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There's one question which has appeared in a couple of questions or some people

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says here what is the February McCollum in Atlanta venality funeral clusters

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and what do you do when one is presented a headache it's contrary to what the school face and what is the difference between the wish team and president's opinion

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is that a very delicate questions that require lengthy explanations for money has not actually been full of lectures on this you can actually just go on YouTube as the lecture titled The whiteboard and others when we have the Quran and Sunnah it's like hate speech possibilities. See, it's it's just the audio Killam a very lengthy and our 20 minute discussion on this topic, and some other topics but I'll just briefly summarize this.

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For Muslims,

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the one who believes in Allah and the Messenger of Allah so Allah is

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basically obedience finance only chama person for most

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Muslims is supposed to obey the law.

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Why is he obeying the messenger of Allah is because Allah said we will monitor Masuko when

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you obey Allah and the only obey the Messenger of Allah because he's a representative on behalf of Allah is the Rasulullah is conveying the message of Allah. So now we know most of us to only obey Allah his Messenger or answer for Muslim is following the Quran. So we're going to pick up every Muslim when you you're not you cannot go to Toronto and as a good analogy for the pilot, right? When for a Muslim you have to follow the Quran. And so, without a shadow of doubt, there's no denial of the fact you have to put up an answer.

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And the question comes, how do we follow the Quran? So we have customs we all have to follow the Quran sunnah. How do you follow the Quran and Sunnah

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when we look at the Quran and the Hadith of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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There are two types of rulings. There are so many verses in the Quran and Sunnah so many verses in the Quran, so many Hadith that really to just

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basic applicants and general advice let's see how

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do some don't hire too. We have the amount versus rate too low. Right there just general advice is to see how stories of the profits of the earlier times

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and in those things. You just you follow the Quran. When you look at the Hadith, you want me to ask anyone anything when it comes to law,

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the verses of the law, again in the Quran and Sunnah. There's two types of verses regarding law. Some are very clear.

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Like Allah says, what I'm talking about Xena do not come in close to zero. It's clear basic rules that are bothering you to Google but tell you the absolute clear cut categorical. There's no doubt in there's no two interpretations in there. There is no contradiction between that verse. In other words, there is no contradiction between this is less than another. How do you there's no contradiction between this hadith and sometimes it's like 20 heavies on the subject. It's not relevant. It's clear cut, absolutely unambiguous, crystal clear. The prohibition of backbiting the mother prohibition of murder, fornication, interest deliver, and that is like the obligation of the

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510. Press and hedge I mean, some basic rules of Islam

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in there.

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Nobody has to follow. Nobody must follow in school. It's clear no one's gonna say You know what? Zillow is how I'm wired because the shark has to face didn't talk. That's absurd. Ridiculous. Absolutely. You don't live in someone's house, you know is how I'm wired because the Hanafi school states you know, children say that there is no duck leave that totally mystified, there is no fun.

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However, there are there is a large percentage of laws in the Quran and Sunnah that are not categorical that are not clear cut. They are contradictory amongst each other. There's different habits. There are many rules like that sometimes as nurse Coronavirus is not one, one local law or two with our buzzer. We are enforcing the law center Omu a woman when she's divorced, she has do the waiting period is that what's going to be what's her idea of what is his three rule? What is full. I prefer the dictionary you know the dictionary language, two meanings of both absolutely clear into meaningful translations. One meaning of who is menstrual period. The other meaning is that

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purity between two countries between two menstrual cycles, the period of tar purity. What is alarming here? It could mean this relaxed. You have to study all the heavies. There's like two heavy contradiction what have you say the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, that's one of the 11 If I hadn't kita I was the one who does not precisely refer to and this premise has any value. It's like you haven't free. But there's another Hadith that says a sound man can only learn from a local environment or to learn so there is really something behind the demand. He shouldn't he's not supposed to decipher the Imams recitation is enough for him to act on this, how many

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milligrams Now this, this is just simple just saw itself as 200 issues in which there's difference.

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This is what remember, I was telling yesterday, this is all to do with worship generally, when the real rulings have not been biting or jealousy or purchase without a clear cut. There's no fun. So in his second category of blues when we want to call upon answer we're trying to call the Quran sunnah. What, there's only two options that you have, in the first category, what he said.

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In the first category, we said there's no following anything. But in the second category of knows, when things are not clear, there's numerous headlines on the subject, someone has 30 Hands on search for a person to come to a conclusion, you don't just pick a one heavy, and you just read it. Have you heard the other 50 related to the topic of checks and resumable transmission chain a lot of everything, almost all the principles, it's a big job, sometimes it takes like two months with one issue. What the conclusions, the scholars, you know, they looked into one issue just there are books written you know, whether a person should raise his hands and pray or not, there's a book that I

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read 600 pages, with all hands, maybe it's different prints 400 600

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different different studies and texts on Assamese are looking at and looking at the shoulder looking at everything collected. These are experts. And today unfortunately, everyone's an expert except the experts.

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Every everyone knows to be a professional versus solicited. Nobody's going to just say that you know what, you know how just become a doctor myself, I don't need to come to the University of Oslo and start you know what, I know English. I can read books of medical science, don't just go to the library, pick up all the books, the medical sciences, open the surgery and start operating people will even allow you to of course, no, you have to go through the necessary means everything in the world requires a deep deep study research. The only thing that isn't required is Islam. Islam is just an orphan thing, you know, doesn't need anything, anyone can become any any good. We will have

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our deathbed nursing, every time we can help you become a chef and wash database. This is a problem. So in this second category of laws, we only have two options, in order to options are

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two options, there is no third option, or you know, it's not even realize there's no there's two options. One option, one choice that I have is that I think to myself, You know what I know Arabic, knowing Arabic is its delivery to personal score. There's just 1% I know I rarely get any books, I can read the Quran, every the Hadith assay that I read, you know, I think I'm quite good and I have confidence in myself. I really see myself in what God has done.

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As well, one option, you have to use it each day. So that's one option

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that looked at this is one issue. What should you do in this issue? This contradicts it's not clear cut. Remember, we're not going to clear the foods. We're talking about the unambiguous, non clear loads of the Quran and Sunnah. One option, someone else is that the other option is the President himself. You know what, I've become a bit humble, I don't want to be different.

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I don't really trust myself. I'm not qualified enough rather than me following migraine because everybody's doing exactly exactly this coil rather for a migraine. Right? I rather thought of the brain of 1000s as causal 1000s of years.

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Rather than following my own way, I am number 114 130 odd years away from the time of the Messenger of Allah. So one way instead of these 1000s of scholars there was help from this power to do like in our panicles is very nomadic was just after the debate even though Sheffield was to the top Malik among Africans, the students are female and mature very, you know, hundreds and hundreds of students are medically multiple Hanifa and it was the teacher of Chef Gary Sheffield teacher argument about the amount of salary and suspend authority and suspended Noriega and you know, all these egregious emails. They started

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that time, and then it carried on. It's a full research investigation of hundreds of 1000s of others. Number one, they were close to the spirit of allah sallallahu. So they were the seller.

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Right there was a seller. For me, the mere fact, right, this is just a personal thing that we need the mere fact that we live in a time where it is so much fun to try to highlight. For me a day of the week, if someone told me you want for us to today, or someone who was 150 years after University of

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Southern California, and today, I'm not talking about a non righteous person, qualified person without a shadow of doubt, of course, knowing that, but the mere fact that someone today is driving down Oslo, and seeing the billboard in the cemetery can ruin on a common disease and the effects test drive itself.

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You know, the car the window. But

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that means the fact that people even though righteous pious, you know, this is one, one of the issues that the morality that we are facing on this time when people are seeing obscene and nudity, not intention thing, I'm not saying that sinful, but the mere fact somebody lived in an area or in an era that was absolutely pure, where you will never in your life, this moment, never even imagined, a woman or whatever Steven mistakenly mistakenly is not sinful, even saw any part of the author, someone of the opposite gender, he was impossible, in itself makes me far more confident than someone that time is on here. Even though this person is not sinful, this person is righteous,

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but just a minute.

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So number one is that you're very, very close to the time of the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala. And so they have the expertise. And it was a research investigation, detail investigation done by 1000s of scholars over 1000 years. So these are the only two options. Taking the second option is basically what is called doubly family is following a school of Sunni Islamic law based on 1000s of scholars over 1000s of years. And what they did was they researched evolution wasn't just like, you know, they sometimes took three months out, they looked at all the verses and all the Hadith and all the chains and all those even it's none other armies, and then they deliver it in like the Hanafi

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school had a committee of 44 zero people every day Mornington. Like they did no other job, no job, no other job. This was their full time occupation, from morning till night, or 24 hours sometimes, you know, deliberating coming to and trying to arrive at a conclusion. And this is the second, this is this second approach that I take this is what we call the honey. This is what we call a flow in a medical crisis we call for a mother.

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Now, there's some other issues here very important issues

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is that follow for a non qualified person. And all of a sudden, we have to follow the schools in Islamic law, because you're not qualified if someone is qualified there. So if you need a lot of qualified, that is qualified, you know, I'm not going to steal the argument to say you're not qualified you so when things get modified, they're qualified. You and a lot of fun, but someone who wants to follow suit and thinks I'm not qualified, that I'm a registered you shouldn't mistake the loner you are qualified. He said, I'm not qualified. I don't know. But I know you know, you started using you

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know, you're

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just okay. You're the one who's qualified, find qualified, the one who says I don't know if I let him say or not.

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Right. Why do we enforce on someone who thinks that I'm not qualified enough to to become a witch? Because a man or a woman a Muslim is either which tender or phallic. Either you're a qualified person or you're not qualified? If you're unqualified, and you follow if you're qualified, then you don't have to follow a particular school. Right? There's only and it agreed isn't everybody has to be duckling in this day and age because you either do it the lead of the Italian Mafia, even those who don't say that, who say that we don't integrate is a lie.

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Every Muslim is doing either of in my mother, school moms shelters school in a private school in America, honey for school, or some scarf,

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or retainer or shampoo, baby shall be basil, some Saudis call it Are you offering some? So you have to find even if you start your work, firstly, it's one of my chef, and he said, I don't have to feed. Okay. And this this particular issue is it's you you pray like this or you do this the hadith is week

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to week

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Who told you?

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How do you know it's weak? In the chain of transmission is such an such a robbery, the narrator of Hadith? He was unreliable, having an immediate

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difficulty when he was in the third position, the meeting yesterday. Who told you?

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It's written up in the hazardous coloring? Books? What are you doing?

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That's what you're doing. You're following him? The person who's telling me is weak. So the sheriff said him our bodies were told me is not we

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can you fly singular wings, if you're following your passions, calories from W with nitrogen and glutamine?

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Everybody's doing that we have some. Because you can't you can't meet people right now we have so far away. We can't decide we can't seminar organized. Everybody has to follow. You will follow by looking in the books you will say this person has said this week, someone says Imam Malik said he's not to the Police Week, so everybody has to go. And also another point here is that look, what do you do when you are presented with a hadith that is contrary to this word?

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This is a very exciting, very common question.

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I'll give you an example.

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That a mother

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whose daughter right now, already,

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okay, anyway, potentially, you're a doctor.

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I feel I'm sick. You're a qualified doctor.

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Right? I come to you. I've got this problem. You're my next

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this or whatever. But I've got some other problems issue on the skinny, I've got this rash. And honestly, I don't know what it is it's happening or plus what here or something.

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After many years Academy, you do all the tests and everything. And they say, Yeah, I've understood what it is you need some antibiotics, and you need some creams and stuff. And then you write a prescription. I say just after that, doctor. So you know, by the way, you know procurements, you're wondering what he says the sound isn't going to work. I normally tell people, so you just got to tell you measure 20 parameters, but when you introduce the better because we have different people that are people who don't know what to do or things like that. So it approaches avoid some of the old returns, and just use the Harringtons, which stands for English law. But anyway,

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no problem.

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For next time.

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The doctor said to me that here's a prescription particular prescription, what you might call

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strict driving, you know what? Library straight to the library. What is the medical science department?

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Hey, no, no documented mistake. The book is saying something else.

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And this is saying something else you listen make sense to

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write? It doesn't make sense to me?

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Do I follow the Delta things? Or do I for all the books gets?

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Whatever. The doctor is a qualified doctor I know for a fact is qualified, do I follow? If I were a doctor myself that object, then I have full rights. Your doctor you made a mistake I have I can argue with because I'm a doctor, or at least have some. I'm half a doctor, you know, that helped us do. But I have some good understanding of medicine. I'm studying to be a medic. I know a lot of things that I could have debated the number one question, if I have no understanding of medicine, that is absolutely ridiculous for me to start questioning and just by looking at what the book has said, because I don't know. I don't understand. That's just one book that I read all the books in

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this context birdie. That's exactly like someone picks up a hadith and sees that it's going contradiction. And I'll give you about Islamic example. This person came to a chef

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and there was a person there and he asked the question, he said you know what? My wudu How does it look? Rick? You're not reachable?

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You know who?

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Somebody asked me? If I passed Aaron, when it gets disabled raises? Yes, definitely. You if you don't hear a sound are you using the products?

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Those are brothers sitting next to the shell. Who thought was qualified, but he wasn't qualified. Yeah, you know, some people who think that qualified the thing I was doing, but he wasn't. He said you know what you're saying?

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He said, repeat it says if you ask if you if you pass just a little waiting, even if you don't hear a sound Olympics, said

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I don't think so.

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said have you heard that myself? There's a hadith in the Sunnah. And this isn't anything. You have to

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You can pick up sooner without showing your life around after the whole system

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is heading the sooner Fatima with Elder

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Law will do Illa insulting or read your Wolf who does not break if you don't hear a sound if you don't see

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if you pass gas but you couldn't hear recharged

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you couldn't smell the Hadith literally that's what we're having the same you know, we're having the same if you pass gasoline when when

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we say a new fight

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now we'll do even though I mean assaulting our re hate sound, or because even though Roman is having the sound of the smell, you know, if you know if there's a loud sound normally you don't have to smell like excited with this ad was flooded with deadly.

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But anyway,

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this is what I hadn't said. He said it's a sound heavy. And I checked it. The new mom said it was heavy one Hudson. And it was it is a sound.

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It is a sound on the shelf. And yeah, definitely this is Sam. Just done. What did you say to him? He said, I still say

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you will do great said yes. So what we're gonna do next year is going to look at the stack as a context and look at the other versions of this heavy, go into the background of this heavy. Check all the detail country and all the different variations. And then maybe show you another report from another book of the same Hadith of the incident that took place a man who had the disease of obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD. Yeah. Okay with a message. Keep catching up to the Messenger of Allah. I think my broken No, I think I passed away. I feel like I think my pass desk is selling so many times in Messenger over the last day. And obviously it's hard to you know, for you like people

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who are in OCD, if you tell them effectively for you, if you don't hear anything, if you don't find anything, we'll just have broken

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glass for you. You know exactly what with this one guy who came to this, he thinks he's dreaming or he was he thinks he's divorced his wife like 20 candidate, OCD, or something for you to know, most of it was done offline.

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Okay, that's it doesn't mean that it is an apply, it does apply. But he told him so emphatically.

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Which means that you have to have your theme. If you're that you will not break unless you know you're cleaning your car, you're 100% Sure. But if if you are sure that you passed your 100%, show your past guests an errand way. But you didn't smell or you didn't hear, you wouldn't be still broken. It's still everybody, there's no student to say that is still broken sound upon it's still broken. Otherwise, someone knows blocks. And each block is good. Remember.

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If you have a few, and you've got a property as well, we're going to break for today. Otherwise, the meaning of the hadith is that you have to be sure if you're sure, even though you can't smell even though you can't hear by your show, then you're 100% about it, they will do it. He explained to me, oh stuff for the past 20 years or depending upon the settings which I picked up a translation in the library and read and try to use, I encourage sure I passed what I was trying to do sometimes after was to hear anything. No, it's great to know a lot of

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insight about this is basically an example of a person who picks up the trash to that point himself. He's not qualified or real not qualified to pick up pennies ourselves and act upon it.

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Okay, final point of this is that

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there are several people in the world one of absolutions that are quite qualified to spend like 3040 years of their life, studying, researching may just cause of the world right da Creekstone the US people not really one of them to say to everybody that everybody has to be blindfolded. You know, because you know, the objective is not to follow a school. The objective that's what I tell a lot of people involved. I said, I said don't say I follow the school.

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Know someone comes to science school a brother came to us as I found Hanafi school says like some of my friends did you follow a school? Would you follow the master of online? It's funny question. Are you originally Muslim? Right? Are you muslim? Oh no reason

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What exactly do you find the Quran sunnah before 100 is good, same question. As you possessed you say my British or us, whatever, you know, are you studying

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you both at the same time. So now people ask me to Don't say I follow the Hanafi school.

00:25:18--> 00:25:25

I follow the money to school don't say I will follow the shelters do you know what to say? I follow the Quran and Sunnah.

00:25:28--> 00:25:29

As explained by the Hadees

00:25:31--> 00:25:56

I follow the Quran and Sunnah as interpreted by the Maliki school. I follow the burn center as explained by the Hampton School basically because we're actually coming up next month in a city New York Times that I chose myself a total organizers, this is the photo I wrote it as well. You know, this, this is actually the the top is going to happen chart on the first of January basically people respond

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to problems in England as well. I told him I said look, this is what you should have interpreted. The Hanafi madhhab and the Quran and Sunnah. That's basically the title of the talk. Then what it points what is a mother is following your mother not following the Quran and Sunnah was allowed when he felt really can Hadith. What is the juristic methodology of the Hanafi school was added to school derived from the Quran and Sunnah. How was the Hanafi school derived from the Quran sunnah? Because it says based on the Quran and Sunnah we are only following a school because it's based on our answer. If had the school if I found out today that is basically not unlimited. If I found out the

00:26:35--> 00:27:12

value of school was based on the following G was another book here, I want you to today. The only reason is I have confidence and trust in these 1000s of scholars that they have deduce extracted correct rulings from the Quran, sunnah, which I want to follow. I want to follow Quran and Sunnah, nothing else, but rather than do do my own job and feel qualified, I trusted people, mostly hundreds of people. 1000s of people rely on that and I just saw them as their experiment and interpreted the Quran. So anyway, these are just some short, brief answers this topic can can go on and on Odom's got any questions