You Will Die How You Lived

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Because what that reminded me of is the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whatever you live on the deen that you live on. Whatever you claim it to be. wherever you live, don't trust me, that's what you're going to die on.

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And don't you dare for a moment think that every person that gets cancer or every person that goes through a test like that, that it's a fault, you know that it's a good thing for him. Sometimes it's the opposite.

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Sometimes it's the opposite. You see, it happened to be good for him, because he lives the life that was pleasing to Allah. He remember the law in good times. Therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala remembered him in times of difficulty.

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Trust me, I believe that Allah didn't give it to him simply because while I am a dog and he happens to be special, no, he worked hard when things were good when things are easy when people usually forget the law when people usually don't have time for them when people usually don't have time for the machine.

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He remembered the law then so therefore I must remember the when he needed him the most a law they remember the Allah subhanaw taala stayed with him. And the last part of what Allah allowed him to do less successfully. Something that many of us think here but our Muslim handler Look at me I'm leaving. I'm going I'm coming. Of course I'm gonna die on top. How do you know this? What proof do you have that you're gonna die on this?

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Morning I know people Muslims born Muslims raised Muslims. I know people in Sydney, whom Allah subhanaw taala gave them cancer. And trust me they didn't deal with Mohammed dealt with it.

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And you know, I'm going to share some stories with him. You might say, well, that's a bad Muslim isn't really because honestly, we're living the same life.

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One guy gave me a call instantly, but there's a 54 year old Muslim never played in his life. Never prostrated once in his life. So he's dying. Jani we really think is that his last stages? Please discuss a family friend. There's no one in the family no one in the family that even prays said me please Where do you think maybe you can go on and maybe you can say someone's whatever I said to me I

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told the family that I'll be there tomorrow

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call snap a few hours later he said to me brother please make sure you don't go visit that brother little

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sister Why not? Because as soon as he heard that a religious guy is going to come visit him he lost

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most effect he ordered the hospital that no one is to visit me from now on except my immediate family like two days after that.

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Now I'm not saying he died. No, no, no. Why whatever he died on that's between him and Allah. But because you lose that twice. You die on that.

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You die on that.

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And I want you to think about your life.

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Because tonight I'm not you know, I'm not questioning your faith. I'm not questioning Do you love Allah?

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah to look for lips. Oh, this looks faction. You look at your life. Do you really love Allah? Do you really love solar? Do you really love the machine? How do you look at your relationship with it?

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If you're lucky, if you're lucky, if you're a one you have a lot if you're a gun. If you're an absolute gun, you come to Jamal spray. Not just me Juma the lawyer get Franco's brother Can you tell me what time is the hook?

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So the hook starts at 115 This is no no no no as in what point do you pay the supply for the hook but

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the gun I'm telling you the hook was on fifth grade. Who cares when the praise you need to be that was his thing that's not interested in the hook. But what point is the salecycle Parker coming upon Metallica. Bro.

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You live on that deal?

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See every one of us and I'm sure

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every one of us. I'm the best Muslim.

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How much overtime you memorize.

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To tell you how much

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longer I'm embarrassed to tell you

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how lucky I am to be

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nice enough.

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You still know the same source

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that you memorize when you're six years old. A lot while I'm saving read a puppy.

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30 years of life has passed you and you haven't increased the signal.

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Do you want to come play the violin and tell me how much you love the Quran? Habibi, look? You're not standing in front of me you're standing in front of Allah.

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Do you really?

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So don't think everyone that gets cancer while he deals with that nice weather here. Cancer is good. It gives you a time to repent. It gives you a chance. Yeah, I wish I get cancelled. Whoa, whoa, look how arrogant we are.

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What is it that when you think cancer? Why is it that when you think cancer, everyone battles

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but below the lottery at any moment.

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Some of us have been in the words of a doctor. Some of us have been in the words of an unbeliever with a suit and a tie and a little sticker on the back. Some of us have, in his words, and the words of your Prophet Mohammed Salah Lawson miscellania.

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Really, when you read the Hadith, and when you read the Quran, that that can come to you at any moment. You don't panic. But when a doctor tells you Look brother after looking at your tests, Allahu Allah, we think you got about two weeks.

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If you didn't react

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by any moment

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you didn't react the same.

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Every morning.

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When you wake up in the morning, I'm not gonna tell you what's gonna happen next week. Last night. What the hell

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does any of the kids know the diet you make when you wake up?

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No, no.

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we should be questioning ourselves.

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But really, what am I really living because that's the dean you're gonna buy on trust me.

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And when Allah takes your soul, when a lot of times your soul

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trust me, the condition of your deen at that moment of death. If you were to leave for another million years, you weren't going to move an inch from that condition.

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You know sometimes you got a brother who died without Salah Allah he had intentions to buy one lava you know with a baby he died without solid and, and trust me if he died without solar. That means that when unlocking his life, he was never gonna pray.

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He was never gonna pray.

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When you go, that's how you're going to stand in front of

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one of the machines he actually mentioned. He says that that the family called him to come visit someone who's dying an old man was on his deathbed.

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So the shirt says he says I went I went to the house. Men asking me know can he come see all that? He said when I got there? He said I parked my car I got out of the car and and the house was blaring blaring uncle Samira, this Egyptian singer

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said our blaring so I couldn't believe why he's

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so at least the least upright you know, something

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to say about the the house and the blaring music and the farmers buying.

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He said so obviously they picked up a little bit uncomfortable sada turned off the music and played some Qur'an. You know what happened? The farther from the room is

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he said, turn that stuff off, and put her back on. She soothes my soul man.

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The life

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how many minutes messages Do you have to eat? Any more funerals? Do you have to attend?

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I'm not doubting that we're Muslims.

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What quality? What quality?

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What quality?

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gets a little bit sick. Of course, you're inside on your tongue.

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So you pay zakat what he owes you something.

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No, I'm just saying what hamdulillah I pray in our money God and destroy. He doesn't cry. And he speaks there's nothing wrong with it but the words are long

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Have a mobile the heart like that.

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So please my brothers, you know what?

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We need to make a change.

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I'm jealous of this brother because he's one of the rare brothers that I was able to see. And again, of course, this is my opinion. I believe he bites successfully so that I'm jealous

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for that I'm not jealous I'm actually doing that's that's that's how jealous I am.

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Because I don't know what my faith is going to do.

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So please, my brothers and sisters Well, I really hope tonight can be a change in our lives.

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Enough, enough? Well, no, we've promised ally again and again that Ramadan comes along with bongos hashtags and hashtags and this person dies and this person goes and this contract is finished. And we still keep giving all of the same excuses that we have removed in each this needs to stop me to make a change. You need to better your life because the deal that you're on now

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that's what you're buying. I was your seller now. How how's your seller?

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analysis successful? Are those believers successful? Are those believers, human they're solid they have they have concentration. These people are successful. Habib has been praying for over 10 years. I've been crying for over 10 years and I still to this day in my salon Habibi, I think about anything and everything except a lot

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of coding jobs and crunching numbers what's my wife making for food? I have the boys that live without me Tata, Tata, Tata, anything will everything except for long.

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So you're gonna have a nice, hectic beat and a hectic guy there

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knows what's in the house

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of Allah that He gives us, the best of