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With another year come and gone we are reminded of the shortness of our time here in this world


AI: Summary © The upcoming year is a holy "slack" for Islam, with the new year being a holy "slack" for spiritual cycle. The state of security in Muslim countries is increasing the need for leaders to be open and empowered about issues like security and productivity. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning and empowering individuals to solve problems and address challenges in a proactive way. The crisis in Oman is causing people to feel like they are in a crisis, and individuals are encouraged to donate and use their money to help others. The need for leadership and a culture is emphasized, along with the importance of giving people their own best and bringing them the best of them.
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Hello James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise be to Allah subhana wa Tada, okay to sustain our shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. I'll be a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except the last panel data. We praise Him and we thank him for blessing us with this new year. We are in the New Year Alhamdulillah May Allah grant the past year to have forgiven us for our sins. With us Juma via means of forgiveness for us and a guiding light for the week to come and the year to come. We send our greetings and salutations to beloved nubby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his wives and his family to his companions and all those who follow him soon until the end of time. alakija stateflow. So the sooner I mean,

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well, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah as I mentioned coolamon to me, hey, lovelies. So in this new year, it is 1439 of the year. And I know in the bootcamp you're accustomed to having clubs, when you have a new year, so it might have gone without you noticing, but we are in the new year, obviously after the end of Hajj when the Muharram comes the new year. And before we get into the notes, it's Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned specifically in the Quran in surah Toba that literally from the day he created creation, from the day he created creation, and Allah created time, Allah had apportioned time into 12 months, it is the decree of a law that it will be 12 months in the year and therefore

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it should not be a surprise that most calendars in the world whether they are Islamic or Gregorian, new Chinese, whatever calendar it might be, most of them are 12 months. Where did this come from? Who decided on this? This is a student from Allah, and Allah stipulated that full of these 12 months are sacred. They are holy in the sense that there should be no fighting in those four months. No one should fight in those four months wage war. And those four sacred months are Rajab al Qaeda, the 11th month, the ledger, the 12 month and Muharram the first month, not Ramadan. Of course, Ramadan is the holiest of all the months, but these four months are haram Allah says Katelyn fee fighting in

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those months or career, there are major sin in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore, we are in one of these holy sacred months Muharram and the Sahaba. This happened after the prophets of Salaam, they decided they agreed amongst themselves that to make a calendar, and they will chose Muharram as being month number one in the time for the vehcile salam, there was no month number one month number two, they were just month after month, and they chose Muharram Why? Why did the Sahaba choose Muharram because of the Hajj is a new beginning. Right another judge comes the sins are forgiven. It's as if though they're being born a new right when you are born, you shave your hair

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and you have an Africa. Similarly, Haji when he completed these Hajj, he shaved and he has a corbon as those new born person completely new, so Muharram we start off on a new slate, all of us and in reality every day, every moment is a new slate with Allah subhanho wa Taala This is our sooner Allah does not want us to carry our baggage into the new year. Yes, we make Toba for our sins, but we live our life with optimism. That as bad as 1438 was 1439 can be the change as bad as yesterday was today can be the change and tomorrow will be even better. I mean, and that is why whenever we have an opportunity to wake up in the morning, and Hamza has given us life. We have a new month, a new year,

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we reaffirm this very important thing in our life, the most important thing being our Nia in Albania, that Allah that we know that this is a principle with Allah. And as is mentioned, very first Hadith in Bukhari, very first Hadith that many lectures begin with is this hadith is a number of the Alon, where the prophets Allah says, actions will be judged according to your needs, and for every person, he will get what he intended.

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In fact, if you look at the Hadith and say reward, it says, For everyone it is will be for him what he intended meaning Allah will give you what you want, in the dunya and akhira. If you want goodness, and you intend for it sincerely, and work to work towards it, you will get it. If you intend intention is not good, you will be given that as well. If your intention is simply the dunya and its wealth, Allah will give you that. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised you promised me whatever you intend Allah, if your destination is whatever it might be a level guide you to the destination. So therefore the beginning of the journey is so important to know where are we going?

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Are we putting in that direction in the GPS? What is my intention? What do I want to achieve in a year's time from now? What do I want to stop doing? So if we plan our future

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We can't plan our future without looking at where we are today. If you want to travel in you click on any website, have you know any GPS, they'll tell you, you want to get to Johannesburg, but from where are you starting? Where you starting? So we need to look at where we are as an ima where I am as a person where we are as a family, and then we can move forward in sha Allah. I mean we move forward positively.

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So let's look at my we take a snapshot of our oma today with the balance sheet of our oma today. And if we look at the oma and you can ask Muslims, whether it is in China, or whether it is in Brazil, you ask Arabs, non Arabs, Muslims in Muslim countries, so Muslims here in a minority country, what would you What's your feeling of the oma and if I asked all of you, majority of us will show a thumbs down is that thumbs up or thumbs down? majority of you, if not all of you will show a thumbs down that we are without a doubt in this great history of this oma almost 1500 years, we are in a dip, we are in a decline. We are in a stage a state of stagnation. We are in a bad state, not the

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worst. Don't even think that we are in the worst state. The oma has come back from worse things than we are today. They were moments of much darker and much more dire and much more severe. And the oma was resilient. And there are people in this room I stood up and they saved the mat and they pushed it forward again, never ever think that we are in the worst of states. We are in a bad state without a doubt. And we are in a state where we would you know history when they look back at us It will be a shameful chapter in our history. But it doesn't have to be that way. So if we look at Obama, globally, and for us as a community here in South Africa, globally, we see in a good well an

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indicator of how things are going are the state of security these wall in so many Muslim countries and we can and the Juma you know before there's a

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hotties the people give a hoot but they would say us usually we only used to say Allah help us in Palestine. When we added Bosnia and we added Chechnya and we added Kashmir and we added the ronnie Stan and we added Iraq and we added Syria, and we added Somalia and we added now Burma and we Swan Allah how many more Yemen we added. Lebanon, we've added, Libya, we've added swana. And the list keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. That so behind Allah, it seems and this is a trend that is growing, not in the last 100 years. Literally in the last 1015 years, that list of Muslim lands who are struggling for security has increased. And it's not only the fact that external enemies have

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come in and done as they pleased that they walked into Iraq and did what they want. They walk into Afghanistan, they can't be doing it in Burma, we they can take what they want life property without any restrictions. What's become even worse and more shameful is that the killing is at the hands of Muslims. Most of the killing in Muslim lands, Muslims have a hand to play in that killing in Syria in Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, its Muslims killing Muslims, meaning our enemies of humans stepped back and said, You know what, let them kill themselves. We don't have to do the job. They doing the job better than we could we just provide them weapons on both sides, and we let them finish each other

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off. So this is the state of our oma severe disunity to the point where we are killing one another.

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We have leaders that are ineffective, there is not perhaps maybe one to mind that we can actually look up and say I respect our political leaders with respect, there is so much to be you know that we ask Allah to guide them or to replace them. We have a crisis of leadership on the highest of levels. And within all spheres of our of our oma, this is a leadership problem. And we need to be you know, frank and open about this, that our leaders don't inspire us, our leaders, we don't look up to them as the proficiencies we speaking close to about the time of kiama, you will see bad leaders, we you will hate them and they will hate you, you will curse them and they will curse you,

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meaning the leaders and the people are out of sync. They work against one another.

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In terms of economics and our education. We are behind the rest of the world. The Muslim lens. We have many, many over 50 countries are Muslim majority countries. 50 Suharto, I did a count counted in one by one yesterday, like 53 to 55 of them, Muslim majority countries, a block of Muslim countries, yet they are behind the world in literacy in GDP. They're behind the world in in productivity in terms of the development. The Muslim lands are dependent on external lands for the food for the medication for the technology, we have become a servant. You know, class, when before we used to lead the world in everything that was good. And of course, that speaks to a deep problem

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within our oma that in terms of knowledge and our handler we were known as a people of learning a people of delille a people of evidence

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Alice's first instruction to us was to read, but you will. And I see this so many times. And I repeat this so many times in the court of Allah in the universe of Allah, there are certain laws which cannot be broken, certain laws that won't break. For example, gravity, for example, the laws of physics, the speed of light, these are laws that cannot be broken. But one law with a law that also will not be broken is that the learner will always be superior to that the one who doesn't have knowledge. We saw that Allah taught that listen to the item, when I taught it when Allah taught him knowledge, and he knew what the angels didn't know. They made salute to him. Salah shows us from day

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one, that knowledge will be the thing that gives you power and Islam. Even if you are not Muslim. Even if you come a chick, even if you are Satan worshiper, if you have knowledge, you have power, and you will have power over those who don't have knowledge. I said a few weeks ago, when I discuss the state of the surreal, perhaps the country with the highest level of literacy, half its population has the level of graduates I mean, they've they've studied universities, half the population. Whereas as if we have Muslim countries, we half the population is illiterate. And we have places that bomb schools girls can go and study, not the not secular, is there any any shock

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than that we are so far behind the rest of the world. 50 years ago, the United States sent a satellite to the depths of space called the Voyager satellite, it's still going it's still sending pictures back. We don't have the technology today to do that. Now Muslim lands 50 years ago, they sent out a spaceship that is still working, and SubhanAllah. We are light years behind the rest of the world. And if we look at us locally, and South Africa, we are perhaps, and in many ways better than the rest of the AMA, in terms of what Allah has given us, if we are plagued with a lot of problems. We are a tiny percentage one to 2% of the population. And for 300 years, we haven't really

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grown much. We haven't grown much, and that's an indictment to us. And we are a tiny group yet we have all the groups and six of the oma in this tiny 1% you will find seller fees and Sue fees and doubly fees and Natasha, Mondays and Fridays. And she every group is India, even though we only 1%. And we don't work together every Missouri suit of independent, doing its own thing. Every individual is independent, every Imam is independent, with no communal work together. And of course, naturally, this leads to friction and fighting and argumentation and paralysis. We can't move forward. Because we always bickering amongst ourselves. We also locally have a problem with leadership can inspire

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our youth, we can inspire the bulk of our people to get behind something, what do we stand for? If you ask what do you as leaders stand for? We don't have political leadership, of course, we are not Muslim country. So that leadership has fallen on the hands of our committee members and our orlimar. And as you know, even though we point the finger at Alabama, and our leaders are not doing enough Alhamdulillah at least they are they you know for us who don't do anything, and criticize. If you're not part of the committee, you're not part of the message structure, you're not part of the school, PTA didn't really you shouldn't be criticizing. Because as bad as that man is doing his job, at

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least he's doing a job. At least he's sacrificing an hour in his week to go to a meeting. And that's the one of the big major problems. We have huge financial inequality. Well hamdulillah Muslims have a higher IQ. If you look at the wealth per person in South Africa, Muslim, the Muslim community by and large is an affluent, affluent segment of the population, you might not feel rich, Muslim, a poor person. But if we compared to what the masses of South Africa are going through, we are very rich. If we look at our percentage in terms of 1% of the population, we control a lot more percent in terms of wealth and power in this country. And what have we done with that? And within our

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community, within this 1% we have very, very wealthy individuals and groups, and we still have very, very poor Muslims, which means we haven't even been able to, even if we took the selfish view and say, I will look after only Muslims, as maybe the the Jewish community they look after themselves. We still have 1000s of Muslims, who are desperately poor, who have been forgotten by the affluent Muslims.

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We become individualistic if we look at how we spend our time or energy or focus on goals. Our goals are for ourselves, our career, increasing our wealth, moving into a posture area so our kids can get a better education so we can have better holidays and better assets. This is what drives us every day. Nothing wrong with wanting wealth pot, to be wealthy is good. But why do you want the wealth that goes back to the NEA the man who spends 24 hours in his business can go to Gen on account of that why he's earning money for the sake of

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Have a lot to spend and do good. Where's another man spends that same job 24 hours we'll go to Jana. Why? Cuz he's earning money for the sake of earning the resources. This is the type of person who wants and once and once again, I'll put a curse on him, that no matter how much he eats, how much he gets, there's no Baraka in it, his his hunger will not be satisfied, his thirst will not be satisfied, whereas another man will get a little and that little will be enough for him. That's Baraka. And as Haddad says, Allah will keep you when you forget Allah, He will keep you busy in the dunya. And you won't go forward financially, you'll work harder and harder and harder, put more

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hours in, but you won't move forward financially, because the NEA was wrong. There is a great threat to our youth and our religious aqeedah. We live in a time we on the on your phone, you can access the worst of information.

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So why you can access good information. I mean, this phone is a powerful tool. This phone has the technology better than the spaceship I spoke about 50 years ago, this phone is better technology in it, you can access the base information and you can become a llama, you don't have to travel all the way like the mountains of old from your home, you can become a great alum. But you can also become further off the track and our youth.

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Are they equipped? And if we honest, all kids equipped to face the challenges, can we answer the questions being put out there, and the lifestyle being put forward? Have we done enough to protect our kids. And therefore, when we look at the assessment, the symptoms of where we are, is that we see oppression like in Palestine, other parts of the world and we can do nothing about it. We see images like this, these are Muslim children starving, but we can't do anything about it but feel sad or make dua we see on WhatsApp and Facebook pictures of people leaving Burma fleeing. There's nothing we can do, or children that are being orphaned or people dying of disease and starvation. We

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see daily before that the nations of old could say we never saw it. Yeah, Allah. We heard that there was a war some way that there was an earthquake some way that there was some genocide some way, but we see it happening. And it's part of what will be answerable for.

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And the sad reality is we've got so much going for us as

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we are 1.5 billion of this population, almost a quarter of this world is Muslim. And one quarter of the we shouldn't be bossed around like this. You know, if one in four people are Muslim, you know, at least all three ganging up on you. We shouldn't have a problem. People should know if I miss with you. I miss with 1.5 billion of you that we have over 50 Muslim countries, majority Muslim countries, and not one of them can find homes for the Rohingya, not one of them can say, you know what, there's a place for you. Yeah, that 150 Muslim countries. We have the greatest of resources. We're not in poor countries,

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strategically situated in the middle of the world, controlling many of the shipping lines, the oil industry, the agricultural lands, we control these lands, it was still behind and stagnate. We have scholars and voila, we have people writing books. But still, we are more in darkness than we were maybe a century ago. And locally, we have a strong established community Alhamdulillah there is no minority in the world, Muslim minority in the world that has what we have the kind of structural, the kind of prisons in the government. In economics, we have people in the highest level, we have people sitting in Parliament. We have people that are ministers, we have people who run the biggest

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JC companies, you look at JC you'll find top executives, many of them Muslims, many of you have a key members of your organization. So we have prominence, and we have power, and we have intellect. And we have opportunities. And we have wealth and talent,

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more so than our parents had 50 years ago, but we've achieved less than they've achieved our parents without that knowledge. Without that qualification, let's say without the wealth that we have and opportunities we have. They did a lot more. They preserve this Dean, when they will be there was an onslaught against it. They preserved it and built it. So what's the difference between them and us? What's the difference between nations who did a lot, nations were doing a lot with a little that they have these a lack of well,

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we have resources, we have numbers, we have ability, we have power, we have technology, but we are paralyzed because we can't use it. We can't move forward

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of the reasons of weakness and the problem speaks about this time that we living in the province on the seas and when the nations a day will come with the nations will gather around your lands and take from it as they choose as they're doing today.

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As they are doing today we are seeing this as a hadith which is a prophecy Sahaba didn't see it and didn't see it, we see it. A day will come when the nations of the world will gather around your lands and take from it as animals take from a dish or a sticks. Whatever you

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Once and also harvested why would that be? Is it because we are few in number and week? He sits on a lot of sell them No, you be many you are huge in number, massively number but the fear will be taken from the hearts they won't be scared to bother you or harm you or harass you whereas the other one will be put into your hearts one plus obviously what is what is this fear? This inability, this paralysis, inability to do anything Allah puts that in our hearts. Why? Because our objective shifted from the duty from the era to the dunya we began to love this world more than the life after our goals, our objectives, our efforts are all for the for the dunya and when that happens, I will

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take away the dunya and akhira

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and that's why this fear no one can stand up even though we are billions but we can't stand up we skied. I might lose out Allah subhanho wa Taala siswati Allah wa t soon What at and as our own fetish fetish Shalu Bhutan habari hokum that Allah says and obey Allah follow Allah follow his Rasool and do not fight with one another and dispute otherwise your strength and your courage will leave you. The military is this unity, and every group should look at it. Even if you're on the hook, even if you aren't the truth. And this machine next door is not on the truth. If you dis unite with each other, Allah is going to take away the strength even though you own the rights. That's why

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the Sahaba understood when to argue and when to fight, because there's a bigger picture at stake.

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And the prophet SAW Selim said, by him in whose hand my soul is, either you will start to do good and forbid evil, you will take charge you will start making a change. Or if you don't do that, Allah will punish you and He will sing punishments upon you. Whether it is in terms of disease, earthquakes, calamities enemies, with Allah will give you treasures which will lead you to jahannam. And when you start making do out alone, except your doors, and that's one of the sad places that we feel you might be in Allah protect us, we even outdo us not accepted anymore. Why? What is the reason the promises is you stopped to take charge, you no longer advise to do good. You no longer

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forbid evil, you see evil happening, and we do nothing. It's not my responsibility. So if we summarize these three new Susu takes

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a weakness comes through disunity, unable to work with one another. Even though we share Qibla. We share our soul we share a book. But Christians don't even share a Bible. They don't have the same Bible yet they can stand together. We have the same Quran, same rossell, same cable, same kalama. Yet we cannot work together on simple things that affect all of us simple things that affect all of us. We can't work together, we have become materialistic meaning as the Hadid said, our focus is on dounia and not Acura and apathy. No one cares anymore. It's not my responsibility. And when that mindset and perhaps the worst of these three is the lack of well to do something, to look at the

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world's problems, you see it, but you feel I can't do anything. It's not my responsibility. When the process is cool camera and all of you are shepherds, all of you are responsible, all of us will be responsible, all of us will be answerable. As I said before, we have this concept in the Sharia farocki fire. There are certain things which is compulsory compulsory on you as an individual. And then there are things compulsory on the oma. And if all of us fail, all of us will be punished. We're not fulfilling our faulty Fiat.

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So when you look at yourself, and these are questions that I asked myself, you need to ask yourself, when you look at what's happening in the Muslim Ummah, as far away as Burma, or locally in your Muslim committee, when is fighting in your Masjid, when the Imam and the committee can work together? When this crime in your area? When the school that your kids go to is backwards, when the madrasa they go to are not being taught correctly? What is your response to these problems? You see the problems if I asked all of you to give me a list of complaints, you can write an entire book on complaints about the school about the teachers about the principal about the Imam about the

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committee about the government about the crime, all of us have complaints we all see it but when we ask now what are you doing about it? Is your concern only for yourself? Well, my kids are doing well in school. So it doesn't concern me. I'm okay I have the crime hasn't come to my house. So I'm okay. That my problem I don't have time you know, Brother, you know, as much as these problems are big, but you know how difficult it is at work. How hard things are with my kids. I need to sit with the homework. It's so busy. Everyone has their problems. Everyone has those concerns. You think what can I do? I'm just me. If everyone has that concern, I'm I can't do anything then nothing will happen

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and we've become very

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Good as criticizing and pointing the finger, many of us, we can look at what that organization is doing wrong, and what the MTC is doing wrong, and that machine is doing wrong, and the Saudi government is doing wrong and without a doubt there are mistakes and errors that these people are doing. But what are you doing? Allah will never ask you to tell me what the MTC and what the government did. That's not that's for him to answer. But I was going to ask you and me What did you do? So the time and the question we start this new year. The question is, what are you going to do? What are you and I are going to do? Every one of us are confronted with problems and collectively,

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those problems are putting out in minor crisis. We are in a crisis in Oman. And we need leadership from individuals from each and every one of us to do something this year.

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We said that inshallah the collection today will be for the Rohingya brothers and sisters. So this money will be used to donated to our brothers sisters in Burma are going through very difficulty. So please, whenever you can, Allah subhanaw taala you wouldn't accept a mela cause that this crisis ends and may we never ever have to experience something like that. So please, donate generously. Insha, Allah,

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you know, a Harvard Gazette, they did a study of the problems in the world. And they concluded that even though we have war, we have disease, we have femen, we have all these terrible things in this world. They said they conclude the worst thing of all is apathy. This paralysis this thing inside of the messes that don't, we don't do anything about it. Why? Because you know, we have enough food to feed everybody wants to know, one must die of starvation.

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If we spent, you know, the contract that the Saudis spent on arms on weapons and a lot Oh knows what they're gonna fight with those weapons.

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If they use those, that same amount of money, $500 billion, they could give every Rohingya person about a quarter million dollars, a quarter million dollars, they can make all of them millionaires, basically. Well, that same contract, money used to kill people, they could save more than a million people. So our problems will always have problems, but we have the solutions to fix it. Every disease overseas is a few out there, you must just have the will and the courage to do your part. That's the suit of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we can't speak about the government. Again, our own government here, with stealing from millions of us, a handful, a family, a small group of people,

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maybe 100 individuals, but 50 million constantly. Why? Because we have the paralysis, what can we do? Someone else is going to do it, someone else needs to look at it.

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The more they push us in the list we do it just encourages them to push us more and take more and kill me. That's what it's like a cancer, it will grow more and more and more. But how do we change? As I said, we're not in the worst state, other humans, other nations have come out other parts of this ummah came out from worse. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells you what the cominco

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Muna will maroof we were in hoonah luchar we like a hula hoop, Allah Subhana Allah says, Let it always be lifted arise amongst you a group of people, not all of you, but they should be a group of you that arises up that calls to what is good, you enforce what is good, and you turn away way

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that you speak out and fight against that which is wrong. And unless

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those people they will be successful, a lot promises you they will be successful. If a group of you stand up.

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And you will look to the interests of the oma. I had a discussion with some people. I said, you know, when a crisis hits other communities, there's a very clear leadership. When Israel when there's a war when so called war between Israel and Gaza,

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the Jewish population community in South Africa, per capita, they donated the most money of all Jewish populations in the world per capita, the Jews in South Africa, raised the most funds. They have a very clear, small group of people, but very clear structure of leadership, a very clear plan, what's our objectives? What are we going to do? We respond immediately. All of us, we sit here and we see a crisis happening. And we ask, Well, what are we going to do? I don't know. Let's see what the shift is going to do with Allah and Allah says, Well, let's see what the government is going to do. Government says we don't know when it's liquid. No one is moving forward. We need this group to

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rise up of talented

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principle dedicated people you don't have to be the smartest my experience with working on the music committee, for example. It's not the smartest people that we need. It's people who are dedicated in terms of the time that can sit and work long, hard hours for the sake of the oma Why are you doing so? So why do you come here every Tuesday and certainly argue old day in the meeting Why? the sake of the oma so the masjid

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Continue flourishing so that a nursery school can continue working, even though my grandkids a long time out of that nursery school, but so it continues that mindset, we need a group of people to have that mindset. So Allah says, they should be a group of you that continuously does this. And the roadmap is always simple. Look at the sooner we begin with education, each and every one of us as a starting point for this new year, ask yourself, do you know enough of the Islamic basics?

00:30:31--> 00:30:41

The basic things each and every one of us need to know in terms of our leader in terms of worshipping Allah Muharram is coming up and we're going to find so many Muslims sadly committing acts of Sheikh

00:30:42--> 00:31:22

committing acts of Sheikh at graves, not knowing the basics of the deen. So these basic principles you need to ask yourself, do I know what do my kids know? What are the madrasa knowledge madressa knowledge at a level that is required? If not, it's your responsibility to do something about it? Are you aware of the issues at your Masjid, in the oma in the community? And are you involved in something, your time and your money? And if all of us says no to those questions, I'm not involved in the masjid. I'm not really contributing to the masjid. Knowledge isn't something I'm focused on then Subhana Allah who's looking after the masjid? who's looking after the problems? If none of us

00:31:22--> 00:31:59

are doing it, then that's how things just continue. So we always need this Ouma and our handler the our structures, so Africa, one of the reasons why the South African community is slightly better than the rest of the Ummah is because our food for our forefathers Tong Guru dreamstime Rahim Allah I mean, our grandparents, our parents, when they saw a problem, people said, you know, it's so bad I go to the shop, I don't know what's going on. Let's set up a Hello organization, so that they can certify, you know, we are all you know, the songs and whatever on the radio, wouldn't it be nice to have an Islamic radio station? Okay, let's set them up. Maybe too many of them, but they set it up.

00:32:00--> 00:32:36

When there was a problem, we need a measure, we will build them as you these people did it from the wall. And if you look at the numbers, how did you do it, you didn't have the resources, the money the opportunity, in an oppressive government that didn't didn't give you even a land to lever you set up those massages. The Baraka was the All you need is the world, Allah, that's the simple truth results with Allah, all he's looking at is how much effort you put in. Allah says I'll give you the reward in the dunya. And if not, I delayed the dunya, then you will get a massive reward in the Acura and your kids will see that he would afterwards your children will see the effort. But the

00:32:36--> 00:33:14

effort must come. And if none of us are putting that effort in, that's where we are. So you're near insha Allah is I want to change this world with little bit of effort. And the Sahaba asked how do I do it? How do we go about changing the world. And in this Hadith, we summarize where the Prophet says the best of you is the one who makes Jihad meaning you see the problem and you are on the frontline in Burma feeding people. You are on the front line, the masjid needs something repaired, I will fix it. That bulb isn't working, I will change it. I don't wait for anyone else. I do it myself. My kids, madrasa education is not up to scratch. So I will go and sit and do a plan. I'll

00:33:14--> 00:33:17

bring an expert in and we'll do something that is the best of you.

00:33:18--> 00:33:57

So hobbies are what makes if I can't do that. The next thing is look at the structures you have and support them with your time with your input with your resources. Donate at the very least give money. And if you can't do that, then don't make the situation worse. Don't criticize. If you can't make a positive contribution. Don't criticize, don't break down what little good is being done. Don't point the finger. Don't let your kids be contributing to the crisis. Are you contributing to the problem? And that's the very least you can do. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us and I end up with this beautiful idea what I don't love letting a man woman come army lusardi hat like if I

00:33:57--> 00:34:13

know who fill out of the coma lephalale Arena Min cubberly him walima kin Menachem Dena hula Allah whom valuable value but dilemna who mean by the whole thing Amana? Allah subhanho wa Taala says and listen to this, if you fell asleep just wake up a little bit Piglet. Allah says

00:34:14--> 00:34:58

Allah promises you. Allah promises you those among you who believe your basics in your deen is correct. And you do good deeds. You work in this dunya righteously. You do good things I promise you. Allah says he will certainly grant them succession in this land, allow given power in this land in the earth, as he did so in people before them and he will grant you authority to practice your religion that he has chosen for you. And you will surely give them in exchange a safe and security after they fear that they will worship Allah because they worship Allah alone, they look on my cheek and wherever this believes after this, then they are fast equal. So I was I promise you you give the

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

effort you

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Believe, avoid, share, do the basics and you do good invest in your community. Allah says I will give you power in this dunya. And I will give you security and strength. It's an who is truer to his promise than a man who is true to his promise and unlock. So brothers, we've got the solutions, we've got the resources, we just need the people and the world. I'm not going to say we're going to give 30 days, 40 days, each and every one of you, you've got your own, massage it your own family, sit with your Imam, sit with your school. madressa do some things that next year when you do this footbaww Alhamdulillah things will be better than last year. Allah bless us and Grant has hired me

00:35:36--> 00:36:13

in just a few quick short announcements. As the sooner you're in the bookable hamdulillah we have our annual Mahara match. We take the little kids dressed in white sons and daughters and the parents, we walk around the book up and see this is really the home of Islamia in South Africa. So please bring your your kids along. It's a wonderful family event that Sunday morning, it will start at 10am at the bronto Center. I believe that's where we started. And it's a little bit of a walk. We also like to feed people on this day. And we Azuma of giving that there's a I think eight pots of food needed to feed our kids want to give the kids something to eat teaching them about, this is

00:36:13--> 00:36:52

where we teach our kids to give. This is where we teach them. So to make these pots of food 2000 and a pot, every one of us give kin random handler will will solve that problem easily. And then Saturday evening, tomorrow night in sha Allah of the Asia. The end of the world will have a lecture outdoors at the Burano Center, the end of the world and the 10 signs of piano and it's really scary as to where we are if we look at the signs, basically just waiting for the 10 big signs. So tomorrow we'll have a discussion about the 10 signs of piano the general education module which the descendant of Isa This is a free event people males and females welcome it's going to be at the

00:36:52--> 00:37:06

Burano seem to also be outdoors whether permitted inshallah and nice environment so please attend around off the shadows quarter past eight, the Burano center cyclohydrolase. Allah Cena, Mohammed wa to surface on the saline Lara bellami Assalamualaikum