Muhammad Salah – The virtue of dying on Friday

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the Hanith in the context of a trial on Friday or the night before, and how it can be used to hold people responsible for mistakes. They also mention the importance of the Hanith for showing a good ending to a situation, and how it can be used to hold people responsible for mistakes. The speaker also mentions the use of Hanith in a military trial and how it can be used to hold people responsible for mistakes.
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For him before the break from Sweden so a couple of questions The first is, pertaining dine on Friday or the night before Friday, which is Thursday evening.

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And whether the Hadeeth which is mentioned in this regard, is sound or not. Yes, there is a hadith in this regard and the person will be protected from the trial of the grave. But the Hadith, its authenticity is disputed in the Hydra last colony, and sure, I will have my own and others have judged the Hadith as a weak Hadith. Why chef Alberni may Allah have misheard him consider the Hadith as a hassle or a fair Hadith.

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Bottom line. Let's say the Hadith is a sound Hadith. This is a sign of horsnell, Hatim or the good ending. The only benefits the believers benefits the believers, Friday brothers and sisters as a prophet sallallahu Sallam assayed how you Roman politicians the best day ever, that the sun rose upon is Friday. That's why from the success that Allah subhanaw taala granted this oma has guided us to consider Friday or to accept and take or to choose Friday as our holiday. It is the greatest day ever, and it is the greatest day of the week. Of course, of course, while others have been misdirected. Chose Saturday for the use of Sunday for the Christians. And Friday is how you Roman

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Talat, Alicia, I'm so so dying on that night or that day, in Sharla, it's a good sign for the good doers. But for a person who used not to pray, let's say that he died in a car accident, or died on Friday or before Friday or after Friday. What difference does it make, if the person use not to pray, but these

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assisting signs which help all together to show that the person has a good ending. And by the end, we say NASA who will law who has evil, we assume expect the person was righteous. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best. Because Allah subhanaw taala says, fella to Zaku forsaken, who will be many Taka, the Kumar the divine command in this area means don't you admire nor praise yourselves. He knows best. Which one of you is the righteous one now

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