your parents. You can inherit beauty, you can inherit even power and honor and kingship if you the son of a king. You know, when he dies, when your parents pass away, then you become the king. So you can inherit many blessings. But this one blessing. In fact, this is the greatest blessing in the sight of a lot of the belief. The number one blessing after belief is the blessing of knowledge. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has made a rule

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in the universe. There are certain principles that can't be broken, like gravity, it's a law you can't you know, it's something that we are all bound by the law with Allah is that knowledge will not come for free. He will not give an inch of knowledge free of charge. Every single person is born with an empty harddrive. You know nothing and you need to learn everything from scratch and you have

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To learn with effort, you need to give something to get knowledge, not just Islamic knowledge. This is even secular in inverted commas. We're talking about secular knowledge. And remember inside note here, everything that is truthful knowledge is religious Islamic knowledge, whether it is the study of the stars, the moon, the universe, this is part of the study of the Creator. So any knowledge of benefit when Allah gives it over to you, you want it you need to pay a price. You need to sacrifice your time. You need to sit and give up something of enjoyment, you might have to pay some money, but you need to sacrifice time and effort and energy, to receive knowledge, you don't get it for free.

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So the Prophet peace be upon him is receiving some knowledge now, and therefore his body. He's emotionally has to be exhausted when you receive this. And this is a common theme throughout the life of the province of solemn whenever he receives a revelation. We have many, many accounts, the Sahaba would see him going through a state to me seems a revelation, it would become physically heavy on him. The process is almost once riding a camel, and the revelation came upon him and he became so physically heavy that the camels legs buckled he was forced to sit down and the prophet SAW Selim would be exhausted, it'd be very difficult on him. So knowledge does not come for free.

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And a lot of promises something as well. He says in the Quran, that Allah Allah promises that he edify lilina Amma know whether they know to meet the Raja, that those who have Eman and those who are given knowledge, they are raised in daraja levels. Allah elevates the one who believes and elevates the one who is given knowledge levels. And this is not just as I said, is no religious knowledge. Even today, the countries that have the best schools, the best universities, the best academics, those countries will be richer, they will be more powerful, they'll be more successful. Knowledge is power, in the sight of Allah. Wealth doesn't produce Allah. Beauty doesn't increase

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Allah. You know what you look on the outside, what you what status, you have your titles, those things, don't embrace Allah. But what Allah subhana wa looks at is number one, your piety, your humanity, the good, the goodness, the taqwa that you have, and the knowledge that you possess, those two things are the greatest blessings one could have a belief with knowledge, and you will not get knowledge without certain efforts. In fact, again, if we look at the story of Adam, II, angels who are the greatest of creation in terms of power, physically, the greatest creation, they are made to bow before Adam, why, even though he's made of dirt, he they bow before him because he possessed

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knowledge which they did not possess. Knowledge is power and knowledge will elevate you in this life and in the life after so the us a lot of blessed us with beneficial knowledge you are here you are listening to this, you're giving up of your time to pursue this knowledge so that we might all be elevated. I mean, back to the prophets of Allah. So he receives this revelation, the angel Gabriel has visited the Prophet solemn, and given him the first five verses of the Quran. How do you think the profitsystem responded,

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he didn't jump up and down and say I knew it. I knew it's all my life. I knew I was something special. And this is confirmation. I knew I was special. I knew I was the one I know. But all the he was freaked out. He was completely, completely shocked, completely confused. He was terrified. And he runs out of the cave, he scrambles down the mountain. And as he looks up in the sky, he sees he could see this man that was in the cave, had now become like an angel, in his true form the angel Gabriel he was in the form of a man now he was in the form of an of an angel and his body basically encompass the entire sky, couldn't we ever he looked he saw this, this creature, and he was so

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terrified. The problem was he was scared beyond you know, you know, out of his mind, and he ran all the way to the one place of comfort, the one place that he felt safe, the arms of Khadija so he runs to a he runs home is in a panic College has never seen him like this. And he says to her zombie loony Sammy loony meaning Cover me wrap me up any shaking. So he says hold me just please keep me hold me in your arms and she brings a blanket and she holds him and you can picture this is trembling and she says hugging him holding images asking him What's wrong What What happened? When he gets his composure he says to her Yeah, deja I think something bad as before me. I think I might,

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you know, be losing my mind. Or some evil genius evil spirit had had come before me something evil has come. And he explains to her the story of what happened in the cave. Now look at her Aegis response. He says to him, don't feel sad, don't worry.

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I have full confidence in you. That Allah subhanho wa Taala would not the Creator. Now side note here. The Arabs at that time they worshipped idols, the Prophet peace brokerage in the name of worship idols.

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Even the idol worshippers they had a concept that there was a creator and they called him Allah, the one and only deity. So helenius is the creator Allah would never ever harm you. Why? Because you are the best human being I've ever seen. She says to him, for I swear by Allah, you are the one that Allah will never humiliate. You are good to your relatives, you are always truthful in your word, you are the one that helps any needy person, any person in need, you are there to support them. The week the slaves, you are the supporter You are the Comforter, when you have guests, you treat them while you feed them. And you always answer anyone who is in the streets, you are the first to answer

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it. So I swear that they allow will never ever humiliate someone like you, you are the best human being I met. And in fact, she says, I hope that this is a good sign that you would be a prophet. So Khadija is the very first person to actually believe in Him when He did not believe in himself. And she was the first person to really recognize His goodness. So, you know, just one one side note here. We get to see the love that Khadija has for the Prophet salon, the way in which he is willing to follow him to the ends of the earth. She believes he that he is something special. Why not because he was a billionaire, not because he was strong, whatever. But what he had was he was a

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genuine, perfect, pure human being. He the way he spoke the way he treated people the way he treated her, she fell in love with him over and over. So when I say this, imagine I come to I come home and I say to my wife, you know, Tasha, Allah has made me a prophet, she burst out laughing, she will say you will people, you know, did a lot of fine anyone be telling you to be a prophet. You know, first try to be a husband and a father when you can be, you know, then we can talk about anything beyond that. But Khadija is so convinced that you You are not any kind of human being you are something else. This was just through his character is a hallmark of the way he treated people that she

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recognized that he was something very special. So she sees let's go and speak to my cousin. She had a cousin who was a priest, he was a an historian, Christian. And he was an old man who was, you know, basically on his deathbed, and the Prophet peace be upon him narrates the story to this man called watarrka. And he says that this, this being that came upon you is the same being that came to the previous prophets that this is the angel Gabriel, and he says How I wish I would be alive. The day your people, your tribe, cost you out of Mecca, cost you out of our city. So the Prophet is shocked. This is what they did. He cost me out. I mean, my people love me. They trust me, they

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admire me, I'm someone very beloved to the tribe, why would they throw me out? So he says, never did a man come with a message which you are going to come with, except that his people turned on him. And when they cost y'all I wish I would be with to support you. But of course this year, this man he would pass away in a few days after that. So now the Prophet peace upon him, that he's received this revelation, he understands the mission that is upon him, but he is being summoned by the creator of the worlds to convey the message to humanity. And this would now be an into as we said, the first 15 years with Khadija was was loving was easy was was basically comfortable. Now the comfort comes to

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an end Allah says to the professor lamb, yeah, you will, you will resemble, oh, you covered up in garments, oh, you will come for under stand up and wound the people. So the Prophet says to Khadija. Now the easy days are over. Now the days of ease is over and the hard work is going to begin.

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So the prophets of Salaam would now convey the message of Islam. What is that we take a moment to ask, What is the message of Islam? What is this message that is supposed to convey? Now Islam in a nutshell, most of the world believes in the creator and his people, people have markedly believed in the ultimate creator, one that feeds and sustains and controls the universe who created everything from nothing. And then everything returned to him after this. Most people on earth believe this and the people of Makkah, even though they worship idols, they believe in this Islam. The word Islam means to submit, to submit to the the one who created you submit to him and him alone, that none

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deserves worship except him. La ilaha illa Allah, this is the message of every single prophet from Adam, all the way to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the very same message is La ilaha illAllah that there is no ILA there is no deity. There is no object of worship, there is none deserving of worship, except Allah, the creator of the universe, he alone should be worshipped, he alone will he can heal the sick and cure the sick and feed the hungry. He's the only one who brings life and the only one who takes life and the only one who will will resurrect off the death and he alone deserves worship. So this is the message that he was calling out that we should not worship

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Any idol, any statue, any image, any human being, any grave, any object,

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Tao, your talisman for power prediction, none should be worshipped except Allah, this would be his message, this would be the message of all of the prophets. And this is the this is the religion of the universe. Islam did not begin with Mohammed salsa lamb did not even begin with Adam. It began the moment Allah created creation. That thing was a Muslim, a Muslim is one who submits to Allah the son is a Muslim, because it submits to Allah, the moon is a Muslim, the stars are Muslims. Why? Because they submit they do the function that they are supposed to do, as Allah had commanded of them. So the Prophet peace be upon him is to call humanity, return them to the worship of the one

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and only creator, not to worship Muhammad, not to worship any object, but to worship he who created you worship Him alone, now his people worshipping idols. And besides until Islam has one side which is the worship of Allah, the other side of Islam is to be a good human being. And in fact, they go together, you cannot worship Allah, and be bad to the creation, part of your worship of Allah is to be a good human being. And of course, the society in which he lived, oppress the poor. It mean they have stole the rights of people, they harm the women, they abused and they killed and they had no, you know, they live in a really dark ages called jack Lee, he would come now to speak about the

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rights of women, the rights of slaves, the rights of children, to speak about not to cheat and lie and not to kill one another, over petty things, to live a good life and to worship Allah. No, this would be his mission. And like the prophets before him, like Moses, like Jesus, like Abraham, all of them, they went through persecution through the people, they challenge the status quo, they challenge the elite of the society, and naturally there will be a backlash. So the prophet SAW Selim would receive likely profits, you know, major, major persecution, and the one corner of support, the place that brought him comfort was hadiza. No one supported him more than Khadija. No one gave more

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to this Dean, if you know we are Muslims, by the grace of Allah. And through the sacrifice of our mother, her teacher, she was the very first sponsor of the deen, she bankrupt her entire business empire, she bankrupted it. In the support of her husband's missing, she was the one who believe before he believed, when he was in doubt, she said, You're a prophet, this message is true. And she stood by him, and through hardship through the difficulties of life, she stood by him, he would go out on the day calling people to the worship of one creator of the worship of Allah, and they would spit at him, they would abuse him, they would curse him. This would happen throughout the day, when

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he would come home, you know, a broken man, she would pick up the pieces, she would bring him she would hold him, she would come with him, and she would encourage him, and she would push him forward and say, Go and do your job, that I am with you. 100%. That's why, you know, many, many years later, after a DJ passes away, and we'll talk inshallah next week about the passing of a DJ. The prophets of Salaam was mentioning Khadija, and he would always remember her and he would always feel for her fondly. There was a place in his heart that no one could capture. Yes, he would marry other women. And yes, some of them. And like I share, for example, very dear and very loving will learn a lot

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about eyeshadow, Yolanda, but there was a place in his heart which belonged to her DJ alone. So once the Prophet was alum, you know, after he had passed away, he makes her DJ system. And when he saw her, you know, he became nostalgic. Maybe 10 years after he passed away, he becomes nostalgic, any any sense? Wow. You know, she reminds me of her deja, she takes me back. And I shows the eyeshadows. And like this, I she says, No one ever I never felt more envy jealousy of any woman of any of his wives more than I did of her even though I never met her. So he she even becomes upset, why she becomes upset, and I should assist the counselor, will you not stop mentioning this old woman that

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has long time passed away? She's dead, many, you know, years ago, she's died. She's an old woman. You know, she was old when you married her. And Allah has given you better. Meaning me Allah has given you a better wife. Why do you even care about Khadija. So listen to his words, the prophecies By Allah, he has not given me better than hadiya. For she was the first one to believe in me. And the first one to support me and to help me. She was the one that believed in me when no one believed in me. She was like, my biggest my biggest supporter, and the biggest contribution of the dean. And of course, she was the one that was she's the mother of my children. And that's why, because of her

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service during these 10 years, and we'll talk more about that next week and show her what she did for the dean and her sacrifices, elevated her to basically being the best of all women. The prophets of Solomon says about the virtues of Khadija Listen to this. He says there are four women that have the best of all women that had achieved the highest level that any woman can achieve.

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If two of them were from the previous nations, the first being Asya, the wife of Pharaoh fit around with reasonably Musa Asya. Then you have Mary Maryam, the mother of Jesus, easily Salaam, she maryalice salam, and then two women of this oma hari jabeen holy Khadija and my daughter Fatima. These are the four Greatest Women. And it is this period. This 10 years, we had ej would sacrifice her entire life and be the first benefactor of the deen the first finance of the deen the greatest support of the deen, the very first believer on this Dean, Allah mentioned in the Quran, that the very best of believers of those who believed early on the early converts that allows and abubaker is

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without a doubt unanimously we know the very first person to embrace Islam of this oma, was Khadija been hiding What an honor, the first Muslim of the soma of the prophets of Salaam was a woman our mother had deja, we'll talk more about those 10 years of persecution and what she had done in the service of the neem duckula. Thank you for spending your time with us. If you have any questions or concerns, you can you can message us on our WhatsApp line or you can send me an email with [email protected] I hope to be with you soon. sokola hi saramonic